Replace the Volume keys?

Hi, is it possible to replace the volume keys (three keys on the side z10)

I create a photo app, and I would like to take a photo when users press the volume keys.

Thank you


You can do this with a MediaKeyWatcher-

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  • Keypad does not and the volume keys not working not

    I had this problem since I got this laptop, the pad and the volume keys don't work.

    I tried to uncheck keys mouse in Control Panel, but they still do not work, I put on a frame, so it makes a noise whenever you click on capslock and numeric keypad. However when I press numlock that noise does not turn on, I just wanted to make sure that there is a way out maybe solve this before I take it to the store.

    Looks like a defective keyboard that should have been replaced under warranty.  It won't be cheap to replace.  You will need a technician because it involves a lot of disassemble very delicate pieces.  Make sure that the technician replaces with the correct part.  There are a lot of almost the same thing available.

  • replace the volume control

    How can I replace the volume control down my taskbar next time


    1 Please reboot nothing so interfere with this process.

    Click with the right button on Taskbar - Properties - tab Notification area - check box Volume - if it is grayed out
    Then, use this link.

    How to enable or disable the system tray in Vista icons (there are several methods
    and you can to use them all).

    If necessary: a Mr Fixit

    System icons do not appear in the notification area in Windows Vista or in Windows 7 until you
    Restart the computer

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • How to remove and replace the missing keys Sat A30

    Hey folk,
    I guess that sounds simple, but I have just no idea.
    Broke and need to replace a couple of keys on my keyboard UK A30. At present, all what I have in place are the rubber bubble popper & locators of metal set in the empty spaces.
    The keys in question are the shift (I have no u lying in spring form) and? + / keys of RHS of KB.

    I have complete German and American replacement KBs, but to remove the necessary keys on the part and repair the United Kingdom KB.

    I don't want to end up with 3 broken KBs

    So I need clear and detailed instructions on removal and then reset the necessary keys.

    Any help or direction to the site that contains this kind of info would be greatly appreciated. Or response message directly by email to

    [email protected]

    Thank you very much.


    I think you should go to a Toshiba Service partner.

    You can find them here:
    Downloads support & - find an approved service

  • Using the Volume keys on keyboard Minimzes full screen video

    I have a DM4 laptop, as well as a desktop computer 480 t, both running Windows 7 (64-bit).  I have the same problem with both.

    Whenever I use they keys on keyboard volume to adjust the volume, all the videos that I have full screen automatically closed full-screen mode to display the volume graph.  It is not specific to any type of video, application, or Web site.  It seems to be present throughout the system.

    Thanks in advance for any guidance and please let me know if any additional info is needed.


    Uninstall the MediaSmart SmartMenu of your system, or uncheck the box to the list of startup as shown below:

    • Click Start .
    • In the search field, type: msconfig and when the option appears in the menu, press enter .
    • In the System Configuration window, click the Startup tab.
    • Find it in the list and uncheck the box.
    • Click OK.

    These steps will be turned off the Visual display.

    If you want to have this kind of future you can use another software that is 3VRX here (version 2.5 for 32/64-bit Win7).


    Here is YouTube video that shows what you can do with this software.

  • Y460P: Cannot replace the delete key

    I removed the delete key, because it was not pressing down correctly. After cleaning the surface under the key, I tried to return the laptop key like what I did with the other keys... Place it in the slot and press downwards.

    However for some reason that the key doesn't cut in place... the left side of the key hangs in the position, but the right side do not hang anything.


    Hey Question,

    hope this will be your answer...


  • Pavilion dv6-2124el: problem with the volume key


    I wanted to know if someone could help me with this question: I have just formatted my laptop and installed Win7 HP 64 bit computer and I can not anymore in order to visualize the volume HP bar on the screen. I tried to install HP Quick Play, quick launch buttons and touch fast, but it does not work. Maybe I installed wrong version? Maybe I missed another driver/software?

    How can I solve this problem?

    Thanks for reading it.


    For your particular laptop volume on the display screen is provided by HP MediaSmart SmartMenu on the following link.  Note:  Make sure that you have installed at least 1 other MediaSmart software before installing this.

    HP MediaSmart SmartMenu

    After the installation is complete, restart the laptop.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Replace the unique key on Satellite L500-128

    Hi all

    Today, I removed the key from my computer toshiba laptop +. When I tried to replace it, I saw that the clip under the key has been broken. So now, I want to know if I can buy the clip so I can connect my key with the keyboard again. I don't want to buy a new keyboard. It's a waste of money, because the rest of the keyboard is in a very good state. I'm from the Netherlands.

    With sincere friendships.



    Maybe it's hard to hear but I think that Akuma is good and you can t replace individual keys only. Only a full keyboard is available and can be ordered and no Exchange, no unique key. The authorized service provider in my country told me that the information

    So I think you need to order a set of keyboard of an authorized service provider.
    But don t worry not about this. Keyboards are not so expensive. ;)

  • Is it possible to assign a replacement or replacing the Volume License Administrator?

    I would like to be able to assign a different "named user" in order to perform necessary VLM tasks during the long absences of work - like illness or vacation.  Doesn't it?

    Hi DEPutman,

    You can absolutely add another administrator to volume license you VLA. You need just email to [email protected] with your contract number and let them know that you want to add.

    Take care!

  • Using the volume keys blackBerry smartphones to see messages on an external display on 8220

    for some reason, this feature sometimes works and sometimes does not work on my phone. I think I have the right settings because it sometimes works.

    someone knows what's the problem?

    Thank you

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    What have you tried to solve the problem?

    Start with a basic battery pull.


    No data will be lost when you do the following: remove the battery while the device is activated. Remplacer replace after one minute, let the device reboot 1-3 min, see if the problem is corrected.

  • How to replace the volumes expired with lower sequence number?

    I have test the expiration policy.

    I have a tape library with two volumes.
    I set the expiration after a certain time policy when writing windows closed.
    LSV-L test_lib
    1: volume mf_test-000001, barcode e61bcfea534e10281bb000b5df3a54e, 4148676704 Ko remaining, expired
    volume 2: mf_test-000002, barcode e6251c26534e10281bb000b5df3a54e, 4148657504 remaining Ko, expires 2011/04/28.11:49

    How the OSB to crush the 1st volume expired when writewindow closed on the 2nd volume (with the lower sequence number)?
    Is this possible without rotation policy?
    If this isn't how to set policy in my case?

    Thank you!

    OSB will automatically overwrite an expired volume when there need a band to write, assuming that there is no media can be added in the media family.

    Thank you


  • Volume keys & mute the keyboard has stopped working

    Title keys: Volume & Mute original
    Windows 7: the volume keys and mute the keyboard stopped working on my desktop, only the key works in market/paused.  I'm using the Panel of key Microsoft 4000 ergornomic.  I've tested the keyboard on another computer, and the volume keys and mute function perfectly.  I plugged the cord of the keyboard in different USB ports on the desktop and even results.

    Maunally dragging the volume slider is very annoying and the speakers all work perfectly.  No reason for volume & mute keys is not working on my desktop computer?

    Thank you for your time to read and answer my question.


    1. don't you make changes on the computer before the show?
    2. you receive an error message?

    Method 1:
    You can download the software and drivers for the keyboard on the manufacturer's Web site and check.

    Method 2:
    Try the steps in the article of the supplied knowledge base and check if the keys work.

    Troubleshoot wired keyboards that do not or only the erroneous characters category

    If the problem persists, you can contact the Microsoft Hardware support for assistance.

  • Win7pro Activation fails after replacing the HDD with SSD on HP Mini 5102, SP1 would be the issue?

    Hi all

    Displays the first time here, be it a Sunday I can't contact customer service...

    I bought my HP a few months ago and had an Indilinx SSD detached from my updates. Think the mini 5102 would be the best place to put the Indilinx (G2 Intel went in the largest notebook).

    After going through the pain of a full reinstall (best way for ssd), , I had the machine works very well with all the updated drivers and updates to the OS, but have obviously forgotten to activate (as it appears on the system properties page). I thought the network would be the best place to get the last of my tasks of re.

    BTW, factory installed Windows 7 Pro 32 bit...

    So I have just run the activation routine and do NOT have! Using the initially installed key.

    1. Could this have caused the bone now have Service pack 1?
    2. Could it be changing right on HARD for one SSD drive?

    Should I call Microsoft or HP?

    (I have the disk HARD original (with intact BONES) for the replacement if necessary).

    With thanks and greetings from the Australia,.


    P45 study | C2q9550 | 8G | Revodrive 120G | DualMonitor | Win7pro64bit
    AwayTeam-G51vx | P9700 | 8G | 80Gssd | 320Ghdd | Win7HP64bit
    Dailytraveller-HPMini5102 | 2G | 64Gssd | CrystalHD | Win7pro32

    The registry key will not work with the installation of OS in retail. It is the volume key OEM HP uses in the production. You have a license attached at the bottom of the laptop key? If so, it is to use.

  • Re: Satellite A10-S100 - how to replace the keyboard?

    I need to replace the card key of my Satellite A10-S100.

    What are the steps I should follow? I have to unscrew all the screws in the back?

    Hi mate,

    You never exchanged a keyboard or any other part of the equipment of a laptop? Well, maybe you should ask a technician for laptop help

    I m not Satellite A10 owner but normally you remove the keyboard first (between the keyboard and display) bracket. Under the keyboard support, you will find a few screw now the keyboard. Remove them and then you can lift the keyboard but be Ume with the cable on the underside of the keyboard.

    Good luck! :)

  • Satellite L850 - 1 H 4 - a strange problem with the FN key


    I have a strange problem on my laptop. When I uninstall my PVAT my start "FN" key works, when I install it it s not working not properly. Its market not only the volume key (F9 and F10) without pressing the "Fn", if I want to press F9 or F10 I have to press FN + F9, even with the rest of the buttons.

    When I install PVAT I have to press FN, so I can use my F keys (e.g. F3 to search on the browser tool, alt + f4 - I have to press Fn + alt + f4), and I can't use real functions like mute, disable Touchpad etc. Use the volume keys only. Y at - it a problem if I run my computer without PVAT, this may affect its performance?

    Where could be the problem and can I fix it? I'm with Windows7 x 64, but the laptop was with no OS when I bought it. And there is a problem with this version, I bought its impossible to install the Pakc3 Service, it s with SP1, can be the problem? I put t know what to do... perhaps I run the laptop without PVAT, sounds good, because the buttons work fine without it, but I don't know if it interacts with something else.

    Thanks in advance!

    Its possible to use the function buttons by pressing another button without the use of the fn or FN.
    This option can be changed in the BIOS.

    Go to the BIOS by pressing F2.
    In the BIOS, choose Advanced-> system configuration Options
    Here you should find the option that allows to change the special function keys which allows you to use the function FN or without button Fn button

    By the way: this theme has already spoken here in the forum several times. therefore recommend that you use the advanced search to Forums before posting new thread

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