Pomp L300 - 1 8 - can I get Bluetooth / download Bluetooth?


I have a satellite L300 1 8, had it for about 2 months. I'm not very good on computers.

In the box, it has a bluetooth symbol, but it is not on my laptop, or else I have not found.
Today looking at the toshiba site I noticed that there are drivers out there to download and bluetooth.

I do not understand the jargon, but some of you smart brainboxes must have downloaded bluetooth to your laptop and could guide me what I have to do if this option is availaable for me.

Need help please, I could really do with bluetooth because I'm a seller on ebay and it's complicated to put photos on it would be so much easier.

Thank you. Julia. : 0


Hi Julia

Laptop Satellite L300 - 1 8 does NOT support the internal Bluetooth module!
It was not equipped with the BT module and installing BT stack will not help you!

You know that Toshiba has released several different portable computers L300 with different components and configuration.
This laptop can't stand BT

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