problems with ipod touch ios 9.3.2 and gen 6

I own an iPod Touch generation 6 with 32 GB.  My PC is a Windows 7 PC.  My iTouch is looking forward to start a SOFTWARE iOS 9.3.2 UPDATE.

I heard that there are "problems" with iOS 9.3.2.  I have not read that they affect the iPod Touch.  But who reads everything?

Should I go ahead and update my iOS?   Or should I wait for iOS 9.3.3 or a new iOS 9.3.2?

AND Apple should fix the editor of this Post, it *.

I have a 6th gen iPod on 9.3.2 and it works fine

The only devices with problems were iPad 9.7 Pro

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    My iPod touch is fully charged and I can listen through head phones while it's plugged in, but as soon as I unplug it, there is a loud 'click', and then it goes dead.

    Someone at - it similar experiences?  Suggestions?

    What dead?


    Entire iPod?

    Unplug what?


    Disconnect the iPod to load source/computer?

  • problems updating iPod Touch iTunes sync and lists 9.3.2,and playback on the iPod

    I updated the iPod touch and iTunes and as a first step, I lost all my library because the update iTunes but that is fixed, I had back ups. But when I synced my iPod touch, I had to delete and synchronize the contents of my iPod which has ruined all my playlists in iTunes in sync because the iPod could synchronize only half of the songs because of the error 54. Who sets, restarted the laptop and iPod but because of this, the iTunes playlist had the sync iPod songs. Fixed by re sync several times, I'm always short 4 songs on my iPod to my main playlist but some songs that appear on the iPod do not play, I can choose them but they do not play then shows no played piece. When I get a song to the playlist which works module to the top next just shows that the song only, even if it has been selected by the Shuffle Playlist button. Also some songs on the iPod is not the correct album cover, I'm guessing because of error 54 *, and these songs are often unplayable. All right back on iTunes is just the iPod for now.

    The following steps below should fix things, assuming that all the content you want in your library.

    (If it is not see recover your iTunes from your iPod or an iOS device).

    1. Backup device.
    2. Restoration as a new device.
    3. Restore the backup that you made earlier.


  • I encountered the problem with the last iOS 9.3.2 update I can't receive call from people, I can call any body, but when l'm calling people any body can ring me just now, I thing the problem where new soft

    I encountered the problem with the last iOS 9.3.2 update I can't receive call from people, but I can call any body, but when l called people any body can ring me only at this time, I think that the problem of the new update. can u check this and answer my question.

    and my phone

    iPhone 6plus

    You see a Crescent Moon at the top of the screen icon? If Yes, disable does not bother to: settings - do not disturb = Off.

  • I noticed that the old dictaphone are now content 00:00, in Ipod touch iOs 9.3.1 - what I cn do to recover the content or to avoid this to happen in the future? Thank you very much for any information

    I noticed that old dictaphone now show content 00:00, iPod touch iOs 9.3.1 what I can do to recover the contents or to avoid this to happen in the future? Thank you very much for any information


    -Reset the device iOS. Nothing will be lost

    Device iOS Reset: Hold down the On / Off button and the Home button at the same time for to

    ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

    -Try to import in our iTunes library on your computer

    -Reset all settings

    Go to settings > general > Reset and tap reset all settings.

    All your preferences and settings are reset. Information (such as your contacts and calendars) and media (such as songs and videos) are not affected.

    -Restore backup if they would be in a backup. See:

    Restore your device from an iCloud or iTunes backup - Apple Support

    Glitches to occur. Frequently import them to your iTunes library and frequently back up your device

  • When I update my ipod touch iOS 9.2.1 my wifi stoped working

    I update my ipod touch ios 5 9.2.1 after my wifi no longer works. even in the Control Center bar wifi icon has disappeared.

    Have you tried to reboot the iPod at least?

  • Problems with the touch screen of HP all-in-One after upgrading Windows

    I recently updated my version of Windows (64-bit) with system updates and then a full version updated to version 8.0 version 8.1.  After the update is complete, I started to experience a strange problem with the touch screen on my HP Envy Rove.  The screen would flash repeatedly one set of points in the right lower quadrant of the screen as if the simulation random screen button.  There is no way to stop this.  If the screen on a keyboard was pulled up, letters in the place of the flashes would be broadcast in the fields on the screen.

    The only way to stop the flashes of screen has been to go into the Device Manager and disable the HID-Compliant device driver.  It stopped (system generated keys) flashes, but also disabled my touch screen input.  So now the system is usable, but without the benefit of the touchscreen.

    Here is the information on the driver:

    HID-Compliant device

    Date: 21/06/2006

    Version: 6.2.9200.16851


    I tried updating the driver, but this seems to be the latest version available.  Go back to the previous version of the driver, could solve the problem, but I could not locate on the support web site.

    Any suggestions on how to solve this problem and re-enable the ability of my touch screen?


    Downloaded drivers from the manufacturer will be the most tested and up to date available. The best place to download a driver is directly from the manufacturer of the equipment.

    So I suggest you to install the driver that is available on the HP website for your model.

    Troubleshooting of touch screen in Windows 8

    Just reply with the results.

  • I updated my ipod touch on January 26, 2016 and now I can't access my music or playlists. Just an image when I select the music app.

    Now, I can't access my music lists or playlists.

    I just get a picture of a girl with APPLE MUSIC written on the screen and my music plays automatically in alphabetical order.

    I have the same problem as Samantha. Impossible to access my music on my iPod Touch 6Gen after I have updated to OS 9.2.1

    When I select my music App all I get is a picture of a dark-haired girl in a black leather jacket, helmet. In the middle of the screen is written in white APPLE MUSIC.  I can't get rid of this screen.  Before that, my iPod Touch 6 G worked perfectly and showed all my music. Other than this problem, my iPod Touch works well after the updated operating system up-to-date. Help?

  • Problem with El Captain (5.1.7 server) and the management of permissions

    Hello world

    I have a big problem with our Mac Mini Server (El Captain) and the server program.

    In recent weeks, the server didn't give the permissions of a folder.

    for example:

    Mr. X had permission to read and write to a folder.
    Mr Y too.

    Mr. X has create a new folder one record something in it.

    Mr Y had the permission to read or write to the folder create Mr. x. But he should have.


    Mr. X has save a file to a folder

    When he opens it again it is write protected and cannot be replaced.

    So you have to save under a different name in the same folder.

    And every time he save/close the file.

    Anyone know what could be the problem?

    Thank you

    Greetings from the Germany


    My guess:

    A few weeks ago someone messed with the permissions on your server and made a mistake. So, you got an inappropriate list ACL (Access Control), which is rampant in the file and must be removed or fixed. cess-control-lists-ACL.


  • Having a problem with my computer I try to restart and get BSOD saying internal error Planner video background

    Original title: Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

    Hello im having a problem with my computer I try to reboot and I get BSOD saying internal error Planner video background

    Here is my mini dump file:! 4807 & authkey =! AGKWUp-ndI0XBgE & ithint = the file % 2cdmp

    and here is my system info:! 4810 & authkey =! AFloWJarqiE83QM & ithint = the file % 2cnfo

    im hoping that this will let you know what is wrong or not


    This phenomenon was linked to your video driver (atikmpag.sys) /DirectX.  I would completely remove the current driver and install the latest driver available.

  • I have a problem with the simulation in Matlab 6.5 and LabVIEW for PID controllers

    I have a problem with the simulation in Matlab 6.5 and LabVIEW. I have a few methods for granting regulators PID in MATLAB to go but not of LabVIEW. Degree of international teams of two transfer but when I passed to the fourth degree is no longer working. We have changed the formula to calculate the parameters for the fourth year and gave me some good values for assignment of Matlab, but when I put on LabVIEW are not resolved. the formulas are available in PDF format and are. Please help me and me someone if possible. Thank you
    Lim.4 generation in comparison methods and the MATLAB program settings are for the service of transfer to the second degree.

    Hello Lascarica,

    I noticed that you are using the screw of PID. Gains on these screws are based on TIME instead of GAIN. You should be able to build a PID regulator and vary the gains and then compare the results.

  • I am running windows vista and am warned there is a problem with windows media center, restart my computer and try again. It did not work. Help

    I am running windows vista and am warned there is a problem with windows media center, restart my computer and try again. It did not work. Help

    Run the Setup again.

    Open WMC > tasks > settings > General > installation Windows Media Center > rerun the installation

    Does that help?

    If the above does not help then try to reset WMC: -.

    Open Control Panel > uninstall a program > turn Windows features on or off > scroll multimedia features > uncheck the box against Windows Media Center > follow the instructions on the screen > Reboot > open again to turn Windows features on or off in the control panel > scroll multimedia features > check the box against Windows Media Center.

    Now reconfigure WMC again

  • I have currently problems with control panel Nvidia causing black outs and computer freezing/not not be able to start.

    I have currently problems with control panel Nvidia causing black outs and computer freezing/not not be able to start.

    1) update your nVidia/software drivers to the latest version for your model video card + operating system.

    (2) check that the equipment is not defective.

    This is not a Microsoft / number of the operating system.  For additional troubleshooting - contact the manufacturer (nVidia).

  • Problem with livemail, upgrade Windows 7 to 10 and back again

    Separated from this thread.


    Having problem with livemail, improved Windiws 7 to 10 and then uninstalled immediately revert to the original with option to the program (things not working not properly).   All rolled back does OK no message or data errors.

    Now all the direct mail has duplicated, will remove some, but others won't.

    Can you post help or solution, please


    It seems that many of those who go back to Windows 7 from Windows 10 experience a corruption of the store folder (the folder where messages, calendars and the account settings are stored). According to your storage folder is how complex (several accounts, calendars a lot, a lot of messages number of files), it can be simpler to just create a new storage folder and fills again:

    1. Looking at your list of messages in Windows Live Mail, press Ctrl-Shift-O for Options. On the Advanced tab, click Maintenance and then store the file. Copy the path to locate the storage folder.
    2. Close Windows Live Mail and wait a few minutes (the program will continue to run in the background, while he does his household).
    3. Press the Windows key + E to open an Explorer window, and then paste or type the path that you copied to the (1) in the address bar and press ENTER. This should open your storage folder.
    4. Right-click on the name of the folder in the navigation pane, and select Rename. Call the Live Mail Backup.
    5. A repair must check that all the program files are present and correct and properly registered, as appropriate. To do this, close all running programs, and then press Windows key + R, type wlarp and press ENTER. In the window that opens, select repair all Windows Essentials programs:

      When it is finished, restart the computer.

    6. Start Windows Live Mail and wait the program installs before doing anything. Press Ctrl-Shift-T to start the add your Assistant e-mail accounts and follow the prompts to add your e-mail accounts.
    7. Click once on the work online on the status bar and deconnecter disconnect Internet to avoid interference email downloads, and then use the file > import messages (I Alt - F) and point the wizard to the Live Mail Backup folder level. Do not intervene while the import happens.
    8. Leave the program alone for a while (an hour or two, or even a night or more) to enable him to reindex all your messages, then close and wait half an hour for the program to do his household.
    9. Relaunch the program and look at your messages under folder imported into storage folders. Take it slow, drag files out of any folder and drop in the location you want. Again, give the program time to re - indexing messages in their new location.

    Note that you can not drag files out of storage files. If you want to forward messages to a high plu account folder in the folders pane, you need to select messages to transfer, and then use the right click > move or copy folder. The controls are also available as buttons in the folders of the Ribbon tab.

  • problem syncing iPod touch with iTunes

    Hi, I had a problem syncing my iPod touch with iTunes. I get a message indicating that there is not enough free space to hold items in the iTunes library, which indicates that I need about 43 GB.

    I tried to take as much data on my laptop thinking it would make more space available to my iTunes library which is held on my laptop.

    I had a problem some time with the storage of data files and program files. I divide the hard drive and I have a Macintosh HD 2, but also a main drive of the HD. I find that I have an iTunes library in two HD players, so I think I have a duplicate library.

    My iTunes app shows that I have a size of music library of-33,40 GB containing elements of 6940. My iPod touch has 6920 songs and 33 videos, 15 photos, 14 applications. The ability of the iPod touch is 56.4 GB, with 2.8 GB available.

    If the problem is the duplication of library, can I remove in double track of the HD2, and how to change tp parameters to stop duplication.

    Duplication of audio content seems to be a concern for you. If you have a desktop Mac, open iTunes/library/display the duplicate items. You can view and edit tracks easily.

    If you do not have a Mac desktop computer, the question is a bit tricky; There is no way to detect mp3 duplicates except manually.

    The good news is that the majority of your data bloat is likely to be in the 33 videos. I could most of the videos of archives and see what happens. (I have banned all THE videos of my iPod Touch and I couldn't believe how much I got space).

Maybe you are looking for