Problem with dataset.display in illustrator4

I open a document, the import of an XML with dataset using activeDocument.importVariables and then display the dataset object. When I run the code on already opened document, then he dataset is modified and displayed in the illustrator document, but if I open a new document in the code and then run the code to import variables and display the dataset then dataset is not displayed. Here is my code for both cases.

(1) when the document already open

activeDocument.importVariables (file ('/ E/Projects/Illustrator/Temp/TempFile.xml'));
app.activeDocument.activeDataset = activeDocument.dataSets.getByName ("CURRENT");
app.activeDocument.activeDataset.display ();

This code runs without problems and changes of variable values are displayed.

(2) for the execution of code to open the document

myDocument ="/E/Projects/Illustrator/Templates/test6.ait var"));

myDocument.activate ();

activeDocument.importVariables (file ('/ E/Projects/Illustrator/Temp/TempFile.xml'));
app.activeDocument.activeDataset = activeDocument.dataSets.getByName ("CURRENT");
app.activeDocument.activeDataset.display ();

Active dataset values is not indicated in the document and in the variables Panel, selected dataset does not appear selected if the variables are imported successfully.

I have to do something else to show the dataset?


I think that below page as reference.


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    Hello world

    I use a 3-d chart in one of my screws and I have problems with the display. See what it shows by yourself:

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    You can always download the updates of so.

    I also went through a documentation on known LV 2011 issues. I was able to find something interesting onthis page:

    3D image controls can display transparently or LabVIEW crash on some graphics cards

    The 3D Picture Control is based on an OpenSceneGraph that uses OpenGL. It was noted several reports of the 3D image control crashing LabVIEW. In almost all cases, it was an Intel graphics integrated into question. This accident is due to a mismatch of the graphic material. Note: most 3-d charts use the 3D picture control

    Some possible workarounds are:

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    "GPU improvements can be enabled in the Performance preferences panel."

    I checked the graphics cards in Device Manager, and when I tried to update the software, it told me that I was aware.

    • OS: Vista Edition Home Premium
    • Dell Inspiron 1520
    • Display driver: NVIDIA GeForce 8400 M GS

    Sincerely, Danny


    Try to update your display manually driver and do not use the analysis of the drivers on the manufacturer's website either.

    This is my generic how updates of appropriate driver:

    This utility, it is easy see which versions are loaded:

    -Free - DriverView utility displays the list of all device drivers currently loaded on your system. For
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    For drivers, visit manufacturer of emergency system and of the manufacturer of the device that are the most common.
    Control Panel - Device Manager - Display Adapter - note the brand and complete model of your
    video card - double - tab of the driver - write version information. Now click on UPdate Driver (this
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    Repeat this for network - card (NIC), Wifi network, sound, mouse, and keyboard if 3rd party with their
    own the software and drivers and all other main drivers that you have.

    Now go to the site of the manufacturer of system (Dell, HP, Toshiba as examples) (restoration) and then of the manufacturer of the device
    (Realtek, Intel, Nvidia, ATI, for example) and get their latest versions. (Look for the BIOS, Chipset and software)
    updates on the site of the manufacturer of the system here.)

    Download - SAVE - go to where you put them - right click - RUN AD ADMIN - REBOOT after each installation.

    Always check in the Device Manager - tab drivers version you install actually shows up. This
    because some restore drivers before the most recent is installed (particularly that audio drivers) so install a
    pilot - reboot - check that it is installed and repeat if necessary.

    Repeat to the manufacturers - BTW on device at the DO NOT RUN THEIR SCANNER - manually check by model.

    Look at the sites of the manufacturer for drivers - and the manufacturer of the device manually.

    How to install a device driver in Vista Device Manager

    If you update the drivers manually, then it's a good idea to disable the facilities of driver in the Windows updates,
    This leaves ONE of Windows updates, but it will not install the drivers who are generally older and cause
    questions. If updates offers a new driver and then hide it (right click on it) and then go look for new ones
    manually if you wish.

    How to disable automatic driver Installation in Windows Vista - drivers (WS.10) .aspx

    Hope these helps.

    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver cs6 - win7 64 bit


    I installed collection CS6 Mater, whan I tried to enter in photoshop I got this window «photoshop has encountered a problem with the display and temporarily disabled driver development using graphics hardware...» »

    Whan I get is window, the "parameters of the graphics processor is gray - «photoshop detected a problem in your display driver...»» »

    I have laptop with AMD Radeon R7 M260

    Win7 64 bit

    PC Toshiba laptop satelite l50 - b

    Hi doriv,

    • Update your graphics card driver.
    • You have the graphical configuration Swichable?
    • As Mylenium says you must add this parameter in graphic control panel so that Photoshop can detect your card.
    • Open graphic switchable Configuration and add sniffer.exe and Photoshop.exe (from C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop Cs6). See graphics switchable troubleshooting questions unde... | Community

    Kind regards


  • I get the message: Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver and has temporarily disabled GPU enhancements. Visit the Web site of the manufacturer of the video card for the latest version of the software.

    Photoshop has been giving me the warning:

    Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver and has temporarily disabled GPU enhancements. Visit the Web site of the manufacturer of the video card for the latest version of the software.

    Also other programs are affected.  I suspect a recent download of Adobe.  Can anyone HELP.

    No, it has nothing to do with updates of Adobe. There is a problem with your video card driver.

    Go directly to the Web site of the manufacturer of the GPU for updates (not Microsoft, not a System Builder).

  • Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver

    I've updated photoshop on my mac last night as it kept prompting me to do, and I have an exam tomorrow, which requires the use of photoshop. When I open photoshop this morning the following message appears:

    "Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver and has temporarily disabled the improvements using graphics hardware. Visit the Web site of the manufacturer for the latest version of the software. For more information, visit:'. '.

    Can someone help me with this? IT IS URGENT!

    The problem is the driver for your video card, no Photoshop.

    Update the video card driver from the website of the manufacturer of the GPU (NOT Microsoft or a system integrator).

  • Problem with the display of Adobe PDF documents

    Problem with the display of Adobe PDF documents

    I have a Windows 7 Home Premium computer

    I read all the suggestions and I tried to download several versions of Adobe Reader for Windows 7 and Vista

    Before you download each version, I would delete the current version with uninstalling programs for the control panel.

    After each new installation I shut down the computer and restart the computer.

    I tried to download the versions with and without going through my antivirus (CA Total defense) running.

    After downloading, I thought that the version downloaded successfully.

    I have read the help of Acrobat and followed the instructions.

    None of the above helped.

    The problem is that any version of Adobe Reader, download, I can't open a PDF file and read it. Or the drive itself will remain open.

    1. If I try to open the drive from the desktop link or real program menu, the Player opens for 5 seconds and then closes spontaneously. If I try to click on the Player menu (File, Edit, View, window, help, tools), then an alarm will sound and the menu does not open. Soon after, the reader is closed.

    2. If I try to open the drive by double clicking on a PDF file then the Player opens but the document is not displayed (only the grey player screen PDF is specified), then the drive closes after 5 seconds on its own.

    The desktop shortcut shows like 'red icon Adobe Reader'. But the real program menu icon shows as empty a folder icon.  All documents in PDF format displayed as Adobe PDF icon.

    I tested several PDF files and none will open on this computer, but they will open on other computers.

    I created a word document and saved as a PDF file. It looked as if it had record properly (a the appropriate icon) but when I try to open it according to point 2 above the document is not displayed and then then the drive closes after 5 seconds on its own.

    Anyone have any ideas on what is happening and how can I fix?

    Could you please respond in this forum and send me an email at [deleted]

    I'm so confused and frustrated.

    I would try Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files (x 86) \Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader, and then double-click Eula.exe and accept the license agreement

  • Ver El Capitan 10.11.6 - problems with external display

    I've updated my Macbook Air to the latest version of El Capitan (ver.10.11.6), and since then, I had problems with my external monitor: image is thus largest, out of proportion, and I can't seem to be able to set the zoom out or by using the display options. That's all just terrible to work with her. It is not my monitor because I never change its configurations, and there is nobody else who has access, and the problem started after I updated to version 10.11.6

    Any help will be appreciated!

    How do you connect the monitor?

    Mirroring your screen or to help us address display?

    What is the native resolution of your screen?

  • I have problems with not displaying pop-ups do not and or video.

    Since the update to El Capitan on my Macbook Air early 2015, I experienced problems with some pop-up windows is not displayed and the video content. The sites vary from one to another. I have Adobe Flash Player, the two NPAPI and PPAPI and Adobe Shockwave and Java installed. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

    Try this, if you have not already.

    Disable Extensions and test them.

    Safari > Preferences > Extensions

    Select Disable all extensions and test them.

    Enable the Extensions one by one and test.

    To uninstall any extension, select it and click the "Uninstall" button

  • I have a problem when using Google Maps, at a certain point my custards computer window and says there is a problem with the display drivers and he recovered, but it is not. Problem does not occur with Int Explorrer, so I don't think it's the computer

    When using google maps via Firefox, after asking a place which is not the General section of North America who comes up regularly, the firefox screen becomes white with a narrow banner at the top. A message appears in the lower right corner that says something on display drivers having had a problem, but now have been recovered. However, the display is not recover and the message of the banner is that Firefox is not responding. When I go to restart Firefox if I'm about to restore, the page is still frozen.
    I don't think there is a problem with my computer because it doesn't happen if I used to go to google maps, then G-cards works normally.
    This phenomenon didn't happen before the last update Google or Firefox. I used Fiefox for some years and also Google Maps on previous computers and on this one and not had it before.
    It is a relatively young computer (Asus EeSlate 121) less than a year. I have used Firefox since I bought it and until recently had no problem with Google Maps.

    I solved it myself, after the 'note' that was FF/Mozilla, just as I finished my message, commenting on what it was that my system was, I wnnt back to check my plug-ins, etc. I downloaded the latest Java, the TWO 32-bit AND 64-bit versions and latest Firefox.
    Now everything works.
    Thank you

  • Problems with the Display Mode target on end 2009 27 "iMac

    Used late 2009 iMac 27 "in the view target in conjunction with a Dell XPS tower with i7 processor, Windows 7 and the best graphics card I could afford at the time connected by HDMI to mini display port cable.  Worked well for years.  Set aside Dell for a few months and the update of the iMac to El Capitan OS 10.11.3.  Recently tried old setup with same Dell PC and was able to move from Mac to PC, but the PC screen resolution was at the lowest setting. I got an error message when enabling/disabling to PC who said there was a problem with the port causing mini display of the system back to the lowest resolution. Impossible to reset at a higher resolution.

    I tested the Dell PC on another monitor, and it works very well at higher resolution (2560 X 1440). Now, when I reconnected it to the iMac (which works fine), the screen becomes black.

    Is it possible that the operating system upgraded (El Capitan) is not compatible with the targets using mini display port Display Mode?  Any ideas?

    Use your iMac as a display with the target - Apple Support Display Mode , also consider having a bad cable or connection. Does not hurt to try different cables, they can and will the bad!

  • Satellite L750D-1FD - problems with the display driver

    I got this laptop from my uncle and it was filled with junk and crapwares so I did a clean reinstall and upgrade Windows 7 Home to ultimate. I have a problem with the GPU, windows does not recognize it, or doesn't fly chart AMD.
    Processor is AMD A8 - 3520 M APU, and I think that the GPU is a Radeon HD 6620 G or something before the re-installation. I can't change the resolution, it stuck at 800 x 600, memory shows by n/a, Direct X features are not available, not from the downloaded display driver Toshiba worked.
    Dxdiag appears to the:

    Name: Standard VGA Graphics adapt
    Manufacturer: Advance Micro Devices, Inc.
    Chiptype: AMD ATOMBIOS
    : Type DAC: 8 bit
    Memory Approx.Total: n/a
    Current display mode: 800 x 600 (1 Hz)

    It nothing and can do with this laptop now because the GPU does not work as expected. Please, help me to solve this problem.


    I found only Satellite L750D-1FD so I think you have this model. I want to help you on any other way. Here is the correct order of installation for Win7. Please check and install all the available stuff you can find on the download page of Toshiba -

    Win7 SP1 TOSHIBA supervisor password utility
    TOSHIBA HW Setup Utility
    TOSHIBA Assist 4.02.02
    TOSHIBA ReelTime 1.7.18
    AMD driver xHC
    8.834.1 - 110420 a-118118C-Toshiba AMD display driver
    TOSHIBA value added package
    ATI HDMI Audio Driver
    Conexant Audio Driver
    Wireless LAN driver
    Synaptics Touch Pad Driver
    V4.07 Bluetooth Monitor
    Atheros Bluetooth Driver Package v1.0.7 Filter
    Battery Bluetooth for Windows by Toshiba v8.00.06 (T)
    Atheros LAN Driver
    Card reader Realtek
    TOSHIBA 1.0.4 Wireless LAN indicator
    TOSHIBA Sleep utility
    3.1.8 TOSHIBA face recognition
    TOSHIBA eco Utility
    TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor
    ConfigFree 8.0.38
    TOSHIBA Web Camera Application V2.0.0.21
    TOSHIBA V4.00.7.01 VCR - HAS
    TOSHIBA resolution + plug-in for Windows Media Player 1.1.0
    TOSHIBA Disc Creator for x 64
    TOSHIBA Network Device ID registry setting tool - 16_wMSI
    TOSHIBA Media Controller
    TOSHIBA Media Controller plugin

    If you need assistance more let us know.

  • A problem with the display in a form with a ScatterGraph

    Hi all!
    Now, I want to do an image that can be expanded outside and inside with the viewport in a form with a ScatterGraph window. I tried previously to do this picture as a backdrop, but the backgroundpicture cannot be zoomed with the display window. How can I solve this problem?

    Here is the picture:

    Or I have to calculate a large amout of points to sign on the coordination of xy without the image, and how can I register quickly because it takes a long time to calculate.


    You can zoom/dΘplacer an image as well as the plot in charts. Here is a snippet of code showing how you can do it.



    X NONE
    X NONE


    / * Style definitions * /.
    table. MsoNormalTable
    {mso-style-name: "Table Normal";}
    MSO-knew-rowband-size: 0;
    MSO-knew-colband-size: 0;
    MSO-style - noshow:yes;
    MSO-style-priority: 99;
    MSO-style - qformat:yes;
    "mso-style-parent:" ";" "
    MSO-padding-alt: 0 to 5.4pt 0 to 5.4pt;
    MSO-para-margin-top: 0;
    MSO-para-margin-right: 0;
    MSO-para-margin-bottom: 10.0pt;
    MSO-para-margin-left: 0;
    line-height: 115%;
    MSO-pagination: widow-orphan;
    font-size: 11.0pt;
    font family: 'Calibri', 'sans-serif ';
    MSO-ascii-font-family: Calibri;
    MSO-ascii-theme-make: minor-latin;
    mso-fareast-font-family: "Times New Roman";
    mso-fareast-theme-make: minor-fareast.
    MSO-hansi-font-family: Calibri;
    MSO-hansi-theme-make: minor-latin ;}
    table. MsoTableGrid
    {mso-style-name: "Table Grid";}
    MSO-knew-rowband-size: 0;
    MSO-knew-colband-size: 0;
    MSO-style-priority: 59;
    MSO-style-unhide: no;
    black border: solid 1.0pt;
    MSO - border - themecolor:text1;
    MSO-border-alt: solid black .5pt;
    MSO - border - themecolor:text1;
    MSO-padding-alt: 0 to 5.4pt 0 to 5.4pt;
    MSO - border - black insideh:.5pt United.
    MSO-border-insideh - themecolor:text1;
    MSO - border - black insidev:.5pt United.
    MSO-border-information - themecolor:text1;
    MSO-para-margin: 0;
    MSO-para-margin-bottom: .0001pt;
    MSO-pagination: widow-orphan;
    font-size: 11.0pt;
    font family: 'Calibri', 'sans-serif ';
    MSO-ascii-font-family: Calibri;
    MSO-ascii-theme-make: minor-latin;
    MSO-hansi-font-family: Calibri;
    MSO-hansi-theme-make: minor-latin ;}

    Image img =
    Bitmap.FromFile ("myImage.jpg");

    in pixels, this is the place
    where the image will be drawn

    RectangleF initialRectangle = Rectangle.Empty;

    in the data, to map coordinates the

    XRange range;

    Range yRange;

    Private Sub PlotMyData()


    plot your data here

    xData double [] = new double [] {3, 5, 7, 5, 8, 3, 7, 8, 2, 6};

    yData = new double [] {9, 1, 2, 6, 8, 3, 3, 6, 2, 2};

    scatterGraph1.PlotXY (xData, yData);

    xRange and yRange define the plot area limits left-top to bottom-right

    xRange = new range (xAxis1.Range.Minimum, xAxis1.Range.Maximum);

    yRange =
    new range (yAxis1.Range.Minimum, yAxis1.Range.Maximum);



    Simply map the data coordinates
    values in pixels

    posts from the top left and lower right must be mapped.

    Private Sub RecalculateImageBounds()


    size = scatterPlot1.MapDataPoint (scatterGraph1.PlotAreaBounds,
    (xRange.Maximum, yRange.Minimum);

    initialRectangle.Location =
    scatterPlot1.MapDataPoint (scatterGraph1.PlotAreaBounds, xRange.Minimum,

    initialRectangle.Width = size. X - initialRectangle.Location.X;

    initialRectangle.Height = size. Y - initialRectangle.Location.Y;


    Just draw the image.

    Private Sub scatterGraph1_BeforeDrawPlot (sender As object, BeforeDrawXYPlotEventArgs



    e.Graphics.DrawImage (img, initialRectangle.X, initialRectangle.Y,
    (initialRectangle.Width, initialRectangle.Height);


    Make sure that the image is of good quality so that you can zoom in pretty close.

    I hope this helps.

  • HP 15-d059sr: the problem with the display of graphics in games

    Good afternoon!
    Watching such a problem.
    During work on the desktop (surfing on the Internet, work with documents, see the video online, film) is OK, but it is necessary to enter the game (Stalker, Diablo 3, etc.) begins to shake up the top of the screen, or play with the brakes. Even if the settings on display at the minimum system requirements.
    And in the case of Diablo 3 for a long time so it does not display during playback load of background music.
    Core i5 12 GB of RAM, all the drivers downloaded from the official website, including the video card.

    Hi @GuardianStation,
    Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A place where you can find solutions for your problems with the help of the community!

    I stumbled upon your post on the laptop and wanted to help you! I looked in your question about your laptop 15-d059sr HP computer and issues with the games. On gaming sites, it is suggested that it might be an update that is necessary with Java. Here, it is a link that you can check with.

    You can try to use the Windows Update Troubleshooter to fix updates that do not come through Windows 10.  Please restart the laptop twice to make sure that all updates are completed!

    If you downgraded to the original version of Windows, this could be the cause. I recommend to restore the default BIOS settings. You could restore the BIOS with this document by selecting the reload the default BIOS settings. In this way, it will look at the hardware installed on your laptop.

    Please let me know how it goes.

    Thank you.

  • Blue screen on startup... problem with the display driver?

    I have been using a Dell Inspiron 14R (N4110) laptop computer since 2010 without any problem.

    The laptop was purchased online from Dell and came with

    (1) Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and

    2) AMD Radeon HD 6470 M - 1 GB display card.

    Recently, I had a problem where my laptop just wouldn't start, showing the blue screen every time it tries to start. The blue screen mentions a problem with the file atikmpag.sys I understand is the driver for the AMD video card.

    If I delete/rename the files atikmpag.sys and atikmdag.sys (via secure boot mode) in C:/windows/system32/drivers, the laptop (not) start, but obviously does not recognize the graphics card.

    After a lot of unsuccessful trials debugging on mine (including trying to upgrade the drivers to display etc.)., I reinstalled the operating system and the drivers provided with the original kit (just to eliminate any possibility of an upgrade that went wrong). However, I still see the issue.

    That means there is a hardware problem? or a BIOS problem?

    Thank you


    Guys, the problem you describe is actually a hardware failure. There is nothing you can do except replace a motherboard for laptop, or taken some advanced technicians, COMPUTING which will replace or chip GPU reball.

    I have the same a laptop similar (Inspiron N5110), with the same problems and these problems - all started yesterday. Do not waste your time, just reinstall OS, then install display drivers, which are available on the official site of Support of DELL and after that - if it's not working, just do what I said.

    Generally these are consequences of an overheating laptop, but that it was certainly not my case (I did regular checks), I could even bet on chips quality GPU, which has been used in the manufacture of this model of laptop... again...

    UPDATE: Okay, last night was a long night for me and I can confirm finally - who's * chip AMD, which causes the blue screen, you mentioned. I disassembled my N5110 faulty, armed with a heatgun, Probe temperature (probe) and tons of aluminium + some flow of brazing, I made a fairly quick reflow and the result is just what I expected - everything works perfectly again, with the same configuration - even with the same installation of Windows, which has been to launch these blue screens. There are now no blue screen at all and portable computer performance as new.

    Apparently bad welding, when this laptop was manufactured, is the exact reason why we are where we are. The BGA chip was not dead at all (it was just poorly soldered). The same story, including HP and a bunch of other companies had some time ago with these NVIDIA chips (I know, some of you know what I'm talking about).

    CONCLUSION: Integrated DELL diagnostic software is useless against the detection of defects with a discreet graphics AMD card. Problem was not in the software or drivers - it was just a poorly welded chip (I regularly cleaned my laptop dust, so overheating is not an option here).

Maybe you are looking for