Question of pass/fail counter. [Help]

Hello! Can someone help me please understand how to count the number of Passed and Failed samples below? Each test samples must go through the series of test procedure (Test - 1, 2, 3 &) and I need determine if the sample has passed or failed based on the test procedures...

Thank you!


Jim solution will give the number of events Pass and the number of events Fail.  I think the OP wants a number of examples of success or failure, not a success/failure count.  Look at the two indicators in his image on the front.  A sample only passes if it passes the three tests, otherwise it fails.  I modified the code of Jim to return the number of samples that passed and failed, rather than a simple pass/fail County.

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  • Pass / Fail step post action - option to retest step / fail step / interrupt the sequence on the failure.


    In my main sequence there are a number of Pass / Fail steps, before it a statement indicating an operator to connect cables, etc.

    What I want to do;

    If after the execution of a step, the result is a failure, we would like the opportunity to test again, or, fail step and continue or interrupt the sequence (in case of operator forgetting to plug one USE properly etc.)

    I'm a little out of my depth here in terms of how we could set this up in the "step > properties > Post Action" to give us these sort options, or if there is a different way / better make it quite.



    Do not use the Action.  There is a recall for this thing.

    This example shows what you are looking for:

    I would like to know if you have any questions on this subject.

    Hope this helps,

  • pass fails with a missing resource pool alert

    Hi, I have a server dell power edge r510, with ESXi 5.0 is installed in it.

    in one of the virtual machines within this server, I installed Vcenter (I think that it is Version 5.1) everything was stable until the vcenter database gets 10 GB and crashed and I couldn't fix it. So I installed a new windows with vcenter 5.5 inside vps. and for this new vcenter reconnected to the server. so, I've reconfigured resource pools and VPS users again in this new vcenter.

    Watch ESXi host now as does not not to the vcenter. but all virtual machines inside the esxi server work without problems.  I can't reconnect to the host in vcenter, and I can't connect directly to the ESXi via vsphere client and root password.

    but I can log on to the esxi via ssh or console.

    from the console, I restarted the management services, but it does not help.

    the SSH, I ran the following commands:

    status /etc/init.d/vpxa #.

    vpxa is running

    status /etc/init.d/hostd #.

    pass is not running.

    When I restart pass, it is said has started, but after a few minutes still pass fails.

    l # /etc/init.d/hostd restart

    Watchdog - pass: PID of the file/var/run/vmware/watchdog-hostd. PID does not exist

    Watchdog - pass: impossible to end guard dog: no monitoring running processes to pass

    SH: you must specify which kill

    [421281] Begin ' pass ++ min = 0, swap, group = pass etc/vmware/hostd/config.xml', min-uptime = 60, max-fast-failures = 1, max-total-failures = 1000000, bg_pid_file = "

    pass began.


    status /etc/init.d/hostd #.

    pass is running.


    but I can't use all the controls of esxcli.

    List of the allowedip of esxcli network firewall ruleset

    Connect to locahost failed: connection failure


    status /etc/init.d/hostd #.

    pass is not running.


    I searched the problem on localhost, Ko, said check the CPU usage is below 90%, which is good in my esxtop, then says check network ports and pings, they were right, too, said to check/etc/hosts to localhost entry and checking /etc/resolv.conf and they were right too. as I can ping localhost and localhost nslookup returns

    then I started reading the server logs and found this error output of vm-support: hostd.log

    [cntos58-64-Farzin - 105.vmx'] could not get the parameters of resource for a virtual machine under tension

    Award of the VM ' / vmfs/volumes/.../cntos58-64-Farzin-105.vmx' to the root resource pool - configured pool 'pool11' does not exist

    SysInfo error on return operation State: verification of Admission of cpu resource failure. See the VMkernel detailed error information log

    cntos58-64-Farzin - 105.vmx: vim.fault.InsufficientCpuResourcesFault


    How can I change the list of resources of the VM to ssh when esxcli do not work?

    I am facing this problem recently, almost all the 5 days the server will respond is not in vcenter, restart the entire esxi server can solve the problem but it apears again.

    I think that resource in vcenter pools doesn't sync properly with the configuration of esxi, as when I connect to the server directly with root/vshpere it shows different configuration than what I see in vcenter!

    and I can't upgrade esxi host because there are about 10 VPSes important and stable running on this server which is my main server and I can not have time on this server or migrate virtual machines to a different server/IPs.

    because I'm not sure of the compatibility of the versions of drivers/bios nic with ESXi 5.5 and I fear that if I update the ESXi from 5.0 to 5.5 I face other questions strangers/downtime.

    I had the server up and running again, by editing this file: /etc/vmware/hostd/pools.xml

    then I found the VPS with id of the pool of resources 11 evil, changed for another pool of resources as the other virtual machines.

    2014 07-29 T 08: 38:52.64965Z



    and then made a

    restart the /etc/init.d/hostd

    all started working again without restarting the whole esxi server and turn off virtual machines, I have searched for about 1 day to solve this simple thing!

    even once when I made a few changes in the vcenter, and then restarted resource pool settings move it in ssh, it fails under vcenter changed the VM resource for a bad configuration pool.

    so I changed the resource pool manually xml and restarted spend, while vcenter can connect to the esxi host.

    then vcenter, again removed all the resource pools and created new resource pools. and this question of time is set.

    There was some resource pool configuration that was imported from esxi host to vcenter which was no longer available and has not been deleted in syncronizations between esxi and vcenter when changed resource pools. and the list of the missing resources caused problems.

  • How to define the result of a call sequence of pass/fail

    Hi all

    in my application, I have a pass/fail with the adapter of the test sequence. The Source of data for the stage is Step.Result.PassFail.

    Is it possible to tell the appellant (the stage of appeal for success/failure sequence) the result within the sequence? I've experimented with the RunState.Caller, but did not find any property that applies to the PassFail result.


    This link is not very useful and, in my view, is not the right solution for you.

    It makes not sense why you need to change the Step.Result.PassFail inside your sequence.  It is not evaluated until after that sequence is returned to the caller.  So why not just pass back a parameter and and set the Step.Result.PassFail parameter.  I've attached a picture that shows.

    However, if it is essential that you change in the subsequence Fail pass then use this expression:

    RunState.Caller.Step.Result.PassFail = here, a Boolean expression

    It won't evaluate at time of publishing, but will work during runtime.

    The reason why you use Pass/Fail card combination and sequence is to create a modularized test.  Let's say you need to call several code modules in order to obtain pass/fail status.  Think of it as a function or a Subvi.  It just creates a clean, maintainable code.

    Hope this helps,

  • a numerical limit several test, the individual results of pass/fail there?

    I want to communicate the pass/fail status to my custom user interface so that I can color components red/green they spend and fail.  I intend to send the State of pass/fail with an ID corresponding to the element using UIMessaging.  The UImessage is sent by the sequencePostStep callback.

    Send individual pass/fail status is simple enough forward (step.result.status) for all stages except test multiple numerical limit.  Is there a way to get the information of pass/fail individual for each item in a test of numerical limit multiple?  Individual information is available in the report.  Could it be pulled from the [ReportText]?

    Hi Dillon,

    You can get multiple results in a limit test using Step.Result.Measurement ["Measurement 0"]. Status, which will give each individual measurement result.  You can assign the results of the 4 comparisons by using something like this:

    Locals.multstring [0] = Step.Result.Measurement [0]. Status,
    Locals.multstring [1] = Step.Result.Measurement [1]. Status,
    Locals.multstring [2] = Step.Result.Measurement [2]. Status,
    Locals.multstring [3] = Step.Result.Measurement [3]. Status

    If the chain is too great for practice, you can browse using a loop for.  Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Confusion about the incomplete-> pass/fail cp6

    Okay, so I have a little quiz in cp6.  I want my lms to display the pass or fail status.  He continues to show spent even if the quiz is definitely down.

    I use inquisiq and scorm1.2

    I have represenataion status set to incomplete-> pass/fail

    sussccess/performance of the user criteria. I also trield slide views or quiz in several different contexts. I can't show him failed.

    The quiz is set to once only.

    Help!  What I screwed up with these settings?  I'm so confused...

    Thank you


    In SCORM 1.2, you have the choice of using the complete/incomplete state or success/failure.  In SCORM 2004, you can have two registered statutes.  So check with your administrator LMS to see if the option exists to put in place courses SCORM 2004.  If so, use it and set of Captivate options accordingly.

    Looks like you may have your currently defined parameters so that as long as the user is accessing content that they get marked as adopted.  What you want, it's that they not be transferred if they pass the test.

    Try to use the settings as shown here:

  • Captivate 5.5 Actions preferences Pass/Fail Quiz

    Is there a good explanation anywhere from the Pass/Fail actions in Captivate, when we want to use an action and combinations of actions can or should be used?

    No matter what I choose for stocks, as well in passing and failing grade, disable, enable, increment and Deincrement are grey. If they are still grayed out, what they are?

    I looked in the Help menu of Adobe, but as often happens, the information is too vague and high-level in the Help menu for any real understanding.

    Enable and disable actions are dimmed if there is no suitable interactive object (for example, buttons or the clickboxes) on the screen that can be enabled or disabled by the action.

    If you want to see toggle appear listed. Add a button to the stage, then try ON Slide enter this slide to turn off the control knob.

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    help solve the problem. I live in Ukraine. And there is no way to contact support.

    Hello! It is quite difficult to understand you.

    To reset the security questions, follow these steps:

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  • I have a problem in my iPhone 5 s while I call someone when on-call time at 1 hour of the call is disconnected and say call failed can help you me in this problem.

    I have a problem in my iPhone 5 s while I call someone when on-call time at 1 hour of the call is disconnected and say call failed can help you me in this problem.

    What iOS version you are running. I've heard of it, but I heard no talk for a long time... You can update to iOS.

  • Complete the step sequence of pass/fail

    Hi all, I have a step in my main sequence that runs an interactive dialog to the operator.  It checks whether or not he receives the notification of the slave device.  If for any reason, the operator wants to "put an END to (ABORT" dialog box, I have a "CANCEL" button on the Panel before you let them.

    I want that this sequence step to behave as follows:

    1. If COMMUNICATION RECEIVED = and the ABORT BUTTON = DO NOT SHOOT, then the status of the step should = success

    2. if COMMUNICATION = NOT RECEIVED and ABORT BUTTON = DO NOT SHOOT, then the status of the step should = failure

    3. If the ABORT BUTTON = PUSHED while in the IMMA step running, then the step status should = Terminated

    Currently, I have the stage set up in a time of pass/fail using a Boolean output value of the VI.  My problems is that I have a problem with point 3 above.  I'm just putting it in the Expression of Post for the step in the following dot handle 3:

    Locals.VIAborted is True? () RunState.Engine.TerminateAll & Step.Result.Status == "completed":

    Sometimes, I see not end when the Abort button = Pushed.

    I'm this treatment properly, or is there a better way to do it?

    Thank you very much!

    That's all... Thank you mkossman!

  • How to access the information in the report of a pass/fail test?

    I'll call you a LabVIEW VIs of TestStand which are configured as ' pass/fail Tests. The result of the Boolean "PASS/FAIL" of LabVIEW indicator apparently are accessed through the variable RunState.SequenceFailed of TestStand. However, I can't find a similar TestStand variable that contains the information of 'Text of the report' of LabVIEW. Not such a variable exist, nor will it take to create a?

    Hi bmihura,

    The best approach would be to use direct information from the stage itself. You can get the text of the report of the RunState.Step.Result.Report text

    In this way, you go to the step text report directly.

    Alternatively, you can store the text of the report to a variable in the parameters of the step.

    I hope that gets things moving along to you!

    Kind regards

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    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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    You get this error message when you download java or installing it?

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    Not able to connect to MWAGUI

    Telnet works, but MWAGUI giving the error "connection failed". Help, please...

    We bounced back the application and services many times MWA. Also, we have disabled enabled several port but no solution yet.

    There are 3 work of the plates for MWA GUI on the Windows Machine.

    Patch # 12574324 for 11i

    Patch # 12780257 for 11i

    Patch # 20983924 for R12

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