Photos for iOS change the orientation of the cultures

How can I change the orientation of the culture of the landscape to portrait on a landscape photography. That Exchange crop 6 x 4 to 4 x 6 to create a photo portrait.

I can do this in the application Photoshop Express, but not in the Photos app.

I use iOS on iPad Pro 9.3.2.




Hello. This article may be useful: iPhoto for iOS (iPhone): culture, straighten, or rotate a photo

Info taken from this article:

To crop the photo, do one of the following:

  • A photo of a standard (or size) image format, the value such as 2 by 3 inches: touch > size.
  • Customize the size of the image and the positioning of the photo: drag the edge of the photo to change the size of the image, and then drag the picture to reposition in the framework.
  • You can pinch with two fingers to zoom in and adjust the picture inside the frame.

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    You should be able to use the Help Viewer in the Photos app for information

    How to resize or rotate an image. I haven't used an Apple photo app that much

    but know the preview application can resize or rotate an image, change the dimensions,

    do rotate/return the images, rotate/return several images, reduce the size of image file + change file type.

    • Preview (Yosemite): resize or rotate an image

    If Apple's Photo application should be these kinds of tools and the Help Viewer

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    Good luck & happy computing!



    I have a complicated problem. I'm trying to find a solution in the world, but I have not found anything.

    I create a project Air for iOS with Flash CS5 and CS6 Flash. I need to find someone who knows how to download a web page within an application.

    I try to explain better. There is still a task for the download, html link, but it just works in a new browser window. That way, whenever I want to see a web page, the application will be close. Is it possible to import the entire web page inside Air for ios project and not in an external window?

    I wish that the result is like this:


    Thank you very much.

    When you change to another frame

    webView.stage = null;

    If you back up the first picture tho

    webView.stage = this.stage;

  • Organize the placement and the order of the photos for print or the web

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    My understanding of Lightroom, it was that it makes it easy for photographers to deal with their photos. For me, I wish I could just move and group for print and web to see how fluidly complement the images and flow whatever the tag, a name of file or selected at random order.

    I can't imagine I'm the only one with this frustration, is there a cure?

    You can simply drag and drop pictures on the background movie Strip and change the order in this way. Œuvres unique photos and groups (shift-click to select).

    See you soon

    : P :

  • How can I change the size of a photo book without changing the theme

    How can I change the size of a photo on iphoto book without changing the theme?

    Click the button change theme and in the next window, select a different size without changing the theme.

    Be sure to carefully check each page as with a different size, you may have questions of text, or all text in the text boxes.  Before ordering the book read it again according to this document from Apple: get an overview of a project on paper in Photos, iPhoto or Aperture to avoid problems - Support Apple. Save the PDF file to compare it to the printed version when it arrives.

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    He is said to use file > order, but there is no tab order to select.   I've updated the preferences > Partner Services, but the order is not an option that I can find anywhere.

    herplaw wrote:

    He is said to use the file > shut down, but there is no tab order to select.   I've updated the preferences > Partner Services, but the order is not an option that I can find anywhere.

    All external print services must have a service to transfer your files to selected image from your computer, without needing to use another software.

    You just create a temporary folder on the desktop where you store the batch of files to download.

    To prepare for this lot, the smart way is to use the Organizer.

    You select your files (perhaps in an album)

    You "export" your files in the folder in the temporary office, after selecting the right size, compression, image format. Your change of name if you wish. This way, you have the right size for optimal quality and without excess weight for the upload.

    Your service outside, you download the content of your temporary desktop folder.

  • Download of AIR for IOS via the Application Loader I get the following error - the package does not contain a file Info.plist.

    I publish a .fla in the AIR for IOS.

    I'm in 2014 CC, so first I need to know what AIR I should publish in?

    more recent is AIR for IOS

    IOS deployment type is App Store

    published with no error.

    I see that the following files included app.xml and .swf

    I converted the .ipa to a zip file

    Download through the Application Loader, I get the following error

    The package does not contain a file Info.plist.

    Here is the infoplist for that and convert the .ipa and the info in a zip file?

    I converted the .ipa in a zip file and the intoplist file is NOT THERE how to generate this?

    Any help here?

    the most recent is 16 +, Download Adobe AIR SDK

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    How to export shapes for the storage of files?

    Content in your libraries CC is currently not available on the CC iOS app.  You can see it online.  But, not in the app native iOS... yet. I hope that the CC app will have this feature soon.

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    Open your photos > press Select > drag your finger through the photos you want to delete. To remove deleted lately, open the recently deleted album > press Select > tap Delete everything in the upper left corner. -AJ

  • Export of Photos - how to change the drag and drop non-original standard 'export '.

    Hi all Mac experts.

    I'm on OS X 10.11.3 and 1.3 on an iMac Photos 2009.

    Like other users, I had been frustrated by the slow export of files by drag / move.

    I have already learned that at least one of the reasons are that the files are converted if simply to slip and fall.

    Here's my question: is it possible to define the standard action on drag-and-drop to be 'non-original export?

    and if so, how?

    Thanks and best,


    You can't and can never change how to drag and drop work - if you hold down the option key by dragging and dropping a picture, you will get the unmodified original or are you export the unmodified original, you will get it


  • How to enter comments for each photo?  Preparation of photos for sale at the auction house.

    I have a historical photo collection b & w preparation for the auction.  How to catalogue each photo with custom comments?  I have LR 4.4

    You will need to type this info in this field in the metadata Panel.  I assume that you want to use the legend, perhaps Title fields, two fields must be empty for you to enter custom text. If you select all images and enter the text, all the images Gets the same data. So think about what you want to pop over there and if you can do so at the same time, or if you will need to do frame-by-frame.

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