Open and save files uploaded at the same time (with one click)

GENERAL OBJECTIVE: To click on the PDF links online, save the files to my downloads folder AND open them in Acrobat Pro, all with a single click.

Anyone has a suggestion for how I would say Firefox to save and open my downloads? I use OS X, if it help/questions.

This happens automatically with my Mac. I a using 10.4 and another with 10.6. I use PDFView rather than Adobe, but I doubt that it makes much difference. You use Adobe as a request for assistance, not a plugin, right?

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  • Cannot open a recent file of a list of shortcuts with one click more. Is there a solution?

    On my desktop and laptops I'm used to opening recent documents by clicking on the shortcut from the taskbar and dragging upwards to open the Menu of rerouting, and then release the mouse on the document recent or pinned I want to open. Recently it has stopped working and I need to drag the open menu, and then click the file I want. This is the case with all programs I pinned (Office applications, Firefox, Chrome, Dreamweaver, Spotify, etc.).

    I know it is a trivial nuisence, but is it possible to fix it?

    That should never have been possible.  When you drag to the top, the mouse pointer should not "highlight" all elements of the list until what you let go of your drag.  in fact the trail itself was intended for touch screens.  Mouse users can do, but it is faster to right-click because you do not have to invoke trajectories.

    But anyway if he was doing it before, it was broken.

  • Is it possible when you save the psd file to put an automatic jpg file saved at the same time?

    My job is to prepare images for print viewers and window facilities.  My clients need to approve in advance the photos before printing.

    I generally save my psd files, but because the files are very large in this format I usually save another copy in a jpg file which has a much smaller file size.  This makes it possible for me to add to a presentation and and send them to my client.

    Is possible when you save the psd file to put an automatic jpg file saved at the same time?  Or that I always have to do it manually?

    Use the Image Processor in Photoshop or install the free Dr. Brown Services.

  • Template file - y at - it an easy way to update the files related to a model, and download them (put) at the same time?

    First of all, I am a user of Adobe software for 20 years now.  I love the adobe range. I want to just clarify.

    Question... Template Files - y at - it an easy way to update the files related to a model, and download them (put) at the same time?

    Its been bothering me since I started using Dreamwever 10 years now, when you use template files to create small, who later turn wholesale websites. Whenever I update a template file I have to find each file in the files Panel, then download them. When I navigate through a lot of directories to find it can get a lot of time and boring.  Whey cant be just a button that does it? See the attached file.

    Is there a way to do this?  Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you very much



    The sync tool should do what you want (second "circular arrows" icon in the files window).

    Who checks your files against the files of the current server and download all that is changed. By default, is also download any file from the server which is more recent than your local files at the same time, but you can set it to 'Put the latest files remotely' rather than 'get and put newer files' and you should be good to go.

  • How to share files uploaded in the creative cloud with other members of creative cloud?

    How to share files uploaded in the creative cloud with other members of creative cloud?

    Should be easy.  Try this...

    1. In thumbnail view, click the small triangle (pointing down) in the lower right corner of the asset you want to share.
    2. On the blue icon toolbar that appears, click on the share icon (the third icon from the left, just to the right of the trash icon). The sharing dialog box should appear.
    3. In the sharing dialog box, enter the e-mail address of the person with whom you want to share assets, then click on the button send an email - it will receive an email with a link to your assets. OR
    4. You can also copy a link to the asset and paste that in your own e-mail client if you wish.  To do this, click on the link icon (looks like a 'chain' and to the right of the icon to email "envelope")-then click on the button, copy the link.

    Note that stock options are not available if your asset is set to 'Private' - you can control if an asset can be seen (or downloaded) by others by clicking the control Public/private (green or red icon "lock").

    You can also access the same controls hand, if you click on the file to see him score a point (you can do display thumbnails or list view); Click on the share icon near the top right of the window of the browser (to the right of the name of the asset).

    Hope that helps.

  • You can use the activity tracker and an application running at the same time?

    I've been running just with my watch and the Apple activity tracker.

    But I wanted to calibrate so tonight I ran with my iPhone, too.

    I tried to use the Nike + and the PPP of activity both starting on my watch. I ran with the application of the activity on the screen.

    When I did I stopped the activity app and went to the Nike + app, but it was stopped.

    Then can you run the application of activity and a different running application at the same time. Or do you need to start another app on your phone and activity on your watch?

    Thank you all


    To save your route at the same time apps, save the workout using the application of the workout on your Apple Watch (early check it there first) and also through the application of Nike + running on your iPhone.

    Monitoring of your training via the integrated application of the watch workout will cause your heart rate to be monitored at all times for the duration of your workout.

    The app Nike + running cannot currently access heart rate monitor watch directly, but if I read the heart rate data of the health on the iPhone app, it will always be able to access - indirectly - the same heart rate for your exercise data:

    -On your iPhone, in the application of health, press Sources (tab) > Running > turn on Allow 'Running' to read heart rate data.

  • How to tune a myself to several files/folders at the same time?

    • I have a lot of music and video files that have suddenly become unresponsive to any media player after a connection Xbox Media Center (music/videos appear, but no action follows after that as they are accessible, media players and the Xbox Media Center don't always work correctly).
    • I can play one song/video after changing its properties (security permissions), which gives full control to me, the administrator manually. -Too much work for 4000 + files.
    • My current media player is iTunes, but also Windows Media Player fails to play the music/videos.

    Thanks for the reply, but I need to know how to proceed for several files/folders at the same time.  This particular set of directions only explain how to set permissions to a single.

    In Windows Explorer, select all the folders that you want to change the property on, then right click on ONE of these folders (your selections will remain)
    Choose Properties > Security > advanced > owner > edit
    Make your changes and do not forget to check the "Replace owner...". "downstairs.

    With thousands of files, it may take a few minutes. VP Tech Services

  • So, now that the iPhone 7 no longer a listener, how can we charge the iPhone and listen to music at the same time?  There is an adapter that will be a separator so that the two things are possible?

    So, now that the iPhone 7 no longer a listener, how will we be able to charge phone and listen to music at the same time?  Will it be a card which will be a dispatcher?

    You can use a dock of lightning to reload everything using plug the dock integrated headset for listening to music.

  • iPhone 7: how to charge and listen to music at the same time...

    The new iPhone is great! But a quick question that I can't find the answer to... In the car, I use the TomTom app and listen to the music on my phone. Because it must be reloaded when I use TomTom, I have a cable for music and one for the load. The new iPhone means that I can't load and listen to music at the same time? Or will there be some accessory available?

    Thank you!

    You can read what is known on the Apple site.

  • iPhone 6 s - photo app does not allow users to take pictures and listen to music at the same time

    The repro steps:

    • iPhone 6 s - photo app does not allow the user to take pictures and listen to music at the same time

      Music app vs photo app

    (1) play a sound track in the music app
    (2) the swtich to app photo (on the "Photo" mode)
    (3) music stops

    Pandora app vs photo app

    1) turn on pandora
    2) switch to the camera on the 6s iphone app
    (3) stopping the music


    My iPhone stopped playing music when you take photos?

    Nothing to trouble since he was not taken in charge.

  • Why can't acquire data from strain and resistance at the same time with a NI 9219 module?


    I use a chassis with a NI9219 module 9172 cDAQ to try to acquire the strain and resistance at the same time, with the Labview SignalExpress software.  Is this possible?  When I try to display two values of signal at the same time, I get an error of assistant DAQ 50103 'the specified resource is reserved.  The operation could not be performed as indicated.  I used to be able to acquire the strain and tension at the same time, but now even that gives me error 50103.  I have hours trying to figure this out.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    That's all!  Thank you very much, now I can sleep tonight - seriously!

    Thanks again,


  • In windows movie maker, failed to get the narration and music to play at the same time

    I have followed the instructions to the T, but cannot get the narration and music to play at the same time.

    Hi Anataia,

    You are unable to play the music and narration at the same time, you can adjust the audio levels to determine which audio will play louder than the other in your movie.

    The audio settings by default in Windows Movie Maker is for the audio portion of imported video and any narration or music that you add to play at an equal level, but you can change that setting if it does not give you the balance that you want. To adjust the audio levels, follow these steps:

    1. Click on Tools, then the Audio levels.
    2. Do one of the following:
      • To increase the level of audio on the Audio track that is part of a video clip, drag the slider toward Audio from video.
      • To increase the level of audio that is located on the audio / music, drag the slider to Audio / Music.
    3. Click close.

    Hope this has been helpful.

    Bindu S - Microsoft Support
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • If I click on "PIN to the browser" the sensitive axis is unselected and vice versa. I need object "PIN at the top of the browser" and 'sensitive pine' work at the same time. Any suggestions?

    In the latest version of muse to adobe, I have me against "PIN at the top of the browser" and 'sensitive pine' work at the same time.

    Now if I choose an object and the axis 'browser', "sensitive pine" is unselected and vice versa.

    The need is for the header with the logo and menu bar to be pinned to the top of the browser, so that the page scrolls in the header bar.

    Now when I click on the sensitive left axis for the logo and the sensitive right pin for the navigation bar, the "pin at the top of the browser" gets deselected.

    Any suggestions or workarounds will be appreciated.

    Kind regards


    Hi all

    Thanks for that bring to our attention. We will consider adding this feature in the future.

    RyanDoyle - it's an interesting hack you have found! Unfortunately, I wouldn't count on that it works like this in the future, as a bug which is to operate. If you drag the screen to change the width of the browser as a Muse, you'll see that the behavior of the elements in the status button (a menu, for example) is different from when exported. However, if you make a small change to your hack, so it should always work: set button "width sensitive" State instead. In addition, I don't see why all parts must be in separate to this job state buttons, but I've only tried a simple example myself.

    An another workaround I used is to create another, more breakpoint. For example, if I have a menu that is pinned to the top left of the browser in the dots stop, then in a breakpoint, I would pin in the center top of the browser. Normally, I wouldn't add more breakpoints, but there is a way that I found to work around the problem. Ryan workaround is perhaps the best way to go if you take my advice and use a status button sensitive width instead of the width of the browser.

    Hope this helps,


  • Buy two planes? Photographic for 9.99 and 19.99 Indesign at the same time? It s less expensive than 49.99 with applications and I only need this two software

    Buy two planes? Photographic for 9.99 and 19.99 Indesign at the same time? It s less expensive than 49.99 with applications and I only need this two software


    Yes, you can buy the plan of photography as well as one app In-design under the same account.

    Please check the link for purchase

    Please go through the Adobe - General conditions of subscription as well.

    Hope this helps!

  • Copy and paste multiple fields at the same time?

    Is it possible to copy and paste several fields at the same time as in the employment history section or reference to an employment application?

    Hello Glenn,.

    You can right click on the domain and select 'Copy field' and can then slide it into position suitable in the document so that in the preview page.

    Let me know if that helps!

    Kind regards


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