Photo of ios10 does not recognize a face in a photo.

Photo of ios10 does not recognize a face in a photo.

How to attribute it to the person.


You need the User Guide, as it sounds like the info. For more information, please download the Guide of the user, with only an iPad 4 I am unable to help much more.

"Add others. Tap Albums, people, press Add people, select people to add, then press Add.

Merge people. If the people album shows a person identified as two people or more, press Select, click each instance of the person, and then select Merge.

Remove the incorrectly identified people. Press a person in the photo album, and then view all to display all the photos they appear in. Press Select, press on show's face, touch the face misidentified, tap, and then tap not this person.

See the photos that contain a person. Tap Albums, people, then select the person. »

From: Apple Inc. "iPad for iOS 10 user's Guide." Apple Inc., 2016. iBooks.

These documents can be protected by copyright.

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    None of my cameras, my iPhone, iPad and even an SD card into the slot are recognized as devices by Photos, iPhotos or Image Capture. Have you tried different USB ports, different cables, all software, firmware, etc. is up to date.  Image capture also does not recognize my scanner.  They all used to work fine, now, they do not.  I have a Mac mini end of 2014 with El Capitan version 10.11.4.  Believe, that was the last time everything worked fine before El Capitan.

    Devices are not at all in applications or only applications simply cannot open, when you connect a device?

    If the problem is, that the applications do not open, but the devices display, try this command in Terminal:

    • Photos of quit smoking and unplug any camera.
    • Open a Terminal and paste this command and press return:

    default - currentHost write disableHotPlug - bool NO

    • Restart the Mac. It is not necessary, but it worked for me after the reboot.

    If the devices don't show at all, you may have installed system extensions that interfere.  Give it a try.  Restart your Mac in Mode without failure. Then, connect a camera or card.  Image Capture sees the devices safe?

    See this support document: Mac OS x: Safe Mode boot

  • Why iMovie does not recognize photos in projects?

    Why iMovie09 does not recognize photos in projects?

    I made a new projects and adds several still images. Photos are displayed in the project field, but right the screen remains black.

    I checked one of my old projects with still frames that will work perfectly, but it has the same problem - the photos do not appear on the screen more.

    Is there something that can be done? I also noticed that I can't get iPhoto to iMovie to add photos, not more, and Photo Booth is available.

    An iMovie11 upgrade would solve the problem? I do not have doen that, due to the large amount of results negative comments on iMovie 11 receipt.

    This is a bug widely reported with iMovie versions 8 or 9 ('09 or 11) under El Capitan.  Only iMovie 10.1.1 works 100% on El Capitan.


  • Windows Live Photo Gallery does not recognize my CD/DVD burner. How can I fix?

    I installed Live Photo Gallery (twice), but it does not recognize my CD/DVD burner, which works OK otherwise.  How can I fix?



    As the question is limited to Windows Live Photo Gallery, I suggest that you post the question on the link provided below for assistance.

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    After I download photos from my camera to the external hard drive, I use the Gallery Windows Live to edit photo, but for some reason any he does not recognize the hard drive. I can see the drive using Device Manager and I cannot get Windows Live to see the photos, can't edit... any ideas?

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    Is that with the live Gallery or even other applications cannot access external hard drives?

    To edit photos in Windows Live Photo Gallery, you must save the pictures to your computer, then try to edit it and check if it helps.

    For more information, see the following Microsoft article.

    Windows Live Essentials: Photo Gallery:

    If the given steps have not helped, then it is better to post the same question in the Windows Live Photo Gallery portal for further assistance.

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    Hope the information is useful.

  • Windows 8 Photo Gallery does not recognize images library

    Photo Gallery does not recognize my images from the library.
    They were transferred here via my old Vista computer flash drive and I can open them in the file Explorer, but Photo said that my library is empty. Any ideas?
    I can see my Facebook photos in the photo library.
    1. create a new folder on your C drive named Pix2
    2 copy a few files inside image
    3. Add to the library using the desktop/Explorer/library interface
    4 re - index and wait until it ended

    Number 4) helped to me exactly the same problem:
    I just removed the folder my pictures from the picture library and put again; I'm guessing that the reindexing did the trick.

    Although a little concerned why this happens in the first place. I have absolutely nothing: he worked 2 (*) days, then no new program installed, not even new photos imported, maybe some updates for Windows and kaboom. Everything disappeared from the Photos app (everything from my computer, SkyDrive worked all the time.)

    (*) My installation of Windows 8 is now 5 days old. It took 2.5 days to find this answer. Uninstall + Reinstall and other stuff suggested did not help.


  • How can I convert .ai files in jpeg format?  It seems that I am only able to get the .ai files and my Adobe Photo Elements program does not recognize the file.

    How can I convert .ai files in jpeg format?  It seems that I am only able to get the .ai files and my Adobe Photo Elements program does not recognize the file.

    I want to continue my membership with Adobe, however, not if it requires some additional software purchase.

    For .ai files, you will need to use or know someone who uses Illustrator or another program compatible .ai to convert. If you access a page of image details before license you can see the file type.

  • Emergency aid! Elements does not recognize my photos


    I created a slide show in first Elements 9 with photos and published it.

    I want to edit the slide show again, but none of the pictures fill in the timeline panel. It just shows the red blocks instead of my photos. I need complete this project today at noon.

    Why it does not recognize photos that are still in the location of the original file?

    Need help?

    Not satisfied with this.

    If you get the icon Media Offline (red with several languages), then it is likely that you moved your original media.

    See this article on offline media:

    See also this article on "where is file _?

    Your media files are NOT in your project file (files PREL), but only links to locations where these multimedia files, when you import into the project. See this article for more information: (linked in the article "Where is file _?".

    Good luck


  • Import dialog box does not recognize that some photos were imported.

    If I import photos on a map, then eject it and put it later to import the rest, Lightroom does not recognize that some of these photos have been imported - it displays all of the available import photos, although I hear selected Photos.  When I import, I choose to make a second copy, rename the files, and copy as DNG, as well as the file is stored with a different name and an extension of that which exists on the map (as a second copy with original naming is kept), but previously did not prevent Lightroom to recognize that a picture had already been imported.  I think the problem started a month ago, but I can't identify any event related to this work more (post hoc ergo da hoc).  Advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


    My fault!  LR doesn't have any problem recognizing duplicates, even if you rename the photos.  I had unchecked somehow don't Import suspected duplicates.  Without this checked, the news pictures option is kind of meaningless.

  • Computer does not recognize the Olympus Stylus 820 digital camera and shows no photos

    In December 2010, I had a virus that Microsoft was able to destroy, case #866RJP and now my computer does not recognize my digital camera.  Is there a link between the virus and do not recognize a camera?  Why my computer does not recognize my camera?

    GO to the ms Update site and run custom updates, can help.

  • iMovie does not recognize Logitech HD Webcam C310

    I'm running OS X 10.11.6 on a MacBook Pro for 6 months. I would use my Logitech HD Webcam C310 (USB) to import images from a film 8 mm 60 years projector to iMovie, but iMovie does not recognize the camera. FaceTime, however, DOES not recognize the camera, and it appears also in system information. But no matter what I do (restart iMovie, disconnect and reconnect the camera, restart the machine), iMovie displays only the camera, which he calls the "FaceTime HD camera." Appreciate any help to get this camera to work. Thank you

    I have a Logitech C920 webcam, and it is not recognized by iMovie.  It is recognized by Quicktime Player and Photo Booth applications and with one of these, you can save a movie that you can then import into iMovie.


  • HP Envy printer 5540: printer does not recognize paper 8.5 x 11

    I removed the paper 8.5 x 11 and printed several photos 5 x 7. I removed the paper photograph 5 x 7 and reinstalled paper 8.5 x 11 in the main tray. Printer will not recognize paper 8.5 x 11. I removed the paper and slid back the paper guides and reinstalled the paper. No change in the problem. When I select "Copy" on the screen of the printer and go to settings, it displays "tray and main paper tray: 5 x 7" if I try to print from the computer and select 8.5 x 11 paper, the printer does not recognize that size paper and continues to display paper 5 x 7.»


    Open and close the paper tray, here, it will show on the screen of the size of the paper.

    Click on modify and change paper size we Leter and the type of paper, such as plain paper, then check all difference.

  • Does not recognize the external HDD PH3100U-1EXB

    Here's my problem...
    I unplugged my hardrive ex the other night and he fell about 2 feet. Today, when I plugged in again, the computer does not recognize the device. I get the message "disk or network connection that the shortcut, Toshiba - HDD is unavailabale.»

    Ive tried to plug it into different usb ports without success. The worst thing is that ALL my photos are there, is there a way to recover the them.or I'm screwed?

    You can test it on another PC or laptop?
    Just to be sure it is not somehow connected to your PC at home.

  • TS15g067cl laptop: memory card reader does not recognize the card

    The card reader does not recognize the cards.  It does not have a drive location (example: f drive).   This makes it impossible to veiw the files or photos on any (I tried six different) of my SanDisk SD cards.  I can't find anywhere to downlod corrected card rhe read updates update drivers or BIOS for my system.   I just bought this computer 1 week ago and do not understand why I read in the forums about driver issues of card reader for the last year.  Windows 8.1 has been out for some time.  Why HP would sell these computers without updating the software to make them work as they should?

    Thanks for the info.  Disk management does not show the drive.  The problem was resolved after reloading BIOS, as suggested in another post.

  • Fingerprint software does not recognize my fingerprints


    I installed the 64-bit Windows 7 (using cd upgrade upgrade to win7 program)
    Installed all updates (windows)

    However, fingerprint software does not recognize my fingerprints-. -.
    The first two are fine, but the third party never works, it's the same story for all my fingers...

    I HAD the program works perfectly until I reinstalled my OS
    For some reason, I remember the same problem last time I had to reinstall, do not remember what I did to remedy

    any advice?
    Thank you for your time and help!


    To add a few details:
    It worked before
    The hardware is not the issue (he reads my fingers)
    It is software or just my DNA changes my fingerprints-. -.
    I can't remember which version of the software / I downloaded the last time, but I find the latest software online on this site and found

    In addition, the FACE program does not work either
    He was working before I reinstalled the operating system
    Is it just me or all the security programs like simply not me-. -.


    In your case, I recommend you remove all traces of fingers first.
    Then, uninstall the software and clean the registry with CCleaner.
    Then download the new software for fingerprint for the computer laptop and Win 7
    After that, scan and configure the fingerprints once more.

    In regards to the face recognition software;
    You must uninstall this too and need to download the latest version of this software for Win 7

    Good luck

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