Old photos of the satellite Pro A60


Does anyone have old photos of the satellite Pro A60? (Taken from their press center TOSHIBA.

Thank you!


Hi Stephen

I put t know what image you need, but I found these two.
It is perhaps useful to s. check out these links:



Best regards

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  • How to disassemble the Satellite Pro A60

    I need to open my Pro A60.

    I tried to delete all the marked screws B14 B8, B20 and F3, but there is still something preventing a complete separation around the area of the CD tray.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    The Satellite Pro A60 is very similar to the Satellite A60.
    I found a very useful website that explains how to disassemble the A60.

    [How to disassemble the laptop Toshiba Satellite A60/A65 and replace the system board | http://www.irisvista.com/tech/laptops/ToshibaA65/satA65_1.htm]

    But note; everything you do are ALWAYS at your own RISK!

    Good bye

  • Question about the use of the Satellite Pro A60 fan


    I intend to get a Satellite Pro A60 and I was wondering how much the fan turns on.

    Could someone comment if the fan turns on when the machine is totally inactive, and how he lights up when the machine is used for word processing and surfing the web?

    For example, when using normally does the fan turn on 1/10th of the time, or 1/2 time etc.?

    Thanks in advance,


    Sorry I can't give you specific information about the cooling fan. A60 is known to me. It's a very nice laptop. Cooling vent is in reverse I am a pretty that there is no background noise.

    If you make the decision to buy it, look at what the capacity of the HARD drive is too high and that the DVD-ROM can burn a lot of different formats (DVD Super Multi drive).

    Have lots of fun with it.

  • No switch wireless on Satellite Pro A60

    I just bought (second hand) a satellite pro A60EN PSA65E 01HOOU8K model number. There is just a cavity where the wireless communication switch should be. Does this mean that I can't use a wireless router?

    Hi David

    Some of the Satellite Pro A60 was delivered with a minPCI wireless network card and some do not support the WLan functionality.
    It seems that you have one that does not support the WLan. This is why you must use an external solution such as WLan USB stick

  • Satellite Pro A60: Upgrade CPU Questions

    I took my laptop apart before, and I remember that I was able to remove the CPU.
    My A60 is the lower part of the range as far as I KNOW, 2.8 ghz Celeron, 40GB HDD and DVD-ROM/CD-RW. I've since added 512 MB of RAM and a LiteOn DVD +-RW drive.
    What type of CPU would be a direct exchange?
    I was looking at my manual, A60 were sold with P4 3.06 GHz.

    I would be able to put in a 533FSB, 3.06 GHz in my laptop?

    Thank you


    As far as I know the Satellite Pro A60 was delivered with these processors:
    Mobile-Intel-Pentium 4 processor - HT 518 (2.8 G), 532 (3.06 G) CPU, CPU 538 (3.2 G)
    Intel-Celeron CPU CPU CPU CPU 350 (3.2 G) 345(3.066G) 340(2.93G) 335(2.8G)

    So in this case, I think that you can only use these processors

  • Satellite Pro A60: Wireless router Questions

    Hi all
    I am a novice computer, sorry for my lack of knowledge. I just bought a BT Voyager router for Satellite Pro A60 mt, but can't seem to make it work!

    I was told that my Sat Pro has a built-in wireless inbulit receiver? (If yes how I turn it on?)
    When I conect the router to the phone line saying all the lights on the router everything is ok... but when I try to go to the line, NOTHING!

    Please can someone help me... ???


    I checked the properties of the Satellite Pro A60 and it seems that the WiFi card is optional on this unit.
    In this case, you should check in Device Manager if the minPCI wireless network card is properly installed on your machine.
    On the right side of the laptop, you will find a switch ON / OFF wireless. If the wireless network adapter is enabled, the led at the front lights.

    Now something on the router. Each WLan router typically has an own software installation package. There should also be an instruction how to manage the router.
    You should check the router instruction

  • Switch wireless on Satellite Pro A60

    I'm trying to connect wireless using services to BT Broadband on my laptop, but fell at the first hurdle. Apparently, there's a switch on the left side of the laptop that must be on to enable a wireless connection. My laptop has room for the switch, but not switch. If anyone can help?


    The Satellite notebooks come with a different hardware configuration.
    Sometimes different series use the same notebook covers.

    After a lengthy investigation on the internet I discovered that the Satellite Pro A60 was delivered without the LAN card internal minPCI and it seems that the WiFi network is not extensible.

    It seems that your only option to use WLan on your laptop.
    I advise to use the WLAN USB key or card PCMCIA Wlan.
    I tend to the USB ;)


  • The battery life on a single charge by Satellite Pro A60

    I bought this linen flea market (February 8, 2005 manufacturing date) and I was wondering if I should invest in a spare battery. After charging full, it shows lasting about 1 h 20 min, but diminishes very quickly with use it and don't think I have more than one of the time out of it.

    The battery is only a 8 cells Li - ion 14.8V 4300 mAh

    Should / can expect something better?


    I think that it s not easy to say how long the laptop must works only with a battery.
    Battery working time depends on the use of the laptop. You know, it depends on the applications and devices that move on the laptop. Heavy software like games or video needs more graphics performance as office software. If the player or disc HARD turns all the time so the battery performance will also decreases a lot faster.

    But you can also try buying a battery of best performances of the witch. On the Toshiba page, I found a battery for Satellite Pro A60 and it s a Pack Li - ion, 9 cells, 4500mAh battery. As you can see, this battery supports 9 cells and 4500mAh and should be better like your old battery first.

  • Satellite Pro A60 crashed during the update of the BIOS

    Updating to BIOS ver 1.70 to 1.90 (from Windows XP) my Satellite Pro A60 off without any warnings. After about 5 minutes of waiting I went it. And... computer just several beeps and stops again.
    Anyone has idea what it means? Is it possible to turn it on again?

    Hi Vladimir,.

    I suspect that your BIOS is damaged when your A60 turns off. Unfortunately, this means you A60 are a failure now his POSITION leading to generate failure codes series.

    As Felix said codes tells the Toshiba Service Agent exactly what the problem is so you will need to contact them for assistance.


  • Satellite Pro A60 - update the BIOS without OS

    I have a Satellite Pro A60, trying to install XP pro but says he needs the BIOS update, downloaded the new update, unzipped and that one file, will not start until no bootable files.

    There is currently no OS on the laptop, I understand that I need an ISO file but where is she... !...


    Why you need to update the BIOS?
    I doubt that XP installation says that you need to update.

    Normally the update of the BIOS is a bit risky and must be that if she of really necessary. In addition the update of the BIOS can only be done from Windows. There is no DOS version, they available only authorized for service providers.

  • Satellite Pro A60: How to change the size of the AGP aperture?

    Hi people!

    I recently bought a laptop Satellite Pro A60 series.

    I also had an upgrade to 512 MB RAM module for it.

    Since then a few games that I try to launch slow area. (it wasn't before) I have increased the Frame Buffer, but wish to increase the AGP Aperture Size as well, but there is no option for this in the BIOS?

    Is there a fix that solves it?


    Well, you said that the games run a bit slowly after upgrade memory.
    In this case, I guess that the graphics card is not really the problem.
    As far as I know if memory modules are not similar system could runs unstable.
    In addition, after the upgrade, you should try to install this new programs (games).

    Best regards

  • Satellite Pro A60 - where to buy the recovery CD

    Hi newbie here.
    I have a Satellite Pro A60 and it gives my son for his college stuff.
    I want to reinstall XP Pro, but I can't find the CD that came with the laptop we moved house ect.

    Is there anywhere where I can buy an of for the laptop, so I can do like new so that he can use it how he wants?

    Thank you very much

    Yes, you can order this CD with the service provider authorized in your country!

    Just contact the guy and order it. It shouldn't t be very expensive.

    Best regards

  • Satellite Pro A60-221 - how to reflash the BIOS?


    I was installing a new fresh OS on a Satellite Pro A60-221(PSA65E-02E03TFR), I wanted to take it seriously, so I tried to update the BIOS. I used the program given by Toshiba in a zip file: bios - 20070808110029.zip, the program is called: Osaka20V190.exe.
    I run it, in the end, the computer turned off, so I reboot it. Since then the computer do 4 beeps, 1 long 1 short 1 long anda the last short I think that the shutdown of the computer itself.

    So I think that I should have made a huge mistake (perhaps because that I run Osaka20V190.exe directly in the zipfile whithout put on the desktop for example, stupid, stupid, stupid...), and my question is:
    Is it possible to Flash the bios to the default without having to start the computer? As in a motherboard, you can put a jumper between the two pins?

    If the answer is already in this forum, I'm really sorry to bother you, I searched in the pro A60 series but could not find.

    Best regards.

    Hi hyeud,

    > maybe because that I run Osaka20V190.exe directly in the file zip whithout to put it on the desktop for example
    Yes, generally all the files of zip archive must be extracted first before starting the update, but now it s too late

    Such a reflash BIOS what you hear can only be initiated because on the Toshiba authorised service provider Web site, you can download a Windows based BIOS update.

    To contact the closest service provider authorized in your country. Guys can you help you get rid of this problem. :)

  • Replacing the battery for Satellite Pro A60

    Can anyone advise where the the best/least expensive place is to get a replacement battery for my satellite pro A60, Ive. Ive left permanently plugged causing the batteries to be tired of apparentrly. If I turn the machine on at full load and nothing doing, the battery will expire in 15 minutes. Replacing the battery is cited as A £99, VAT in addition to toshiba - y at - it somewhere cheaper or better size. ?

    Any suggestion is appreciated.


    I put t know where is the cheapest place to purchase the battery, but in my opinion, the offers online are the cheapest.
    You can see the Toshiba site options and accessories:

    Here, you can select your model of laptop, and you will find the compatible battery.
    You didn t write about you model exactly but I think that the battery pack (Li-ion, 12 cells, 6450mAh) with the PA3382U-1BRS part number must be compatible. But check before you buy!

    In any case, you could Google for that number and I m you will find many offers online.

  • Satellite Pro A60: How to replace the drive?

    Satellite Pro A60 replace DVD player - need repair
    Or does anyone know how to remove the drive of this laptop Bay

    Post edited by: chrielli


    I think the disk replacement procedure is very similar to replacements on other laptops.
    To remove the STRANGE bay module follow these steps:

    1. turn the computer.
    2. remove the black binding screws.
    3 turn the computer over and open the display.
    4. push the module bay ODD.

    All that s. It s not achieved with a screw.

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