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Oracle 11g express

Hi all

I am trying to solve one of the question of the plsql challenge, but no luck, can someone help me do the same thing using the analytical function row_number, please visit the link below:

https://plsqlchallenge.Oracle.com/pls/Apex/f?p=10000:23:7391454201535:no:TTQ_COMP_EVENT_ID, P23_QUIZ_ID:891369, 1417253 &...

I tried to do it by using the following query:

Select ca.*, pl.*,.

ROW_NUMBER() over (order by (case when OVERRIDE_PRIORITY = 1, OVERRIDE_PRIORITYcase_id of other end DEFAULT_PRIORITY)) r_no

of plch_cases ca, plch_levels pl

where ca.level_id = pl.level_id



ORA-00905: lack of keyword

00905 00000 - 'lack the key word'

* Cause:

* Action:

Error on line: column 2: 83

I know that I get the above error using case_id in my select statement, but I wonder who is there another way to use case_id...




a case statement cannot return 2 values, so your statement is not valid.

After statement can solve your purpose.

Select ca.*, pl.*,.

ROW_NUMBER() over r_no (nvl (override_priority, default_priority) order, case_id)

of plch_cases ca, plch_levels pl

where ca.level_id = pl.level_id

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    Hello Daniela,

    I am able to see an active subscription on your e-mail address, please check if the problem is resolved?

    Kind regards


  • Order customization problem in sales order form Standard type

    Hi all

    We have a problem in the sales order form customization. Here we try to customize three field based on the type of order

    Scenario 1:_

    _NAV-> Oredr management Super user-commands, returns-> sales > orders-> order->standard _ type

    In this type if we are sailing to the lines, he should ask the following fields as required
    (Nav-> Oredr management form Super User-> commands, returns-> sales orders-> others)

    1. mode of delivery
    2. conditions related to the transport
    3. priority shipping of

    Scenario 2:_

    _NAV-> Oredr management Super user-commands, returns-> sales > orders-> order->Bill only & _ internal & RMA type

    then he must navigate to line items without asking these three fields.

    To do this, we made the following customization by help-> Diagnostics-> Custom Code-> customize

    Level-> shape
    Activated-> Yes

    _ Condition

    Triggering event: When-validate-registration
    Trigger object: order
    Condition: +(:ORDER.) ORDER_TYPE not like '% INTERNAL') and (: ORDER.) ORDER_TYPE do not like ' % BILL %') and (: ORDER.) ORDER_TYPE not like '% RMA') +
    Processing mode: both
    level: site

    _ Of the actions

    type: property
    Description: Make required field
    language: all
    activated: Yes

    object: article type
    target object: ORDER. SHIPPING_METHOD
    property name: REQUIRED
    value: TRUE

    Problem+ _

    The problem we face is when we first select the type of ordar like Bill only or internal or RMA it works as expected. But first we have to select the standard type order then we navigiting in the lines if not allowing us without going into these three fields as expected. This is why the problem is without closing the form, we changed the type of order like Bill only now also these fields as mandatory, that is the question.

    So hope the problem is clear to you all and we must pass this into production tomorrow.

    If somone can help to solve this as soon as POSSIBLE, we would be grateful to you.

    Thanks in advance

    Kind regards

    Double wire.
    Please see my answer to the problem with customization of Oracle customer order forms
    and update this thread.

    Sandeep Gandhi

  • [JS CS4] Order alphabetical problem dropdownlists


    I built a script simple dialogue which looks up and displays data from a CSV file. There are three drop-down lists with the first two being connected together if the selection in the second changes if the selection in the first changes.

    I am very happy with that, especially since I only need update the CSV file to be filled automatically drop-down list. Someone showed me this pointed out that the second dropdown is not sorted in alphabetical order.

    My problem is that I can have just one or the other list aphabetically.

    Here's the code to this day, many of which I got from the kind contributors of this forum. I added a link to the script and the CSV file.

    var colWidthValue = "100mm".
    firstLine var = getHeadings();
    var colWidths = firstLine;
    var myPubCodeList = getCodes (0)
    var myTitlesList = getCodes (1)
    var l is new window ('dialogue', "Publication of information Lookup");.
    w.orientation = "row";
    w.addList = new Array();

    1 drop
    w.textPubCode = w.add ("statictext', undefined, ' Pub Code :');")
    w.pubCodes = w.add ('dropdownlist', undefined, myPubCodeList);
    w.pubCodes.selection = w.pubCodes.items [0];

    2nd drop
    w.textTitle = w.add ("statictext', undefined, 'title :');
    w.Titles = w.add ('dropdownlist', undefined, myTitlesList);
    w.Titles.selection = w.Titles.items [0];

    w.Titles.onChange = function() {}
    w.pubCodes.selection = w.Titles.selection.index;

    3rd dropdown
    w.textCols = w.add ("statictext', undefined, ' Data :');")
    w.colNum = w.add ('dropdownlist', undefined, colWidths);
    w.colNum.selection = w.colNum.items [0];
    w.Group = w.add ("group");

    w.pubCodes.onChange = function() {}
    code = w.pubCodes.selection.text
    cols = w.colNum.selection.index
    w.Titles.selection = w.pubCodes.selection.index;
    If (this.window.addList.length > 0) {}
    This.Window.Group.Remove (this.window.addList.pop ());
    This.Window.Layout.Layout (true);
    this.window.addList.push (w.group.add ('statictext', undefined, getWidth (code, passes + 2)));
    This.Window.Layout.Layout (true);
    w.colNum.onChange = function() {}
    code = w.pubCodes.selection.text
    cols = w.colNum.selection.index

    If (this.window.addList.length > 0) {}
    This.Window.Group.Remove (this.window.addList.pop ());
    This.Window.Layout.Layout (true);
    this.window.addList.push (w.group.add ('statictext', undefined, getWidth (code, passes + 2)));
    This.Window.Layout.Layout (true);
    w.Show ();

    function getWidth (myPubCode, myCols) {}

    mySizeFile = File ("C:/size_lookup.csv");
    mySizeFile.open ("r", not defined, undefined);
    myLine = mySizeFile.readln ();
    myPubArray = myLine.split(",");
    Alert (myPubArray [0] + "|" + myPubCode);
    If (myPubArray [0] == myPubCode) {}
    return myPubArray [myCols];

    } while(mySizeFile.eof == false);
    mySizeFile.close ();


    function getCodes (c) {}
    var MonTableau =]
    mySizeFile = File ("C:/size_lookup.csv");
    mySizeFile.open ("r", not defined, undefined);
    myLine = mySizeFile.readln ();
    mytempArray = myLine.split(",");
    myArray.push (mytempArray [c]);

    } while(mySizeFile.eof == false);
    mySizeFile.close ();

    return myArray


    function getHeadings() {}
    var MonTableau =]
    mySizeFile = File ("C:/size_lookup.csv");
    mySizeFile.open ("r", not defined, undefined);
    myLine = mySizeFile.readln ();
    myArray = myLine.split(",");
    return myArray

    I know that my script is probably awkward and time consuming but it works.

    It would be greatly appreciated if someone could point me in the right direction to get the two lists to display in alphabetical order, but still the other day with the correct value drop-down.

    Thank you


    > Err, did you really use "index2" there? If so, I think that you ignored the part of the explanation...

    You're right, that should have been index1. In any case, here is an example of work. The script displays a window with list boxes (these are virtually identical to dropdowns scripting-wise, but you can see much better what's happening). Click on the list on the left, and the script selects the corresponding item in the list on the right and vice versa. The indices could probably be implemented smarter.


    #target indesign;
    array1 = ['A', 'B', 'C', 'D', 'E'];array2 = ['dA', 'eB', 'aC', 'cD', 'bE'];
    // Create indexes -- associative arrays// index12 is used to find which item in list 1 points to which item in list2
    index12 = create_index (array1, array2);
    // and index21 is used to find which item in list 2 points to which item in list1
    index21 = create_index (array2, array1);
    //~ At this point,//~ index12 ['A']  returns 'dA'//~ index12 ['B']  returns 'eB'//~ etc.
    //~ index21 ['dA'] returns 'A'//~ index21 ['eB'] returns 'B'//~ etc.
    w = new Window ("dialog");    w.orientation = "row";    // display list 1 and select first item    list1 = w.add ("listbox", undefined, array1);    list1.selection = 0;    // display list 2 sorted    list2 = w.add ("listbox", undefined, array2.sort ());    // when the window is drawn, select the correct item in list 2    list2.selection = list2.find (index12[array1[0]]);
        list1.onChange = function ()        {        // selection made in list 1:         var select_in_list2 = index12 [list1.selection.text];        list2.selection = list2.find (select_in_list2);        }
        list2.onChange = function ()        {        var select_in_list1 = index21 [list2.selection.text];        list1.selection = list1.find (select_in_list1);        }
    w.show ();
    function create_index (a, b)    {    var array = [];    for (var i = 0; i < a.length; i++)        array [a[i]] = b[i];    return array;    }
  • Order of problems

    Hi all

    I am not able to use this statement in the SQL PROMPT. I get a message saying "State: HY000.» Code: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A general error occurred. [nQSError: 23003] You place your order by columns not in the select list is incompatible with the following: SELECT DISTINCT, UNION, INTERSECT, EXCEPT, or from parents of the table. (HY000) ». I use DIFFERENT as there are a few months repeating itself, and I don't no wat that.

    SELECT DISTINCT (EVALUATE (as character (30), GL_PERIODS.end_date, ' TO_CHAR(%1,%2)'), "MON - YY") as A from MAIN_RPT by GL_PERIODS.end_date.

    Here's the problem, if I order by the column selected, as below, it works, but does not give me the desired result. As I changed character, it sorts alphabetically and produces a list like Avr07, Avr08, Avr09 etc, but I need like JAN07, fev07, MAR07...

    SELECT DISTINCT (EVALUATE (as character (30), GL_PERIODS.end_date, ' TO_CHAR(%1,%2)'), "MON - YY") as from order MAIN_RPT by A.

    Thank you.


    Use below syntax

    SELECT evaluate ('to_char(%1,%2)' as a character (30), GL_PERIODS.end_date, 'MON-YY'),
    rank (evaluate GL_PERIODS.end_date ('to_char(%1,%2)' as a character (30), GL_PERIODS.end_date, 'MON-YYYY')),
    where to classify (evaluate Time.Date ('to_char(%1,%2)' as a character (30), GL_PERIODS.end_date, 'MON-YYYY')) = 1 order by 3

    Thank you

    Published by: Teresa Sanchez on August 17, 2010 18:39

    Published by: Teresa Sanchez on August 17, 2010 18:56

  • Order of problem in the update rollup


    I'm sorting problem, when I use rollup function to calculate the subtotal.

    Select region, country, port_id, sum (quantity) in Port_Dtl
    Rollup Group (region, country, port_id)

    In the above query, I want to sort the results by increasing Port_id.

    Any idea?

    Hi kumar,.

    Just use the query for your results below

    select   region, country, port, sum (quantity)
        from otn_temptable
    group by cube (region, country, port)
      having grouping (region) = 0 and grouping (country) = 0
          or grouping (region) = 1 and grouping (country) = 1
             and grouping (port) = 1
    order by nvl(port,lag(port) over (order by country)), port;

    Just vote for it, if you like.

    Kind regards

  • Skype doesn't send messages, graying of the message boxes *, and not to let me host called Jugendherberge

    I had this problem a few days ago. (now 3-4) (On Windows 10 BTW)

    I think it has something to do with the new update ( and back lightly and demotion to 6.15 decommissioning does not help

    This issue by performing all my Skype groups

    E-mail between people still works

    and appealed, but calls from groups and cat do not work correctly

    Group of Bugs:

    Currently the groups before the bug submit messages but allow you to add more keep waiting

    My main group Skype that I tried to get the deletion myslef and readded currently displays 'unavailable Messenging.

    Showing new groups of Skype after "Instant Messaging is not available. Get your friends to update or wait outside. "

    I cannot allow the appeal on one of my groups, but these groups can call me, if I leave early in the call, that I can't come back until the call is completely restarted by the host.

    What I had so far in attempt to solve this problem:

    To resolve this problem, I went trough most of all these fourms and tried the solutions and even made a few returning tab stop

    I turn off my firewall and Antivirus temporily, it did not work

    I started Skype with Windows with networking safe mode, same problems

    I deleted appdata and uninstall Skype in various orders, same problem

    Installed older versions of Skype 6.15, same problems

    I had a user to work with the same version of Skype on their PC, log in to my PC, same results

    I went in 'Internet Options' and removed my restricted sites and lower my security guards to see if it is a question (medium-low BTW), no result (I have back Skype House, which is a nice)

    Things that work strangely

    Using Firefox for Skype web allows me to take calls and use the chat, even if his unvaible through my client. Although it has bugs 1 where my call button becomes gray on online even after his time.

    I build you want to see what difficulty problem and if you want a

    TLDR . for all the foregoing. I think that Skype does not have anything to do with this side installation and removal of appdata folder + delete the installation folder after uninstaltion is the fixation not question

    PS: I still need to draw myslef in my system32 host file to see if something is crash through that (I have no idea how my host file works but he assigned areas in there for some reason any)

    Solved my problem, is my file Host Windows > System32 > drivers > ect

    The file was made so that I didn't relize I chound't edit it with Notepad without permissions. Also, I don't remember adding anything, oh well. Long story short, if someone of you internet searches want my advice on what to do. Copy the entries in your host file maded in programs "example: Uncheacky and SpyBot (it will be listed in those that are made by WHO).» Copy to entries in a regular text on your desktop file. Delete your actual host file in the above Director, deal with time your entries sought this last and like to talk to your friends again.

  • HP pavilion 500-274 a: question

    Hi my problem is that whenever windows wants to update a student its ugly head flaw which happens is that updates will be download then install them but when it comes to cofiguring updates, it gets as much as 99 percent completed, it says failed canceling changes he says also to ativate windows I'm trying to do this in the settings but it does nothing I've recycled completely the PC lose some work, but nothing that can not be put back I use avg security checked the firewall, but everything seems in order this problem prevents me also run purchased the software from a well-known company if anyone can help I very grateful thanks 4 would look

    Try this automated Windows Update repair tool:


    Also run the System File Checker:


    Report to us say if those who don't or f anything, please.

  • The OS HD and HD recovery were correct but reverse of drive numbers drive letters

    After you install a second HD in a model of Win7, disk management lists the Recovery HD first, drive 0 and drive D: the OS HD is listed second, as disk 1 drive C

    Is the fact that these disk numbers are listed in reverse order a problem, or there at - it a way to reverse the?  Note that the drive letters are correct.



    These numbers are the system view in the BIOS, physically swapping the card mother SATA connections would probably do what you want, but it might (or perhaps not according to the model) you had to to also change the selection of boot drive in BIOS.
    Frankly, I recommend that leave him you alone. It is safe, and not all that rare.

  • Why does not my command

    I recently finished my student 1 year contract with adobe. And after finishing, I got the contract for 30 days free trial. And now, those days are almost over.

    with that being said, Ive tried to buy the complete package from adobe's own site. And after including all the details of credit card and confirm and other things.

    He ALWAYS says that my order has problems in treatment.

    I called the customer service line and they suggested to use another browser and a different card. I have already done, only to face the same problem (attached) message

    And I tried for more than 3 days now.

    What the hell is going on.

    And this isn't even not the first time this has happened. The same thing happened when I ordered the student package but miraculously it worked after a couple of hours.

    The card used to fill in the details works perfectly on other sites so why can't it work on adobe.

    And I have deadlines to meet. Im still a student and its stressing me out to deal with this type of problem when you are the one to take MY money to buy YOUR product.

    Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 7.11.12 PM.png

    Ilisa salvation,

    I have sent you a private message with the details. Please check.

    Kind regards


  • Index is outside the bounds of the array - power CLI

    When I try to increase the size of the computer drive o virtual got this error... Index is outside the bounds of the array.

    Follow the command line. (I want expando 5 GB)

    $hd = get-disk hard - VM $vm | where {$_.} {Name - eq ' Hard disk 2 "}

    Together-hard drive - HDD $hd2 - CapacityKB ($hd.capacityKB +(5*1MB))-confirm: $false

    Together-hard drive: 05/08/2012-12:20:27 set-HDD Index was outside the b
    entire table.
    On line: 1 char: 13
    + Game-hard drive < < < < hard drive - $hd2 - CapacityKB ($hd2.capacityKB +(5*1MB))-Conf
    MRI: $false

    I try to use inside a function too... some VMS accepts the order without problem...

    function {increase-HarddiskBy
    ([PSObject] $Harddisk)

    $sum = $harddisk. CapacityKB + (5 *(1MB))

    Together-hard drive - disk hard $Harddisk - CapacityKB ($sum) - confirm: $false


    $hd = get-disk hard - VM $vm | where {$_.} {Name - eq ' Hard disk 2 "}

    Increase-HarddiskBy - hard disk $hd

    Try to get out of here.

  • Format of TIFF Image Processor bridge

    I use the image processor of the batch to the TIFF JPEG images bridge before Photoshopping them, but I have noticed it saves TIFF with default Mac byte order.

    This usually isn't a problem, but many of these images will move to another Department of my organization for inclusion in books electronic and other digital publications, and the Mac byte order causes problems for them and their production processes, which requires a batch, return to the order of the IBM PC.

    Is any way to change the format of the Image Processor by default of BOM with IBM PC?

    Don't know anything about this problem, but have a suggestion.  You could look in the Russell Brown's Image Processor.  The have not used but comments indicate as bridge over seroids Image Processor.

  • Need to DOWNLOAD old

    I bought Adobe PS CS3 a few years ago (an upgrade from PS 7) and I need to reinstall, but it no longer exists under my orders (deck problems).  How can I get the latest version of CS3 and install it on my system? n once tried to copy to a CD, but the key was not visible and I could not install from the CD.  Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

    If you follow the 7 steps you can dl a free trial here: http://prodesigntools.com/download-adobe-cs4-and-cs3-free-trials-here.html

    and activate it with your serial number.

    If you have a problem dl'g, you don't follow all 7 steps.  the most common mistake is not meticulously follow the steps 1, 2, and/or 3 (which adds a cookie to your system that allows your to download a non-current version of the adobe.com website).

  • Loss of value after split/join


    In my process, there is an activity to split/join. Before the split, there is an activity of interactivity. The user can set the values of BPMObject.
    Then, in the split/join, all interactive activities can change the values of BPMObject. Before the join, the process works very well.

    However, after the join, the interactive activity gets only the original BPMObject values. All the changes are lost.

    Argument mapping entry for activity ScreenFlow interactive final is: var1vpsfArg = var1
    (var1 is the Instance variable)

    How to get the updated value?



    I don't think that this was due to the mapping of your argument. Whenever you encounter problems obtaining new information of a join activity, the problem is usually the logic of the join activity itself.

    There are two ways you can treat a Split / join the boss. If you Split-> properties right click-> Advanced, you'll see a checkbox that allows you to generate (default) copies or generates no copies. This means that transitions leaving the split can either each have their own independent copy of the original instance variable or all transitions leaving the split can share original variable of instance.

    I guess you don't see information flowing on the join, because the separation is set to generate copies and you're not recover the information copied into the join. If you're curious, here's what the engine makes when it hits a Split activity that is configured to generate copies:

    1. the instance arrives in Split activity
    2. the engine automatically sends the original (copy 0) instance with all its variables of the join activity
    3 if there are two transitions from the split, the engine automatically creates a copy of the instance for each of the transitions and sends them to the two activities following the separation through their respective transitions. If the two activities that followed the separation were 'Credit Check' and 'Check inventory', you would now have the original instance in the join (copy 0) and a copy (copy1) in the 'Credit Check' activity and a copy (copy 2) to 'check inventory.
    4. as an end user end "Credit Check" copy work happens in the activity of join and executes the logic in the join
    5. as an end user finishes the job in 'check inventory' copy arrives in the activity of join and executes the logic in the join
    6. now that all copies have arrived and completed the join, the engine automatically moves the original (copy 0) instance of join and downstream activity in the process.

    Here's the logic that you might want to add to your activity to join (the logic below assume that I named my business 'Credit Check' and 'Check inventory'). You will notice that wherever you are referring to instance information that would have been defined in one of the two activities between the Split and Join are designated within the logic of the join using the prefix "copy.". This 'copy.' is only used within the activity of join and not in Split (no logic required here) 'Credit check' or 'check inventory.

    // this lets you know where this copy came from
    logMessage "JOIN: previous activity was: " + copy.activity.source.name using severity = DEBUG

    case copy.activity.source.name
    when "CheckCredit" then
    order.creditStatus = copy.order.creditStatus
    when "CheckInventory" then
    order.status = copy.order.status
    // the "else" should not have been hit if you've done this correctly
    order.status = "Problem"

    After end users finish their work in the business 'Credit check' this exectutes logic. Logic of the activity of the join uses the variable 'copy.activity.source.name' to determine source of the copy. Since there are only two activities immediately preceding the join in this example, there are only two clauses "when" in the case statement. If there is 4, so there will be 4 clauses "when".

    It is important to mention the name of the activity in the logic above. Note that the friendly labels are 'Credit Check' and 'check inventory? Right click on each of your activities immediately preceding the join-> click Properties and note the reading text in the field "Activity Id" for each of these activities. In this example, while activity appears to be named "Credit Check" the name of that logic will use will be "CheckCredit" without space. The value in the field of activity of the activity code, this is what happened in the variable 'copy.activity.source.name' of the join logic.

    What will happen if you do not have the 'case' in the logic above? You would see the variable information in the last copy you arrive at the joint to replace information written in previous copies. The last copy to win.

    In the second paragraph of the present, I mentioned that you can choose to generate (default) copies or generates no copies (by unchecking the box). I tend to leave the default value simply because it's the way I've always done. You should be careful, because if you put a new activity just before your join, the logic in the join will have to change to take account of the new activity in a new clause of "when". If you choose not to generate copies, then you need not all logic in the join activity above.

    Hope this helps,

  • selection list dynamic default value

    Hello world

    I have a question about the dynamic selection lists.
    I have a report of a table that displays records. Each record has different versions of data. So when you click on a folder you get to another page where you get some information on this record and where you can select the version of this information (using a selection list).

    The selection list works very well and is set dynamically as follows:

    Select distinct b.SID display_value,
    return_value a.version_id
    cn_pl_version a.,
    cn_pl_std_peplanung b
    WHERE a.version_ID = b.version_id AND
    b.pe_id = "& P6_HELP_PRODET."
    a.version_id desc order

    My problem is that when I click on a folder that I always get the report filled with the oldest version of the current record, so I always choose the most recent version to the list manually. I always prefer to have the most recent version in the report.

    The report query is:


    (select sum (stunden) in cn_pl_std_peplanung t02
    where abt_id = '10'
    and t02.pe_id = t1.pe_id
    and t02.version_id = t1.version_id
    and t02.idee_id = t1.idee_id) stunden_ir;

    (select name from cn_pl_version u01
    where u01.version_id = t1.version_id) Version

    of cn_pl_std_peplanung t1, cn_pl_projektelemente z1, u1 cn_pl_version cn_pl_projektidee s1
    where t1.version_id = ' & P6_VERSION_WAHL. »
    and t1.pe_id = z1.pe_id
    and z1.pe_id ='& P6_HELP_PRODET. »

    Group of t1.pe_id, t1.version_id, t1.idee_id

    ' & P6_VERSION_WAHL.' is the element of the selection list
    ' & P6_HELP_PRODET.' is the ID of the current record

    I don't know if you understand my problem, my English is not the best...

    Thanks for any help!


    Hi Patrick,

    What value choose it show list, when you create a branch to the page? That's the good?
    If not, you must change your selection list, that the correct version is selected by default. You can set a 'default' value when you set the source of the element.

    Otherwise, you may configure a sample application to http://apex.oracle.com.

    Best regards

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    This had me crazy since I was first a Vista computer.  It does on each of them, 32 and 64-bit.  Updates are up to date and we are running SP2. If I try to move a folder to a directory on the hard drive to another directory on the same hard drive, Vis