Old emoticons were better

all we want is the old emojis back please Bring 'em back.

Say to Apple.


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  • Added an option of 'Old emoticons', please

    Hello! New emoticons Skype 5.5 are not cute and lively ugly. Add an option to display the 'old', please.

    Old emoticons were simple and brilliant - a lot of people like. New emoticons are similar to 'smile' old web chat or forum. :[

    Yes, google for "Skype API Pidgin and Adium plugin" by robmobb.

    It allows to use Skype from other guests.

    You can download smileys Pidgin on the plugin page. Smileys for Adium is on site "extras Adium.

    Sorry, this forum disables all URLS.

  • Minnimize, out of the box at the top right is all black in the last update. Old version was better.

    minnimize, maximize and outlet box in the upper right corner of the browser is a black filled canned rather than windows normal minnimize, expand or exit. I use the menu bar omly. I have version 29,0. 1

    OK, I finally found it.
    It is the selection in the foreground in the main page of Restorer of classic theme.
    Firefox title bar (topic: config) has been verified.
    When I unchecked it my FireFox Windows are returned to what is a normal display of Microsoft.
    Thanks for the help.

  • What happened to my old emails? Today thought Tbird that I was a new user and have been asked to set up a new account

    When I started today Tbird, I got a prompt telling me to set up my account. It was as if Tbird never had seen me before. There is no Inbox! So I created my account using my settings, I had recorded in a text file. When I retried my email, only 3 messages have been downloaded and none of my old emails were there, nor any of my files when I save e-mails depending on the subject.

    Then I went to Mozilla to see what was wrong. Apparently others have had it also. But the solution is incredibly complex and I think that I crushed my old preferences file when I recreated my profile. Is there a way to recover my old emails?

    I followed all your instructions, but I don't have my old emails back. With the folder 'see' troubleshooting information, I see Inbox.sbd and 3 files with the extension *.sbd and subfolders with names and those names with an extension *.msf. But I can't get Tbird to see these files. What I am doing wrong?

    EDIT: I've rechecked and my pointing to the right folder badly shot. Instead of going to 'mail.gte.net', Tbird watched a subfolder. I stressed in the correct folder and all reappeared, including my message filters.

    Now, how can I avoid this happening again? Should I just update this profile I made a copy of this morning?

    Thanks for your help! I was almost caught panicking at the thought of a lot of information get lost!

  • Can I reinstall El Capitan after beta installation Sierra

    I was wondering if I can reinstall El Capitan after installing the beta OS Sierra 10.12. I couldn't access my backup Time Machine of my El Capitan on my Western Digital My Book Live HD full boot disk after you have entered the name and PW. I have a critical mission (Fujitsu S1500M) scanner that doesn't seem to work with Sierra.

    Read the ad at the top of the page and click the link; It contains the instructions from Apple on how to restore your previous system (in the FAQ).

    In short: you have to wipe your drive and reinstall the previous operating system using recovery and/or backup. You did a backup, haven't you?

    And, for the record, other than to help him get back to your old system, related beta cannot be discussed the issues here because they would violate your NDA and terms of use here.

  • I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox, hoping to start with supplements. When I reinstalled, I got all my old favorites and add-ins!

    I checked the plugins, found RealPlayer was outdated. I clicked on "UPDATE" that me reinstall RealPlayer. Once completed, RealPlayer was still as obsolete.
    Thought that I might uninstall - reinstall. Save bookmarks, uninstalled (checked to remove any customization). Reinstalled and found all my favorites already installed! Could not find RealPlayer, but it seemed that all of my old plugins were still there. That's happened? Can I get a clean install?

    Uninstalling Firefox will not delete your bookmarks unless tell you it to delete your personal data. You can try a Reset Firefox Refresh - reset the settings and Add-ons.

    In addition, plugins are external to Firefox (flash, java, etc.) and therefore you cannot remove them from Firefox. But you can turn off, which is in practice the same.

  • Is anyone else out there they want changes made to the new "photos"? I have again the new app - I want to go back to the old iPhoto!

    I want to split moments as I could in the old iPhoto! As old edition was better than the new. What you change things when the former worked well? Change is NOT always for the better!

    I would also like to be able to see the photo info without having to click on a photo - once more as we used to be able to do in iPhoto!

  • I refreshed Firefox, now all my Add-ons disappeared and worst parameters associated with them are gone too. Where I could find to put the 'old'?

    At the suggestion of Firefox, I refreshed, now all my Add-ons disappeared and worst parameters associated with them are gone too. Where I could find to put the 'old'?

    When updating Firefox, it creates a folder on the desktop called "old Firefox data." According to Firefox, it's when my old settings were saved. The question to the community, it is where I can move some of these old settings (and what are those FireFPT) to restore my old settings. Time Machine using nothing else that place an old version of FireFox in my app folder.

    I have several clients and staff that need to be restored as soon as POSSIBLE.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.


    The best recommendation I can do for your plugins is to visit:


  • First Freezes / crashes during import & consistent - all better workarounds out there?

    Since the last CC update for the first I had the SAME problem on five different machines. During the import will freeze first, and I have to force quit smoking (mac) and reopen in order to correct. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't - little matter HOW to import (media browser, file/import, and then drag from the finder etc...)

    Also, while in line first will freeze or hang on a clip and I have to save/restart so that the process pick up, where she had stopped. If I try to access the clips for confirming I'm risking clips (MP4 of C100 or of the C300) lack of large gaps in the audio.

    Finally. Once I am able to do import / in line, when editing, I'll open the files to see that many will not be load clips and show "media disconnected" when I try to play them (even if they show the poster frame when still. By opening and closing the first solved instantly.

    These questions don't are NOT material related such as the material has not changed on any computer. It is a software and it is the first which is the origin of the problem. They need to fix immediately. Our workflow is suffering of many man hours lost because of problems which do not arise until set CC to update the software.

    I tried to roll back and some questions were better, but others above were still visible. That save and reboot the software almost always solves the problem until the next time, there arises, makes me confident that it is a software problem. I ask first to do the same thing several times the same way, and sometimes it works, other is not.

    Someone has a workaround that is better than constantly economy/forcequitting/restart the software?

    OK - I figured out how to install the 2015.3 version. Under 'Find additional apps', I changed 'filter the apps' 'previous versions' and was able to select. It installs now - will update if it helps at all.

  • Keep old links and add new links to the title page of the document

    I was given an interactive pdf to update. The work on the title page insrtucts the Viewer to click on a highlighted product to a product page in the document... The revised document that ancient works of art and the links will remain in the same place, but other products have been added that will be tied to additional product pages. So I have to change the basic art, is it possible in Acrobat to replace the old work base with new art without distrubing the former basic links?

    Links are a form of markup. Create the page PDF of the work. Open the old PDF (or better a copy), then replace pages allows you to replace the basic document page. The markup should not be affected.

  • Old data refresh - problem of mapping - OWB has not been removed.

    We use OWB on Windows 2003. I created the dimensions and cubes and they are all worked well. The problem is when I tried to update the warehouse using new data, new data have been loaded into the dimension, but some old data were still there.

    In the map, I used a materialized view to map to the dimension. I checked the old data was not in the materialized view, but was still in the dimension. The steps I took were:

    -mv re-imported to OWB,
    -synchronized to the source and the target in the mapping.
    -related table redeployed + dimension and mapping,
    -run the process flow.

    And the target schema has update privileges and DBA role.

    In mapping out bug mode, I saw some old data + new data has been loaded. In the details on the use of excution process flow, no data has been deleted. The mv database have been inserted, but old data merged too.

    Could someone help me on this? Thanks in advance.

    Georges Nicks

    Hi Georges Nicks.

    As far as I understand - you complain that some old data stood at dimensions? That is the data existing only no more on the source (view materialized in your case) always tables exist in the target (implementation of the dimension) table. I suppose also that you use ROLAP for cubes Dimensions (are you? Or you use OLAP?).

    I also assume you are using the operator of dimension as target in your mapping? How OWB keeps changes in your target size depends on how you have designed your dimension and it's attributes. Is it configured type 1 (overwrite the former record on change), 2 (new record on change) or 3 (keep the old value in a separate change column)?

    Anyway - I think that for all types of above dimension, the default behavior is not to delete the old dimension records. In general, it is reasonable since in Datawarehouse you typically add more data (you keep the history). When you say "Refresh" the datawarehouse - usually means adding new recent data (do not purge history).
    Something interesting here, that is why you want to purge old dimension records: violent keep consistency in your data model, if it breaks some features? Or you keep more small dimension for query performance reasons?

    It is true however that OWB lack such feature to automatically recognize this kind of change as "disappeared from source folder". And that change is sometimes important and must be reflected. In my practice, I used different approaches to deal with this - for example:
    * Add all missing documents on the left side of the mapping with a gauge field EXISTS_IN_SOURCE = 'n' artificially. In this way - OWB processes the records and marks in the target size as «not active more»
    * You can manually (we write some PL/SQL) to process the dimension after loading in OWB (by using step after mapping or some extra in your workflow). It's up to you how you process to remove lines here (you can mark them as EXISTS_IN_SOURCE = 'n', you can update their expiry timestamp, or you can serve them).

    Situation with cubes is similar - if you really need a purge of the old data: you must especially take care to implement.

    Kind regards

  • Changing the display of playlists


    Since a few days, I have an update to iTunes to version I was a bit puzzled after JF the new 'design' He could probably good for developers. but for me that's not - older versions were better for work.

    But the reason for my question is the following:

    I made a playlist (it took a lot of time, because I found no "more symbol" to create the list of reading (or folders) no more. Now, I have found a way to create the selection by scroll down and right-click in the last playlist 'nothing' - then a popup menu appears and I choose 'Create a new Playlist'.

    And it is the second biggest problem. I can't change the playlists view more. In the old version, it was shown as a menu drop-down (more often called "songs" (or other)). There I could choose the playlist display. iTunes shows my new created of playlists in "playlist" mode, but I prefer mode "songs". But after installation of the new version of this button is gone and I don't know, where I can change the playlist display.

    Help, please!

    Thank you


    Hi Mooble,

    To change the display on the reading list, select view in the view menu.

    To more easily create a new playlist, select the song (s), right-click and select Add to Playlist - you will see "New Playlist" at the top of the list.

    Hope this helps /Bill

  • How to make default in the address bar of research follows the selection of the top search bar right


    at the time, my default firefox location bar search engine is dynamic, it always follows the preferred search engine on the right upper search bar

    but I clicked some ads in accident, and just go wrong

    my default address bar search engine always uses google, back then, it searches in wikipedia when I use the wikipedia on the top right search engine bar even when I'm just typing "firefox" to search in the address bar, it will be automatically redirected to wikipedia search for "firefox".

    TL; Dr., how can I make a default address bar search engine follows the search engine in the search bar?

    Thanks for your attention

    You can now move on to the beta version of Firefox which is Firefox23 already.

    Don't know exactly what your old configuration were able, but whatever happens and in the near future it must always be easy to change the right hand search bar to use the various search engines.

    At some point in the future there are possibilities the search address bar may be combined and there is also the possibility of a new system of Search-tab under development.

  • Why are the toggle javascript addons failed to install on FF17 for android, but OK for the Office of FF17?

    I tried different mobile versions nojs, noscript & quickjs addons so I can have a button for the toggle make it easy as on the desktop. Install it fails stating that they are not compatible with FF17. so why the versions of office work with the Office of FF17?

    The error is legitimate? I have the Android 4.2 jellybean in the iconic A700 of Acer which is just an A500 with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

    Yes Firefox Android is for mobile devices from phones or tablets. The mobile named link was a legacy link for when the mobile Firefox was at version 10.0. * and earlier than these versions were the old version of 'XUL' of Firefox Mobile. Mobile starting with Firefox 14.0 and newer (the 11.0, 12.0, 13.0 were beta versions) the UI is now built with the infrastructure of Android user interface rather than the cross-platform XUL framework so the extensions need to be updated.

    mbrubeck filed some bugs to replace the mobile link with the android link in other Applications menu after that I talked to him as he has been neglected. To read the Bug #824314 and Bug #825048

    Android (2.2 +) is currently the only mobile what OS Mozilla offers Firefox at the time anyway.

  • Since upgrading to Firefox 4, I had no trouble. How downgrade and not lose my favorites? Or just downgrade without uninstalling Firefox?

    It does not load properly, freezes, crashes unexpectedly, don't pull up of PDF files from web sites and has problems with hotmail. I used Firefox for years and have never had this kind of problem. How do I downgrade to an older version? The new version 4 is obviously not ready to run and is riddled with problems.

    I was just made to look a right fool because of Firefox 4. My boss thinks now that I can't access a simple email! He has problems with IE and its home page had been hacked, so I installed Firefox (forget it automatically installed the most recent version) and it was horrible. The stupid browser will not open the Tiscali email in box for a reason, and he did look like I did something wrong, but it works perfectly fine on my computer running the latest Firefox 3.6. I downloaded 4 for a home use, because I thought that it would be even better, but it was horrible and I made a mistake in downloading it to my boss, thinking that it would make its use of the internet, better! Now, I had to uninstall loads of trash of its Internet Explorer browser and reset everything.

    All the buttons have moved, the tabs are in the wrong place and it is unresponsive! Why on earth have they trashed Firefox!

    To get back on track with my browser House, I didn't reactivate installing Firefox 3.16.6 (I kept the Setup file fortunately) and he replaced the horrible Firefox 4 and everything was back to normal. All my favorites and quick links were still in place.

    I think it's full of bugs, and my recommendation is to look for Firefox 3 and (without uninstalling Firefox 4) run the installer as usual to return to your old browser (much better and fully functional). It worked for me. If Mozilla Firefox 4 strength on me, I'll switch to Google Chrome or IE. It's HORRIBLE. Mozilla what you thought! Sort your act! Do not fix what is not broken!

    You can install all versions of previous Firefox from the link below.

    Download Firefox 3.6.16 here and return to the possibility of using your web browser, until they sort the darn bugs! I'm sure that eventually they will be fixed 4 issues so it works again. But seriously, 4 is a bad browser, ugly!


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