Replace keys of discoloration on the keyboard of the Satellite M105-S3084

Some of the keys on my keyboard M105-S3084 disappeared while they are more readable.
I replace the keyboard is generally easy (tips?), but where to buy these replacement keys?

I guess they are different according to the model.


You can not buy individual keys, they are delicate and can easily break if removed.

You will need to replace the entire keyboard. Getting a quote from an ASP, keyboards are not very expensive.

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    My wife was interested in using the Protector Suite fingerprint reader that came on his Toshiba Satellite M105 S3084.
    She tried to register, but it looks like someone has already registered and need of the original candidate of fingerprint or password.

    I have extracted a confession from my teenage daughter, but he does not recognize her fingerprints, and she can not remember the password.
    She thinks about one of his friends were playing with it (it was a year ago).

    Anyway, we can reset everything, so that my wife can do it again?

    Thanks in advance.



    Seems the same problem I have... Following error message box appread.

    Operation failed. Tempplates duplicate already exists >

    I used to use VISTA and I have registed finger the index print until yesterday. I deleted all the partition and then installed Windows 7 and installed all the drivers. I could all registry middle finger, but I was no longer able to index regisger.

    Another reason, I created a new windows profile and delete the old profile of windows. After that, I could not record not only the index, but also major as well. I guess these finger print data stored outside the windows user profile, but I can't find where it is. How I remove registerd information?

    Feature: Portage R600 PPR61E 11b

    Please adivese.

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  • Impossible to get PRTSCR DEL + keys to work on the Satellite A100

    I have the Satellite A100 - 232 PSAA2E. Bought in Greece... If some of the keys have a second role - for Greek letters. Especially not a problem.

    However... I can't get led (top-right) to work and same (3buttons on the left led) the print. Is there a setting to change or is there another way to remove and print screen?

    Your ad is somewhat confusing. Satellite A100 is pretty old laptop so I do not understand how you have this problem now.

    Everything was ok in the past?

    As far as I know you can change the keyboard input language, but this has nothing to do with DEL or PRINT key features.

  • Possible failure on the Satellite M105-S3041 of video card

    I think that my video card can be past on my M Toshiba Satellite M105-S3041 series.
    I had a green line down on the side of my screen on the width of a pixel for about a year.
    There are also a few colored lines on the right side of the screen about 3 pixels long.

    Looks like blue-red-yellow lines.
    Recently, I'll be on the computer and the icons and the taskbar will be blur and have a look blurry color similar to what you would see on a TV with no reception.

    Error messages will be displayed on the computer and whenever I'm on a Web site with the blurry icons, it will close the site and then finally I'll take the blue screen of death and the computer will restart.

    I also noticed that the computer is running a little more slowly than before.

    Any idea?

    Hmm, unfortunately, but I think you might be right
    The problem could be really related to the defective graphics chip

    But if you want you can connect the laptop on the external monitor to check if it of really issue a GPU.
    If the same lines would appear on the external monitor, then the graphics card is defective!

    It would be the worst case, because the whole motherboard must be replaced :(

  • Satellite M105-S3084: is not possible to record streaming audio on the web

    I have a laptop M105-S3084 Satellite with XP MCE SP2. The sound card seems to be something called "Realtek High Definition Audio" on a bus to internal. The driver is dated dated 09/12/2005.

    This sound card and driver seems not to have what is necessary to allow me to record audio streaming on the web.

    I've been on audio NoticiasLA and determined that although with as SoundBlaster sound cards can save essentially anything that can be produced by PC speakers, this is not the case with the map I have in the Toshiba Satellite.

    For example, only flow for record in software like Audacity and others are 'Mic' and 'Line' all that is available with other cards is several other inputs (Audio mix, etc.) that the software allows to record the sound from the web browser.

    Other than to get another PC or sound card, is there a way to improve the capabilities of its Realtek High Definition Audio card? Others were able to achieve sound web using this sound card?

    Thank you.


    I use two programs to record the sound from the internet sites;
    The first is wave-recorder and the second Messer.
    These two applications allow you to record from wave and convert and save files in MP3 format.
    You can choose the source of the record; the external microphone or wave.

    Check it out. In my case it works and I m very happy

  • Keys get stuck on the Satellite A60 - 142

    Hello all, I hope someone can help me here.
    Currently I; m using my laptop frequently, I write a thesis.
    I have problems with my keyboard: some keys stuck after working for a while, it is never from the beginning. The keys that get stuck caps lock, shift, and CTRL keys, very irritating when you type a text. Restart is not enough, when I do that some letter keys do not work. The laptop must be turned on during some time to make it work properly again. Anyone have experience with this problem and knows how to solve?

    Thanks, has soon B.T., Amsterdam, Holland


    What do you mean exactly? The essential mechanism or the key issue of software?
    If you mean the key mechanism then I recommend to remove the CAP from the keyboard and then you can try to clean the key spot. Perhaps a dirt and grime could have a negative influence on the use of the key.

    But if it is a software problem if the cleaning process will not help.
    Sometimes cable keyboard could have a bad influence on the function of the keyboard.
    Have you tried to reinstall the OS? I think you should check if the new installation of the OS could solve this problem.

  • FN keys and brightness on the Satellite A200 - 14 d

    Well, I downloaded the driver controls, controls, energy saving, hotkey utility for my Satellite A200 - 14 d (PSAEC) but am still unable to adjust the brightness of my screen via the fn button.

    That this has something to do with the display drivers? (NVIDIA, I had to force install them, because Toshiba has not released any driver for go7300)

    Thank you


    This has nothing to do with the graphic driver but with energy saver.

    The driver XP Power saver and power saver utility XP are available on the Toshiba page.
    You must install the driver first and then after restart the utility.

    In addition, you need the Hotkey Utility for the FN options works.

    Best regards

  • Replacement key caps.

    I have a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 14 "model which is no longer under warranty and had the arrow down and arrow keys break so that they remain is more locked on. They just pop off when I hit them. I called Lenovo and they don't sell to the keyboard. Online search I didn't find replacement keys either. Even the cheap keyboard replacements, I found are still $70 and I'm not wanting to spend that on this old laptop. Does anyone know where I can get these two spare keys, or those who work? Thank you.

    Looks like missed me the hyphen in the name.


  • Satellite M105-S308: silent acoustic CD/DVD icon appears in the taskbar

    I used my Satellite M105-S3084 for quite awhile (year?) when suddenly for the first time a new icon appeared on my taskbar of Windows XP.

    This is the icon for the acoustic CD/DVD Toshiba muffler.

    Because I've never had this icon appears before (and yes I used my CD player a bit), I became concerned about his sudden appearance.

    What is malware? What could arise? Do I need? Can I stop it from running?

    Thank you.

    > Would be - this malware?
    No, it is not malware. This is as designed Toshiba utility. When you listen to music CDs, you can switch to silent mode, and the DVD player runs very quiet.

    > What could arise?
    It is not easy to explain. This utility usually starts with Windows.

    > Do I need?
    No. I am sure that you can live without this utility.

    > Can stop it from running?
    Yes you can. Either remove you it from the startup folder system or check or even entered in the System Configuration utility, under the Startup tab (start run MSCONFIG).

    Good bye

  • How to get and replace a key on the Satellite A100-522?

    Hey, Toshiba.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A100-522 model No. PSAA2E-01C01EED and one of my shift keys
    has broken below, so I can't use it (the small plastic bar to balance the key is broken
    If the key "blockages". Can I send it for repair to the warranty, and Ive talked to the
    seller, but I don't have the time to send it for repair (no laptop replacement in the meantime).

    Is it possible to get a new key and replace it myself? I know that some other laptop producers do the same thing,
    rather than use a lot of time on repairs, if they are too simple.


    John Reyes

    [email protected]


    Well, it's very easy to replace the keys.
    Please check this thread:

    But if the key is broken you will need to replace the entire keyboard.
    To remove the keyboard, you have to remove the cover plastic thinking above the F keys.
    Under this coverage, you will find 2 crews secure the keyboard
    Remove the two screws and remove the cable from the flat keyboard which is connected to the motherboard.

  • Some of the Satellite A660 - 11 M keyboard keys do not work


    My Satellite A660 - 11 M keyboard does not work properly. Some keys type, others type the wrong letter/number.
    Replace the keyboard usually solves the problem? Keyboards are available for this model?

    Furthermore, juice was accidentally spilled on it weeks, so I guess that's the cause of the problem.
    Thanks in advance.


    Yes, maybe the question is related to the spilled juice.
    I don't think that the replacement of keyboard can help you

    The new keyboard can be ordered from a Toshiba ASP in your country.

    You will find here all ASP world-wide:> support download &-> find an authorized service provider

    Welcome them

  • How to replace the keyboard on the Satellite R830?

    I need to replace the keyboard on my Satellite R830 as the space bar is not registered a press unless you press the middle of the bar.

    New keyboards are available on ebay, but can someone please provide instructions on how it is possible to replace the keyboard. A web search has been fruitless so far.

    Thanks in advance,


    Your warranty is valid?
    In this case contact the ASP in your country to replace the kneeboard, since this would be covered by the guarantee and he would be free of charge.

    As far as I know the keyboard replacement procedure is the same as for Portege R700 series
    It s difficult because you will need to remove the other parts like the
    Battery, sim card, express card slot, modules of memory, base Assembly to gain access to a
    Ribbon of aluminum on the back of the lid Assembly. Then you could cut the lid Assembly face to the top and peel the keyboard joined the insulator.
    And also you can not use the keyboard removed and isolator keyboard again. You will need to use new parts.

  • There is no recovery of replacement key account ID apple under the Security section.  How to make a new recovery key number?

    In the support section for a lost 'recovery' for two-step verification key, he pointed out that a recovery of replacement key can be generated on account of ID apple under the Security section.  However, it is not located there.  How can I make a new recovery key?

    Thank you.

    I just checked and it shows (for me) after I click the button Edit in the Security section. Two possibilities - 1) this is the bottom of the screen on my screen so I need to scroll down to see it and 2) If you scroll further down after clicking on the button Edit in the Security section, does show that the two-step verification is on?

  • Replaced the hard drive and when you try to re - install Windows XP, it says that my product key is not for the USA?

    Old disk hard d800 NG,.
    Replaced hard drive should now load all components.
    XP Pro key = * deleted product key * says isn't for the USA?
    Replacement needed cd?
    All the programs and components and where is the best place to get them.
    Thank you

    original title: D800 REACTIVATION XPPRO

    Hi JohnWillsXB,

    I recommend you contact Microsoft customer support for assistance Service team. They will help you to validate Windows.

    For more information, please visit: how and when to contact Microsoft and support Customer Service?

    Hope the helps of information.

  • Assign special keys on top of the keyboard

    How to assign special keys on top of the keyboard that is to say "My Documents", "My pictures" 'My music' etc. Media, Mail and Web/home buttons seem to work very well, but not these first three.

    OK - I have now installed the PS/2, as suggested - what next drivers please?


    Just to be sure - you have a PS/2 type keyboard and you are * not * using adapters to plug into the computer via USB, correct?  In fact, it is connected to a PS/2 port?

    Technically - if she was going to work - it should work as soon as you have installed the drivers.  I don't think they were ever "programmable" - not without hacking the registry a little.

    May read this article...

    And note these registry entries / this area in the registry:


    'Association '=' mailto'


    ' ShellExecute '=': {20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D} ".


    'Association '=' http'

    Maybe with a little persistence (looking at the ein right located the registry and put in some creative entries) you can get them working again. :-(

    Sorry, I couldn't find more - it is difficult to help with certain things when you can not try it for yourself. Heh

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