Portege 3410 - how to update BIOS and install XP?

Hello, I have two questions on Portege 3410.

First: I can't update the BIOS (current usage, 1.50 there, I want to update to 1.60). Instruction does not work: I connect Teac USB into USB port, turn on the USB - FDD emulation to activate, portable switch with pressed F12, the message «Ready to update BIOS...» "appears, I touch in a hurry, but nothing happened. What's wrong?

The other: I can't install Windows XP on laptop (it does not start from USB disk or external USB DVD drive).
How can I install Windows?

Thank you.


Just a question: why do you want to update the BIOS? Is this really necessary?
I ask this question because this update is always somewhat risky and you might damage it ROM module
In any case, have you tried to load the default settings in the BIOS before you start the update and install XP?

You can install XP without CD. Therefore, you must copy the folder i386 on the HARD drive from another computer and the boot to the HARD drive files, I think you need a little search with Google to find a workaround for this. You should find enough! ;)

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