Photoshop CS5 Extended on iMac thinks that there is not enough memory

When I try to open a tiff file of 42 MB in Photoshop CS5 extended on my 2.16 GHz iMac Intel Core 2 Duo with 3 GB (OS X 10.6.4 64-bit), Photoshop displays a window with the message "could not complete the command open because there is not enough memory (RAM live).»

The same file can be opened easily in Photoshop CS2 on my PC of 1 GB.

Performance of Photoshop preferences are set on let PS 2013 MB (70%).

I've read several PS performance guides user to one, but not available.

Can anyone here help me? Thanks in advance!

Kind regards


You are on a macintosh computer, there is a command line tool called tiffutil that can dissect a tiff file.

tiffutil - verboseinfo file.tiff

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    I recently downloaded Adobe CC 2015... Face serious problems with the PS when I try to superimpose images.

    Here are the steps I followed:

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    4. once photoshop has completed her treatment, selected layers and Edit-> auto-merge the layers-> stack of Images

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    PS throw up a dialog error: could not complete the automatic Layer Merge command because there is not enough memory

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    Details of the information system

    Here is the report system in case it is useful

    Information system writes to report: 29/11/15 13:23

    Name of the operating system Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

    Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601

    System model Inspiron 5520

    System Type X 86-based PC

    Intel Core processor i5 - 3210M CPU @ 2.50 GHz, 2501 Mhz, 2 Lossnay, 4 logical processors

    A14 BIOS Version/Date Dell Inc., 13/05/2013

    SMBIOS Version 2.7

    Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7601.17514".

    The time zone India standard time

    Physical memory (RAM) installed 8.00 GB

    2.39 GB total physical memory

    1.26 GB available physical memory

    4.77 GB total virtual memory

    2.92 GB available virtual memory

    2.39 GB page file space

    NameGPU Intel(r) HD 4000
    Adapter typeCompatible with Intel(r) HD Graphics Family, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    Description of the adapterGPU Intel(r) HD 4000
    RAM card1.01 GB (1,080,743,936 bytes)
    Driver version8.951.9.1000
    NameAMD Radeon HD M 7670
    Adapter typeCard compatible (0 x 6840) ATI graphics, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    Description of the adapterAMD Radeon HD M 7670
    RAM card1.00 GB (1 073 741 824 bytes)
    Drivers installedaticfx32.dll, aticfx32.dll, aticfx32.dll, atiumdag.dll, atidxx32.dll, atiumdva.cap
    Driver version8.951.9.1000

    I guess the real problem here is the drive working, not RAM. They both found messages 'insufficient memory '.

    Historically, Photoshop has always been remarkably well with large files and little RAM. Excess data which cannot be held in RAM are written to the drive to work, and even if it slows down things considerably, it really requires a lot to run Photoshop to a complete stop.

    Of course, you must move to a 64-bit version of Windows. As it is, Photoshop can use less than 2 of your installed 8 GB of RAM. It's not much, but do not attempt to allocate more than 70% in the PS preferences. Process of the operating system and other applications need RAM too. Allowance too will choke the rest of your system and send it to pimples without end-of-file exchange.

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  • Could not use the Brush tool because there is not enough memory (RAM)

    Hello, I found is a problem that I can not use the Brush tool error message could not use the Brush tool as there is not enough memory (RAM) I use photoshop cc here is my system information:

    Adobe Photoshop Version: 2015.1.1 20151209.r.327 2015/12 / 09:23:59:59 CL 1055659 x 64

    Operating system: Windows 64-bit 10

    Version: 10 or higher

    System architecture: Intel CPU Family: 6, model: 12 Stepping: 3 with MMX, SSE whole, FP SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AVX, AVX2, HyperThreading

    Physical processor count: 4

    Number of logical processors: 8

    Processor speed: 2494 MHz

    Built-in memory: 16267 MB

    Free memory: 8727 MB

    Memory available to Photoshop: 14479 MB

    Memory used by Photoshop: 55%

    Range of modifier: enabled.

    Space design: disabled.

    Work plans: enabled.

    Multi-frequency 3D printing: disabled.

    HighBeam: enabled.

    Tile image size: 1024K

    Image cache level: 4

    Overview of fonts: medium

    TextComposer: Latin

    Display: 1

    Limits of the display: top = 0, left = 0, low = 1080, right = 1920

    OpenGL drawing: enabled.

    OpenGL allows old GPU: not detected.

    OpenGL drawing mode: Advanced

    OpenGL allows Normal Mode: true.

    OpenGL allows Advanced Mode: true.

    AIFCoreInitialized = 1

    AIFOGLInitialized = 1

    OGLContextCreated = 1

    NumGLGPUs = 1

    NumCLGPUs = 2

    glgpu [0]. GLVersion = "3.0".

    glgpu [0]. IsIntegratedGLGPU = 1

    glgpu [0]. GLMemoryMB = 2048

    glgpu [0]. GLName = "Intel(r) HD 4600 graphics card"

    glgpu [0]. GLVendor = "Intel."

    glgpu [0]. GLVendorID = 32902

    glgpu [0]. GLDriverVersion = "".

    glgpu [0]. GLRectTextureSize = 16384

    glgpu [0]. GLRenderer = "Intel(r) HD 4600 graphics card"

    glgpu [0]. GLRendererID = 1046

    glgpu [0]. HasGLNPOTSupport = 1

    glgpu [0]. GLDriver = "igdumdim64.dll, igd10iumd64.dll, igd10iumd64.dll, igd12umd64.dll, igdumdim3 2, igd10iumd32, igd10iumd32, igd12umd32.

    glgpu [0]. GLDriverDate = "20150717000000.000000 - 000.

    glgpu [0]. CanCompileProgramGLSL = 1

    glgpu [0]. GLFrameBufferOK = 1

    glgpu [0] .glGetString [GL_SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION] = ' 1.30 - Build


    glgpu [0] .glGetIntegerv [GL_MAX_TEXTURE_UNITS] = [8]

    glgpu [0] .glGetIntegerv [GL_MAX_COMBINED_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS] = [192]

    glgpu [0] .glGetIntegerv [GL_MAX_VERTEX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS] = [32]

    glgpu [0] .glGetIntegerv [GL_MAX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS] = [32]

    glgpu [0] .glGetIntegerv [GL_MAX_DRAW_BUFFERS] = [8]

    glgpu [0] .glGetIntegerv [GL_MAX_VERTEX_UNIFORM_COMPONENTS] = [4096]

    glgpu [0] .glGetIntegerv [GL_MAX_FRAGMENT_UNIFORM_COMPONENTS] = [4096]

    glgpu [0] .glGetIntegerv [GL_MAX_VARYING_FLOATS] = [64]

    glgpu [0] .glGetIntegerv [GL_MAX_VERTEX_ATTRIBS] = [16]

    glgpu [0] .extension [AIF::OGL:GL_ARB_VERTEX_PROGRAM] = 1

    glgpu [0] .extension [AIF::OGL:GL_ARB_FRAGMENT_PROGRAM] = 1

    glgpu [0] .extension [AIF::OGL:GL_ARB_VERTEX_SHADER] = 1

    glgpu [0] .extension [AIF::OGL:GL_ARB_FRAGMENT_SHADER] = 1

    glgpu [0] .extension [AIF::OGL:GL_EXT_FRAMEBUFFER_OBJECT] = 1

    glgpu [0] .extension [AIF::OGL:GL_ARB_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE] = 1

    glgpu [0] .extension [AIF::OGL:GL_ARB_TEXTURE_FLOAT] = 1

    glgpu [0] .extension [AIF::OGL:GL_ARB_OCCLUSION_QUERY] = 1

    glgpu [0] .extension [AIF::OGL:GL_ARB_VERTEX_BUFFER_OBJECT] = 1

    glgpu [0] .extension [AIF::OGL:GL_ARB_SHADER_TEXTURE_LOD] = 0

    clgpu [0]. CLPlatformVersion = "1.2".

    clgpu [0]. CLDeviceVersion = "1.2".

    clgpu [0]. IsIntegratedCLGPU = 1

    clgpu [0]. CLMemoryMB = 1921

    clgpu [0]. CLName = "Intel(r) HD 4600 graphics card"

    clgpu [0]. CLVendor = "Intel(r) Corporation"

    clgpu [0]. CLVendorID = 32902

    clgpu [0]. CLDriverVersion = "".

    clgpu [0]. CUDASupported = 0

    clgpu [0]. CLBandwidth = 1.68648e + 010

    clgpu [0]. CLCompute = 134,55

    clgpu [1]. CLPlatformVersion = "1.2".

    clgpu [1]. CLDeviceVersion = 'CUDA 1.2.

    clgpu [1]. IsIntegratedCLGPU = 0

    clgpu [1]. CLMemoryMB = 4096

    clgpu [1]. CLName = 'GeForce GTX 850M.

    clgpu [1]. CLVendor = "NVIDIA Corporation".

    clgpu [1]. CLVendorID = 4318

    clgpu [1]. CLDriverVersion = "359.06.

    clgpu [1]. CUDASupported = 1

    clgpu [1]. CUDAVersion = "7.5.0.

    clgpu [1]. CLBandwidth = 2.97347e + 010

    clgpu [1]. CLCompute = 354.272

    Type of license: subscription

    Serial number: 90970505697637150612

    Feature::Photoshop / Extended: WE

    Feature::Photoshop/standard: WE

    Feature::Photoshop/test: OFF

    Feature:32 - Bit layers: WE

    Feature::CountTool: WE

    Feature::Acrobat3D: WE

    Feature::measurement: WE

    Feature::MATLAB: WE

    Feature::VanishingPointMeasurement: WE

    Feature::VanishingPoint3DSExport: WE

    Feature::VanishingPointDXFExport: WE

    Feature::DICOM: WE

    Feature::VideoLayers: WE

    Feature::Timeline: WE

    Feature::ExtendedMenuBar: WE

    Feature::3DPrint App: WE

    Feature::ImageStack creation: WE

    Feature::ImageStack edition: WE

    Feature:32 - Bit painting: WE

    Feature::ACRFilterAllowed: WE

    Feature::ACRFilterAvailable: WE

    Feature::ExportAssetsQueueFeature: OFF

    Feature::creative cloud staged: OFF

    Feature::3DMultitonePrinting: OFF

    Feature::artboards: WE

    Feature::Playground: OFF

    Feature::chording range: WE

    The application folder: G:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015\

    Temporary file path: C:\Users\PADREM~1\AppData\Local\Temp\

    Zero Photoshop has async I/O active

    Scratch the volumes:

    G:\, 98.6 G, 13.3 G free

    F:\, 306.5 G, 15.6 G free

    E:\, 234.4 G, 20.7 free G

    Required plugins folder: G:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015\Required\Plug-Ins\

    Main Plug-ins folder: G:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015\Plug-ins\

    Installed components:

    A3DLIBS.dll A3DLIB dynamic link library

    ACE.dll ACE 2015-09-09 at 18:52:48 79,567158 79.567158

    AdbePM.dll PatchMatch 0000-00-00-00: 00:00 1.  1.

    AdobeLinguistic.dll Adobe linguistic Library version 9.0.0

    AdobeOwl.dll Adobe Owl 5.2.9

    AdobePDFL.dll PDFL 2015/09/12-01: 10: 45 79,156620 79.156620

    Adobe AdobePIP.dll product improvement program

    AdobeSVGAGM.dll AdobeSVGAGM 79.566705 79.566705

    AdobeXMP.dll Adobe XMP Core 2015/09/10-01: 10:20 79,158325 79.158325

    AdobeXMPFiles.dll Adobe XMP files 2015/09/10-01: 10:20 79,158325 79.158325

    Adobe XMP Script 2015/09/10-01: 10 AdobeXMPScript.dll: 20 79,158325 79.158325

    adobe_caps.dll Adobe CAPS 9,0,0,28

    AGM.dll AGM 2015-09-09 at 18:52:48 79,567158 79.567158

    ahclient.dll AdobeHelp Dynamic Link Library

    AIDE.dll HELP-2015/15/10-11: 58:31 79,568000 79.568000

    Amtlib.dll AMTLib (64 Bit) 9.0; Brand: Tuesday, August 25, 2015 07:30:38) 1.000000

    ARE.dll ARE 2015-09-09 at 18:52:48 79,567158 79.567158

    Axe8sharedexpat.dll AXE8SharedExpat 2015/03/13-23: 40:54 79,562390 79.562390

    AXEDOMCore.dll AXEDOMCore 2015/03/13-23: 40:54 79,562390 79.562390

    Bib.dll BIB: 2015-09-09 at 18:52:48 79,567158 79.567158

    BIBUtils.dll BIBUtils: 2015-09-09 at 18:52:48 79,567158 79.567158

    boost_date_time.dll photoshopdva 8.0.0

    boost_signals.dll photoshopdva 8.0.0

    boost_system.dll photoshopdva 8.0.0

    boost_threads.dll photoshopdva 8.0.0

    CG.dll NVIDIA Cg Runtime 3.0.00007

    cgGL.dll NVIDIA Cg Runtime 3.0.00007

    Adobe CIT.dll CIT

    Adobe CITThreading.dll CITThreading

    CoolType.dll CoolType 2015-09-09 at 18:52:48 79,567158 79.567158

    c:\windows\system32\dnssd.dll Hello 3,0,0,2

    dvaaudiodevice.dll photoshopdva 8.0.0

    dvacore.dll photoshopdva 8.0.0

    dvamarshal.dll photoshopdva 8.0.0

    dvamediatypes.dll photoshopdva 8.0.0

    dvametadata.dll photoshopdva 8.0.0

    dvametadataapi.dll photoshopdva 8.0.0

    dvametadataui.dll photoshopdva 8.0.0

    dvaplayer.dll photoshopdva 8.0.0

    dvatransport.dll photoshopdva 8.0.0

    dvaui.dll photoshopdva 8.0.0

    dvaunittesting.dll photoshopdva 8.0.0

    Dynamiclink.dll photoshopdva 8.0.0

    ExtendScript.dll ExtendScript 2015/04/17-16: 55.22 80.1017022 80.1017022

    icucnv40.dll International Components for Unicode 2014 10/31-16: 52:45 Build gtlib_6.0.21339

    icudt40.dll International Components for Unicode 2014 10/31-16: 52:45 Build gtlib_6.0.21339

    icuuc40.dll International Components for Unicode 2014 10/31-16: 52:45 Build gtlib_6.0.21339

    igestep30.dll IGES drive

    imslib.dll IMSLib DLL

    JP2KLib.dll JP2KLib 2015/08/14-01: 13: 58 79,258941 79.258941

    libifcoremd.dll Intel Visual Fortran compiler 10.0 (A patch)

    libiomp5md.dll Intel(r) OpenMP * Runtime Library 5.0

    libmmd.dll Intel(r) C Compiler, Intel C++ Compiler, Intel Fortran compiler 12.0

    LogSession.dll LogSession

    Manta.dll Manta 1.  1.

    mediacoreif.dll photoshopdva 8.0.0

    MPS.dll MPS 2015/08/14-01: 13: 58 79,566687 79.566687

    pdfsettings.dll Adobe PDFSettings 1.04

    Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 16.1.1 Photoshop.dll

    Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 16.1.1 plugin.dll

    PlugPlugExternalObject.dll CEP PlugPlugExternalObject Dll (64-bit) 6.1.0 Standard Adobe

    PlugPlugOwl.dll Adobe CSXS PlugPlugOwl Dll Standard (64 bit)

    PSArt.dll Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 16.1.1

    PSViews.dll Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 16.1.1

    SCCore.dll ScCore 2015/04/17-16: 55.22 80.1017022 80.1017022

    SVGRE.dll SVGRE 79.566690 79.566690

    svml_dispmd.dll Intel (r) C Compiler, Intel C++ Compiler, Intel Fortran compiler 12.0

    TBB.dll Intel Threading Building Blocks for Windows 4, 3, 2015, 0408

    tbbmalloc.dll Intel Threading Building Blocks for Windows 4, 3, 2015, 0408

    TfFontMgr.dll FontMgr

    TfKernel.dll kernel

    Geom TFKGEOM.dll kernel

    Adobe TFUGEOM.dll, UGeom ©

    updaternotifications.dll Adobe Updater Notifications Library (BuildVersion: 1.0;) Brand: BUILDDATETIME)

    VulcanControl.dll Vulcan Control Library Application

    VulcanMessage5.dll Vulcan Message Library

    WRServices.dll WRServices Friday, July 31, 2015 07:50:10 build 0.21834 0,21834

    U3D writer wu3d.dll

    Required plugins:

    3D Studio 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Accented edges 16.1.1

    Adaptive wide-angle 16.1.1

    Angular Strokes 16.1.1

    Average 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Bas-relief 16.1.1

    BMP 16.1.1

    Camera Raw 9.3.1

    Camera Raw Filter 9.3.1

    Chalk and charcoal 16.1.1

    16.1.1 charcoal

    Chrome 16.1.1

    16.1.1 Cineon (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Clouds 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    16.1.1 COLLADA (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Halftone color 16.1.1

    Color pencil 16.1.1

    CompuServe GIF 16.1.1

    Pencil tale 16.1.1

    Craquelure 16.1.1

    Crop and straighten Photos 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Crop and straighten Photos filter 16.1.1

    Hatch: 16.1.1

    Crystallize 16.1.1

    Cutting 16.1.1

    Dark strokes 16.1.1

    16.1.1 deinterlacing

    DICOM 16.1.1

    Difference clouds 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    16.1.1 glow

    Move 16.1.1

    Dry brush 16.1.1

    Eazel acquire 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    16.1.1 entropy (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    NO export VERSION color tables

    Extrude 16.1.1

    FastCore 16.1.1 routines (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    16.1.1 fibers

    Film Grain 16.1.1

    Gallery of filters 16.1.1

    Flash 3D 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Fresco 16.1.1

    16.1.1 glass

    Scarlet contours 16.1.1

    Google Earth 4 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Grain 16.1.1

    Graphic pen 16.1.1

    Halftone Pattern 16.1.1

    HDRMergeUI 16.1.1

    HSB/HSL 16.1.1

    IFF Format 16.1.1

    16.1.1 IGES (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Outlines in ink 16.1.1

    JPEG 2000 16.1.1

    16.1.1 flattening coefficient (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Blur of the lens 16.1.1

    16.1.1 goal correction

    Lens Flare 16.1.1

    Liquefy 16.1.1

    Matlab 16.1.1 operation (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    maximum 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Mean 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Measure Core 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Median 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Mezzotint 16.1.1

    Minimum 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    MMXCore Routines 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    16.1.1 mosaic tiles

    Multiprocessor support 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Neon 16.1.1

    16.1.1 paper

    16.1.1 color NTSC (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Ocean Ripple 16.1.1

    OpenEXR 16.1.1

    Paint Daubs 16.1.1

    16.1.1 palette knife

    Patchwork 16.1.1

    Paths to Illustrator 16.1.1

    16.1.1 PCX (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Photocopy 16.1.1

    16.1.1 Photoshop 3D engine (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Photoshop Touch 14.0

    Photo filter package 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Pinch 16.1.1

    Pixar 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    16.1.1 in plaster

    Plastic wrap 16.1.1

    16.1.1 PLY (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    PNG 16.1.1

    16.1.1 pointillism

    16.1.1 polar coordinates

    Portable Bit map 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Poster edges 16.1.1

    People's Republic of CHINA 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Radial blur 16.1.1

    16.1.1 radiance (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    16.1.1 range (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Color research grid NO VERSION rendering

    Crosslinking 16.1.1

    16.1.1 the ripple

    Rough Pastels 16.1.1

    Save for Web 16.1.1

    ScriptingSupport 16.1.1

    Shake Reduction 16.1.1

    16.1.1 shear

    16.1.1 asymmetry (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Smart Blur 16.1.1

    Smudge Stick 16.1.1

    Solarize 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    16.1.1 spaces

    16.1.1 splash

    Spherize 16.1.1

    16.1.1 sponge

    Sprayed strokes 16.1.1

    Stained glass 16.1.1

    16.1.1 stamp

    16.1.1 standard deviation (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    STL 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    16.1.1 Sumi-e

    16.1.1 summation (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Targa 16.1.1

    16.1.1 texture veneer

    16.1.1 tiles

    Torn edges 16.1.1

    16.1.1 twirl watch

    16.1.1 U3D (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Draft 16.1.1

    Vanishing point 16.1.1

    16.1.1 variance (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Virtual Reality Modeling Language. VRML 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Water paper 16.1.1

    Watercolor 16.1.1

    16.1.1 wave

    Wavefront | 16.1.1 OBJ (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    WIA support 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Wind 16.1.1

    Wireless Bitmap 16.1.1 (2015.1.1 x 001 003 x)

    Zig - zag 16.1.1

    Plug-ins option and the third: NONE

    Plug-ins that could not load: NONE


    Recent files 1.0.0

    G:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2015\Required\CEP\extensions\com.adobe.ccx.start\index.html CC

    2.1.24 libraries

    G:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2015\Required\CEP\extensions\com.adobe.DesignLibraryPanel.html\index.html CC

    Beginning 1.0.0

    G:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2015\Required\CEP\extensions\com.adobe.ccx.start\index.html CC

    Adobe 6.1.0 color themes

    G:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2015\Required\CEP\extensions\com.adobe.KulerPanel.html\index.html CC

    Export as 2.4.0

    G:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2015\Required\CEP\extensions\com.adobe.webpa.crema\PSPanel\dialog.html CC

    Overview of the 1.1.3 device

    G:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2015\Required\CEP\extensions\com.adobe.preview\PSPanel\panel.html CC

    Share on Behance 3.0.0

    G:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2015\Required\CEP\extensions\com.adobe.behance.shareonbehance.html\index.html CC

    Export as 2.4.0

    G:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2015\Required\CEP\extensions\com.adobe.webpa.crema\PSPanel\dialog.html CC

    com.adobe.preview.Loader 1.1.3

    G:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2015\Required\CEP\extensions\com.adobe.preview\PSLoader\loader.html CC

    Install TWAIN devices: NONE

    Could you please rename the Photoshop CC 2015 preferences and try again.

    Please see the following article: preference file works, names, places | Photoshop CC 2014

  • Cannot complete the preview. There is not enough memory. ID = - 108

    We run CS5.

    One of our customers sent us a file they would like printed.  The file is 1 MB in size and format PDF - nothing unusual about any of this.  As usual, I saved the file and tried to open it in Illustrator to put up a test for our client, and check and make sure the file is print-ready.  I received the error message: "cannot complete preview.  There is not enough memory. ID = - 108".  I press OK and it opens an empty file with some benchmarks of this crop.

    I tried to find a solution online, but all who have this problem seems to have virtually no RAM.  I am currently running on a computer brand new with Windows 7, 16 GB of RAM and Intel Core i7 processor.  I didn't think my RAM or cache have been the problem, but just to be safe, I turned off the computer, let it rest for a few minutes and it starts again.  The same problem.

    I am able to open the file in Photoshop and Acrobat - but even when I save the file in a lower resolution and turn it into a jpeg file, it will not always be open.  I get the same error.

    I need to be able to work with this file.  How can I solve this?

    Thank you!


    What happens if you create a new document and then try file > place the awkward file in it?

  • Error in the painting: "there is not enough memory or resources to complete the operation. Close some programs, and then try again. »

    Original title: new resource error in painting, whenever I try to close the file or select all content

    (Using XP with SP3) Use this machine for months and months and I use paint all the time to capture screens and paste a part in the documents. Don't know what I did but all of a sudden this error when I try to select - all or to close the window in paint:

    "There is not enough memory or resources to complete the operation. Close some programs, and then try again. »

    Even clicking end task in the Manager of tasks gets this message before TM requires the application to stop. Back to zero does not solve the problem, and other programs (memory hog) encounter any problems at all. Virus protection is up-to-date, ran a few cleanups, no help. I think that somewhere, paint is watered - I can download and reinstall?

    Hi ebjeebee,
    This problem can occur for the following reasons:

    • If the bitmap file is a compressed format that Paint cannot read. For example, paint does not support CVID compressed bitmap files. If you try to open such a file in Paint, the above error message occurs.
    • If the default image for the paint attributes are too large. This setting depends on the memory and disk space.
    To resolve this issue, use the appropriate method:
    • If you receive the error message above when opening a bitmap in Microsoft Paint, the only resolution at this time is to open the bitmap file in another program.
    • If you receive the error message above when opening Microsoft Paint, follow these steps to fix it:

    a. open an existing bitmap.

    b. in the Image menu, click attributes.

    c. click on default and then click OK.

    d. on the file menu, click Save as and save the bitmap with a new name.

    e. close and restart Paint.

  • Cannot change some Raw files: "it is not possible to complete the command because there is not enough memory (RAW)" [was: what to do?]

    I am editing some photos for my work and they are all in RAW, but when I try to open some, they give that 'it is not possible to complete the command because there is not enough memory (RAW)"what should I do?

    Please open Photoshop and go help > System Info > copyand fill with dough this thread with Ctrl v

  • I can't open attachments generated in Excel or Word. Get an error there is not enough memory or disk space.

    MIcrosoft Excel cannot open or save documents more because there is not enough memory or disk space.
    To make more memory available, close workbooks or programs you no longer need.
    To free disk space, delete files that you no longer have need of the disc you save to.

    I have 4.75 TB of disk space available. I tried to close open programs and I can't always open attachments.

    I did a search on google and found some info that seems to suggest that it is a question of MS Excel /Word.
    Read the info on this link:

    Two comments Anula D'Souza and Gus cops offer different solutions, so try both.

  • When I try to record something, it tells me there is not enough memory, or when I change an image in paint. yet my reader/c is not even half full.

    Original title: Windows Vista / on my computer HP laptop G60 gives me a hard time

    When I try to record something, it tells me there is not enough memory, or when I change an image in paint. yet my reader/c is not even half full.  I also noticed that it is said that I have a recovery disk, which seems to be to store all my stuff instead of my main drive, why you get, and how can I fix this problem?

    Hi Shirleysilva,

    Run the disk cleanup utility to remove unnecessary files from your system and then check if it helps. Disk Cleanup helps your computer run faster. It removes temporary files, empty the Recycle Bin, and removes a variety of file system and other items that you no longer need.

    To delete files using disk cleanup, follow the steps below:

    a. open Disk Cleanup by clicking the Start button, all programs, Accessories, clicking System Toolsand then click on Disk Cleanup.

    b. in the Disk Cleanup Options dialog box, choose whether you want to clean your own files only or all files on the computer.

    If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    c. If the Disk Cleanup: drive selection dialog box appears, select the hard disk you want to clean, and then click OK.

    d. click the Disk Cleanup tab and select the check boxes for files that you want to remove.

    e. When you are finished selecting the files you want to delete, click OK and then click on delete files to confirm the operation. Disk Cleanup on delete all unnecessary files from your computer.

    Check out the link for more details below:

    Delete files using disk cleanup

    I hope this helps!

  • I just noticed that at the bottom of the content library, it no longer displays "new playlist" that does not mean that I did not enough memory?

    When the new playlist is more to show what this means that there not enough memory left.  My hp desktop computer said I have only 931 GB left.

    The new playlist option is always available under the file menu or by using the CTRL + N keyboard shortcut do not know why the button was taken away in the last update of iTunes.

    You can also click anywhere on the bar of the left hand under your existing reading list if there is space, and you will see the option for the new playlist.

    I hope this helps

  • "There is not enough memory"

    I have this problem in Windows Live Mail. I tried to send an email with several PDF files. 4 files only 25.7 MB and 1 MB 107. Now, I get this error message saying: there is no enough memory when I try to send it. Memory for what? How can I fix this error? My computer has 4 GB of ram...

    Thank you


    The attachments are too big. Windows Live Mail and Hotmail have limits to 10 MB (20 meg for Hotmail).

    Error: "the file is too large to be attached.

    There is a size limit when sending attachments with Windows Live Hotmail

    There are a few factors including size limits imposed by your ISP limiting. You could also
    zip and then he break into small pieces. Then send the parts in emails separated along
    with instructions on how to put back them together.

    Zip and Split - free

    Split and Zip - free

    Akhir Split Zip - free


    You can also use a file Service to download on it and then send links to your recipients.

    Windows Live SkyDrive, Rapidshare, Megaupload, Yousendit, GigaSize and others allow.

    I hope this helps.

    I hope this helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • How can I download adobe photoshop cs5 extended assistance to download that?

    Guys, it's a know how to download the cs5 extended?

    The appearance "extended" the software is activated through the issuance of licences/number, otherwise the software that you download is not different from any other.

    CS5 -

    You can also download the demo version of the software through the page linked below and then use your current serial number to activate it.

    Don't forget to follow the steps described in the Note: very important Instructions in the section on the pages of this site download and have cookies turned on in your browser, otherwise the download will not work correctly.


  • I have Photoshop CS5 and I get messages that there are updates available, but when I go to download and install them I get the message "there was an error downloading this update. Quit and try again later. "What can I do to fix this?

    I have Photoshop CS4 and do pass messages that updates are available, but when I go to install I get the following message:

    "There was an error downloading this update, please try again later." I tried several times without success.  What I'm * wrong?

    Remove all content following the location on your computer and try to update again.

    Win 7 and higher: : \Users\AppData\Local\Adobe\AAMUpdater\1.0\

    Mac OS (Library of the user): ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AAMUpdater/1.0/

    Please see:

    Access the hidden user library files. Mac OS 10.7 and later versions

    Let me know if it works for you.

    Kind regards


  • Trying to extend the c drive with space unallocated in diskpart.exe - I get the message that there is not enough space. what I am doing wrong?

    DiskPart.exe help - not enough space - I have more than 5 GB of unallocated space. trying to expand the C: drive

    Hello mark_kman,

    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft answers community.

    It sounds as if you have multiple partitions. Disk management and DiskPart extends the volume with a focus on the next contiguous unallocated space. For basic volumes, the unallocated space must be on the drive and must follow (have a plu sector offset number than) the partition with focus.

    If you are looking at disk management, this means that, if you look at your partition C: the unallocated space MUST be located directly to the right of the C: partition. If you have another partition between the two, you will be allowed to extend the partition directly to the left of the unallocated space.

    This could be a work around, if you have C: and D: and have files on D: but have more space.

    -D: shrink to create just enough unallocated space to store your files located on D:.
    -Create a new partition with unallocated space to move your files.
    -Move your D: files to your new partition.
    -Now, to delete the D: partition

    This creates unallocated space between your C: partition and the new partition that you created to move your files.

    -Now right click on your C: partition and extend as usual.

    Hope this helps
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • When I try to access the services it tells me that there is not enough storage space.

    I tried to access the services to change some settings to see if I can get my printers and devices is displayed but I get the same error messages saying: there not enough storage is available to complete this operation. any ideas?


    1. what exactly is the problem you are having with the computer?

    2. Since when are you facing the issue?

    3 are logged as administrator?

    4 did you a recent software or changes to the material on the computer?

    Method 1:

    I suggest that you try to perform the file system Checker analysis on the computer. The scan will replace all the Windows files corrupted with new ones.

    Click on the link mentioned below for further guidance on the scanning of the file system Checker

    Method 2:

    I also suggest you to run a full scan using the Microsoft Safety Scanner and check.

    Note: there is a risk of data loss if all the files are infected and which can be removed in the cleaning process.

    Hope this helps and keep us posted.

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