Prints a page not sent every minute

Have an officejet pro 8600 N911a, set everything up, but it keeps printing a page with just an H on it every minute. When I search the event log it just says: event 72234 printer. Help!

Hey mfshuler,

I see that you are having a sporadic problem with your Officejet Pro 8600 (N911a) print jobs.  How do you have the printer connected to your computer (ethernet, USB or wireless)?

What is the operating system of the computer, the printer is connected to?

If the printer is network connected, when was the last time that all devices in the circuit by bicycle you can?

Follow these steps to reset your printer HP, your router and your computer.

  1. To turn it off, press the power button on the HP printer.
  2. Unplug the power cord at the back of the HP printer.
  3. Unplug the power cord from the wireless router.
  4. Turn off the computer.
  5. Wait 30 seconds.
  6. Reconnect the power cable to the wireless router.
  7. Wait 30 seconds, or until the router is completely ready.
  8. Turn the computer on.
  9. Wait for the computer to recharge.
  10. Reconnect the power cord to the back of the HP printer.
  11. Turn on the printer.

So, have you tried running printing HP and doctor Scan?  This may solve the problems with the background print spooler.  To access the HP PSDR click here.

Let me know if this can help,


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    Most probably the alignment page is printed on every reboot due the alignnment process is not entirely complete.

    Try to complete the alignment process by following the steps below:

    Alignment must also contain black, yellow, Magenta and Cyan as the example below, any color missing due to the low or empty ink cartridge can cause the alignment to fail

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  • OfficejetPro8500 WirelessA909g: Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless will not STOP PRINT the PAGES of ALIGNMENT - HELP Please

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    Have you done the annular alignment process to stop it?

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    You don't have to tell us what e-mail program use. If it's Outlook Express, then this is the answer.

    You have apparent dbx file corruption.

    Spend most of your messages out of the Inbox and then create new folders to send and sent items box after having moved the messages you want to save to a local folder that you create.

    Tools | Options | Maintenance | Store folder will reveal the location of your Outlook Express files. Note the location and navigate on it in Explorer Windows or, copy and paste in start | Run.

    In Windows XP, Win2K & Win2K3 the OE user files (DBX and WAB) are by default marked as hidden. To view these files in Windows Explorer, you must enable Show hidden files and folders under start | Control Panel | Folder Options icon | Opinion, or in Windows Explorer. Tools | Folder options | View.

    With OE closed, find the DBX files for the items in the Outbox and sent and delete them.  New ones will be created automatically when you open OE.

    After you're done, followed by compacting your folders manually while working * off * and do it often.

    Click Outlook Express at the top of the the folder tree so no folders are open. Then: File | Work offline (or double-click on work online in the status bar). File | Folder | Compact all folders. Don't touch anything until the compacting is completed.

    General precautions for Outlook Express:

    Do not archive mail in the receipt or sent items box. Create your own user-defined folders and move messages you want to put in them. Empty the deleted items folder daily. Although the dbx files have a theoretical capacity of 2 GB, I recommend all a 300 MB max for less risk of corruption.

    Information on the maximum size of the .dbx files that are used by Outlook Express:

    Disable analysis in your e-mail anti-virus program. It is a redundant layer of protection that devours the CPUs, slows down sending and receiving and causes a multitude of problems such as time-outs, account setting changes and has even been responsible for the loss of messages. Your up-to-date A / V program will continue to protect you sufficiently. For more information, see:

    Why you don't need your anti-virus to scan your email

    Note that for some AV programs, it may be necessary to uninstall the program and reinstall in custom Mode and uncheck analysis when the option is the result of e-mail messages.

    Compact often as specified above.

    And backup often.

    Outlook Express Quick Backup (OEQB Freeware)

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    I have a Canon MP510 printer connected to the print server and I managed to configure the print server so that it establishes a wireless connection to the router. I can see the ip address assigned to my router print server and I can log on to the configuration of the print server page.

    When I want to set up your computer (software print copy of the Canon MP510 print server) I can not complete the wizard. Step 1 is successful. It shows the print server and the MP510 related to port 1, but in step 2, I get a message that the print server can not be found.

    I looked on the forums how to solve. I already tried a fixed ip address to configure the printer manually but not any which solution worked.

    Your print server must be set to a fixed IP address, try this IP address: Disconnect ethernet cable between your router and the PS... Both devices power for one minute cycle... Follow the link here after changing the IP address on the PS...

  • Dell Inspiron 7520: Printer will not print multiple pages after upgrade to Windows 10

    I have upgraded to Windows 10 and now my HP printer will not print multiple pages. The printer is set to print documents from the spool. Thanks for any help!

    I uninstalled everything related to my HP printer (in the Device Manager: printers and print queues) and searched my computer for everything related to my HP printer and deleted stuff also. Then I reinstalled the drivers and software from the HP website. I have updated Java also (I have no idea how much this has to do with my impression). I have my printer is off and unplugged for one minute before Relighting. I restarted my computer and now it seems to be printing normally. Praise the LORD!

  • Ten minutes to print a page

    I just replaced the black cartridge on my Deskjet 3512.  The slider hung on the side right and would not print.  After fiddeling with it, the cursor moved the cartridges all right, but he would not still not printing. I pulled the USB cables, turned off the printer and the computer (Imac OS X 10.6.8).)  It prints, but it takes ten minutes to print a page!  I removed the printer in the list of printers and reinstalled and it still prints slower than a snail speed.  Help

    I tried to make just a copy from the glass and he did the same thing.

    I took the printer to Wal-Mart and you have a replacement printer (she had 2 months).  I put the old/new black ink cartridge in the printer and it did the same thing.  I put the new black ink cartridge in which came with the new printer and IT WORKED!

    I took the ink cartridge black #61 old/new and he returned to Wal-Mart for a replacement.  When I got home, I noticed on the side of the box that a series of 3510 of printers was not in the list of compatible printers.

    Was flawed, the ink cartridge black #61 old/new or y at - it a newer version of the #61 black ink cartridge which is the only one that works with printer Deskjet 3512?

  • HP printer does not print document, only prints blank pages

    I have a wireless HP Photosmart C4795 printer and a Windows 7 operating system.  I had put in place for several months and was working fine and then suddenly it will only print blank pages when I try to print processing of Microsoft Works documents or any other program.  When I try to print a printer Test Page every print, is the emblem of Windows and the words of Windows printer Test Page.  Help, please!  Thank you.


    1. have you made changes on the computer recently?
    2. in the past, you have the same information on the test page?
    3. that you get an error message when printing?

    Method 1.
    Then, try the printer troubleshooter, which will attempt to diagnose and solve your problem automatically.
    Here's how:
    a. open the printer Troubleshooter by clicking the Start button picture of the Start button, click Control Panel.
    (b) in the search box, type troubleshooting and then click Troubleshooting. Under hardware and sound, click on use printer.
    Method 2.
    Clear printer spooler files and activate the spooler service
    Stage I.
    a. Click Start, type "Services.msc" (without the quotation marks) in the Open box and click OK.
    b. double click on "Printer Spooler" in the Services list.
    c. click on stop, and then click OK.
    d. Click Start, type "% WINDIR%\system32\spool\printers" in the opened window and delete all the files in this folder.
    Step B
    You must be logged on as administrator to perform these steps.
    a. open administrative tools by clicking the Start button, then Control Panel. In the search box, type administrative tools, and then click Administrative Tools.
    b. double-click on Services.   If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
    c. right-click on the print spooler service and then click Properties.
    d. on the general tab, next to startup type, make sure that automatic is selected.
    f. e. the service is not already running, under Service status, click Start and then click OK.  If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
    For more information, refer to the article below.

    Method 3.
    If the problem persists please use The utility of diagnosis HP Printto find the root cause of the problem.
    I hope this helps.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.
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  • HP OfficeJet 7310 all-in-One slow takes 15 minutes to print the page

    Why my HP OfficeJet 7310 all-in-One printer suddenly run so slow it takes 15 minutes or more to print a page? I use MacBook with OS 10.7 Lion and reinstalled the latest drivers that have been for OS Snow Leopard. How to speed this up?


    If the same behavior appears in copying autonomous

    Even though the USB cable is disconnected, so the computer is without impact on the device and not related to the problem

    By the information provided, the problem is with your printer hardware

    However, make sure that your cartridges are without impact on your printer

    Make sure the expirations of ink did not both for black and color, as well, try to isolate the problem and check if cartridges it may as follows

    Remove the color cartridge and try to print from the computer

    Now repeat the same thing with black ink only

    If the problem occurs with a specific cartridge only, replace the cartridge.

    If the same behavior is displayed for either of these tests, I suggest you try a different power outlet. If there is no change yet, contact the HP call center in your area, in an attempt to reset your device.

    It is our last chance, otherwise it will repair the product

  • After printing a page, when I try to print again it says print function is not available

    I have a Canon MG6250 connected via USB. I run Windows 7 with all latest updates and the version of Firefox is currently 38.0.5. Since some time, probably about a year, starting after a new version of Firefox, I think, I have problems printing. (Sorry I don't remember which version it started happening.) Unless I'm waiting for the printer to prepare completely, although the print dialogue box appears and I click on print, often (not always) nothing happens. If I try to print again I get a pop-up window indicating that the print function is not available. If I then close Firefox and try to restart it, it tells me Firefox is already running. I have to put an end to its process through the Task Manager. Often, I want to print from several tabs already charges with the pages to print. Even if I managed to get the first tab print, somewhere along the line the same thing often happens: before I printed the tab page from the last I get the box pop up again and I have to end the process of Firefox to make it work again. I can generally prevent his happening if I monitor the activity of the CPU of my computer (via System Mechanic) and make sure that all activity ceased after printing a tab until I try to print on the other. This makes printing of desperately slow Firefox!

    I don't have any problems printing of any other application.

    Note that relatively recently, due to a failure of the system disk, I reinstalled Windows and all my software. I was hoping that a by-product of doing this can solve the problem with printing from Firefox, but it didn't.

    I would be very grateful for a solution to this problem.

    I continued to use IE with no problems printing. But then after Firefox 3.0 came out I gave it another go - and the problem seems to have been resolved. No matter how much time I spend in another tab and select print, it behaves as it should. Thank God - Firefox is so much better than IE.

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