Risks associated with digital signatures

We seek to develop a process to use digital signatures on PDF documents, send them by e-mail to a manager of the line, which adds digital signature as a "seal of approval" which then emails to a special processing Department. Are there risks associated with the use of digital signatures in adobe and the General best practices for their use or best practices to mitigate the risks associated with them.


Yes, when you create a self-signed, you are prompted for the password, and you need to re - enter whenever you sign something. In addition, the private key file must be available on the computer used to sign (so just guess that the password doesn't get you very far).

If a document has been signed and the suite changed, information on the State and what a change appears in the Signatures Panel:

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  • sign documents with digital signatures with Adobe Reader DC

    We use the Adobe reader dc for signing documents with digital signatures, but does work well for us.

    Use the digital signature, we have configured so that whenever you use for pin code request. The problem is that when you sign a document with Adobe Reader DC the first time, we used the firm asked the PIN, but the following documents signed what it does is it adds the signature pin, but he does not ask why when valid certificate is not valid.

    Can you help me to always ask the pin code when you want to use the digital signature to sign the document?

    Hi Jumitere12,

    Whenever you sign a PDF by using the digital ID, you will be asked to enter in the PDF file. KB doc. using Acrobat help. Digital IDs

    Kind regards

  • Opening Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in LabVIEW with digital signature of files


    I try to open Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents in LabVIEW (or were then converted into a format that can be opened). After the opening, to fill out checklists can insert a digital signature preset (possibly through an authorisation of user name and password) and save the file while preventing further edit or print a pdf of this report.

    I have a good experience with LabVIEW, but not in this kind of a system.

    I appreciate if someone can point me in the direction to start.

    Thank you very much


    Regarding (1): there is no ActiveX control to view the Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint files. If you want to display these on a front of LabVIEW, so the simplest solution is to use a web browser on the front panel control. This will allow you to provide the path to the file in the URL of the web browser control navigation and the file will be embedded in the browser control. It would be no different than the consultation within Internet Explorer.

    Regarding (2): assuming that you view the document on the front panel, this looks like the basis of LabVIEW programming, so I don't know what you're asking for here, or that you are having problems with.

    With regard to the (3): I must admit that I'm not quite clear on what will be signed. It also seems that the signing and printing of PDF are two distinct objectives here.

  • The file is signed with digital signature is broken, published by: VideoSoft

    When I run the antivirus it comes up with the following legend:

    The file is signed with a digital signature that is broken, published by: VideoSoft



    Thank you

    Hi Charlydue,

    A digital signature is an electronic security mark that can be added to the files. It allows you to verify the Publisher of a file and helps verify that the file has not changed since it has been digitally signed.

    If the file does not have a valid digital signature, has no way for you make sure that the file is actually from the source, of what he wants, or that he didn't has not been tampered with (possibly by a virus) since its publication. It is safer to avoid opening the file unless you know for certain who created it and if the content is safe to open it.

    Even a valid digital signature does not verify the content of the file is harmless. You need to decide if you should trust the contents of the file based on the Publisher's identity and where you download the file from.

    Try upgrading to the latest version of VideoSoft and check if the error disappears. Also, contact the software vendor for assistance.

    Gokul - Microsoft Support

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  • link unwanted e-mail with digital signature

    I created a digital signature in adobe reader and now my email (MAC OX system) wants to access it whenever I have send an email. I deleted my Keychain Access certificate in Adobe utilities but I can't find out how to remove the link to my e-mail system.  Whenever I have email, I get the message that OS X wants to make changes. If I deny I get this message: an error occurred when trying sign this message with a certificate 'my address e-mail here. Check that your certificate to this address is correct, and that his private key is in your keychain.

    Even if the certificate was there, I got this message. I loop so back to first ask for your permission changes. I never asked Adobe to start to sign my emails and cannot understand it. Help

    just worked out--Phew!

  • Touch player with Digital Signatures with reader certificates?

    When Adobe Reader Touch is the ability to create and verify Digital Signatures with certificates.  I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for use at home with the Reader Touch and we use Adobe Reader XI on the systems at work.  I need the opportunity to sign and verify signatures on documents sent to work, is there a solution for this platform?

    Hi Peter,.

    For similar functions, you can try the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on your MS Surface 3 Pro. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC install for all versions.

    Let me know in case if you encounter any problem.

    Kind regards


  • Dynamic PDF with Digital Signatures?

    LCD display 9 - Acrobat 9 standard/Pro

    Looking for the definitive answer on this one. My PDFs need to be both dynamic and use digital signatures. For now, I also design with GIS digital multi static and treat small forms and this via a portfolio.

    It would be nice if I could design a form that has two fluid sections (think added rows of a table dynamically using script, or even simple textfields that expand as you fill them via content areas sank) and these digital signatures. As soon as I do this dynamic PDF signatures are invalidated immediately that the form displays the changes.

    Is there a work around? Part of the process that I have to design for need fields flowed, and require all of the digital signatures on the form.  We use the Entrust security for GIS num - and this won't change, so cannot use inherent Adobe signature security methods.

    Thank you


    Hi Jim,.

    I have attached a dynamic XFA PDF file that contains fields of signature that I mocked upward. Open in the Designer Forms and you can see how it's built.


  • RISKS associated with the absence of a SYS logs for newspapers and ESXi host newspapers vCenter Server

    What is the inherent risk to not configure a server of SYS logs. The sys normal newspapers configured in the data store have a maximum

    amount of storage restrictions or it develops utlize the configured size of the data store. Thank you very much for your answers.

    Locally stored logs to rotate and do not grow very big at all. I see no technical risk associated to this as filling a data store, etc.

  • Security risks associated with backups

    If an administrator has all the privileges of a backup such as Veeam servers infrastructure, technically a VM could be saved somewhere, it shouldn't be, or restoration work could be done in a place where it shouldn't be, so that the virtual machines can be compromised.  As a point of reference for Vmware infrastructure, my security target level is 2 risk profile.  What should I do and how I have to go to secure backup infrastructure?


    The only way to get control is to limit what the admin account can do on the restoration. That is, anywhere read nice things, but writing in specific data warehouses. You can make and take control. In this way it is impossible to restore without going to specific locations.

    Best regards
    Edward L. Haletky
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    Author of the books ' VMWare ESX and ESXi in the business: Planning Server Virtualization Deployment, Copyright 2011 Pearson Education. ' Of VMware VSphere and Virtual Infrastructure Security: securing the virtual environment ', Copyright 2009 Pearson Education.

    Virtualization and Cloud Security Analyst: The Practice of virtualization, LLC - vSphere Upgrade Saga - virtualization security Table round Podcast

  • How to get Adobe to fix a bug with Digital Signatures and portfolios?

    There is a bug in Adobe Acrobat.  I don't know when it was introduced, but in a few months.  I can sign is more numerically the PDF portfolio.  I don't think that anyone using Adobe Acrobat Pro XI can sign a portfolio.  I reported it to Adobe 11 days.   Every day, I check and I can't get an answer on when they will solve this problem. All I hear is the " issue has grown to our main support team."   This prevents me from doing things that are important to me.

    Does anyone know how to attract the attention of Adobe to fix a bug?  climbing the priority?  If enough people's complaint, is get fixed?

    Don't expect bugfixes in days. If Adobe agree that this is a bug and give priority to fix and the report was at the right time, it can be fixed in 3 months or more, but 6 months is most likely. Only security vulnerabilities would be on a different cycle. This isn't an official response, but a guess based on the observation of Adobe (it's faster than a few years where there was in general that a single bug fix release in each new version, maybe a year apart).

    Certainly, reports of errors more real increase in priority.

  • Windows Update of digital signature is invalid

    Windows 7 - recurring question with digital signature not found

    Unable to make updates or downloads from anywhere


    1. what updates you trying to install?
    2 How long have you been faced with this problem?
    3 did you recent hardware or software changes to your computer before this problem?

    4. What is the accurate and complete error message?

    I suggest you try the steps outlined in the article below and check out them.

    Also check if your system displays the date and time.
    Reference: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Set-the-clock

    Thanks and greetings
    Umesh P - Microsoft technical support.

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  • Digital signature field

    I can't find the Digital Signature field in MS.

    I have created a form for a client who wants to capture a Digital Signature.

    In the form toolbar prepare there is 'Add a Signature' and 'add a signature block '. I have used these and define the field as "signature", but when I open the form in Reader, the field accepts just plain text. I used before digital signature field and it always comes with the red marker on the ground.

    This option is no longer in DC, or am I missing something?

    Thank you


    What you have done is created a form that is compatible with the services of E-sign of Adobe (Adobe sign, electronic signaturesonline, formerly EchoSign |) Adobe Document Cloud ), which is quite different and incompatible with digital signatures. In form editing mode, select the button "More" and select "Return to Acrobat Form". You will then be able to add a digital signature field.

  • How can I exclude a field and "print" of the digital signature key


    I have a form and it has a 2 signature fields (1 staff) and 1 for the security principal. This form also have a text box that principal put his comment after the signature of the staff! At the moment when staff sign its document, all fields of blocking and not able to put his comment on the main document. After you sign the button to print the form of document also does not. How can I solve that?

    Thank you


    You can configure objects that are associated with each signature collections. Go to object > palette of Signature where you can add and manage collections.

    There is an example here: https://acrobat.com/#d=zYfWoMpI5j9CmHa57Ym9hA. This has three signature fields.

    Hope that helps,


  • The file is signed with a digital signature that is broken, published by: Mozilla Corporation.

    My anti-virus gives me the following message is displayed:
    "C:\Users\MArendas\Downloads\Firefox Setup 13.0.exe"; "The file is signed with a digital signature that is broken, published by: Mozilla Corporation. « ; » »
    Why and what do I do about it?

    Go to your download folder (click Start, click the account name above 'documents' then click on 'Downloads'. Remove it from there.

  • Problem with the digital signatures of workers govt

    If I get emails quite frequently NAVAIRSYSCOM workers via my e-mail from work which is the right company, no Government excuseraient. On my last phone an orginal Droid, a few emaisl would tell me there was a problem with the digital signature for e-mails, but I always saw the e-mail itself.

    Since switching to the Maxx HD, I can see no longer the body of emaisl to these people. All I get is a "impossible to decrypt this message." It is not every person govt, but enough that it is very frustrating. Any ideas on how to work around this problem? and I know that the message is not encrypted, I can see fine by Exchange and we are app.

    We have a couple of our team focuses on similar issues. Passing this along.

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