Removed from Add and Remove program

But the name is always on the list and when I tried to delete again, get the error message. RUNDLL error loading C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON\PROFES~1\RUNTIME\11\50\Intel32\Ctor.dll the specified module could not be found

See How to manually remove programs from the add tool / remove programs

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    It is a known issue in Firefox 4 beta 12. It is set in the RC. Download here:

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    This may sound strange, but you need to do is to reinstall Windows live
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    Hi PAQpia,
    -You receive an error message trying to uninstall the program?
    Use the tool to uninstall Quicken to uninstall the progr intuit.
    Visit the following link to download the same:
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    and do not use the B correctly. Just delete text above.

  • The Windows media player 10 is corrupt and not showing not in Add and remove programs

    I download windows media player 10 from microsofts Web site was updated, but when I click on the icon for media player and try to open it I get a windows media player error is not installed correctly.

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    The wmplayer.exe file has a version number of 11.0.5721.5145 where 9.0.04503 was expected

    Windows media player does not appear in Add and remove programs either

    I tried to remove windows media player to search the files and folder in the search menu, but it won't let me remove it and I don't really know what program the file to remove windows media player

    Hey Joe,

    Thank you for your response.

    Glad to know that you have addressed the issue.

    Your efforts to solve this problem is appreciated. Please do not hesitate to answer, in the case where you are facing in the future other problems with Windows.

  • try to get "missing ___.msi" several times on different programs, when I browse to find and remove in Add/Remove Programs, it is not there.

    I have windows XP, .NET 4.0 (4.5)?, service packs1, 2, 3, 4.0 and 4.5. I have a HP Pavilion a620n. I do not know is that 4 or if I need and IE8. I tried to remove several programs in Add/Remove Programs, and it said an ending with .msi file that is "missing or moved" is necessary, even if it is for an Installer (?), no withdrawal. He arrived with more than one program as I said. When I search I can't find the requested file. If it is missing, how can I proceed? Please help if possible and thank you in advance for your time!  :)       Kinamaygray

    Hi Kinamaygray,

    .NET frameWork is an integral part of many windows-based applications and provides common functionality for these applications to run. I suggest you do not uninstall the .net FrameWork, it may cause some programs not do not work. For more information on the .net FrameWork, you can check the link.

    I suggest you run the Microsoft Fix - it from the link below and if it helps to solve the problems of the uninstalling programs.

    Solve problems with programs that cannot be installed or uninstalled

  • I can't add a component from the Add Remove program window as says could not initialize winxp

    I can't add a component from the Add Remove program window as says could not initialize winxp

    My victory is xp professional ver 2002 service pack 3

    It's usually easy to fix, but if you removed all the dll and inf files, you can have a bunch of other problems that you have not yet discovered.

    If you mean when you try to use Add/Remove Windows components you see a message like this:

    Install was not able to load the master file.
    The application could not be initialized.

    This happens because this file is missing:


    There is no copy backup of this file on your system and run the System File Checker will not replace the missing file (sorry, that Microsoft committed Support Engineer 'experts').

    You will need to get a real copy of your XP bootable installation CD or from a reliable source.

    There's a copy on my SkyDrive, you can download - here's how:

    I downloaded a copy of XP Pro SP3 file you need on my SkyDrive (everyone has a SkyDrive for file sharing).

    You can download it and when you do, put a copy of the file in this folder (assuming that Windows is installed on your C drive):


    Here is the link to my SkyDrive and you can get the file you need here:! 311

    When you see the files available for download, you can not see the file extension (.exe, .dll, .cpl, .sys, .zip, etc.), but when download you them they will have the right extension.

    When you download the file (especially if you use Internet Explorer), when you get a chance to save the file, your browser is unable to save the file with an extension (by example, .exe, .dll, .cpl, .sys, .zip, etc) then you will need to manually add the extension appropriate to the file when you download the file before you save it.

    You can download the file without the extension, and then rename the file to add the appropriate extension.  You do not want to use a file named sysoc when the name of the file should really be called sysoc.inf (if the downloaded file has no extension, you will need to change the name of the file to add the appropriate extension to make it work.

    You must then copy and paste the downloaded folder appropriate on your system.

  • How to add and remove programs via the control panel when access pops up an error of windows\system32\rundll.exe

    need to know how to fix the windows\system32\rundll32.exe to be able to go to add remove programs and other options in the Panel

    From the other thread:

    old question, new question so what I do or how to set or return rundll.exe in my computer?

    old question question/new - matter always request how to fix or recover from the windows/system32/rnudll.exe in computer science. I see no other answer to this anywhere

    Hi DadVQ,

    ·         Did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    This problem occurs because of a missing or corrupted Rundll32.exe file. This problem can also be caused by a virus.

    Follow the suggestions below for a possible solution:

    Method 1: Follow the steps mentioned in the article below and check if the problem still persists.

    Cannot find the Rundll32.exe file when you open Control Panel


    Method 2: If the problem persists, I also suggest that you scan your computer with the Microsoft Security Scanner, which would help us to get rid of viruses, spyware and other malicious software.

    The Microsoft Security Scanner is a downloadable security tool for free which allows analysis at the application and helps remove viruses, spyware and other malware. It works with your current antivirus software.


    Note: The Microsoft Safety Scanner ends 10 days after being downloaded. To restart a scan with the latest definitions of anti-malware, download and run the Microsoft Safety Scanner again.

    Important: While hard disk analysis if bad sectors are found when scanning try to repair this area, all available on which data can be lost.

    Let us know if that helps.

  • When I try to open, add and remove programs system32\rundll. Sayes that it can't find it

    cannot open Add and remove programs... no system32 rundll can you help me?

    Looks like you may have a virus or other malware. Get your updated antivirus program and boot into Safe Mode. Note that some viruses can hide from your normal antivirus program, so you really need to scan in Safe Mode. To enter in Safe Mode when you turn on first, press F8 on every seconds until you get the menu, and then select Safe Mode. Then run a complete system scan.

    Microsoft has suggestions and offerings to

    Moderator Forum Keith has a few suggestions along this line to

    If that suits him fine. If this is not the case, use system restore to go back to an earlier date at the beginning of the problem. To run system restore, click Start-> programs-> Accessories-> System Tools-> system restore. Click on the box that says show more restore points.

    You can check the corrupted system files. Open an administrator command prompt and run SFC if the above does not help. Click START, and then type sfc in the search box, right-click to SFC. EXE and click run as administrator. Then, from the command prompt type sfc/scannow.

    Finally if all else fails, you can look at the rather cryptic system event log. To make, click Start-> Control Panel-> administration-> event viewer tools. Once in Event Viewer system log-click and scroll entries looking for these "error" with indicator see if you can find guidance on where the problem may be.

    I hope this helps. Good luck.

  • Why don't I have as many files XP update [start / Control Panel / Add or remove programs / currently installed programs and updates]

    Trying to clean up the hard drive, among other things, I found the following in files

    XP [start /control Control Panel / Add or remove programs / currently installed programs and updates]

    22 updates for ms office 2003 dating from 22/01/2007.

    8 updates for the 2007 office system compatibility pack that goes back to the 10/02/2010

    190 updates for Windows XP, which dates back to the 29/06/2006

    6 updates for windows xp media center edition 2005, which dates back to the 29/06/2006

    Are all these necessary, and if not, how can I do to clean them?

    Thank you.

    Hi Renee-me,

    I recommend that you do not uninstall the updates that are installed on your computer.

    Windows Update makes the secure PC and helps run smoothly.

    For more information, refer to this link: Windows Update

    We suggest to delete the Windows updates only in troubleshooting an issue that may have been caused by an update. Refer to KB 310312 for more information on how to use the disk cleanup to free up space on the hard disk.

    Hope the helps of information.

  • Try uninstalling cyberdefender internet security and there is no program listed in Add/Remove programs?

    I've uninstalled it months ago and added norton antivirus, I recently uninstalled norton because I bought a new program which has an antivirus program, but won't install until I have remove cyberdefender internet security? Can someone please!

    Ok. Now you have uninstalled Norton from your machine and trying to install new Anti virus and you receive this error message.

    Think that everything related to the Cyber defender in Add or remove programs? tell the toolbar associated with it or any tool update direct links?

    Make sure you delete it and try to install the new AV.

    Thank you


    You can vote if my answer is helpful. Thank you

  • Add and remove programs Lock Up System

    Windows XP Pro SP3. When you try editing program using the control panel > Add / Remove Programs, I click on the program I want to remove, and then click on Change / Remove button and the computer crashes. I have to shut down the computer and restart to be able to do anything. This produces any program select for deletion. Can anyone help?


    1. Since when are you facing this problem?
    2. you did it before the issue of any material changes or software?

    We will analyze the system for infections using the Microsoft Security Scanner which can be downloaded from the link below:

    Note: you may lose data while removing malware from your system.

  • im running xp and Add/Remove programs will not let me delete all programs

    im running xp and Add/Remove programs will let me delete all programs, nor does it show all of my programs


    · You receive an error message or error code when you try to uninstall the program?

    · Were there any changes made on the computer before the show?

    Run the fix it from the link: Add/Remove Programs displays installed the tool incorrectly:

    Add to that, I suggest to run online virus scan and check if any malware or virus detected on the computer activity. You can run the scan for viruses online from the link below:

    NOTE: Make sure that you select the correct version of the operating system before downloading the scanner)

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