Reset chart

Hello, I have the following code in labview and I would like to reset the values of the graphics when the code is run again.

I did it with a historical data on values equal to 0, but the graph is rested, after the first iteration of the while loop, so I'm lossing the first value in the graph, because the first value represented is the second.

How could I solve this problem?

Thank you

If you just do this:

It should work better, if there is no dependence between the while loop and the property nodes that reset your LabVIEW graphics history can 'decide' to do that ever he wants first of all, if there is a dependency (a thread for example) this will force LabVIEW to run the property first node, then the loop.

Hope this helps

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    Hello world

    I'm having a problem with a user interface. : mansad:

    I use a tab with two tabs control to switch between the two graphs. A graph shows data from a production machine (tab 1), the other a data from a measuring probe (table 2). Now, when I switch from tab to tab 2 1 and return, graphic of tab 1 is empty and begins to show the data from the moment of return too tab 1. Tab 2 data are not reset, but are constantly updated, even when the 1 tab is open. I'd like to tab 1 to behave like tab 2. It must be constantly updated even when tab 2 is opened and the data should not be reset after between tabs.

    Making machine is connected via a server (Data tab 1, Figure 1), the data from the probe are written a queue and comes from (Data tab 2, Figure 2). It's all part of the main VI. This part is shown in Picture 3. Here, historical data are reset to zero when the program ends. But I can't understand why it does not work as I want.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you!

    OK, there are very strange things happening here, in addition to the problem you are having (which, I admit, I don't see yet why you have a problem).

    First of all, I've never met such a structure of strange and deeply nested directory for LabVIEW code as what you posted: Users\AB\BC\CD\DE\EF\FG\GH\HI\IJ\.  Why in the world you have an empty stack of sense files / directories to go?  Very, very strange.

    You view multiple charts using waveform graphs.  Do you, indeed, assemble an array of waveforms to display on the chart, but the waveform consists of a single point, 'built' in a table, with a current timestamp as t0.  Instead of going to all these efforts, you can simply group your data points in a Cluster and show that.  Your X axis will not display "Time now", but if you know the sampling frequency, you can adjust the X scale so it displays 'Time' in practical (such as seconds) since the beginning of the sampling units.  Note that you already have one such cluster (at least in the reading process data - the data output Process value - which can be connected directly on the diagram of fluid bed without the need of the Signalverlaufsdiagramm).  It could, in fact, "fix" your problem (but I'll let you test this).  You will need to do a similar Cluster Bundle in sight Parsum data and output the cluster instead of the table in order to test this idea.

    Bob Schor

  • How to reset the chart after a task?


    I use the structure of event producer consumer for my problem, in this case everything works well but I am facing problem after surgery when I press RUN again after having competed a chart of operation does not reset correctly sound also display old measurement simultaneously.

    I want to reset it completely and to display the reading for the new task only.

    Even in the file that is saved after execution of a task is also has a problem that I have his backup data twice in the same file I want.

    How to solve this problem guide please me.

    Thank you very much.

    It asks something much simpler, his problem is not the graph itself - it is simply not resetting (empty) table at the beginning of each case "default".  That's all he needs to do, is attached the vi changed.

    AnkitRamani - as I said in another thread, you must clean your programming (small steps at a time) - functionality of your code is made quite clumsy, you can do all this in a much smaller cleaner LabVIEW code, even if you examine and draw a few relevant examples.


  • How can I reset a waveform chart when I switch from one node to the other?

    It happens every time the part of your code is executed.  Set inside a loop?  Have you programmed specific instances when the graph needs to be reset?

  • Placement of all charts and scale video´s reset to the upper

    After a long day of editing, I saved the project, made video and closed the application. Today I start the app to make some changes and all the graphics and video on the scale that I had placed throughout the video have been reset to the upper corner of the video. They are always updated in the scale to the right size, but the layout is messed up. It was a lot of work to build this project and now I can start all over again.

    Anyone has an idea how/why could this happen?

    information system

    First Elements 10.0 x 64

    new facility, just a pc upgrade

    Win 7

    No third-party codecs and effects

    no error message

    No third party material

    Core i5 3570K, 8GM RAM, SSD drive, no external graphics card

    original material

    -YUV lossless quicktime

    -quicktime mpeg-4 AVC

    -PS CS6 Png

    The layout I did concists of background PNG 1920 x 1080, I created in CS6 PS with a "picture in picture" of the two different video files and also a 'slide show' of png scale synchronized to video files.

    Here you go:

  • Synchronize multiple waveform charts reset

    My main VI has several radical waveform graph, based on the model of continuous measurement and logging. I want to be able to change x axis interval (switch between 10 seconds of data and 3 seconds of data)

    I did by changing the scale X Beach zero min and max to the appropriate sample size and clear history. While this works for each graph, they always ended up timing instead.

    At first I thought that this is because I put it in a ub VI. But all moving in you main vi does not change the behavior.

    Any ideas? Thank you.

    Those who all have to run sequentially in the UI thread well so there is no way to make "Simultaineuosly" HOWEVER, if you the bookends these nodes of property with an Involk of the David FP method updates (True then False) you will see much more what you'd expect.

    Alignment tighter to the 'clear' Histoys would also have to split your p-nodes so do all of them at first and then change all the scales.

  • nowhere to enter pw for a manual installation of Charter E-mail acct

    changed to Charter internet provider and created a Charter email account. Tried to configure thunderbird to access this account. All attempts have failed. It seems that no place to enter my password of Charter Manual Configuration or other means. Mike

    After you verify that all the server settings were correct in Thunderbird I changed the connection to "none" security seeking now to my PW when checking mail. On returning PW 'get mail' worked! Recover security SSL/TLS and see what happens. Update! Security SSL/TLS or 'STARTTLS' reset did not work. Receive messages from the Charter account using 'none' for the connection security. Firefox has assigned automatically SSL/TLS and it was the real problem. Mike
    Once again thanks Matt

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    What have you tried so far? You have:

    -tried logging out and back in to your account on the iPad

    -closed the App Store app (I assume that "Apple App" means that the App Store) via the taskbar of the iPad

    -disconnected and reconnected to your network

    -do a soft-reset/reboot of the iPad

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    Hi JWins,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    I understand that switching between Apple watches has affected the data on your iPhone. In this case, I recommend reading on the following article to ensure that the process that you use to switch watches is identical to what is described in the article. Your progress should update automatically after activation.

    Use more than one Apple Watch with your iPhone - Apple Support


  • Charter & Airport Extreme: random drops/disconnects

    OK, I'm at the end of my mind to try to get the Charter to work with my wifi from the airport...

    After years of strong connectivity, my modem Asus started appearing as "disconnected" Airport utility. I have hard reset the modem, replaced the modem, replaced the coaxial cable to the modem, replaced the 6th gen AirPort Extreme (connected via wan to the modem), hard reset and rebuilt factory default as long as the airport, and the 5th gen Airport (connected by Ethernet at the 6th and in bridge mode) and always keep my modem dropouts or moments where my Airport 6th get suddenly seems to now show activity utility Airport.

    I have connected a laptop directly to the Asus without any problems at all, so it's within my network. But I am confused... And very frustrated.

    I'm including some settings below, but any help would be appreciated... I don't know what has changed.

    Oh, and the two airports are running the latest firmware for their respective models.

    Thank you all!

    For the gen 6 Airport extreme, directly connected to the modem via the Wan:

    • Is connected to the Internet via DHCP
      • Configure IPv6 is set to "Link-Local" only (I have checked and don't see that IPv6 is currently active in my Charter service area)
    • Wireless network mode is "Create a wireless network" and I chose the channels for 2.4 and 5 Ghz that I found to be opened via iStumbler
    • Network has the router Mode DHCP and NAT, with an active lease 365 days DHCP and NAT Port Mapping Protocol

    For the extreme 5th generation of airport, connected by ethernet to the 6th gen:

    • Is connected to the Internet via DHCP
      • Configure IPv6 is set to "Link-Local" only (I have checked and don't see that IPv6 is currently active in my Charter service area)
    • Wireless network mode is "Create a wireless network" and I selected channels for 2.4 and 5 Ghz as the 6th gen
    • Network is set to "Off (bridge Mode)" router Mode

    6th Gen airports have had a lot more problems with the compatibility of the modem that previous generations, so if you have the time... connect the 5th Gen airport to the modem and put in place to do DHCP and NAT to the 6th Gen in bridge... Mode to see how things work out like that.

    Charter do not have active IPv6 yet, but they and about all the other suppliers have been the addition of new equipment and changes to their service. This can be a factor in your connection problems.

    Yes, I'm sure that the Charter will say that this has had no effect at all on their regular service of IPv4... Since the ISP always claim that they have no issues when you ask them about their service.

    If you decide to exchange the Gen 6th and 5th generation, as I suggested above... and you still have trouble connecting... then you are going to have to decide whether to keep the airports and to try another brand of modem... or... keep the modem and try another brand of router.

  • Vertical zoom resets to ZoomToFit

    I work with MS2015 and chart WPH. If I do horizontal zoom and then I want to do vertical zoom, vertical zoom resets the zoom to be ZoomToFit.

    For example, the x axis interval is between 0 and 10 and the axis interval is between 10 and 20, I want to do horizontal zoom to see that the range 3-4 and zoom in this range do it on the y axis to see the 12-13 range, how can I do this?

    Based on the described behavior, I guess you are using either FitVisibleLoosely or FitVisibleExactly for one or two adjusters on your axes? When you do a pan or zoom in one dimension (horizontal or vertical), the WPF and graphic Windows Forms will automatically adjust the other dimension to match the new visible range when you use "fit visible".

    To avoid this behavior, you need to change your setting to a value non-"fit visible" so that you're interacting with the chart. You can do it manually (for example if the interaction occurs only after data acquisition completed), or automatically (for example by using a converter linked to DefaultInteraction change the Adjuster ).

  • Multiple time resets

    This photo shows the ability to reset the time spent with a button. I tried to use a loop for several buttons, but the time does not work. Is the problem with the Subvi sync? Would it not be better to subtract get time in seconds Subvi?

    How does it work?

    Your 3 State button confuses me.  The buttons say On, Off, Reset.  But your button States are on, off, Idle.  So, which converts code where you only compare the State of the button to on.  But also have another table of constants where it is an array of 1 d 8 element 0 and 1.  (Those who want to say?)  But when you make changes where any element of the array is 0, then you assign the entire table 1.  And if no button state = 'On', then you change the table in its entirety to 0.  I think that you will use on those individually for each button.

    Why are you taking a button in 3 States and turning it into two different comparisons 'On' or not and a 0 or 1?

    In addition, given that you initialize your cluster with a time constant of 0, your subtraction more late just give you right now, and not a time timed from a specific point in time.

    I would recommend takes a bit of hindsight and charts how you want the logic of your code to go.

  • Purpose of the "Signal Reset" bulk "Simulate Signal"


    What purpose of the "Signal Reset" in the block "Simulate Signal".

    I searched, which once activated, it affects the default value, which is 0 in the output of the block "simulate Signal".

    But it seems that the functionality of the 'reset' Signal is different.

    On figure 1 - Schematic of my installation with pushbutton "Reset Generator" below on the left.

    On Fig. 2 and Fig. 3 - the output of the 'Simulate Signal' block and some derivatives of signal with 'Reset Generator" OFF and WE accordingly.

    As you indicate, in the case WE , the output is not 0.

    Thanks in advance for the clarification


    Fig. 1

    Fig. 2

    Fig. 3

    The reset is used to "reset" the phase of the signal to its default value when the value 'True '.  If you leave the value of "reset" to "false" and you run the Simulator signal in a loop, you will get a contineous waveform, even when your signal Simulator does not generate a whole number of cycle (combination of signal frequency, sampling frequency and number of samples).  If you set the "reset" to "true" the waveform will be interrupted (the stage will be set to its default value in each iteration).

    Here is an example:

    "RESET" = FALSE, see chart below:

    'RESET' = TRUE, see the chart below:

  • How to reset the graph of mixed signals automatically?

    How do you resets a graph of mixed signals automatically?

    My idea is like that - I'm drawing a chart throughout the day... Then, at 19:00, I want the chart to erase. There will be a break until 06:00. It will therefore start a new graph at 06:00. How can I do this? It seems easy, but I can't find the solution. Thanks in advance!

    redhotsneakers wrote:

    Why local variables are useless?

    It's a missquote, I'm afraid: I didn't say local variables are unnecessary, even if some would align themselves with this statement. I said that they are in your case. In VI you have published everything first, you are passing data from local variable that can be better spent by wire sind, the variables are literally next to each other. While you might get lucky in a program of this size, it can cause a world of problems in a larger application.

    Back to your problem: after watching your new VI, I'd say you're almost there. Separate features in the two loops does not seem necessary. Instead of the value property, you can try the method reinitialize I mentioned earlier, that should do it.

    Then you can add a feature that reinitilizes only once by comparing the range in the previous iteration.

    BTW: this select function is code of rube goldberg. Why not use the Boolean result of the node equal to the cases.

  • Reset the XY graph


    I have a problem with my graph xy, the program receives the data from the excel files and he made several operations after that, I send the results to a xy chart, now I'm trying to reset the graph each 100 iteration to avoid saturation of the data on the chart.

    I tried to do it with shift register, structures of the case and I failed.

    If anyone can help me, I'd appreciate your help.

    I have attached a picture.

    This is what you want?

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