Pavilion AC adapter 15-037-cl: 15-037 / DC cl

I lost the adapter for the HP 15-037cl laptop and can't seem to find out exactly what we I need to get to replace it. I know the voltage (19.5 v) and current 65w (3.33), but can't seem to find the right connector size and when I ordered one on ebay that was supposed to bean OEM adapter, it will not fill in the laptop at all.
Where can I find the correct model number and/or size of connector specifications?

Hello @JOTAY,

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I stumbled upon your post on the power adapter and wanted to help!  I understand that you are looking for a compatible replacement.

Here is the information of the AC adapter / CC you can search:

Smart AC adapter (45 watt) - 4.5 mm cylindrical connector, corrected power factor (NFPC) - requires power cord 3 son with connector C5

-Number of spare 741727-001

You can find parts here: HP parts store

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    Is the card HP Pavilion Ethernet 100 Mbit/s or 1000Mbits/s?  It's a new model and supposed to be at 1000Mbps?


    The page for your laptop product specifications shows the ethernet 10/100 adapter.

  • Pavilion network adapter are not not in Device Manager

    My Pavilion P6330f lost the internal network adapter (no internet connection, adapter are not not in Device Manager).  Is it possible to re-restore/refresh it?  I tried to do a scan to refresh hardware, but it doesn't show any internal network adapter.

    I was able to get back on the network by installing a wireless network adapter via the disk support provided with the wireless USB device and using Device Manager.

    It seems that the internal NETWORK adapter has gone (fried) and I need to install a new NETWORK adapter in one of the expansion slots.  Other options?

    Is this a common problem?


    No, it is not common, unless your home has experienced a surge\dropout of power or a bolt of lightning. What you are experiencing, this is usually the result of thet.

    Since your office worked five years ago, he certainly provided you a reliable service. You might consider looking for a PC replacement in 2015. SCP last usually about five years before replacement is required.

    Wireless, it's that a good option as no extra wire is a good thing.

  • Obligation to specify HP pavilion dv6 adapter 6c02tx

    Hi guys,.

    I lost my hp pavilion dv6 6c02tx adapter... I need to buy a new one (may b chineese) market... If someone of you who use this model pls informed me the specification (for example... output & input voltage n & watt other things) of the adapter... If possible pls send me a photo of the specification written on the adapter body to address {Private Information Removed}

    Waiting for your urgent help... Thank you


    You can find tons of them are in thefollowing link:

    FYI: All Chargers can now be used in any country so 100V-240V input and out put for your machine is 90W (between 18V - 19.5V and 4-6a to 5A). You can also use universal charger.

    Kind regards.

  • I need to know the Freq of my HP Pavilion wireless adapter is 2.4 or 5 ghz?

    The specifications for the HPE 440f does not say, it lists only the 1 GB under network but mine as also wireless adapter card and says nothing wireless.

    The number of prod is: BM 427AA #ABA.

    It runs at 2.4 or 5 ghz?  OR is it the PC Wireless not cela and decides to only commicates the router and the router?

    Anyone know?


    Not too bad at all, a large number of machines still use 2.4 GHz. In my house, all printers (HP, Canon, Epson) use of 2.4 GHz. Any computer that uses b/g/n uses 2.4 GHz and my observations, ILS ALL FUNCTION properly. The card will probably remain for the life of the machine.

    Kind regards.

  • my brand new hp pavilion g7 adapter has about 1/2 the index as my pc tablet from lenovo to the address 4 years old. Why?

    HP pavilion g7 product # LW320UA #ABA does not connect outside about 20 feet.  Range is very limited.  I have to be right next to my Wextel router in order to connect wireless.  Any ideas? My Tablet PC 4 years ago was about triple the range or more.  HP Pavilion was like that right out of the box.

    Here is the link to the message that describes the easy solution:

    Good luck. Hope it works as easy as mine did!

  • Power adapter for HP Pavilion dv6000 AC

    Please forgive me if this is covered in another post, but I couldn't find an easy answer elsewhere in the forums.

    My sister-in-law lives out of State and think that its power for its HP Pavilion dv6000 adapter is dead although I can't be sure of its description is not the other common problem with the input shorted DC Jack.
    I have two power adapters I could post him even if it is the exact HP replacement part.
    One of them is an adapter OEM HP Compaq series PPP014H Ref.: 310744-001 and the other is a Targus AC70u adapter.
    Will be one of these work safely for his laptop? Are there any problems I should warn him?

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer on this issue.

    310744 001 is for the dv6000 and work

  • Battery Pavilion 6500 & necessary specifications power adapter

    I have a Pavilion dv6500 with battery and power adapter AC problems.  It is probably that I bought the wrong adapter by mistake.  Battery (5 months) will hold is no longer a charge and the laptop turns off when using the AC adapter.  Icon says battery 100% charged but also says consider replacing the battery.  In order to buy the corect and AC adapter battery I need to plug power for both.

    AC adapter... A, V and W of power output voltage output current

    Battery... Capacity (mVH) and voltage V (standard battery)



    "Battery: .

    Brand: Level 8 technology
    Model: HP05
    Battery status: Brand new OEM equivalent
    Type of battery: 6 - cell Li-ion (12 cells disp.)
    Origin of the cell: Panasonic (Japan)
    Battery voltage: 10.8V
    Battery capacity: 4400mAh, 48WHR
    Battery weight: 11.68 oz
    Battery color: Black
    Warranty: Warranty 1 year
    LIM country: Assembled in China
    Dimensions: "8.1"x 2.3"x 0.8"

    AC adapter:


    Replacement HP Pavilion DV6500 AC adapt - HP 19V 4. 74 a 90W charger

    HP Pavilion DV6500 adapter - 19V 4. 74 a 90W AC adapter"


    This info can help you understand :-)

  • HP pavilion dv9667ea

    I'm trying to find a replacement for my 7 years, Hp pavilion dv9667ea adapter with no luck. It's an adapter 90 w according to the specification. Any help much appreciated. I'm in the United Kingdom.



    I know what you mean and I should have been a bit more clear (I live in England) - as long as you still have the power cord from your old card (plug 3 pins at the head of the block), it works very well as the adapter accepts a range of input including 240v voltage.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Pavillion DV 9000: make 9000 adapter

    what adapter model this model use? the Pavilion dv9700 adapter would work?


    In response to your question about compatible memory, see the following presentation specifications of the memory modules support, also from the maintenance manual, I've previously linked to you. This can be found on page 128 of 303

    Memory, PC-5300 667 MHz, 1 DIMM

    For use only with models using Intel processors:
    1024MO 434742-001
    512 MB 434741-001

    For use only with models using AMD processors:
    2048 MB 448003-001
    1024MO 432970-001
    512 MB 432969-001

    I hope this helps.

  • HP Pavilion dv7tSlctEdition PC: HP Pavilion dv7tSlctEditionEntertainment Notebook PC replacement HARD drive

    I have a HP Pavilion dv7tSlctEditionEntertainment Notebook PC, System 144 b, product ID WW191AV, CPU: Intel i5 M460 @2.53 GHz, 8192 MB RAM, with a defunct 640 GB 7200 RPM HARD drive is identified as WW201AV.

    I would like to replace the HARD drive, possibly upgrade to a 750 GB at least 7200 RPM (more if possible).  My concerns are: what size of HARD drive fits?  2.5 "or 3.5", and will be any model of HARD drive to one of the many models of the HP Pavilion dv7 adapted this particular unit?  Wouldn't be SATA?  What is a recommended manufacturer?

    Thank you!


    You can put 750 GB
    SATA, 2.5-inch, computer portable thickness 9.5 mm HARD drive internal

    You can buy good brands.

    HGST Travelstar, Western digital, Seagate are good brands.



  • I can't access the internet. I get a message that I do not have a network card.

    I can't access the internect in my Pavilion s3707c slimline, message window: do not have a network card, replace a

    Message: no netwrok (from my HP pavilion s3707c) adapter, needinstall it and configurad, where and how can I buy a new installation? can I buy a USB WiFi dongle for instead? What kind?   Pls help, yourhelp are much appreciated.

    Hi eddy Chow.

    ·         What version of the operating system is installed on the computer?

    ·         Did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    ·         It was working fine?

    Follow the steps in the article.

    Why can't I connect to the Internet?

    How can I troubleshoot network card?

    For reference:

    Windows wireless and wired network connection problems

    If the problem persists, contact HP support for more help and information.

  • HP Pavilion p6520y (win7) built-in wireless adapter will not detect ANY wireless network.

    HP Pavilion p6520y Desktop on Windows 7 Home Premium

    Error MESSAGE: "DO NOT CONNECTED - NO CONNECTION IS AVAILABLE" (from the tray icon of wireless with X red network connection).

    No changes to the system, in fact, it's brand new. I just want to use my built-in 802.11n Wireless LAN Card to connect to a network including all other PCs (laptops and desktop computers) can see.

    I tried a lot of things: toggle, adapter, adapter to uninstall/install, driver update (RT3090), PC restore/recovery, reset the router, change the configuration of the card (e.g., power management), all no. AVAIL.

    There is a port of type mini co - ax at the back of the tower for an ANTENNA which came with the PC. However, I think that the internal card could still detect a signal from 20 ft away without antenna. Isn't it?


    Of course, the last thing I mentioned was the cause. I have set up the office within inches of the wireless router and a signal (albeit low) was detected.

    So I guess the fixing of an antenna (which should have with my PC) will improve the signal reception when the office is further away (say 20 ft, or more). already checked radio shack with no luck.

    In any case, at least, I know what the problem is. Hope this helps someone in a similar scenario... See you soon...

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s5510y of: No. Wireless Network Adapter installed

    I just bought a Pavilion Slimline S5510Y Desktop opportunity; not an installed wireless network adapter.   Y at - it somewhere that I can download the map?

    Here is the PAGE of SUPPORT for this office.  It doesn't have a wireless adapter.  It has a wired aka the installed ethernet card.  The wireless adapter is a piece of hardware and must be purchased, not downloaded.  There are choices in the type would work better for you - USB or PCI x 1.  It may depend on the type of network you want to use.  The new highspeed options may require an adapter corresponding to the specification of network router in order to achieve faster speeds of the AC.  If you look at the "n" speeds then most can do.  Also be aware of the bands 2.4 and 5 GHz for newer routers.  If all this sounds "Greek", then perhaps seek help from a friend.

  • HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC: dual band wifi adapter card required for HP Pavilion DV7 - 6157cl, product # LW465UA #ABA

    I would like to replace an a single band with a dual band wifi wifi adapter card for HP Pavilion DV7 products - 6157cl # LW465UA #ABA.  A6 - 3400M = AMD processor.


    Thank you.

    Hey @dct1954 ,

    I called support and they confirm that even if it shows that it will be compatible, there will be a problem. They recommend using a USB dongle to give you the 5 GHz, you need.

    Thank you.

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