Re: Satellite A200: Question about the Windows Vista serial key

I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 and I doubt, in everest, I can see the key of Windows Vista, but it's different to the Windows key in the tile to the bottom of the laptop.
I change anything in the laptop because I bought, I have use once the recovery cd, but I have not a pirate key or something like that.

Why this different key?

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I agree with the user above.
The serial key you will find at the bottom of the device is not similar to the serial key that can be read using a few 3rd party applications!

But you don t need such series on your Toshiba laptop key.
The restore CD contains an image of Toshiba which is already activated!

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    First of all at the moment the Windows vista is not official on the market. AFAIK this lead on Windows Vista operating system will come at the end of the year or next year. Second, this unit was delivered with another Windows operating system. The Toshiba service partner can install your device only with the delivered operating system.

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  • Satellite A200 (PSAE6) crashes on Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit


    I recently had a few frequent freezes on Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit Edition, I think it's maybe the video card (ATI HD2600 mobility). I have already downloaded and installed the latest drivers from the Toshiba site, but it continues to, sometimes, when I'm playing games, the screen blinks for 5 seconds or more and then would become black, completely erased, but the background sound and everything still works well and I am able to shut down the PC by pressing the power button once and then restart it normally.

    It's a minor problem, the major problem is the freezing point, it freezes completely without warning, but oddly enough, he freeze by practicing a game! But freezes on normal operations (internet, office, etc.). I did the tests, tests of HARD drive memory, all in good health, and worse, on the Windows Event Viewer could not detect any problem, simply says 'unexpected system shutdown.

    I'd appreciate help please.

    Thank you

    Hi I do not know if this will help, but you've got service pack 1 installed on your laptop, as when I installed it on my desktop the first time it caused blue screen errors and gave me a lot of problems, including the error messages that seemed to come with applications, I opened and a boring IQRL driver equal or less than but could not work why and then ultimately , I had so many problems that I had to completely reformat my office and I removed my scanner XP and webcam (both had vista drivers) and when I reinstalled service pack 1, it was beautiful, if by any chance do you have anything attached to your XP laptop and vista drivers as these seemed to be what was causing my errors.

    Also a question about your graphic card drivers, I have the same laptop as you and was looking for updates to the graphics driver and couldn't find them anywhere on the site, where did you find yours? I use Vista Home Premium 32 bit, my model number is A200-28 p (PSAE6) and I would like to know if there is a new graphics card driver but can not find on the basis of knowledge, so the fact you have updated your would be could you point a new user in the right direction :-)

    Thank you


  • Satellite A210 - question about the battery life

    I have a problem: my laptop works only 1 hour of unplugged to electricity, so my battery died after working of 55minutes (I mean I look at the pictures or typing in WORD). Is this normal? How long is the average battery life?
    My model is SATELLITE A210/1AP (4000mAh) (my laptop is new; I bought it a week ago)
    Please write how much your maximum battery work.

    It is not easy to discuss this topic. With similar activity, I can use my Satellite A200, about 1 hour and 15 minutes. I don't know how you're using your laptop, but I recommend you to use all the power settings that can make the life of the battery a little longer.

    Check the method of cooling, power profile, reduce the brightness of the display and turn off WIFI if you do not use and so on.

    You must also understand that Vista needs far more resources than Windows XP Home edition and the life of the battery under Vista is not identical with Windows XP Home edition.

  • Satellite A200 - Question on the reference numbers

    I have a Satellite A200-221 (PSAE3E) motherboard is faulty. I sent him the public support of Toshiba and they confirmed that the motherboard is faulty and I had to buy a new one. It was too expensive, so I don't let them fix my laptop.

    Now, I've seen on ebay a motherboard which is the model that I need (THE ILHAM - 3481P) but I don't know if it fits, because the part of the processor number is not the same as mine. Mine is K000058130. Card mother eBay is K000057340.

    Which replace Council mine perfectly faulty motherboard?

    Thank you!


    I'm a little confused about your ad Mr. why you speak a number of CPU if you need a new card of mother?

    In any case, here it s a user forum. This means that you can speak with normal people like you and me here. These questions about reference numbers can be answered to an authorized service because they have access to all the databases of Toshiba.

    Check this box!

  • Satellite A200 - question about drivers Touchpad


    I want to format my Satellite to install windows XP, but in the page drivers, there are 2 different drivers of different brands. So my question is, how do I know which is the one I have to install?

    1 3 PSAE6E - Satellite A200 - model


    because this machine was equipped with two different keyboards you can do only one thing:

    Take the two drivers, install them BOTH and one of them SHOULD work.

    That's all...

    Good bye

  • Satellite A350 - Question about RAM and Vista 32 bit - 64 bit

    I bought a Satellite A350 Tiger Direct. He moved with Windows Vista 32 bit.
    It is capable in my view up to 8 GB of Ram. Vista 32 bit does support 3.

    All reviews on this laptop online say that it came with 64-bit and 400 GB of memory.
    Mine came with only 230 GB of memory and 32 bit vista. I ran Belarc advisor, and he tells me that my computer is 64-bit ready.

    Is this true? Why is - this me came not with Vista 64 bit?
    I want to upgrade my ram but with 32 bits, which is not possible and according to Microsoft you cannot update 32-bit to 64-bit.
    So should I buy Vista 64-bit upgrade? (for around 300 euros!). Is this in any way about this?

    What are my options? I want 4 GB of Ram or more really bad...

    What Satellite A350 do you have exactly?

    AFAIK the most recent series of Toshiba laptop pre-installed a dual operating system;
    In this case, you can choose between Vista 32-bit or 64-bit.

    To obtain the 64-bit, you will need to restart the laptop and have to press F8.
    Here you must choose the option to fix my computer. Then select Toshiba HDD recovery and finally, you should see the option which would be you can toggle between the 32 and 64 bit.

    Usually the Vista 32 bit supports 3.2 GB RAM.
    Only the 64-bit Vista will be able to recognize 4 GB and more.

  • Satellite A200-23W: problem installing Windows Vista


    I now that this topic is discussed several times before, but after trying many solutions of the forum and some of my only, I reached a level that it makes no sense...

    First off I would like to explain what I do for a living, it has to do with IT and that is what makes it even more tempting for me.

    2 days ago a friend bought a Toshiba A200-23W. The first thing I always do when I buy a new laptop is to format it and install a clean Windows operating system.
    After my first attempt, I realized that I have to install first the matrix storage driver.

    I downloaded the driver from toshiba place related to my model. (Intel Matrix Storage Manager -
    I created a usb key with the required driver files:

    iaStor.sys, and

    in the folder (F6flpy) of the (Intel Matrix Storage Manager) you can copy them to the root of the USB stick.
    When the form "Where you want to install windows" windows Vista appear I select load the driver, and then by clicking (Browse), I select the USB drive as source for my drivers.
    The (Intel(r) 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller) will automatically appear as a choice and by clicking on the (Next) the process of the pilot installation begins.
    So far so good..

    Here's where things get complicated...
    When Vista back to the form "Where you want to install windows", even my system has 2 x 200 GG HDD only 200 GB HARD drive appears in the list...

    Selections of 'New' Partition, or a Partition of 'Delete' are disabled.
    and even when I click 'Next' for selected HD a windows message:

    "Windows has no determine if this computer contains a valid system volume."

    I'd appreciate your help...

    Thank you in advance...
    George P.


    You cannot format the HARD disk or delete the partition because this would remove the SATA driver too, and the HARD drive would not be recognized by Vista!

    Therefore, you need to install the OS on the HARD drive that is displayed in the installation program.

  • Satellite A100 - questions about the keys to the left hand and added value package


    The work of doesn´t special keys on left hand. I mean, the keys under the power on button which usually starts the web browser and works with the DVD.

    Another question. The value-added package that was installed on my laptop has got a call from the Toshiba Fash utility maps. When I upgraded to the latest version (previosly I had to uninstall it) this SW is not installed. How can I get it back?

    Thanks in advance.


    Value added contains several applications:
    -Toshiba components pilot common
    -Toshiba Utilities
    -Toshiba PC Diagnostic tool
    -Toshiba Power Saver
    -Toshiba Button support
    -Toshiba zooming utility
    -Toshiba Flash cards

    So as you can see, the button support is included in this package. I don't know what the problem is on your laptop, but when the VAP is installed correctly the multimedia buttons and Flash cards should work correctly.

    Try again please remove VAP system, restart the computer and install the latest version available. This latest version works well on the different laptop models (on my Satellite P200D too) and it should work on your too.

  • What about the Windows Vista Edition full Edition-Home Basic / Home Premium after April 10,2012

    I read that Microsoft will end support and eventually none of these versions will be supported. Why isn't Windows Vista Ultimate Edition, which is marketed as "Designed for" more supported. It can be used by customers and the high - end or low-end companies.

    They provide the update for all versions of vista and Office 15 and other programs after April 2012 compatible with Vista. It's support in my book.

  • Satellite 2410: Question about the different ways to use BlueTooth


    I can't find a place to buy a bluetooth module for my Toshiba Satellite 2410 - the manual says I can, and I know that there is space on the underside of the laptop to insert it.

    I can't seem to find one to buy - anyone know if they actually exist, because I'm starting to think not? ! .. .where is the best way to bluetooth enable laptop to buy a USB adapter?
    If so, a good market will affect the download speed when using the Internet? And what is the difference between an SD card and a USB bluetooth adapter?

    Any help would be appreciated.


    I don't know your name of your Satellite 2410 but I found that a similar Satellite 2410 603 on the Bluetooth device is not available. Only the WiFi card is optional. This means that it is possible to install a wireless network card. The slot for the update of the Wlan card you will find at the bottom of the unit AND NOT the Bluetooth slot.

    However, if you want to use BT technology so the easiest and cheapest way is to buy the USB Bluetooth key.

    PS: BT has nothing to do with the internet, and it has no negative influence on the data downloading or transmission of data from the internet.

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