Once you identify unsigned drivers, how can I get rid of them

I'm trying to install protools 8 on my pc with vista ultimate. I had a recording on reset error and he ddnt install. I think it might have to do with startup programs it blocks.



·         What is the exact error message?

·         Do you get unsigned drivers pop up during the installation of Pro tools 8?

Unsigned drivers determines what should happen when an attempt is made to install a device (using the installer of Windows device) driver that has not been certified by the Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL).

The options are:

  • Silent success
  • Warn, but allow installation
  • Do not allow installation

The default setting is to warn, but allow installation .

Method 1:

I suggest that you try to uninstall Pro tools 8 and try installed in the boot and check if it helps.

Step 1:

See this article to uninstall the program:


Step 2:

To perform the clean boot to refer:

How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7


Note: Don't forget to start your machine in normal mode by following step 7 of the link.

Method 2:

If you face the question of registration concerning the pro tools I suggest you to contact Avid support.


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