problems with the field artist album

looking for advice here, before I chuck my computer out the window

I have a lot of compilations on my computer, and I have a set of 29 all under the same album artist name so I can find them easily

but I downloaded a new album and for some reason it will not fit properly in. He spends under the artist of the album that I put, but it separates each song in a different artist, and not one goes into the existing category. so I have a list of artists, where about 30 of them in a row are exactly the same.

I think the problem is that the tab sorting, the album artist is defined as what I would like it to be, but then the kind as it is set by default as mixed, and for some reason it wont let me change it. If I try, it returns immediately.

any suggestions?


Setting generally a title of the Album and Album artist common will fix things.

For issues more profound see grouping of tracks in albums, see especially tried it STILL has too many blankets!


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    Ask the people returning your mail. What you do here is like asking the guy who drives the truck to e-mail why your mail is returned. He can read what is on the envelope, just as you can, there is also no idea.

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    Cool wrote:

    Why not use the to_date function to convert the varchar2 column data type date before inserting into the table xyz as below

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    Kind regards

    Slight correction:

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    Year 4 is in it and the hours must be 24-hour clock.

  • Problem with the photos in album playing songs in Windows Media Player

    Windows Media Player

    Photos of my albums are moving to other songs. In other words the photos in the album do not correspond to the song its on.

    Hello Kariegarguilo,

    Please contact Microsoft Community.

    We understand the inconvenience that you are experiencing.

    1. Of the place where the songs are to synchronize?
    2. Since when this started happening?
    3. What is happening after the addition of a particular album?
    4. This is what happens with all the pictures?
    5. You did it changes on your computer?

    We give more details to analyze the question and guide you accordingly.

  • Problems with the construction of a tabular form manually

    Hello guys,.

    I would ask kindly for your help. I'm having a problem with the fields on a report updateble in my APEX application.

    The report I have two fields that im done with the htmldb_item function. One is the ID of the record and the other attribute that can be updated using a selection list.

    htmldb_item. DISPLAY_AND_SAVE (1, "TABLE".) "ID") "ID", "
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    The update can't even if the loop works fine, but the success message prints only the htmldb_application. G_F02 (i) but not the htmldb_application value. G_F01 (i). But how come doesn't work OK if loop the htmldb_application. G_F01 (i) has the value null?

    The funny thing is, that it works on my test environment, but he behaves like this on the production environment.

    Has anyone else have similar experiences?

    Kind regards

    Edited by: user1330618 the 21.12.2009 04:28


    Its done.

    The record button was just redirection without submitting the page, it's him not display the message or the recording of the information...

    now, the button is present and redirect...

    Kind regards

  • Problems with the album settings.

    I'm having a problem with the settings of my album. When I "crop" an image to select a background image, I had accidentally selected always use and now I can't change it. Is there a way of?

    In this case, try the settings-applications-all, press 3 dots (settings) and reset the application preferences.

  • Problem with Spotlight fields with the higher priority than browserfield

    It comes to JRE6.

    Some Web sites make a redirect of content or another ajax request when the document is loaded.  When the screen contains a browserfield and a focusable field with a higher priority, an illegal state Exception is thrown by the browser because it is not to the point when the content refreshes the field.  (As in defining BrowserField.setFocus () before calling BrowserField.refresh ()).


    Using the code of the BrowserField2 example, simply by adding a ButtonField in the survey except title when navigating to  Other sites work fine, but when the content/javascript is in a certain way on Twitter, she seems to have some problems.

    package mypackage;
    import net.rim.device.api.ui.component.ButtonField;
    import net.rim.device.api.ui.container.*;
    import net.rim.device.api.browser.field2.*;
    import net.rim.device.api.ui.*;
    class MyBrowserField2Sample extends UiApplication
        private MainScreen _screen;
        private BrowserField _bf2;
        private ButtonField btnField;
            btnField = new ButtonField();
            btnField.setLabel("A BUTTON");
            _bf2 = new BrowserField();
            _screen = new MainScreen();
        public static void main(String[] args)
            MyBrowserField2Sample app = new MyBrowserField2Sample();

    The code above throws an illegal state exception at startup.  If you delete the setTitle (or any field focusable) that has a higher priority than the browserfield, so it works well.

    How can I force the focus on the browserfield when she needs?

    I Googled, found issues similar and all say "force focus on the browserfield", but even if you force the focus, the same illegal state occurs due to the updating of the content.

    Thanks in advance,


    After reviewing the matter further, the problem may be to the field focusable, but it doesn't have to be on top.  Basically, any field focusable on the same screen as the browserfield throws the exception.

    While going to in blackberry browser works very well (sends you to the mobile site), this behavior causes problems with the browserfield.

    The workaround, is just to force the link to open the mobile site directly.

  • Someone has problems with the visible property of the fields of dynamic text in html5 canvas?

    Hi, I have problems with text fields dynamic that I placed the Framework 1. I wanted to have a visible property false until after the click of a button. So, I placed a line of code on the layer actions of frame 1 as:

    This.Sum.Visible = false; sum is the dynamic text field

    Even with 5 other text fields.

    Some of the fields appear when I test the movie and others not, but no suppose to appear. The console.log shows no error, and when I investigated console.log as: 'console.log (this.sum.visible)', I get 'false '.

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    Thank you for your time.

    Yes, the link displays multiple textfields whose visible property works without problems in an animated project of html5.

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    Hello world!

    I have a problem with the textField with embedded fonts.
    I use symbols of police created in the library, and they work very well with dynamic textfields.
    If I do an input textfield with these embedded fonts the following problem occurs:

    If I set the initial value of the textfield (.text) what it is not equal to "" everything works fine. Can I change the text inside.
    But if I put .text of the textfield input at the start of an empty string, I can't have the cursor in the textfield, because it cannot receive the focus.
    If I turn the texfield false embeddedfonts, everything works well, but it I can't use fields and custom fonts are looking terrible.

    Can you tell me any solution? I would also use my custom in the input textfields fonts...

    Use setNewTextFormat() instead of setTextFormat().

  • Windows Media Player version 11.0.6001.7010 with Vista. Problems with the automatic synchronization of music backup

    Windows Media Player version 11.0.6001.7010 with Vista. Problems with the automatic synchronization of music backup.

    Backup not working in all of these songs/albums that appear also in personal playlists. Does not account for all of the media/music in Windows Media Player. It is also not known where there are additional tracks from the same album, appearing in a personal reading list, these additional tracks (that is, it will take 2 album, but ignore the other 10). Has only begun to occur in 2-3 weeks.

    Previously, when I set up the sync partnership, there are options in playlists 'Sync' discovers the device Set Up, such as 'All music' 'All images' "5 * appreciation of music" etc. None of them showing now also available. Offered only my personal Playlists. All solutions?

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community forum. I understand that you can't auto sync in Windows Media Player. I'll help you with this problem.

    Before troubleshooting, provide us with information.

    1. don't you make changes to the computer before this problem?

    2. have you updated to Service Pack 2 installed?

    3. don't you make changes to the computer before this problem?

    This problem may occur if there is an inconsistency in the system files related to Windows Media Player. Follow these methods:

    Method 1.

    Solve problems in Windows Media Player:

    Method 2.

    Open the troubleshooting Windows Media Player settings Troubleshooter by clicking the Start button, then Control Panel. In the search box, type troubleshooting, and then click Troubleshooting. Click View all, and then click the Windows Media Player settings.

    Method 3.

    You can try to disable and enable the Media Player Control Panel.

    Steps to disable Media Player.

    (a) click the Start button, select Control Panel, click programs and then click turn on turn Windows features on or off. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    (b) to develop media features and uncheck the box next to Windows Media player. Click on ok and wait a few minutes to complete. Once this is done, restart the computer.

    Steps to activate the Media Player.

    (a) click the Start button, select Control Panel, click programs and then click turn on turn Windows features on or off. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    (b) to develop media features and check the box next to Windows Media player. Click on ok and wait a few minutes to complete. Once this is done, restart the computer.

    Method 4.

    You can run the Microsoft Safety Scanner to make sure that the computer is virus-free.

    Microsoft Safety Scanner:

    Security Scanner warning: there will be a loss of data through an analysis using the Microsoft safety scanner to remove any viruses found.

    Additional information.

    Set up a device to sync in Windows Media Player:

    Windows Media Player sync: Frequently asked questions:

    If you need help on this particular issue or any other related Windows issue, let know us and we will be happy to help you.

  • Problem with the gallery after update 2.3 music


    Recently updated my XperiaX10i (French version, not operator sim locked). No problem with the update itself and the phone seems to work fine.

    But, the music gallery has first not detected music files already in the sd card 32 GB (no problem for photos, videos or other files), and does not so load in the library. I had to download them all again through Media Go and now the library shows them, but album covers are not more in the album list as in version 2.1, which was very convenient for the selection, however the sleeves appear in the background during playback of a track: this looks more like a bug than anything else.

    I am also missing the first Quick Launch bar application for Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, sync and the brightness of the screen, it seems that the launch of all these features to go into the settings file now.

    In conclusion, I hardly see what exactly improved on this phone since version 2.1. except maybe the speed and the quality of the screen display.

    Update from 1.6 to 2.1 was a total revolution in comparison.

    Power control widget is always there

  • Problem with the ObjectListField


    I have problems with the method getSelectedIndex() ObjectListField.
    Supposedly, when there is no index selected, it returns-1. But how come it always returns the index of the last element?

    To illustrate, I created my own dialog that has similar functionality to the "device window select" Bluetooth BB application. I have an ObjectListField and a Cancel button. What I did simply, is to change the label of the button to show the selected index. I have attached my sample code below.

    public class MyDialog extends dialog
    private ObjectListField m_list;
    private ButtonField m_btn;

    public MyDialog)
    Super ("Select Device:", null, null, 0, Bitmap.getBitmapResource ("bluetoothIcon.PNG"), Manager.FOCUSABLE);

    m_List = new ObjectListField();
    m_btn = new ButtonField ("Cancel", Field.FIELD_HCENTER);
    m_List.set (new String [] {"first", "second"});

    Add (m_List);
    Add (m_btn);

    protected boolean navigationClick (int status, int time)
    m_btn.setLabel (Integer.ToString (m_List.getSelectedIndex ()));

    Returns true;

    Can someone help me on this problem? Is there something wrong with my code, or is the buggy API? All I want to do is to return an index of-1 if there is no selected item in the list.

    Also, I tried the isFocus() method to check if the list is being concentrated, it always returns false even if the list is OBVIOUSLY being focused. I'm running out of options on how to determine the solution to this problem. Help, please!

    Thank you very much.

    @jacylan - I do not use isFocus() to determine if the ListField is net.  Take a look at the following code, I think that with this, you can force-1 when the ListField is not the point.

        protected boolean navigationClick(int status, int time)
            int selectedIndex = m_list.getSelectedIndex();
            boolean listInFocusOption1 = false;
            if ( this.getLeafFieldWithFocus() == m_list ) {
                listInFocusOption1 = true;
            boolean listInFocusOption2 = false;
            if ( m_list.isFocus() ) {
                listInFocusOption2 = true;
            m_btn.setLabel(Integer.toString(selectedIndex) + ":" + listInFocusOption1 + ":" +listInFocusOption2);
            return true;
  • Problems with the touch screen of HP all-in-One after upgrading Windows

    I recently updated my version of Windows (64-bit) with system updates and then a full version updated to version 8.0 version 8.1.  After the update is complete, I started to experience a strange problem with the touch screen on my HP Envy Rove.  The screen would flash repeatedly one set of points in the right lower quadrant of the screen as if the simulation random screen button.  There is no way to stop this.  If the screen on a keyboard was pulled up, letters in the place of the flashes would be broadcast in the fields on the screen.

    The only way to stop the flashes of screen has been to go into the Device Manager and disable the HID-Compliant device driver.  It stopped (system generated keys) flashes, but also disabled my touch screen input.  So now the system is usable, but without the benefit of the touchscreen.

    Here is the information on the driver:

    HID-Compliant device

    Date: 21/06/2006

    Version: 6.2.9200.16851


    I tried updating the driver, but this seems to be the latest version available.  Go back to the previous version of the driver, could solve the problem, but I could not locate on the support web site.

    Any suggestions on how to solve this problem and re-enable the ability of my touch screen?


    Downloaded drivers from the manufacturer will be the most tested and up to date available. The best place to download a driver is directly from the manufacturer of the equipment.

    So I suggest you to install the driver that is available on the HP website for your model.

    Troubleshooting of touch screen in Windows 8

    Just reply with the results.

  • The OID of the Migration of OUD, hitting the problem with the attribute pwdhistory OUD

    The OID of the Migration of OUD, hitting the problem with the attribute pwdhistory OUD

    I use sync DIP at the end of migration of data from OID for target OUD. Everything seems great so far, I have found that pwdhistory being migrated is not being validated by OUD password policy

    I do import ldif for OUD and find this pwdhistory field is populated with the same OID value. When I reset password in OUD-DOHAD with the word in the history of password,.

    Expected Behavior: Error Message from the OUD "" LDAP: error code 20 - already the value of specified password exists in the user input " "

    Course Behavior: OUD is what allows to reset the password in the password history

    Also found that when I try again with the same password, then it throws the error 20 code. OUD replaces the old values in pwdhistory after the password resets and written new values with stamp of password.

    It is a Blocker for us for migration in the history of password, I would like to join the forum and check if someone had the same problem and how they managed it?

    Thank you


    Support of Oracle confirmed that DIO history for the OUD password migration is not supported. The OID and OUD records and validates the pwdhistory differently

  • I have problems with the form widget. When I created my forms, I need to leave out the line, one email because my client does not want the message line and two because those who have tried to fill the online form cannot submit because that box "email".

    I have problems with the form widget. When I created my forms, I need to leave out the line, one email because my client does not want the message line and two because those who have tried to fill the online form cannot submit because the 'email' box keep rejecting their email address valid. And I just tried to remove the line in my form and it does not allow me to delete or to mark it as not necessary either.

    Currently, there is no way around the field email forms of the Muse. Another option is to have a look at Jotforms or another third-party provider of shape that Muse has widgets for.

Maybe you are looking for