Pavilion 550-306no - for the 2nd HARD drive expansion slot?

While thinking about replacing my old HP tractor, I browsed around the shop online for a possible new unit;

Seems there is a box called Pavilion 550-306no, sold here in Sweden, which could meet my needs.  However, does anyone know if there is room (or not) for a 2nd HARD drive? Seems all the guides of the old user on how to develop yr PC in the forum of textbooks have been nuked.



The Specifications for the 550-306no indicate that it is not put into service for a disk hard 3.5 "2nd.  Review the information in the computer case.

Some models will allow a 2.5 "HD or SSD to add.  See the image below.

According to the amount of space available between the existing hard drive and the motherboard, you might be able to mount another HD using 3.5 media ".  Those that I had recommended in the past are now $40 (ouch).

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    Anyone know where to find support for a 2nd hard drive of my P300-17R laptop? Modelnumber; "PSPC4E-04701LDU.
    It must be sent to the Netherlands.

    Check eBay. You will find everything.

  • DV7-3160us - for the 2nd hard drive mounting kit


    Sorry if the answer is posted elsewhere. I looked and you can't find one specifically for my model.

    I have a dv7-3160us, which has the secondary drive Bay.

    I have a second WD 500 GB SATA bare drive.

    Where can I get information on obtaining a mounting bracket so the cable appropriate to mount this drive naked in the secondary drive Bay?

    I was on the phone with HP tech supp, even after nearly 30 minutes to try to explain what I had it and still had no idea told me he ALREADY had a hard disk of 500 GB in it... :-) Enough of that.

    Any help appreciated.


    Never mind. He finally found.

  • How to check if the 2nd HARD drive is possible on the Satellite Pro A200 PSAE7?


    My A200/PSAE7 has a 200 GB HARD drive. For backup reasons, I would like to know - or learn to know how check - if my A200 already have the hardware support for a 2nd HARD drive, next to the slot for a 2nd HARD drive.
    In the BIOS, I see 'Toshiba MKxxx - hard drive' and 'hard drive - None '. Is the last entry in the BIOS is a sign that a 2nd HARD drive is supported and has to be put in the second location of HARD drive?

    Thanks in advance for any answer!

    Best regards

    You can do the following:

    Open the cover when the 2nd drive HARD so-called must be installed and check for some SATA connectors or cables. If there is an unused SATA connection so you can upgrade, if no, then you will need to backup your data on USB - HDD or whatever.

    If in the BIOS is something now, he won't say that he is physically present.

    Welcome them

  • Recover the Original of Windows 8 for the new HARD drive


    Drive HARD original of my Dell laptop inspiron 15R 5521 has been crushed. She had previously installed Windows 8.

    And, I had upgraded to windows 10 recently.

    Please guide me to reinstall windows 8 or 10 for the new HARD drive via online, coz' I don't have any support recovery (DVD or USB).

    And further,

    1.) is it possible to reinstall windows for one SSD?

    2.) I get all venus applications (application of VGA, Audio application etc.) from Dell with my laptop with the re-installation of windows... ?

    Thank you


    If your system already has Windows installed and activated 10 follow my instructions here to directly download and reinstall clean Windows 10:

    Looks like you're in this scenario.

    Note Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 editions are specific. If your system came with Windows 8.1/10 unilingual homepage, Windows 8.1/10 will not be activated.

    Unfortunately there is no clear marker for end users to determine the edition so my advise is to try first to try Windows 10 Home, if she does not activate Windows 10 unilingual homepage.

    Get a SSD for optimal performance.

    Dell have updated drivers for Windows 10 pilots (WT64a) system:

    See installing the driver recommended order:

    If Windows 10 was not enabled you must reinstall Windows 8.1 and then upgrade. Follow my instructions here:

  • How to use the 2nd hard drive internal for storage?

    Hi, I am a newbie in all of this. I would use the 2nd internal hard drive of our mac mini server (end 2012) for storage (in fact, I'll things rsync from a remote server to here. but this is not the point here.). The thing is, I don't know how to access the 2nd internal hard drive and where to start. I did all of the following commands in the Terminal, but I don't really know what they mean, and what can I do with this information. I've been Googling but most are guides on how to install a 2nd hard drive etc. I hope that the information below is enough for someone to give me advice please?

    Thank you!

    That shows disk utility?

  • HP Pavilion Elite HPE - 580t: SATA HDD recognized and boots with the 2nd HARD drive, but not without


    I have a Pavilion HPE - 580t with windows 7 installed.  The original drive (Drive1) has (according to Windows Disk Manager), a 100 MB system partition, a partition of 1 GB operating system and recovery partition.  The drive began to generate disk errors.  I added a second SATA (lecteur2), which has been recognized in the BIOS - it always appears at startup.

    I do not have to implement a system of lecteur2, but re-installed Windows 7 100 MB partition using lecteur2 as boot drive (not a cover), and it works fine, for most.  Reader1 still generates errors and slows down the office, but if I disconnect reader1, lecteur2 is ignored at the start, as the Bureau attempts a network boot.  I have confirmed in Windows OS is the start of the lecteur2, not reader1, but once again, lecteur2 is ignored as boot device if reader1 is not present.  I should add that this was the case when I was reinstalling the OS, I tried unplugging reader1 prior to re - install, but could not do and still access lecteur2.

    I tried to go up during the boot sequence in the Setup (F10), no change.  One additional thing - Setup (F10) is available that when reader1 is connected - F10 key has no effect at startup if reader1 is detached.  F10 Setup runs from the system on Disk1 area?  Any ideas on what I need to do to drop Drive1?

    Thank you


    I can now tell you 2 things on your system.

    (1) the original hard drive is 1.5 TB and that is embedded in the tattoo of HP.

    (2) you cannot use a disk less than 1.5 TB as primary drive.

    Never seen a facility like this scheme start between readers.  The only way I see on this perdictament is to remove the 1 TB drive and let the process of recovery of re - install the operating system. Then immediately clone the original on a new disk of 1.5 or 2 t. Attention to not exceed 2 TB. Seagate and WD has a free program for Disk Wizard for cloning option.

  • Pavilion Slimline d 235 400 has room for a 2nd hard drive?


    Please check

    (1) if the Slimline 400 - 235 d has enough room in the tower to House a 2nd hard drive?

    I saw the video in this link, looks like it can only hard drive of House 1

    (2) my HP warranty is cancelled if I buy my 2nd hard drive and install on my own?

    Thank you!


    BH098, welcome to the forum.

    I don't think you can install a second hard drive.  In the case, here are the bays of units:

    Size Bay bays Total

    13.33 cm (5.25 inches) ODD1
    8,89 cm (3.5 inch) HARD drive1
    * Berries can be occupied by existing material.

    One is occupied by the HARD drive and the other by the DVD recorder.  If you want to add a disk, I suggest buying a USB 3.0 external drive.

    If you have installed a second hard drive, he would not cancel your warranty.

    Please, click on "Thumbs Up +" if I helped you and click "Accept as Solution" If your problem is resolved.

  • Location for the second hard drive to 500-164 Pavilion

    Cannot find place to install the second hard drive in the box. Where it is installed?

    HP has not produced a manual upgrade. Please see this manual, because it could help you.

  • Installation of the 2nd hard drive internal

    I have a HP Pavilion a6750y, with an internal hard drive and a LightScribe DVD Super Multi burner.  The system is running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 - bit, with 8 GB of RAM.

    I want to install a 2nd internal hard drive... If all goes well.

    The original hard drive goes SATA1 on the motherboard.

    The DVD player will SATA2 on the motherboard.

    So, obviously, I chose SATA3 on the motherboard to connect my cable purchased and only plugged SATA 2nd hard disk.  So far so good.  Now the problem...

    I did not know that the SATA drives have a power connector different than the old records.  So, a single SATA power connector goes to the original drive and the other for the DVD player.  There is no third party.

    All other power connectors are old white 4 holes plastic ones.  And like 5 of them.

    If I'm screwed?  How can I get another SATA power connector?  Are there adapters that connect to the 'old' white maybe?

    Or do I have to buy a new power supply with 3 SATA connectors on this subject?

    Thanks for our help.


    Hi Mike,.

    All you need is an adapter like the one on the link below.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Pavilion series P6000: Configure the new HARD drive.

    I install a new Seagate 1 TB HARD drive in a Pavilion P6620F.  What I need to clone new HARD drive or just run the recovery discs?

    It all depends of what your intentions are.

    You are replacing the original disk or adding storage space?

    The simplest method would be to clone the current to the new hard drive, when you replace the original hard drive. Install the drive cloned in the same place where the Moose an and with the same connectors.  Start the PC and everything should be STATED as it was before, except that it will be on a new hard drive.

    If you add a drive for extra storage of storage, it is simply a matter of conecting a sata conector between unused hard drive and a sata header and connect a power connector from the hard drive.

    Once it is done, turn on the PC and log in to Windows.

    Use Windows Explorer to create up to four partitions and then format the partitions.  I am unware of how space exists in the case ATX mid for additional disks.

  • HP Envy h8 - 1400z: lack the 2nd hard drive after windows update

    Discount Windows 8 for us solve a problem.  Before the update, I had two drives of 1 TB.  The first hard drive was for the OS C: and D: for the recovery partition.  The second disc has a partition called E: and has been used for data.

    After the update, I still have my partitions C: and D: as before on my first hard drive.   However, no D:.  Using disk management, the first hard disk is visible and it has C: and D:, as well as a few other partitions I do not recognize but appear to be associated with the update. Disk management does not show the second hard drive.

    Starting in UEFI shows the 2nd disc and it is recognized as a 1 TB drive and I have no reason to believe that the drive has failed.

    Did some research and see that others have lost a partition during the refresh, but the road is still visible in disk management.   Their problem is resolved by assigning a drive letter.  However, this does not work for me because the operating system does not see the drive.

    Is it possible that refresh changed my disks in raid 1?  How I check that?  Other thoughts on how I can get my drive back?

    Thanks for any help!

    Hi there @AVperson

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! It's a good place to find the help you need, other users, the HP experts and other members of the support staff. I understand that after a cooling a HDD is no longer appears in disk management. I'm happy to help you.

    Since it does not appear in the BIOS but not in the operating system, let me start with a few BIOS tests on two hard drives. In fact, I suggest doing all the tests of material.

    I see no reason for a system spontaneously create a RAID where there were none before. If the system was a RAID on the second drive would be a mirror of the first, and it must always appear in disk management.

    After testing the system, you can always try remove the second disc and test it using a disk external drive bay on another device and see if it is readable.

    Let me know what you find.

  • HP pavilion G4-2201tu: Add a 2nd HARD drive using CD/DVD optical drive Bay

    Hi ch, I, m going to add a 2nd HARD drive of my laptop bu using Bay, CD/DVD optical drive, so I don't know if the connection of optical drive supports SATA 2 or SATA3? And where I can buy a Bay for disk HARD 2 (good quality)? TKS a lot!

    There is that some members have used and reported success with third party products. I can't recommend any particular HARD drive caddy product as I have no personal experience using one. I can provide you with a URL so you can decide for yourself. I will update with more sources as I find them.

    Your laptop uses a SATA interface for the HARD disk and the optical drive.

  • Dimension E310 will identify the 2nd HARD drive

    I am trying to add a 2nd HARD drive on my Dimension E310 (WinXP Media Center Edition 2005) without success.  I bought a naked WD10EZEX and 1.0 TB SATA cable and have physically installed the drive and connected the power cable from Garland.  SATA data cable is connected to the SATA-2 port.  When I go into the BIOS settings, the original boot drive 80 GB is recognized but the second disc of 1.0 TB is not.  I turned on the port, but the disc ID says 'unknown '.  If I spend two readers autour, the first hard disk (CT 1.0) is recognized but the second disc (the original 80 GB) drive ID: unknown.  BIOS is version A03 (08/10/05).  What I am doing wrong or do I not have a defective SATA-2 port?

    Hi, Osprey4.  Thanks for your suggestions.  I tried to connect just one drive at a time for the second SATA port, leaving the first open port and got the same results.  No disc has been recognized.  I chose to not reset the CMOS.  It seems the second port does not work.  I can accept and manage with just one port I have available with the larger HARD drive.

    Thanks again for your support.  I'll mark this thread as "resolved".

  • No satellite P770-111 no SATA cable to connect the 2nd HARD drive


    I bought by Satellite P770-111 3 days and was hoping to insert another HARD drive that I had in my old laptop.
    OK, I opened the plastic cover on the bottom side of the laptop and there are 2 slots of HDD (2.5 ") but a single HARD disk.
    A HARD disk that is currenty in the laptop's big 500 GB. I would like to install another, but there is a problem:
    There is no cable to connect it to the motherboard SATA.

    Basically, there are 2 slots hard drive but only a connection interface. Could you please tell me how could I install a 2nd HARD drive?

    Thank you in advance!


    > there is no cable to connect it to the motherboard SATA.
    The fact is that not all laptops of the same series of notebook models are equipped with the same motherboard and controllers of same.
    This means that even if there is a second HARD-drive Bay, you will not be able to use a 2nd HARD drive. You know

    The chassis is the same in all models of laptops but there are different motherboards and not all supported 2nd controller.

Maybe you are looking for

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