Pavilion dv5-1010us: can't get audio (video only) via HDMI of HP Pavilion dv5 to my smart TV VIZIO

I need help to get the audio to work using my hp pavilion dv5 to my smart TV VIZIO HDMI. the video works fine, but I don't understand exactly what are the settings audio sub I need to adjust to make this work? Help, please!


You are welcome

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    Upgraded to Windows 7 and now allows coming only video HDMI, no audio signal connection.  HDMI option is no longer available in the sound options.  Help, please.

    1. after installation of Windows 7, have you installed the latest drivers for your video card?

    If not download them from the manufacturers Web site and install them.

    2 do you have HDMI (or audio digital) as the device audio (it may appear as an option after installing drivers)?

    Click Start, type: sound. Under control panel, and then click sound. Then set the audio device by default.

    3. you can also try the troubleshooter to find connection problems:

    A. Click Start, and then click Control Panel

    B. type troubleshooting at the top right of the search field and select troubleshooting

    C. click on hardware and sound, and then select audio.

    4. for solving audio problems:

    5. connect your computer to a TV:

  • How can I get audio through my tv while watching a video with media Center

    so I attached the cord VGA from PC on TV and I get the photo and videos perfect buti only get audio from my laptop. How can I get audio through my TV?

    If it is a VGA connector, which normally has a blue with 15 pins/holes while the connection method has no audio embedded in the head. You will need to use a separate audio connection.

    Most TVs have a 3.5 small mm, sometimes with a green ring, to power the audio on the TV when you use this entry. If so, you need to connect the headphones taken computer to the TV with a 3.5 mm 3.5 mm cord.

    Only some DVI and HDMI ports incorporate audio and even then it depends on the specific material to do so.

  • How can I get audio Beats on my laptop?


    I have Windows 8 on my HP Pavilion dv6. I had audio beats on it, but then my laptop was weird so I had to reset to the factory settings. After that, my laptop was correct back, but audio Beats had disappeared. My question is: How can I get audio Beats on my laptop?


    Try to download and install the IDT driver at the following link.

    When you are finished, close Notepad by holding down the SHIFT key when you click Shutdown.

    Start Notepad and when Windows has full charge, check if the option Beats is now listed in the control panel.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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    Try the steps in the link below.

    If this does not help then I post this on the FireFox forum below

  • How can I get audio on my computer to work again

    How can I get audio on my computer to work again?

    Most often when a device does not work, it is because the driver is damaged. Re-install a new copy should help

    Remove the driver current completely and install the latest driver available.  For instructions on how to do read everything to update the drivers of my partner JMH3143 here ' t-work correctly? SignedIn = 1

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    What do you mean by video clip?  There are millions of clips of all the latest versions on YouTube, officially of Microsoft and enthusiasts who like to share.

    In addition, if you run the preview edition, you can open the application 'Getting started', and there are videos more functions and features.

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    All I see is that links like

    CC Photoshop tutorials | Learn how to use Photoshop CC

    Above links are available even without an account.

    Should I have any extra advantage to access additional videos (as in where they have the series of videos that explain how to do something with explanation of the concept)

    Originally, there was a selection of 'members only' videos on the Adobe Web site. But this project was abandoned and all content has been made public.

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    Just go at and you can watch them here. It is much easier than trying to embarrass around problems with the installation of AIR and so on.

  • How can I get the video media. MOD in the first El 9?

    Are the videos of my Canon 7 d camera and my camcorder Canon ADCHD (two SD cards). Files MOD I opened the first Elements 9 and click on GET the MEDIA and it does not recognize the files. It says that it cannot open the videos because:

    "your system has no codec of compression/decompression required installed."

    When I bought this software, a service representative assured me that she would take. MOD files. Why these codecs are not installed with the program? How can I get these videos with first Elements 9?

    Also have assured that you have the latest version of Quicktime, as required by the program?

    And, when you started your project, you selected the project settings for a digital SLR for your video card? You need to do this so that the program turn on the necessary components to work with this video.

  • How can I get audio to not start when the button is clicked?

    I am new to adding audio to slides, buttons, click boxes.  Import the recorded voice on the overall slide of files sounds easy enough.  However, there are several buttons that display a legend I want audio to not start when the button is clicked.  I added audio just for this button, but it starts when the slide begins.

    How can I get audio to not start when the button is clicked?


    Audio playback when the assigned object with the audio appears. That's why hear you when the button appears.

    Try to assign audio instead to the object that is displayed when you click the button. Perhaps the legend.

    See you soon... Rick

    Useful and practical links

    Captivate wish form/Bug report form

    Certified Adobe Captivate training

    SorcerStone blog

    Captivate eBooks

  • Audio plays only via USB on 17 & quot; MacBook

    I have a new processor intel 17 "macbook. I can't get audio to play through my headphones usb with flash. All is well with all other audio applications: quicktime, dvd player, vlc, etc.

    Is it possible to set preferences in flash player? They don't seem to use the system setting.

    The apple store recommended a format/reinstall. It is quite severe for what looks like a set of prefrences. Any advice?

    Found a solution here: RTPAGE = 3 & FTVAR_FORUMVIEWTMP = linear

    Performance of garageband. The tweeks for midi quicktime settings, or something like that. Looks like something easy to adobe for the difficulty.

  • My hdmi cable transmits is no longer the audio with the video, how can I get audio to transmit

    Why the audio transmitted with the video, it is used to


    Open windows control panel, open Device Manager and open display devices - note equipment listed here i.e. ATI, NVidia or Intel.

    Then connect your laptop via HDMI to your TV.  Do a right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar, and select playback devices.  Click once on the left (just to point out the entrance), the HDMI output that has the same name as your graphics card, and then click the set as default button, see if you now audio through the HDMI connection.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Can I get this video card for the h8-1234?

    I really need to know quickly, if I can properly place this video card in my computer and make sure that it fits in the case.

    It's the graphics card I want to buy:

    NOTE: I know that I should upgrade my PSU aswell. Round 600W I think.



    Please answer quickly! I really want to get rid of this video card.




    [hr] [/ h]


    Specifications of the PC:


    10 GB of Ram

    Radeon HD 7450


    AMD FX-6120 Six Core processor


    Kodakly, welcome to the forum.

    I see no reason for the map does not work on your computer.  I agree with your assessment on the power supply.  I like Corsair and OCZ PSU.  They are reasonably priced and provide a clean and stable power to the entire computer.

    If your problem is solved, please click "accept as a Solution.

  • I can't get the videos to play on Windows XP. They say that I need codecs to play.

    I can't have a single video to play on my Windows XP Machine! They all say that I don't have the codecs to play! I have installed Klite Codec pack awhile back, but recently the codecs will not work! I tried to reinstall Klite Codec Pack, always the same question! I tried to uninstall the Klite Codec Klite Codec Pack Pack, I TRIED EVERYTHING to get my videos to play and then put it back, but they keep saying I don't have codecs! even films made in Windows Movie Maker to say that I don't have the codec! any program, I try to open videos with SAME PROBLEM!

    original title: no codecs work

    Though WMP is the only source to view videos in xp, unless another player has been

    installed. If you use WMP, open the player, go to tools, tab options, search for it

    box "SΘlectionner everything" & check tab reader, chk, the box "connect to internet".

    & chk box "automatic download of codecs.

    You can get the codecs XP here.

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