Safari and Firefox Log-in problems

I have problems to connect to some Web sites.  In particular, Facebook and Spotify.

When I open either my wife login/password details are displayed.  I change mine by changing my user name and then selecting my details in the automatic fill pop - up. AutoFill completes the password for me. When I click on the "connect" button or either of these Web sites, instead of my contact information is passed to the site Web and my version, opening, the connection details get switched back instantly on the IDs of my wife and get his version of web pages instead.

To add to this, Spotify now goes directly to the newspaper to my wife and no longer gives me the ability to insert my own login information.

I'm under El Capitan on an iMac nine (iMac retina 5K, 27 inches, end of 2015) which has just migrated from a backup Time Machine created by my mid 2007 iMac who unfortunately died last week. This re-switch ID problem didn't happen on my old iMac.

Only a few sites present me this problem so far.

Is there a setting I need to adjust to prevent the connection back to the details of my wife?

Disconnect from Spotify first, then sign in with your user name and password. In type manually.

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    Get rid of the redundant support directly in front of the css selector and see what happens:



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    Try to run this program, copy and paste the result in a response. The program was created by Etresoft, a regular contributor.  Use please copy and paste the screenshots can be difficult to read. On the screen with the Options, please open Options and tick the boxes in the bottom 2 before the race. Click on the button "Report share" in the toolbar, select "Copy to Clipboard" and then paste into a response. This will show what is running on your computer. No personal information is shown.

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    The extension does not hide the toolbars?

    On Mac in mode full screen isn't really full screen and don't cache not toolbars like on Windows and Linux.

    There are extensions to hide specific toolbars if you can't do via "view > toolbars".

  • does not correctly load in safari (and firefox), but he does it in chrome

    I have problems loading of the and sometimes .com on Safari on my mac and also in Firefox. But the web even chrome load perfectly.

    It is the only web that I have problems up to now and is not a related problem of expansion because I don't have extensions in firefox and the same problem occurs there.

    Does anyone have an idea of what's going on? It seems that something in relation to the css.

    The really strange thing is... I try to load on safari and do not load correctly, I reload and reload and does not load correctly. Then I load in loads of Chrome perfectly and after that I try to load in safari (or firefox again), then load it. :-/ This does not always happen, but then sometimes drive me crazy.

    Thanks for any help in advance.

    Make sure your OS X software is up-to-date.

    Click on your Apple  top left of your screen.

    In the drop-down menu, click on: software update

    That should launch the App Store.

    If you see an update for OS X El Capitan and Safari, install these updates, restart your Mac and try Huffington Post on Safari and Firefox.

  • What is happening with the site. ? On Safari and Firefox, the pages to download the free trial version, or purchase happen as white?

    What is happening with the site. ? On Safari and Firefox, the pages to download the free trial version, or purchase happen as white?

    You can also download the trial version of the software through the page linked below
    Don't forget to follow the steps described in the Note: very important Instructions in the section on the pages of this site download and have cookies turned on in your browser, otherwise the download will not work correctly.

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    I worked in Dreamweaver CS5, my pages are all works well in all browsers it's just the size that is different and I can't understand why.

    The sites do not live yet, but here is the code:

    < html >

    < head >

    < title > Homepage2 < / title >

    < meta http-equiv = "Content-Type" content = text/html"; charset = iso-8859-1 ">"

    <!-save for Web of Styles (Homepage2.tif - slices: 03, 06, 09, 12, 16, 18, 22, 25, 31, 35, 38, 41, 47, 50, 54)->

    < style type = "text/css" >



    position: relative;

    left: 0px;

    Top: 0px;

    Width: 1400px;

    height: 1000px;



    Width: 1400px;

    position: relative;

    margin: 0 auto;



    position: absolute;

    left: 819px;

    top: 11px;

    Width: 497px;

    height: 251px;



    position: absolute;

    left: 442px;

    top: 19px;

    Width: 308px;

    height: 439px;



    position: absolute;

    left: 28px;

    top: 48px;

    Width: 389px;

    height: 507px;



    position: absolute;

    left: 767px;

    top: 237px;

    Width: 33px;

    height: 18px;



    position: absolute;

    left: 819px;

    top: 262px;

    Width: 299px;

    height: 82px;



    position: absolute;

    left: 1118px;

    top: 262px;

    Width: 273px;

    height: 186px;



    position: absolute;

    left: 750px;

    top: 344px;

    Width: 47px;

    height: 46px;



    position: absolute;

    left: 807px;

    top: 349px;

    Width: 215px;

    height: 99px;



    position: absolute;

    left: 1037px;

    top: 355px;

    Width: 53px;

    height: 43px;



    position: absolute;

    left: 1045px;

    top: 448px;

    Width: 77px;

    height: 74px;



    position: absolute;

    left: 1122px;

    top: 448px;

    Width: 269px;

    height: 205px;



    position: absolute;

    left: 689px;

    top: 489px;

    Width: 69px;

    height: 342px;



    position: absolute;

    left: 632px;

    top: 494px.

    Width: 57px;

    height: 21px;



    position: absolute;

    left: 633px;

    top: 519px;

    Width: 56px;

    height: 22px;



    position: absolute;

    left: 1118px;

    top: 522px;

    Width: 4px;

    height: 131px;



    position: absolute;

    left: 829px;

    top: 565px;

    Width: 264px;

    height: 419px;



    position: absolute;

    Left: 5px;

    top: 592px;

    Width: 620px;

    height: 378px;



    position: absolute;

    left: 1121px;

    top: 661px;

    Width: 266px;

    height: 321px.



    < / style >

    <! - end Save for Web Styles - >

    < / head >

    < body style = "background-color: #FFFFFF;" margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; left margin: 0px; margin-right: 0px; ">

    <!-except for Web slices (Homepage2.tif - slices: 03, 06, 09, 12, 16, 18, 22, 25, 31, 35, 38, 41, 47, 50, 54)->

    < div id = 'wrapper' >

    < div id = "Table_01" >

    < div id = "Homepage2-03" > < a href = Source/Gallery_Street.html"" > < img src = "Images/Homepage2_03.png" width = "497" height = "251" alt ="" > < / a > "

    < / div >

    < div id = "Homepage2-06" >

    < img src = "Images/Homepage2_06.png" width = "308" height = "439" alt ="" > "

    < / div >

    < div id = "Homepage2-09" > < a href = Source/Lions.html"" > < img src = "Images/Homepage2_09.png" width = "389" height = "507" alt ="" > < / a > "

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    < div id = "Homepage2-12" >

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    < img src = "Images/Homepage2_38.png" width = "57" height = "21" alt ="" > "

    < / div >

    < div id = "Homepage2-41" > < a href = Source/Contact.html"" > < img src = "Images/Homepage2_41.png" width = "56" height = "22" alt ="" > < /a > "

    < / div >

    < div id = "Homepage2-43" >

    < img src = "Images/Homepage2_43.png" width = "4" height = "131" alt ="" > "

    < / div >

    < div id = "Homepage2-47" >

    < img src = "Images/Homepage2_47.png" width = "264" height = "419" alt ="" > "

    < / div >

    < div id = "Homepage2-50" >

    < img src = "Images/Homepage2_50.png" width = "620" height = "378" alt ="" > "

    < / div >

    < div id = "Homepage2-54" >

    < img src = "Images/Homepage2_54.png" width = "266" height = "321" alt ="" > "

    < / div >

    < / div > < / div >

    <!--end Save for Web Slice components-->

    < / body >

    < / html >

    I found that if I do more kid either by changing the wrapper or by exporting a smaller size of photoshop, size is fine on Safari and Firefox, but really small on Chrome. Prefer bigger but smaller would be so awesome if there was something I could do to make them all the same...

    Help. Thank you

    Since we cannot see your images without a link to your work in progress, my guess would be your zoom settings in these browsers are on something other than 100%.

    You also get yourself shot in the foot in a significant way with the absolute positioning of all that. APDivs have been removed from the DW in the new versions because Adobe has finally came to their senses and stopped allowing the marketing department to dictate how the design should be made.

  • Slow Safari and Firefox ping

    Hi all

    I use Safari 9.1 than my normal browser and OS X on a MacBook Pro late 2013 10.11.4.

    I tested my internet speed ( on all devices and noticed that my 6s iPhone and iPad 2 air both iOS 9.3.1 ( app) had a ping of less than a third of that of the MacBook Pro.

    Then I tried Google Chrome 49.0.2623.112 (64-bit) and the speed is as fast as with iOS devices. Then I went 45.0.2 Firefox and it was as slow as Safari again.

    For the last test, I disabled all extensions in Safari, but has not made a difference.

    Is there a setting to speed up Safari on OS X, his counterparts of iOS? I would rather not use Chrome on battery because I lose an hour of battery time.

    Thank you all for your help.

    Safari/Preferences/Advanced - activate the menu to develop it, then go ahead and empty Caches. Quit/relaunch Safari and test. Then try Safari/history/Show History and remove all items from the history.  Quit/relaunch Safari and test. You can also try try Safari/Clear History... The downside is that it deletes all cookies. It could upset some sites no longer recognizes your computer as one that has visited the web site. Go to Finder and select your user folder. With this Finder window as the windshield, select Finder/display/display options for presenting or order - J.  When the display options opens, check "show the library folder. This should make your visible user library folder in your user folder.  Select Library./Caches/, and then move it to the trash.

    Go to Safari preferences/Extensions and disable all extensions. Test. If correct, enable the extensions one by one until find you which extension is causing the problem.

    Corruption Safari       See post by Linc Davis

  • I would like to use Safari AND firefox, how can I achieve this?

    For some things that I have to be able to use Safari and would like to know if you can help me to do it without getting rid of Firefox.
    Thanks, Bneeds

    Which browser is currently configured as the default browser?

    If Firefox is set as the default browser, then it is possible that the links that open the default browser will now open Firefox.

    You may need to reset the default browser Safari.

    • Safari > Preferences > general > default Web browser > 'default web browser '.
  • I have a late model Intel iMac. Is it possible to have two browsers Firefox at the same time? Currently, I have Safari and Firefox. I prefer Firefox. Thank you!

    I have an Intel iMac. I use Safari 5.0.5 and Firefox 9.0.1. I would use two browsers Firefox, is it possible? With Firefox, I'm not followed. I like my privacy! I followed with Safari. I have a new app called 'Cookie', and I discovered how rampant the follow-up is with Safari. What happened to privacy? Is this too much to have a little bit of life private? In any case, thanks!


    See also:

  • png in Safari and Firefox rendering problem


    My ISP told me that their servers with no problems with png coating.

    But the same image in jpg or gif format, makes it very well on the line, while the png is simply not seen by browsers although Cyberduck and cPanel confirm their existence.

    I tried to save for web and devices in two 3 versions of Photoshop and Illustrator cs without making any changes to default values that you select the file type in the upper part.

    I've also trashed the prefs in artificial intelligence to see if that helps.

    Does anyone have an idea on how to make the pngs work?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Gordon Eddey


    The fact that we can see the images on the forum said that is not an image problem, but I would still recommend that you use image ready to export for the web (or fireworks, if you have this program is even better) it should be possible to reinstall just image ready without having to reinstall the entire suite simply by inserting the disk in the drive and selecting the program itself, you may have to uninstall photoshop and then reinstall photoshop, because I think that they are both part of the installation of photoshop, but don't quote me on that I could well be wrong.

    When downloading, I loaded the folder integer img_links_png, rather than load each image separately using Cyberduck when the files show as well as in cPanel.

    Erase the images on the server, (let the record) can download the images separately, as the problem seems to be that somehow your files be corrupt everything by downloading. Have you tried to download using dreamweavers ftp, or by using an alternative ftp such as filezilla, (firefox plugin) program?


  • I get the following message when you use Safari and Firefox. Works in Chrome: "we're sorry, the link that brought you to this page is not valid."

    I'm working with my bank account online and I get to the homepage very well. When I select the online banking, estatements, I get the following message when it tries to link to the electronic statement page.
    "We're sorry, the link that brought you to this page is not valid." Chrome has no problem displaying this page, but Firefox and Safari gives me the same message.

    Note that I posted this already above, but don't not checked if she was tried.

    You may need to allow cookies from third party (visited or all).

    To view the history settings and cookies, choose:

    • Firefox > Preferences > privacy > Firefox will be: "use the custom settings for history".
  • Printing with Safari and Firefox

    Lately, some sites say that they do not support older SAFARI browsers. When I print something, print is extremely low, even with a new print cartridge.

    When I print with FIREFOX, printing is crisp but the print menu displays the pages. Therefore, I'm not able to select the pages I want to print. Is there a solution?

    Firefox uses its own printing Panel and has a button down, which will display the details display or hide details (abbreviated Panel). The ability to print _ to _ is available on the largest panel display details.

  • YouTube video on mac osx Lion Safari 6 and Firefox 14.1 chills


    I use Mac OS x Lion 10.7.4 on a brand-new book of Mac of retina and have installed the latest version of flash 11.3.300.268

    My YouTube video shiver very strongly on 6, Safari and Firefox 14.1

    If I uninstall Flash it no more - shivers on my old MBP with Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and Flash version all works very well.

    ... so I guess that flash should have any problem with Lion?

    Thanks in advance for your ideas if I change any parameter or if there is a bug.

    There are some known problems with the macs of the retina, but these should be present in all versions 11.2 and 11.3 players and I've not seen anything video specific.  Could you try to install our 11.4 beta version to see if that makes a difference?

    07/08/2012 - flash Player 11.4 Beta 2

  • Copy bookmarks from Safari to Firefox - I like to use two browsers!

    I was looking for a "Import bookmarks" feature in Firefox so my Safari and Firefox bookmarks will be the same. I like to use two browsers, because they work sometimes differently with various websites.
    An example: HP Velotechnik in Germany manufactures Recumbents of high-end and trikes. They have a 'configurator tool' which opens only in the latest version of Firefox. It will not open in Safari. (A Java problem, I think)
    I'm on Mac OS 10.7.2 on an iMac and a MacBook Pro.

    The question is how can I import my Safari bookmarks in Firefox.

    Thank you

    Nick Prahl

    You can find the entry menu import into the Manager of bookmarks (library)

Maybe you are looking for