Satellite A300-1OM webcam failure

A week ago the notebook above had a motherboard (fried component) failure while I was on Skype with my webcam in use. A technician managed to fix the motherboard and the laptop is now fully operational with the exception of my built-in webcam which are more detectable by the computer.

The technician suggested that he may have forgotten to cut the cable of the webcam in his motherboard slot when put the laptop back together. Since I'm capable of dismantling of the majority of my laptop, I want to check it myself to save time two round-trip to the store of the computer again. Does anyone know where I should look in Notepad (illustrations would be great) to check the connection of the webcam with the rest of the computer?

If not, would it be possible that my webcam broke during the original motherboard failure since it was used during the failure of my motherboard? I also checked for drivers to update on the toshiba site, but could not find one for my laptop for Windows 7 64 bit.

Note, I got Windows 7 64-bit before the crash so I don't think that this is a software problem as for many other Webcam A300 problems posted on this forum.

Thanks for reading, I hope you can help!

> Does anyone know where I should look in Notepad (illustrations would be great) to check the connection of the webcam with the rest of the computer?

Because the webcam is a part of the cover frame and all the cables would be placed behind the plastic cover, you need to remove the cover to access the cables but don t ask me for more details because I m A300 not owner but only the U400 which is equipped with this webcam too

However, in your case I would risk any damage to laptop, which can happen due to bad disassembly!
It is perhaps best to s to make a short trip to the service.

> If not, would it be possible that my webcam broke during the original motherboard failure since it was used during the failure of my motherboard?
It is also possible, but in this case, the technician who replaced the motherboard should be responsible for this

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  • Re: Satellite A300 (PSAJ4E) - Webcam driver open fail

    I had to replace the hard drive on my PSAJ4E of the A300 and when I reloaded Vista 32 and install all drivers hardware Toshiba everything went well except for a Chicony webcam.

    The side menu is there but it won't work, giving a "driver webcam open fail." "Please restart camera or computer" error.

    I updated the Bios to 4.20
    I first used the original Toshiba, the 20080428125023 webcam driver download (V1.07.175).
    I tried with 'closed the cover 3/4 '.
    I have searched and read dozens of similar problems. I've tried a few, even edit the ini setting. Nothing helps.
    I even tried drivers XP (V1.7.144.0611), 32-bit and 64-bit versions and even a driver from the gateway. Nothing seems to work for this cam.

    What now?

    I also now get "the requested section is not found in the INF file" when I try to uninstall and reinstall the driver through Device Manager.
    I have the choice of
    all give the same error...


    There is already a thread on Satellite A300 and webcam driver which could be useful for you:

    Check this box!

  • Where to buy Satellite A300-1OM

    I found the laptop perfect for me.
    It's Sat A300-1OM, but the site of tosh, he says only available at Staples.

    When I go to the website of Staples, they have only one of the models of Toshiba laptops.
    It is really annoying because it is perfect.

    Anywhere, anyone know where they sell a?


    I googled a little bit and it seems that the Satellite A300-1OM was released in UK, Germany and Austria.
    I think that there should be no problem to buy this laptop at different dealers in these countries.

    Maybe you should also google to find some online dealers...

  • Satellite A300-1OM - no sound on TV with HDMI

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A300 1OM and also a HD in Toshiba TV with HDMI input ports.

    I recently bought a HDMI cable to HDMI and attached the laptop to the tv and turned the TV to HDMI channel, and the cell phone confirmed making the sound "new device attached".

    However, when I try to use the Fn + F5 and output to the tv, nothing happens. When I choose to use the TV as an external monitor to the tv shows the external display, but only covers the center of the TV, just a little larger than my screen laptop, instead of the full screen, as I had hoped. The sound also remained on the laptop instead of my tv speakers.

    Then I tried the "HDMI output" software that came with the laptop computer, and only got the message "it is only effective when the PC is connected to a TV set that supports HDMI control via the HDMI cable.

    Finally, I tried the graphics options to click with the right button on the desktop and choosing to watch out, and then using the graphic properties that I managed to increase the resolution on TV, until he was almost the entire screen, but not entirely and again the sound only came out of the laptop.

    I'm hoping to be able to watch video files from my laptop HD, but it seems that the video output on my TV is always one notebook quality rather than the HD as I had hoped... I tried to watch "Lost.S05E11.720p.HDTV.x 264 - CTU.mkv" once I have wouldn't finally gone out my laptop to HD TV to a nearly full screen size, but does not recognize the difference between the video on TV and laptop.

    Can anyone help? I have read several other similar posts, I checked the BIOS and is enabled in the HDMI display section, but still could not resolve my problem.

    Thank you!


    > I hope to be able to watch my laptop HD video files, but it seems that the video output on my TV is always only quality rather than HD specification
    > does not recognize the difference between the video on TV and laptop.

    Do you know what that means HD quality?
    HD TV supports a maximum resolution of 1280 × 720 px and full HD means that the TV would be able to show HD movies using the resolution of 1920 × 1080.
    A simple old TV supports a resolution of 768 x 576.

    Each screen of the laptop is able to show HD videos in HD quality because the screen supports the same or greater resolution!
    So you will not notice any difference on laptop or HD TV HD quality video game!

    In addition the sound does not come through the speakers of the TV because you didn t, choose the HDMI port as the default audio output (device).

    Check this step by step instruction:
    Click Start
    Control Panel
    Material and audio
    Audio/digital output device (HDMI)
    Click the set as default

  • Satellite A300-1FP - webcam Chicony Win 7 64 bit - driver open failed


    I recently did a clean install of Windows 7 64 bit on my Toshiba Satellite A300 1FP. I was surprised how well it went. The only thing missing was a Windows 7 for a Chicony Webcam driver. A number of people on these forums have suggested the use of 64 bit Vista driver. I tried several times to do this work. I deleted the entry of startup, deleted and resinstalled the driver from Device Manager, etc. Everything I found on these forums that I have tried.

    None of this works. I keep getting the error message "failure of the Webcam driver open. Please restart camera or computer. »

    Even with the 'camera' Wizard the Chicony camera is really terrible. A I know before I bought the machine, I would have chosen otherwise. Too late now. Without the wizard, you only have the driver supplied with Windows 7 that allows you to use the camera, but unless you have quality Hollywood light video is so dark it is almost unusable. The "camera assistant" had at least one dose of reminder for darker rooms.

    I don't know why Toshiba never used this device in the first place.
    There are a lot of people with this same exact problem seeking help in the forums for their system.

    If anyone knows how to handle this I'd appreciate it really your. Toshiba, if you listen, what were you thinking?



    Just a quick question: have you tried that?
    [Why an error message "driver Open Webcam fail.] Restart the computer or the camera? |]

    In addition, it would be interesting to know if the same thing happens with the factory settings. You can check this please?

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A300 PSAG4A: Webcam not detected in Device Manager

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A300 PSAG4A 02L00M with Vista Home Premium 64-bit.
    The webcam is not working and it is not detected in Device Manager.
    When I install the Chicony camera drivers, I get the "Webcam driver open fail. Error message.

    The fact that I can't see the Webcam in Device Manager tells me that there may be a hardware failure.
    However, I hope that this is a setting that I can fix myself.

    I had restored the laptop to factory also and I've updated the bios.
    I tried to uninstall all the USB controllers and reboot the PC.

    Is there something I can do?
    It's maybe a software problem?
    There may be a setting?

    Best way to test the operation of the equipment is to check with the factory settings installation operating system with the Toshiba recovery image. As I see that you have done this already.

    So if cam still doesn't work properly, I fear that there is a problem with the hardware.
    It cannot be matter of software because the recovery image contains the driver for the cam.

  • Satellite A300 - error: "webcam driver open fail.


    I have a Toshiba Satellite A300-1SM computers upgrade to Windows 7 (32-bit), and since yesterday, the webcam gives me problems. Does not work.
    Is a Chicony Webcam, built inside the computer. Has suddenly stopped working. The following error message appears: "webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or system. "
    I have not touched or anything installed. It happened the day after.

    I tried to restore the computer to an earlier date and it worked for a few minutes... but it failed again and pops up the same error.

    I wonder what I have to do to return to 'recover' my webcam.

    Thanks in advance.



    There is a lot of discussion here in the forum about webcam driver problem, and you should read those discussions:𸹘𸪔𸿉

    Problem is that I can t say more about it because the error never happened the same I use my webcam often enough but no problem at all. :)

    Anyway, if you have other questions you can post again ;)

  • Satellite A300-1NO - webcam does not work, but the LED lights


    I have a laptop Satellite A300-1NO, with Win 7 installed. My problem is that my webcam does not work always, when I want to use it. Sometimes, it works perfectly in Skype, WLM etc... but sometimes I see a white or a black screen with a 'loading circle' in there. Blue is the LED light, I can see it in Device Manager too, but there is no picture, just 'loading '. I tried to uninstall the driver and then reinstall it, I installed the new "camera Assistant for Toshiba", without success.

    Is there any solution for this?

    > Is there any solution for this?
    I put t think there is solution for this. If I understand you right there is a problem with software pre-installed. It is not easy to say why this is happening.

    I have Satellite A300 too and use it with Win7 32 bit. Webcam works fine all the time.

    One more thing: have you noticed this problem in the first moments after installing Win7 or later?
    Have you installed something that may be the reason for this?

  • Satellite A300 - Chicony webcam does not work after upgrade to windows 7

    I'm frustrated so I came here to see if anyone knows a way to help solve this problem.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A300, which came with Windows Vista 64 - bit pre-installed. After about a year or two to have the laptop, I decided to upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit. In the process, I believe that the driver of my webcam (Chicony usb 2.0 camera) has been eliminated.

    When I go into the Device Manager in the Control Panel, the webcam is not listed; nor is "imaging devices."

    I tried to download the driver manually, but I get an error message "Webcam open fail." Restart the computer or the camera. »

    My computer has registered my webcam as 'unknown device '.

    If anyone knows how to solve this problem, please, I beg you, let me know.

    > My computer has registered my webcam as 'unknown device '.
    > I tried to download the driver manually, but I get an error message "Webcam open fail." Restart the computer or the camera. »

    This means that the the webcam driver is not installed correctly.
    Visit the page of European driver of Toshiba and install the software/driver webcam just for this model of laptop.

    If the installation fails, restart the laptop and the tent.
    This should solve the problem.

  • Satellite A300-1J1 - webcam freezes

    My built in web camera freezes after 20 seconds of use (even no registration, just to be on) and then takes a few pictures every 10 to 40 seconds. It is never used to freeze so I was wondering maybe I needed to download new software, but I couldn't find anything.
    I checked all the system requirements and they are all filled.



    To be honest I m wondering about this question. I have the Satellite A300 too and yesterday all night I used the camera for video calling my friend. I never had a problem and I was surprised of the image quality quite well.

    Regarding your problem, you should try to update the driver for the webcam that you can find on the Toshiba site: > support & downloads > Download Driver

    But before installing the new version, you must remove the old one. Restart the computer and then install the latest version.

    I hope that helps! :)

  • Satellite A300 - driver webcam and Windows7


    I have Toshiba Satellite A300-146, model No.: PSAJ0E, 1 GB of RAM, Intel Dual core 1.87 processor, chipset Mobile Intel (r) 965 family.

    Now I use Windows7 trial version... I can install all drivers of vista, including the driver of the webcam... I can't open the camera assistant software. If I opened, it says 'Webcam driver open fail. "Please restart camera or computer. However, I can open webcam on yahoo messenger...

    How can I open the software assistant camera...?

    Help me..

    Don't think it's really a problem?
    I doubt that this is because Windows 7 is only a trial version and it is not a version of the end.

    Toshiba is not compatible Windows 7 beta and so you should do a downgrade to Vista or XP. Then your problem should be solved.

    Good luck!

  • Satellite A300-1LT - Webcam driver for Windows 7


    I have a problem with my the right webcam driver after installing Windows 7 on my Satellite A300-1LT, I got win XP before and it works great. In downloads is available just for xp, vista 32-bit and 64-bit driver (I tried with the same results). Webcam app windows startup and gives me a msg of error that I have to reinstall or install new drivers of webcam. Webcam works for example. buth Skype with (very) poor quality.

    I tried to find wich cam comes (chicony?) also but nothing.

    Does Enyone else has experienced this problem and how to resolve? Help, please...

    Hi glava11,

    As far as I know that you can also use the Satellite A500 webcam driver because it s equipped of webcam Chicony too.

    So take a look for A500 downloads. There, you can find Windows 7 driver for webcam that should work on your model too.

    Check this box!

  • Satellite A300-276 - Webcam driver open fail


    I need someone to help me.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A300-276 with integrated webcam.
    The operating system that came when it was purchased windows vista, but lately for some reasons, had to format and then took the time to install win 7 (32-bit).

    But the webcam is not working.
    The program, readers and does not work.
    When I click on to connect to the web a warning appears saying + "driver Open Webcam fail." Restart camera or computer + «...»
    I rebooted, uninstalled and went back to install and does not work!

    Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem?

    Thank you.


    It is a typical software problem
    I read a lot of discussion on this error message and in most cases, new installation/update driver does the job!

    Please ensure that you use the latest version of the BIOS.
    Go to the Device Manager, then go to imaging devices.
    You can find the USB video device it's plays.

    This remove from the Device Manager list. Alternatively, you can uninstall the driver
    Restart the device, and then try to install the driver again

    Please make sure you use the latest webcam software... you can choose the published software for Satellite L500 too!

  • Satellite A300 - partial keyboard failure

    I have a very unusual problem. some keys on my keyb have stopped working.
    from top to bottom, these:
    [0] [']
    [p] [e]

    my laptop is a Satellite A300
    the bios is updated.

    Is it possible that this is not a hardware problem?

    Thanks for the help.

    I think that its hardware problem.
    To confirm this, connect an external USB keyboard and test functionality.
    If it's working properly, your internal keyboard is the troublemaker.

  • Re: Satellite L500 - inialization webcam failure

    I have windows 7 and a Toshiba Satellite L500 my webcam seems has stopped working, a window opens at startup and says that it has failed to initialize. I tried a few troublshooters but without result... anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how I can fix this... thank you.



    Have you tried to reinstall the webcam software?
    I think it should work!

    First remove the software from the system.
    Then restart the computer, and then install the webcam software that you can download on the European driver Toshiba page.

    I think that this should contribute to solve this annoying problem of webcam.

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