Reset password sent in Indonesian

When you reset my password, I get a notification e-mail that is in Indonesian.

This is no scam, this is the result of reset me with Apple.

Here's what it looks like

There was previously another post on the forum about it, and it was locked. This has happened for months.

What language you have set in your contact preferences on your account in ? If it shows that good then try to set, exit the form, and then change back.

(I don't know what was in the picture that you posted, but it's user forums, is not a good idea to post personal information on a public forum).

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    There are utilities such as Offline NT that can reset passwords. Perhaps it would be easier to just boot into Recovery and reinstall Windows if you don't have any files not to lose you. Recovery will reset the laptop to factory condition. To start the recovery, start typing or by pressing the F11 key immediately after switching on the laptop.

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    Unfortunately, business machines such as Probooks or EliteBook have more strict security consumption patterns - they do not produce "stop codes", the password cannot be derived from the serial number and the code is stored in a nonvolatile memory to remove the RTC cell does not reset the password in this case.

    If you Contact HP Business support they should be able to send you a file custom SMC.bin that you can use to reset the password at startup.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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    Hello! It is quite difficult to understand you.

    To reset the security questions, follow these steps:

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    I got the file smc.bin Support HP to reset the password on my Elitebook 8470 P today.

    After that, I just copied the file on a bootable USB and booted the laptop by keeping Windows Key + up / arrow dn, then press F10, select reset password.

    It worked like a champ, I think your laptop should still be under warranty for this service, also level 1 services will not be much help, you will need to ask the file and request that they raise the service call.

    Hope this helps others in the future.

  • 17 - e049wm: need to reset password BIOS HP Pavilion 17

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    system disabled



    Please see the info on this post which should solve your dilemma.

  • Folio 13: Reset password BIOS - Folio 13 HP

    Reset password BIOS - Folio 13 HP
    System to disable code 70406515

    Steps to follow:
    1. use the posted above unlock code to access the BIOS
    2 disable all passwords that are enabled
    3. If the request for current password - enter the unlock code
    4. for the new password, simply press the ENTER key
    5. repeat the same thing to check the password column.
    6. then exit the BIOS saving & exit option to save the changes.

    Incase if the password does not work please try a Hard Reset as follows.

    1. power off the laptop

    2 disconnect the power adapter and remove the battery

    3 hold the Power button for 30 seconds

    4. connect the power supply/AC adapter (leave the battery for now) & start Notepad

    5. If now see you a password, please type the password I shared front of saaaqaaaqaqqqaqqaaqaaqaaqaqaaaaaame and press on enter

    Hope this helps, for other queries in response to the post and feel free to join us again

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    Make it easier for others to find solutions by checking a response "Accept as Solution" if it solves your problem.

    Thank you
    K N R K
    Although I am an employee of HP, I speak for myself and not for HP

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    Thank you



    Use the code to reset below


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    Is Hotmail or Windows Live Mail email? If this is not the case, contact the mail provider.

    HotMail has its own Forums, so you can ask your questions there.

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    I hope this helps.

  • unlock (reset) password BIOS/CMOS for HP DV7-1250es

    unlock (reset) password BIOS/CMOS for HP DV7-1250es


    Hi @Oficies,

    Use the code to reset below


  • HP Mini 1101 Bios reset password

    Hi, Mr. David,.

    Mr President, I would also get help reset password Bios on my HP Mini 1101

    s/npersonal information edited by moderator)

    Thank you Mr President,

    Reggie S


    Enter: e9lofuqas8 (3rd character is a lowercase L)

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • PC portable Compaq 610: recovery/reset password BIOS of PC portable Compaq 610


    I bought a Compaq610, and I want to update its bios. I downloaded the update, but it took the bios password and I don't have it.

    Can I ask you if there is a way to recover/reset or clear the passoword?

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    Best regards


    How to reset your BIOS or CMOS laptop password?

    You can reset the password of the bios in different door tricks stolen. Here is a list of backdoor stuff:

    1. Reset of backdoor passwords
    2. Reset by software
    3. By the bios jumper reset and solder the bread
    4. The C - MOS battery reset

    Reset password backdoor-

    There are backdoor passwords that make the company bios creates to open menu bios in case customer forget our own password

    At rest by password cracking software.

    We can also delete the bios password by as "' cracking of software. We also use Hirens Boot CD because it's a bootable software that contains a number of diagnostic tools and of an active operating system.

    At rest by bread of rider and welding of the bios.

    You can also break the bios by CMOS jumper. A short circuit the rider up to 20 sec can reset your biospassword. For most rider bios (welding bread) located, close by the ram slot or the CMOS battery.

    To the rest of the C - MOS battery.

    All cmos and the bios setting is stored in the bios chip which has been attached on the motherboard. The main work of the cmos battery are giving a continuous supply of the bios chip to save all the settings. If you unplug or remove the battery for over 5 seconds, the bios setting will reset.

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