Qosmio F20-110: charging question


Im having a problem with my laptop Qosmio f20-110 battery problem.
Basically, I can't turn on the laptop with the battery. I can only turn on the laptop with the AC adapter. When the battery is in the laptop and the power adapter is connected to the electric network, an orange light comes in indiacting that his charge.

The led turns off after 4 hours (meaning that its full charge) and when I remove the AC adapter and try turning on the laptop using just the battery nothing happens. When the laptop is turned on with the battery inside, it starts as usual and you can use the laptop.

In the toshiba power save the application, it says the battery is charging and when the State of charge goes up to a point (it's different values), for example sometimes to 46% of charge, charge status hangs at this point, it sometimes freezes at 67%, sometimes he says potential battery: s. o. If I now remove the power adapter the laptop turns off.

When I start it again with the AC adapter, it indicates the State of the battery that is currently charged in function for example, 67%, 46% 0% or battery remaining remainnig N/A and the orange light comes on indicating that his indictment.
It may be the battery, as I have tried 3 batteries toshiba real far with exactly the same problem!

My bios is also up to date.
I'm on a Toshiba ac adapter authentic as well!

I hope someone can help

Thank you

> I m having a problem with my laptop Qosmio f20-110 battery problem.
Basically, I can t turn on the laptop with the battery. I only turn on the laptop with the power adapter

I remember another thread of the similar problem on a Qosmio G40 forum.

Wait, I search a bit in the forum.

HQP It is here:

The solution is:
Access the BIOS and the search parameters: AUTO POWER ON = ACTIVE
Then choose the option called: WAKE-UP ON BATTERY and set it to "ENABLED"

Hope this helps

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    _Hello All_

    Bear with me please im new to these boards. I have a problem with my Qosmio F20-110. It works with Media Center 2005 Edition and Im having problems with the CD burner. Everytime I try to produce an audio cd it will burn the first two songs and then spit the disk. Ive tried to change the write speed and various manufacturers of disc. Ive tried a lot of different software, but nothing helped. I'd appreciate any advice on this question because Im starting to think it's a hardware fault. I activated the record cd in D drive properties and still no joy.

    Help please.

    > I'd love any advice on this issue because I'm starting to believe that it is a hardware failure of m.
    It's my first idea too
    Everything looks like a hardware problem.

    To be honest, something like this can happen. Sooner or later readers may work because of a handset, mechanical stress.
    In most cases, the laser lens is malfunctioning and cannot calibrate properly.

    I think that a replacement is necessary

  • Qosmio F20-110: Microphone no function and issues with webcam

    I have a qosmio F20-110
    recently I bought a headset (logitech) and a webcam (HP), currently problems with both
    so far, only one camera was periodically turned off and messengers could not recognize him, but just before that she worked
    for example, on Skype after a period of time (different) error message is displayed and the cam went, Skype also down reconnection to Skype, I it is said the cam can be identified on computer or used by something else (which is not true)
    Cam back only after I restart the computer

    now, the microphone does not work
    I tried the headphones on another laptop - everything works perfectly
    Currently, my laptop does not recognize the microphone, Te, I can't set the mic, it's just that the port is dead
    but the couple Twitter.com that it did not work properly

    Please help, if you need more information made me know

    OK, I'm back from the microphone by following the instructions of Skype - http://www.skype.com/help/guides/soundsetup_xp.html
    Cam is also trying, but I don't know for how long

    Please help with the problem with the webcam described above

  • Qosmio F20-110: ODD suddenly stopped reading/burniing

    I have problems with the drive. It burns/reads DVD but no cd, ive just completed a new installation of the DVD recovery still no joy.
    I had the laptop about 4 years and its in good nick! could someone tell me what the problem is.

    I asked what we call tech to pcworld guy only to be told that they don't know?

    Help woulkd very appreciated.


    I can't say with certainty, but the player is maybe defective. The position of the objective for playback of DVD and CD is not the same thing and maybe by car has problems to put the lens in the right position.

    To be honest, Qosmio F20 is old enough laptop model, and I would not be surprised if the drive is defective.

  • Qosmio F20-153 - strange question DVD RAM


    recently bought a F20-153 (PQF22E) the DVD RAM drive was a UJ-840 and had the problem of common reading and writing on discs, I have a UJ-841 replacement, but when I set up the BIOS came with the CR ROM of ERROR report.

    So I bought a different known working 840 a laptop Toshiba, it equipped and the BIOS came back with the same ERROR of CD ROM on start up.

    Now for the weird, I closed the lid and went to make a cup of tea and have a think about, when I opened this new Windows has detected the drive, install the drivers, and now I have a working drive... BUT...

    Whenever I stop the laptop, it reports the same error on start up, and yet once there drive when first at Windows startup, but once his punt and I put it in hibernation, the drive appears again and works perfectly.

    I tried this since the 841 and the same thing is happening, just checked in the Device Manager and noticed that while the label says UJ-840, Windows reports the 'new' 840 as a 831.

    I read that the Qosmio player needs must be set to master, this could be the problem? Or Toshiba locking of the type of drive in the BIOS?
    The UJ-831 that I have discovered came from a satellite.

    Sorry this is such a long post, I wanted to just participate as much detail as possible, all you have ideas?

    Had a lot of views but answers just this give a slight bump in case anyone has any ideas

  • Re: Qosmio F20-110 - error when installing recovery

    Hi guys.

    Having a problem of formatting my laptop using the recovery of product DVD, the question is this: while the system recovery is underway, I have an error message that says simply.

    "!!!!!!!! ERROR! Press a key to continue... "
    As well as 3 beeps from my laptop.

    When the key is pressed (;)), it evokes a newspaper any to be perfectly honest, that is to say nothing at all for me. Then what seems to be BACK with the option to type, once I left the newspaper. In this case at any specific time during the recovery process, its been around 25%, 60%, 40% not any specific percentage whenever I tried.
    The disc is in almost perfect condition (having only been to Holster when I already restored my laptop). And there is no virus/malware/ect (to my knowledge) on this subject, before I tried the restore.

    I have upgraded the RAM a few years back, but I have used the system to restore a couple of times since then without any problems. Also it comes up with the same error trying to restore from a disk image.

    Any help/ideas as to what on Earth is actually past would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, Kitsou.


    Well, if you can install Windows recovery disk Toshiba t it seems to be a malfunction of the equipment. The Toshiba recovery disc is pretested by Toshiba that it works properly on your laptop. In addition, he will restore the original settings of the box with all the drivers and tools of Toshiba. So I think that the problem must be hardware related as Akuma written.

    Theoretically, the HARD drive and RAM could be affected. These pieces, you can test with special diagnostics, looking just a little tools using Google and you'll find enough. I put t think that s a problem for you.

    In the worst case the motherboard and CPU could also be affected, and they are expensive parts. If you have some experience with laptop disassemble you can check second hand places like eBay for spare parts.

  • Qosmio F20-110: where the horizontal and vertical screen settings?

    When I try to configure the screen in the settings option in Windows Media Center, I can't find where the buttons horizontal or vertical, all I'm left with is a border of black around the screen when you watch the TV, ive tried the zoom option that doesn't help either, or y at - there a way to reset the Windows Media Center to the factory settings?


    If the SMC started please go to settings - general.
    Then select Media Center installation
    Then configure your TV or monitor

    There, you should check the settings.

  • Qosmio F20 and WinXP Pro

    Using a Qosmio F20-110 but hated XP MCE that accompanies it. Reinstalled XP Pro SP2 and drivers according to the instructions of installation in section help. Runs great.

    Can the brightness of buttons and the display of the special player buttons serve in XP Pro? I installed the driver controls but only the Internet button watch.

    Is it possible to use the TV tuner (although the agreement was never large in MCE). Necessary third-party TV software? Not so important.

    see you soon

    Hello Paul

    Have you installed Qosmioplayer yet?

    I'm not 100% sure but I think WXP MCE is actually the Pro version. It is highly recommended to install all the stuff to Toshiba because of the feature, but if you have installed all the tools of Toshiba, it should work. As much as I know all Toshiba tools and utilities are not created only for WMCE but also for the home and professional version. But I found for WMCE you use TOSHIBA controls V3.19.2201 for MCE and home TOSHIBA controls V3.19.2401. Please check installed version on your device.

    Good luck!

  • Question about upgading Qosmio F20-137 to dual-core

    Hi I want to rank up my Qosmio F20-137 to dual-core. I just need some advice on which one to buy.
    Thank you


    Needless to say that a CPU upgrade in a laptop is totally sensless because you won´t gain true high performance. On the other side, you have to be a technician who should be familiar with these systems, because a mobile system is NOT THE SAME as a desktop system.

    Regarding your question:
    This system is not able to take a dual-core cpu, because you only have an Intel 910 chipset / 915GM which can only take Intel pentium M.

    If you don t believe me just check out this site:


    Welcome them

  • A few questions about the Qosmio F20 upgrade

    First of all, my English is not very good!

    I want to improve my laptop. I want a new graphics card and a new processor.
    My questions are what standard mxm has my cell phone (I have a GO6600)? Where can I buy a new one?
    The cpu can be improved? If so what CPU? Can be installed on a dual core?

    -Does anyone know how the open a Qosmio f20.
    I opened all the screws on the site but I can not open it... What should I do I open Notepad?

    My laptop dvd drive is very strong when I play games... it works all the time and I have made many drowning.
    Do you know how to reduce noise?

    thx for the answers

    Hardware upgrade on laptops is not comparable with the workstations where you can upgrade almost everything. Mainly on laptops, you can improve RAM, WLAN, HARD drive or maybe BT but all that s.

    Update graphics card is definitely not possible because the graphics card is part of the motherboard. Update CPU's might be possible, but certainly not recommendable. The construction of any material is designed by technicians and configured to provide optimal use. If optimal use, you understand very good performance but without the possibility to destroy the material. The common problem on mobile computing is heat and how to cool the hardware components.

    The best graphics card and CPU using the material temperature is much higher and the result can be permanent running fan or just property damage. If you think about all this stuff, I hope you understand that this type of upgrade can be very risky.

    If you need to better and more powerful portable computer the best option is to sell your old and buy newer with the best hardware configuration.

  • Qosmio F20: Question on tuner TV and Touch pad

    Hi guys,.

    This is the first time for me on the forum, I have questions about my Qosmio F20.

    1. I installed a Microsoft mouse wireless yesterday, and I noticed that the touch pad system tray icon and Touch and Go system tray icon disappeared! Could it be because that the replacement of a pointing device with another? I would like your help to recover the missing programs again.

    2 - I tried to connect the satellite receiver with the TV tuner and I managed to get a picture, but the image was all blue. Does anyone have an EXPLANATION for that? And can I fix it without going through dealers?

    Please, help me with my problems.

    Thank you.


    1.) of course the 3rd party mouse driver could be a reason for a loss of Touch and Go system tray icon. If you wish, you can use the system restore which is part of the Win Xp operating system. This procedure should push you old driver and utility.

    (2.) trying to update the TV tuner driver. The latest version is

  • Qosmio F20: Question on fire using the CD drive labels

    I have a Qosmio F20 and wonder if there are drivers available for download for lightscribe so that I can burn labels by using the cd rom drive installed in the laptop.

    I don't really want to buy a separate drive. Any info will be appreciated.

    Kind regards. Phil


    Unfortunately, this is not possible on the Qosmio.
    You need to this marking special s of CD or DVD s and especial designed disc burning.

    Books use readers slim one commune and if you want to use this technology, I assume that you will need to buy an external device that has been designed for the use of Lightscribe.

    It of a simply case material and or an updated driver to day or installation of software will help you to use this technology on laptops.

  • Qosmio F20-136: Question about upgrade memory

    I purchased a Qosmio F20-136 with 512 MB of on-board RAM, but wanted to update, so bought additional 512 MB RAM (DDR2) for a total of 1024 RAM.

    I said global PC sales guy I wanted only if the laptop has two slots.

    I took the cap of the other week and only 1 slot is visible to the naked eye.

    I do not go any further.

    Does anyone know if there are two slots or that one meaning that I have to buy a bar of 1 GB DDR2?

    Thank you very much


    The Qosmio support two memory locations, and it should be possible to use 2 sticks of memory. You can upgrade the memory for max 2048 MB (2x1024Mo).
    The locations of memory, you will find at the bottom of the unit. To remove the small cover that secures the slot. Also see the user manual. You should also find a detail.

    PS: These modules of memory are supported:

    DDR2 400/533 256 MB (PA3389U - 1 M 25)
    512 MB DDR2-400/533 (PA3412U - 1 M 51)
    1 GB OF DDR2 400/533 (PA3411U-1M1G)

  • Qosmio F20 - player question Qosmio


    I am the owner Toshiba Qosmio F20 and recently decided to install xubuntu 9.10 Linux. After installation, I could no more my Qosmio player and TV tuner. So I decided to recover Windows with the recovery DVD and erased the HARD drive. Now, I have a fresh windows XP install but when I press the button player Qosmio I get Windows media player and when I press the TV button I get winDVR program.

    How can I get Qosmio player work? What I need to use the recovery CD or I have just reset the functions of the multimedia keys? Thanks in advance!

    If I understand you right, you have not yet installed Qosmioplayer.

    If I remember well with Qosmioplayer Qosmios come with a disc extra Qosmioplayer facilities.
    As a first step, you must install Qosmioplayer and recovery media using the operating system provided.

  • Qosmio F20: How to add a second HDD

    Hi all, my first post, so be nice!

    I recently bought a new Qosmio F20 with unique 60 gig HD. I realize now after a month, I need much more space, it will add a second 120 GIG HD. My question is, is this easy to do? How can I do? Is there a couple of screws to undo and just pop in? Also is there a certain type of HD necessary?

    Sorry for the questions of basic but this is my first laptop.

    Thanks in advance.


    As far as I know that it is not possible to use two hard disks on F notebook series as on G series, delivered with two hard drives. In my opinion that the best solution is to use external USB connected HDD. On this way, you can use notebook HARD drive 2.5 in aluminum case.

    Google a bit and you will find many of them with a different ability. I use a 60 GB external HDD back up all my data.

    Good bye

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