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On my tablet, how to set preferences to display pictures in numerical order?


Hey @bhbyways ,

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I understand that you are looking for information about the sorting of your digital photo.

The Gallery on Android app does not include a way to sort by file name. You can check out the store Play for some alternatives. Personally, I use QuickPic who is a well known and trusted for the photos application.

Thank you.

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    In the visualization of my photos display problem: I have red spots in different parts of the pictures. Someone knows how to fix this?  I rebooted my MacBook Pro, but it does not solve the problem.

    Details please

    What version of Aperture? Is OS X 10.7.5 as you say correct for your OS? You shoot JPEG or RAW? If RAW device? Wharton has changed since this worked?


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    The most common cause is bad dates on photos so you seek all simply in the right place - right click in all the Photos (which are sorted by date added) and select slide show in the command of moments - should open the window of moments with your displayed photos and then you will see the date of issue

    Moments if not open with your photo showing then you have a corrupted - library save your photo library and press the command and option keys while launching Photos and repair yoru database - Note This will trigger a new total to iCloud library download if you use


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    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    Is not sure. Has been a problem for the month.

    OK, found the solution!
    If the images such as google maps do not load (or won't zoom in and out): in the Mozilla/SeaMonkey Suite, go to your advanced JavaScript settings and make sure that "Change Images" is turned on. This option has been removed in Firefox 1.5 [4], so you will need to type about: config in the address bar and check list to verify that the dom.disable_image_src_set preference is set to "false". If not, context-click (right-click) the preference name and select "reset" or double-click to toggle.

  • Home sharing Photo Display on Apple TV

    I selected 2500 iPhotos in an album on my MAC for display home sharing on my Apple TV while listening to iTunes.  Regardless of the method I chose, for example, Ken Burns, and even if I select "no repetition", AppleTV keeps showing the same pictures over and over again.  How can I load Apple TV to view all photos without repetitions?

    If you use the screen saver, only a small amount are temporarily hidden (usually around 100)

  • How can I print my photos displaying the date and time stamp

    I have pictures in a legal context but do not understand how to print them displaying the date and time stamp.  The timbre of the date and time are necessary for me to present my case exactly.  Can someone tell me how to print with these marks.

    Thank you

    The following instructions will prepare photos
    with the EXIF Date/time stamp then you can print

    FastStone Image Viewer freeware can add
    EXIF Date/time in the face of your photos in a batch.

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    FastStone Image Viewer
    (Windows XP / Vista / 7)

    I suggest that you create a new folder and add
    copies of your photos for experimental purposes.
    If you are unhappy with the result your originals
    will be intact.

    After FastStone is downloaded and installed...
    Open the program and go...

    Tools / open the Batch Conversion / tab Batch convert...

    Check the box... Use of advanced options...

    Advanced Options button / tab text.
    Check the box... Add text...

    (You will need to experiment with the position and the police
    size and color to get the desired result.)
    (the text size will need to be adjusted according to the)
    the size of the photos)

    Open the window drop... "Insert a Variable."
    choose... EXIF Date Time / Date and time...
    (in the white field you should see ($H1)
    Left click... Ok

    On the Batch tab convert... in the left field...
    Left click the square button "select the Source folder.
    Find and select the photos you want to

    Left, click on the Add button to move the files to
    the right field.

    Choose an output Format...

    Choose an output folder...

    Click on the button convert...

    It's much easier to do than to explain then
    give it a try before say you "Good Grief... it's too
    a lot of work.

  • Photos displayed

    If I press START, then HELP AND SUPPORT, the page is in place. On the page the photo iconsare not displayed. Here is an example of what I'm saying. The problem is in the line wherex is present instead of the photo icon and it says the following:

    Use Windows remote assistance to get help from a friend or offer help.

    If I press START, then HELP AND SUPPORT, the page is in place. On the page the photo iconsare not displayed. Here is an example of what I'm saying. The problem is in the line wherex is present instead of the photo icon and it says the following:

    Use Windows remote assistance to get help from a friend or offer help.

    If this has happened less than 10-15 days ago, and if you remember tha date when you don't have such a problem, (it would not possible to know the date to which if you do not use often & assistance), please do a system restore. Choose the date without problem as your restore date.

    Start button > Search box, type system restore > press the Enter key > uac prompt > click on choose a different restore point > next > select dates as your restore point, until the click > next > finish
    To sit and wait. The machine restarts when it's done.
    Note: In most cases, do it in safe mode system restore is more preferable.
    Here's how to get safe mode:
    Shut down your computer > turn it back on and immediately and repeatedly tab key F8 until you see a black and white screen. The top/down arrow and select Safe Mode.
    If the above is not an option, please check system (sfc/scannow) files:

    Start button > Search box type cmd > look up, do a RIGHT click oncmd.exe > click onRun As Administrator > in this window cmd black and white, type at the prompt flashing sfc/scannow > press theENTER key.
    Note: there is a space between 'sfc' and ' / '.
    To sit and wait. It will take time.
    When finished, exit the cmd window.
    Reboot (restart your computer)

  • No photo displayed in IE7 ok in Firefox

    Photo not displayed in IE7 but ok in firefox?

    Your page does not validate. Fix validation errors.

  • PHP photo display

    I made a simple photo album and could use some ideas how to display pictures of 2 or 3 wide. My code is displayed in a table with either photos horizontal or vertical line, but I would like to put a < /tr > in after every 2 or 3 pictures.

    <? PHP

    include ('db.php');

    $picturesql = "SELECT * image ORDER BY img_id DESC";
    $pictureres = mysql_query ($picturesql);

    While ($picrow = {mysql_fetch_assoc ($pictureres))}
    $picture. = "< td > < img src =" images / ". $picrow ['name']. ""width ="250" height = "175" > < br / > ". $picrow ['description']. "< table >";

    echo "< table cellpadding = '10' > < tr >";
    echo $picture;
    echo "< /tr > < / table >";
    ? >

    Thank you much for the help of the line with the if ($pos % $cols = 0 & is_array ($picrow)) fact work perfect, and I made the $cols variable can be changed using a selection box if the user can choose the number of pictures in a row, with three by default.

  • How to capture a photo displayed in Firefox? How to download? How to make a copy?

    There is a photo on a website I would like to send to someone. How can I do this?

    You can also save images (background) via Tools > Page Info > media

  • Informaton photo display on shared albums?

    I use the information of the photo, title, Description, etc.   This information does not when you add photos to a shared album.    I see all the information in my library, but when I look at the same image in the shared library, it isn't here...  Thank you

    No, titles and descriptions will be eliminated from the shared photo.  Add a comment to describe your photo after that share you.

  • How to change photo display options?

    10.11 OS on iMac in Photos.

    I would like to see pictures on the top and not the bottom of the window / page.

    Where are the basic functions of a gone Mac usage? I can't find any option to change my preference viewing?

    Pls help.

    You can sort any album you create yourself, by date, with most recent pictures on top.  The albums predefined such as "All Photos" will however always be sorted by date, ascending.

    Create your own smart 'My Pictures' album, then select descending sort.

    For example: file > new Smart Album:

  • No idea why "thumbnails" disappeared from the photo display options?

    The other options IE icons etc. always there

    There is no sticker on the view menu. If you see icons and want to see the railroad, always turn off "show icons, never thumbnails".

    To do this in Windows, menu Tools, Options..., files Explorer click the view, under Advanced settings, files and folders tab, click to uncheck the box to "always display icons, never thumbnails". Buttons-click apply then OK to exit.

    How to enable the thumbnails enabled or disabled in Vista Windows Explorer

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    Hi, I tried Adobe Stock and my first search turned up an error!

    Photo #9528185 Whakamaru Power Station Mangakino, New Zealand

    is incorrect. It's actually Steam Ohaaki Power Station cooling tower.

    How we inform Adobe that this picture is incorrectly labelled?

    Hi tarknz,

    Thank you for reporting the issue.

    We set the name of the image.


    ~ David Kapoor

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