Satellite A60 and energy saving issues


I am facing a problem that drives me crazy. After I formatted my laptop and install Windows XP, I'm never able to install Toshiba Power Saver or any kind of Toshiba Utilities. Setup turns on, but after that, it displays an error message (sometimes just sound no message) and it stops.

To be more precise:

I use a Satellite A60-302, with extra addition of 256 MB of RAM. I formatted the C: partition and installed Windows XP Professional (I tried 3 different versions: right XP, XP with integrated SP1, XP with SP2 integrated; just to be sure if the problem was caused by service packs). Then I inserted the CD provided, put in place the ATI card, etc. its pilots respecting order but when it comes to saving energy, the nightmare starts.

I removed the RAM I added and tried the whole installation by the original Setup process, but no change... My hard drives are well checked for any kind of virus, and the installation process was done with the ethernet cable connected to offshore to prevent any possible intrusion.

Funny, I remember setting up Win XP Pro on this machine before 3 months no problem at all. The only significant change since that day is the update of the BIOS from 1.60 to 1.80.

Looks like a "common modules" error but it is not "common modules", on the CD or on the internet.

Finally, I must say that I can't use my recovery CD because it's Windows XP Home Edition in Turkish, but I use Windows XP Professional English provided by my employer.

Any help? I'll be delightened if someone could help me.

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Hi sunfury,.

I imagine you're nettled. But there must be a solution to your problem.

You are right. There is no common Modules for this machine. Usually the common Modules, all Toshiba tools depend on. It is the main module.

In your case, it is very important to use a specific order of installation. Normally, you must use the order of Installation set by Toshiba. You can find it on

But there is also another solution. I usually install on this path:
-chipset + display driver
-audio driver
-fix for... (all)
-one other drivers (modem, LAN etc..)

When you want to install the tools of Toshiba try in this order:
-Power Sawer
-Init GST
-TOSHIBA Hotkey Utility
-TOSHIBA Hotkey Utility for display
-Other utilities
-TOSHIBA Console

If you want to install SP2, maybe it will be better to do it later. It is also possible that some of the tools after installation of SP2 will not function properly.

If you still have problems made me know.

Good luck!

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    I have a satellite A60 and I've had it for a year, and now all of a sudden, I have frequent crashes. The blue screen of death was told it is caused by a driver not working not properly, namely an ATI driver.


    The blue screen of death is usually due to a software problem or malfunction of the equipment. In your case, I recommend reinstall the graphics driver.
    See the page of the Toshiba driver for updates.
    If it doesn t help and the blue screen appears again and it would be very interesting to know the details of the blue screen, for example stop: xxxxxx

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    First of all, sorry for my bad English.

    I managed to install Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit on my Satellite M40X-286. Everything works, except for the energy saving and the E - key utility. I tried the added value of packages of other TOSHIBA models, but they all give an error message during the installation. Is there a solution for this problem?

    Now I can't change the speed of the processor and the brightness of my screen, and I can't even adjust these settings in a power mode. The only way to change the brightness is manually using the FN + F6 and F7 keys.

    Kind regards

    Please don t be crazy about me, but there is no problem at all. The situation is quite clear.

    First: tools and utilities are similar, but in most cases have to be adapted for each laptop model. It may happen that some tools work on the different model of laptop, but this does not mean that he has to work on each model.

    Second important fact is that Toshiba does not Satellite M40X support for Vista operating system and I guess you won't be able to use this tool. In my opinion, it is not so important, because all the energy-saving settings you can find in Vista power options.

    For utility E - key, I don't see a solution. If you use OS not supported, you must live with it.

  • Satellite A60 and 512 MB RAM

    Hi, I have a Toshiba refurbished Satellite, that's why 512 MB of RAM. When I read the manual, it ok it s know put in 1530 MB more too end up to 2 GB of memory ram so-dim.
    Don t get it. went to a store, to say that an A60 has memory, on the motherboard, it s only a single slot.
    ??? Maybe I missunderstod, but who can tell me to move this, Don t think that there is no 1.5 GB so-dimm.
    The 3.06 Ghz processor.


    I found information that Satellite A60 has 512 MB of RAM onboard and a single RAM slot is available. The module of RAM to use this device must be PC2100 DDR - RAM and maximum memory that your device can handle with 1536 MB.

    Recommended by Toshiba RAM modules are:
    256 MB (PA3311U - 1 M 25)
    512 MB (PA3312U - 1 M 51)
    1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)

    Good bye

  • Driver Satellite A60 and ATI

    Im having problems with my satellite A60 I had to reinstall but my recovery dvd did not work so I bought a copy of xp family to install downloaded all the drivers I needed everything, it was fine for a couple of days, and then the display would crash saying that the ati display driver was unstable, please save all work and restart your system , which happened a few times them in Christmas night the only way I could get into my laptop was in safe mode, then I reinstalled again and its happens all over again can someone help me?


    You use designed Toshiba driver or driver downloaded from the download page of ATI?

    Can you please tell me what happen if you use recovery media? The installation of the operating system is very simply, and I recommend you to use it. On this way the material units is is correctly installed and configured.

  • Satellite U500 and fan CPU issue on Ubuntu 9.04

    Hello world

    I just got my Satellite U500 and I had a problem with Linux.
    After grub starts the operating system, my cpu fan turns off and it never turn on more.
    Sometimes when the CPU's heat it just lit for 2 seconds...

    I tried to add "acpi = off" on the line of linux. in /boot/grub/menu.lst
    The fan does not spin.

    Can you guys help me?

    same problem here

    on ubuntu and archlinux fan turn off when linux starts, it is very dangerous for the unit because the fan never turn on

    on archlinux, I can't try acpi_osi = 'Windows 2006' in the grub menu, I don't know if it can help you

    This is the only problem with the U500, it is perfect under windows.

  • Satellite M100-221 - energy saving does not work - fatal error

    My laptop Satellite M100-221 the energy saver is not woarking. I get this annoying message:

    I try to reinstall the driver, and towards the end of the installation a message appears:

    C:\Progra~1\Symantec\S32EVNT1. DLL. a virtual device driver installable failed initialization of Dll. choose 'close '? to complete the application.

    Satellite M100-221 belongs to the series of PSMA0E.
    Toshiba page European pilot plans and pilot Power Saver and the Power Saver utility.
    I recommend first of all remove the system energy saver.
    Then after reboot to clean the BONES and the registry using the CCleaner.
    Then, install the driver Power Saver and Power Saver, utility 7.03.07.C

    Good luck

  • Satellite A60 and Windows XP Recovery

    Hi all.

    I recently bought a Satellite phone from second hand from a friend (a little more older Notebook - from 2004.) When started in a virtual environment and run anti virus applications (memory) and diagnostic (Everest and Memtest etc.) tools, everything seem to be functional and in good condition. The HARD drive was dead when originally purchased, so I replaced that with a new (first replacement was defective, but was written for initially in tests, while the second is still RAW and unused). When you try to do an OS recovery/reinstall on the product CD (#R - 02163001 PMR400170EN1 2/2 T) original OEM nothing happens to start the process (no BootCD in drive - this despite the boot order set correctly). The only file on the CD is a file 02163001.GHS (615, 722ko) inside a TOSHIBA folder. This I guess being the second or several split files of Ghost. However the first part, which I imagine must be a. The file GHO to automatically start the startup/recovery process, is missing. Assuming that CD-ROM (certainly not the optical drive) as being faulty, I tried to buy a replacement online and by calling suppliers the. This CD is apparently is no longer available, anywhere!

    Defective CD-ROM, based on the single file, its size and the possible lack. GHO file?
    Is it possible to still make use of the image of the. GHS of the file on the original product recovery CD and incorporate it to recover the machine with a new CD with a .iso file, I could create. If so, how would I go on this subject?
    Norton Ghost 10 can not recognize this file type, for recovery. I have too many Norton Ghost 2003, but it is not intended to be used on a platform of XP based machine. Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 could do the job, but is $39 and I think that a little buying risky. The use of pirated software is not a viable option either.
    Purchase at a cost, a non - OEM generic Windows XP PRO is probably a solution, but preferably, I would like to use my original OEM CD.

    If anyone knows of any useful information or could provide a workaround solution, it would be appreciated.


    As I see that you try to start the procedure of facilities using CD 2/2. It will not work.
    Recovery image is recorded on two CD and it should be started with the 1/2 CD

    You have the 1/2 CD?

  • Satellite A60 and wireless card

    What card can I use for my laptop so that I can connect to the internet wireless, at the University or in other places of the internet enabled.

    Really need help don't understand something on the wireless cards and also could you recommend all those who work with my computer and are fast and compatible.

    I don't know if this is enough information on my laptop but please try to help!

    Thanks in advance


    Your device is not ready WLAN and you can use some external hardware such as PCMCIA card or even wireless USB key. They are not expensive and installation is very simple.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A60 and PS/2 keyboard

    I had a keyboard PS/2 and a PS/2 to USB for connecting the keyboard on one of the USB ports. However, when I do this, windows just keeps telling me that a USB device has failed and the keyboard does not work.

    Is there a PS/2 driver I need to download and install, or there at - it another way to get this working?

    I know that the converter is not the problem, because I used it with a previous laptop.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

    Hi Kevin

    Sorry but I have no explanation why it doesn t work. As much as I know there is no driver to be installed. I used this converter too long, but only with the mouse and there is no problem at all. At the moment I have not tested with the external keyboard.

  • Satellite M30-951 - processor clocked at 600 MHz (it must be at 1500) - high energy saving


    earlier this year, a company has changed the case of my laptop. Since that time on the laptop was very slow. I thought it has something to do with the software, but after a new installation, the problem was not solved.

    Now, I used severel programs to check the speed of the CPU. Programms all tell me that my CPU Speed is 600 MHz (it must be at 1500 MHz).

    The laptop is connectet to current alternative and energy-saving is high. I did a bios update and spent setting the CPU in the Bios of dynamics to high. But no sollution.

    Then I saw that my fan does not (at the beginning, or when I use Notepad). I thought that his damaged, but I tested it on another laptop and the fan works perfectly with 5V.

    Moreover no program shows me the temprature, so I think the sensor of temprature or anything else is failure, so that the fan does not work and the CPU is at each time at 600 MHz.

    Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this problem or I have to change?

    Thank you very much



    Seems you have tried almost everything that can be done now.
    And I agree with you that there could be something wrong with temperature sensor and this is why I advise you to go to an authorized service provider to verify if this is really the problem.

    Before you do, you could try if the programmable notebook hardware control (NHC) can display the temperature because it is a very good tool. But as you say, no other tool could do this job, I doubt that it can control it. But worth a try.

  • Satellite A60 Power Saver error

    Hi all, I have a Satellite A60 and I get the following error at startup. "" Power of Eve A fatal error has occurred that program will be terminated code ox2. Several times while it is connected my laptop turns off and to continue I need to connect again from the beginning up to. Can someone please help with a solution. Thank you, Mark.

    Hi Mark

    The only thing you can try is to remove the energy saver and try to install it again. It is also possible that it will not help as there are entries in the registry. If there is no problem for you the best way is to reinstall the unit with recovery CD. After that it works again.

    In my opinion, it is not easy to repair some specific tools such as energy saving.

  • TOSHIBA Power Saver on Satellite A60

    I have a satellite A60 and you have a problem with the energy saver. It seems that my virus/adware application has deleted parts of the energy-saving App. No problem, I thought, I'll reinstall it tools and Utilities CD - wrong!
    The Power Saver software on the CD has a 16-bit installation program that is not working under Win XP, have you tried the site Web of Toshiba (UK, Europe and USA), no luck - same 16-bit installation program.
    Any help please!

    Hey there

    couldyou please click the link below;en-us;324767

    This isn't a failure with the Powersaver but with Windows XP. In the article, it says that you must use a XP cd but rather than this, you can use the I386 folder under drive c.

    See you soon

  • Satellite L500 and the noise of the fan

    Last week, I bought a new laptop Satellite L 500 with Inter i3 processor, 1 GB, 4 GB of ram ATI graphics card, etc.
    Everything is OK in general, however, I think the fan is very noisy.

    I used to own a HP Pavilion laptop and could hardly notice the fan while with my new laptop, the noise of the fan is really loud.
    Does anyone know if this is normal or if it could be fixed somehow?

    I did some internet research for a solution, but I couldn't find anything, and apparently nobody complains noise from the fan on L 500 computers portable so maybe it's only me that have this problem?

    Thank you.


    For optimal use for laptop use the balanced power plan. Go to the advanced settings for this plan and energy saving of Toshiba, you can find cooling method.
    The level here. I'm sure that notebooks fan will be much quieter than before.

  • Satellite A60: Can't play good games like the Sims 2

    I have a satellite A60 and im having problems with my display driver.

    I have the latest updates on everything, but I still can't play good games. Even the Sims 2 will slow down.

    Idecided to a cooler on the ati chipset (like some toshiba models) but I can't seem to put on, although his decision-making in the right place.

    so my question is:
    Why the video display is so slow? make my processor always on 99%
    Why the chipset cooling fan does not work?

    Thank you

    Hey Buddy

    I think you have misunderstood something. This issue has nothing to do with the version of the graphics driver you know?

    AFAIK the A60 Sat came with an ATI graphics card that supports only 32-64 MB shared memory!
    It is simply down to play new games with maximum performance!
    The graphics card shared graphics memory for main memory and this reduces the amount of main memory.

    Last but not least the CPU always runs with maximum performance during game!
    The CPU is highly requested, play games or run other applications of high performance.
    Who is normal!

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