Receiver error message: "error loading the TCP MIB library" when you try to configure a network printer on Windows 7.

I can't find the answer anywhere else online. I get the error message: "error loading the TCP MIB library" when you try to configure a network of Xerox on Windows 7 printer.

Steps to follow:
(1) install the drivers
(2) add printer > local printer > create a new Port > Standard TCP/IP / IP address
(3) error message

Can test the printer.
Others may use the printer at the same IP address.

Any other suggestions?
Thank you!


Can be caused by corrupted files win7 or third parties who have replaced the ones win7

(for example, ntprint.dll, tcpmib.dll, mgmtapi.dll, smmpapi.dll)

Maybe run scanow, the System File Checker

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