Outlook on the desktop icon

My Outlook icon on my desktop running Windows Live mail has disappeared. How to re - install the Outlook icon so I can read my email from there?

This isn't my mail since the start screen App.

Another icon on the office sometimes disappear too, but I find reinstall them.

Thank you



You can go to Outlook in IE10 Desktop and add it to your favorites using any name you choose.

You can then copy and paste the icon on your desktop in the Favorites folder or list.

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    a system restore or create a new administrator account should help

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    Hello @JoeBuzu,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I read your message of not being able to open applications from the desktop and tried to tender hand for you.

    As it is a problem with your Acer laptop, not an HP product, you want tender hand to Acer support for this issue.

    Thank you for being a part of the community of HP.

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    Hmm, that's strange. I wonder if you might have accidentally switched to Tablet mode, where the desktop icons would not display. See switch between Mode desktop and Tablet (Windows 10).

    If this does not work, try to install the Windows updates and reboot your computer. I would also like to run a virus scan. Good luck!

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    You should be able to right click on your desktop.  Select display and you will have a choice to select small, medium or large icons.


  • That means the small arrow on the desktop icons?

    That means the small arrow on the desktop icons?

    It designates the actual icon ' points to ' (or is a shortcut to) the actual file. You can create a shortcut to a file or a folder by right click, then click on "create shortcut". If you delete the shortcut, the original file is not removed.

    For more information, see:


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    This problem can be solved by doing the steps below;



    Let me know if the problem is resolved by following the steps from the link above ;-)

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    We have Windows XP.  The desktop icons under their usual appearance at the appearance of the white pages and no longer connect to their respective programs, when you click on it.  How solve us this problem?

    [Moved from comments]

    We have Windows XP.  The desktop icons under their usual appearance at the appearance of the white pages and no longer connect to their respective programs, when you click on it.  How solve us this problem?

    [Moved from comments]

    The Windows XP PowerToy for free... TweakUI has an option
    for the reconstitution of the icons... it might be worth a try.

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    Click on the following link... Featured downloads / TweakUI.

    Windows XP downloads

    For instructions, see the following article:

    Repair or rebuild icons in Windows XP using Tweak UI

  • How can I remove the shadows on the desktop icons

    my icons have a blue background, how can I remove this blue highlight

    I did the two steps and always with shadows. This Monday last after a Windows Update.
    Before updating my theme Windows was classic. After restarting of theme look to XP with the shadows :( Anything else I can do?

    OS: Win XP Home Edition

    Thanks in advance.


    This border on the desktop icons can be created when the elements of the Office was locked, to unlock the desktop items web right click on an empty area of your desktop. Now, select arrange icons by and uncheck "Web Lock Desktop items" if she has a little check mark next to it. If you did not have a tick here and then right click on your my computer icon and view its properties, now click on the Advanced tab click the button settings running. Now on the Visual Effects tab scroll effects to 'use the shadows of the desktop icon labels' and put a tick in the box next to it, and then click ok. This should remove the border from the shadow of your desktop icons.
    Just like that.
  • The desktop icons and taskbar are at least three minutes to load when I start the computer.

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    All of a sudden when I start my computer, the icons on the desktop and icons at the bottom of the clock of the take at least three minutes to load, and before that time, they used to load in a few seconds.  Also, I have no problem with the computer start.  Any help to solve this problem will be greatly appreciated.

    According to the specifications of your system, hard drives on your system are disks IDE (not the SATA drives).

    Sometimes the Interface IDE mode can change from DMA mode to PIO mode and when that happens, things sudden. run very slowly, but it is easy to check and adjust if you need to.

    Here's how:

    If you are using IDE drives, use Device Manager to check the channel Transfer Mode IDE is set to something like DMA if available (depends on your hardware) and the slow PIO mode.
    Don't forget: PIO is the slowest, DMA is faster.

    It is easy to check and usually easy to fix and the mode would not have changed in itself, so if she changed to PIO, change it to DMA, and then understand why it changed and fix it.

    To launch the Device Manager console, click Start, run and enter in the box:


    Click OK.

    Expand the section controller IDE / ATA to see your IDE channels. Each right click and choose Properties for each channel that has a tab advanced settings, determine the Transfer Mode. There are usually 4 channels to check in a desktop computer, maybe less for laptops.

    Faster selection will always be a kind of selection DMA (usually: DMA DMA5, UDMA, etc.).  If it is PIO, change it to DMA.
    If you are unsure of what you see after return of help and advice.
    If you make settings, restart and check the settings again to make sure that any change stick.
    What may have caused the change?

  • Deleted the desktop icons

    My 3 year old somehow deleted all my desktop icons. I'm looking at in the trash to see if they are there, but without the desktop to the trash icon I can't (I searched). Can someone help me?

    Right-click anywhere on your desktop. Select:

    Rearrange icons by

    Click on:

    Show the desktop icons

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    XP... The desktop icons will not put. I did a lot of research on this issue, read the different responses on many forums, including and have tried much of the recommendations... I'm not familiar with the functions of establishment of the arrangement of the desktop icon and this is the first time I met this kind of problem. "Lock Web items on desktop" is checked, "Snap to grid" is not checked (my preference, but I find that it will check mysteriously itself after the icons rearrange themselves to the left of the screen, apparently by making use of automatic reorganization, even if it is not checked), I tried securityguy14 registry change response dated December 7, 2009 , have installed and use the program "Icon restore" that changes the Recycle Bin, my computer, and another icon of office, I do not remember to add a backup/restore function for the setting icon on the desktop... is what bought me a brief period of mental health before they rearrange themselves after a few constantly unidentifable strike entered sometimes without "rhyme or reason", not unique to anything, preventing me from shrink down to a specific cause. I conducted several audits of malware with paid and free programs and there is no indication of anything invading my system, it works fine other wise. Help!


    You can perform an upgrade in-place of Windows XP:
    How to perform an upgrade on the spot (reinstallation) of Windows XP


    Run a repair installation will not damage files and applications that are currently installed on your computer.  However, I suggest you to back up all important data on the computer before you perform the upgrade on the spot.


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