(Redirected) Power Supply for dell optiplex 3010 & optiplex 390

Hi, may I know how much cost for dell optiplex 3010 & optiplex 390 power supply, because

my diet already dead and how I want to order it... :(....


Hi Nathalie,.

Please repost this in the forum Office help.


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  • More big power supply for Dell Optiplex 7040MT - please help

    Hi all

    I recently bought a dell optiplex 7040 mini lathe and it came with a 240 watt power supply. I want to update and would like to know what my options are.

    Thank you

    The 7040 could use the same wacky scheme that uses precision T1700.  If this is the case MODDIY has an adapter to convert the 24pin connector 8 pin. Suitable for Dell OptiPlex 3020 / 7020 / 9020 / T1700 so I think the 7040 is the same.


  • Update on power supply for Dell Optiplex Mini Tower 3020

    Can you suggest me a power supply that compatible with my Dell pc? The default POWER supply has only 290W. I want a power supply about 500-550W and compatible motherboard Optiplex 3020 and fit the case.

    The power supply in the TOWER can be updated with an adapter.

    Dell OptiPlex 3020 main PSU to power 24 pin cable adapter 8 pin (30cm)

    Suitable for Dell OptiPlex 3020 / 7020 / 9020 / T1700


  • power supply for Dell PowerEdge SC1430

    How can I order a power supply for Dell PowerEdge SC1430?

    Maintain the NOTE from the ADMINlabel: maintain the label removed by privacy policy >

    Call Dell Firewall 1-800-357-3355 parts and ask for prices and availability of the Dell Reference number. Or simply search the Web for the part number.

    MK463 Delta power 750w
    U9692 Hipro power supply 750w

  • No power on a Dell Optiplex 390 activity

    Hi, when I put the power cord in an Optiplex 390 light orange on the motherboard turns on and the power button starts flashing orange.

    None of the diagnostic lights turn on.

    When I press the power button / nothing happens.

    can someone tell me what's wrong.


    The Optiplex 390 SFF has exclusive power Dell supply, as well as the units shown here:




  • Upgrade power supply for dell Inspiron 530 (not slim)

    Yes, it's an old computer, but I want to upgrade the power supply for it. Watts, preferably something of 400 or more, but I can settle for 350w or 300w

    I have improved the power supply on an Inspiron 530 with an Antec 550 watt modular power supply with no problems.  Just be sure to buy a power supply of standard size, and you should have no problem.

  • Update on power supply for dell 9020

    I want power supply dell 9020? Y at - it suggestions for this model of power supply? EVga supernova nex 750 b2 is a good choice?

    The problem with B1 series being OK and NOT OK B2 has to do with the combined maximum power on the 3.3v / 5v rails being 150W on the B1 series but only 120W on the B2 series.


  • Update on power supply for Dell Dimension 4600

    I searched in the nets, but was not able to find an answer, so I hope someone can help.

    I received recently a 4600 as a hand.  I decided to set up as a game machine.  I know it's an old PC, but I do not anticipate play something newer than Battlefield 2142 (I use my Xbox 360 to play newer games).

    In any case, I was able to get a new Radeon X 1950 PRO on eBay for $35 shipped to replace a 6600GTOC whose fan has stopped working.  I thought that since I was the video card for a good price, upgrading the PSU still would be worth during the upgrade of the motherboard or get a new PC.

    I started to look at the power supplies and noticed that some of them have their own power switch.  This means that the power button on the front of the 4600 no longer works?  I would go with a power supply where can I still use the power button and should not spread in the back to turn on the PC.

    BTW, here's the rest of the features of the 4600:

    CPU: Pentium 4 HT 3.06 GHz (Northwood) - HT disabled

    RAM: 3 GB PC3200

    Readers: A WD 320 IDE, a DVD-ROM and floppy 3.5 "drive

    No other expansion boards outside the video card will be installed.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    When the power supply the on/off switch, you leave in the position 'On' and use the power button on the front of the computer.

    The Dimension 4600 has an open back panel, you can use most of the generic ATX PSU, with or without the market/on-off switch and with either a 20-PIN or 20 + connector 4-pin main motherboard.

    You should be able to buy food from the local computer stores.

    How to replace the power supply in a D-4600.

    NOTE from the ADMIN: Broken link has been removed / replaced this post by Dell >


  • New power supply for Dell 435 t/9000

    So I had some problems with my computer randomly power loss and to make a long story short, I need a new power supply. I have currently a 485w some brand power supply dell PSU happens to come up with, and I'm looking to upgrade to 500w. Any experience/suggestions for a PSU recommended for a Dell 435 t/9000? I fear that the pin connections are not compatible with the card mother dell, so I thought I would ask someone more experienced that I am to suggest a good 500w PSU that will work. Very much appreciated.


    Generic ATX power supply can be installed, in the Studio XPS 9000/435 t with a power 24 pin or 20 + 4 pin main motherboard and EPS/ATX12V 8-pin, with or without the on/off switch.

    You should be able to buy a compatible power supply either a local computer or online store.

    Note: A power supply with 5 SATA connectors, is necessary.

    Suggest you use the Corsair and Antec brands:





  • Connection RPS720 redundant external power supply for DELL 5548

    We have two DELL 5548 network switches.
    According to the manual of the switch, we can buy the RPS720 external redundant power supply connection to DELL 5548 current to reach the power supply redundant network switches.

    My question is how to connect this external RPS720 of redundant power to the existing DELL going on?

    I only buy the external RPS720 of redundant power, including the power cable connect to switch existing or I need to buy any item to achieve?

    I try to search on the internet but it is altogether less information regarding on this.

    According to the QuickStart guide, all cables are included. Page 4 ftp.dell.com/.../powerconnect-5524_Setup%20Guide2_en-us.pdf

  • The power supply for Dell Precision Workstation upgrade

    Recently, I posted a question regarding the upgrade of that food to a XPS 8700 and it seems that I can use ATX power supplies and replace as necessary to these computers. But now I am also thinking of dell precision workstations, because I want to have a few relatively high-performance computing done on my system, what it seems as a workstation would be better, as the work of Dell Precision T1700 Mini Tower. But I can't understand anything on the question of whether I can pass the integrated power supply so that it exceed 700w. Thus,.

    (1) any reflection on the power supply upgrade, whether possible?

    (2) are there jobs integrated with a high (greater than 700watts) power?

    (3) in the future, if I wanted to know if I could make these upgrades to other Dell machines, where can I find out about this?

    Hi Daniel191919,

    Yes, most power supplies from Dell can be improved with standard parts. But honestly, the easiest would be to get a precise work with the PSU W 1100 high range.

  • Replacement battery - set the Option of power supply for Dell Inspiron 1501

    Bought a spare battery - instructions are: right click on screen and select property--> screensaver--> power--> use--> laptop power scheme. I can't find this path. Help! _


    Since you have replaced the Dell battery and faced with the question, you can contact Dell support for further assistance:

    Dell support

    Help your battery live longer.

    Dell Inspiron 1501

  • Audio driver for Dell optiplex gx 620

    I need Audio driver for Dell optiplex gx 620 for windows 7 64 x

    Go to http://www.dell.com, click Support at the top of the page, select support for individuals, then drivers and downloads and finally put the number of serial number of your computer.  Downloads to be there.

  • alert! system battery is low problem for dell optiplex GX620 Tower

    alert! system battery is low problem for dell optiplex GX620 Tower, how do I fix or solve this problem, is this will solve by change coin cell? If yes than suggest me about the cell its name will be full description

    The battery is a battery CR2032 DL2032.  In the USA they are in grocery stores in the pharmacy section because the readers of blood sugar using the same battery.


  • New power supply for XPS 420?

    I plan to replace my with a larger unit 375W PSU to power a new GPU. I am considering the following cards: HD 4870 or GTX 260 Core 216. I read that Dell cases can be a hassel when it comes to the power supply no Dell. That guys would you recommend for a power supply? I don't want to break the Bank, but I don't want quality and some future events.


    Current configuration:

    Q6600 2.4 GHz

    2GB 667 MHz RAM


    Card reader

    HD 2600 XT GPU

    320 GB HD

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