Satellite C70D-B-300 does not work properly

Since I bought my laptop Satellite C70D-B-300 I have a few problems:
(1) I can't turn off the laptop, (the screen turn off but laptop still running), similarly I can't close the session
(2) start menu windows apps and sometimes that I can't open (if I click nothing happen)
(3) 3/4 times a day, the laptop get in crash, I can't do nothing, I need to shut down with the power button (press for 10 seconds) even with ctrl + alt + delete does not work
(4) new problems with 10 windows, I can not open a shop, sometimes cortana and star menu does not work so I need to restart... but I guess windows problem not Toshiba

Thanks in advance


There are too many problems.
In my opinion, you must reinstall the original recovery image feature and test the laptop with 'presets' again.

What is an option for you?

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  • Satellite L775 - mouse pad does not work properly

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L775. I run Win 7 Home Premium. My mouse pad does not work properly. I also have a Logitech Anywhere MX wireless mouse. I tried the mouse pad to work properly with the key FN and F9, but it does not work. And you really have no idea if that turns or out of the mousepad anyway, subj for another time I guess.

    What does not work, but I have to do is to go to Control Panel then mouse option load that and just scroll the tabs without changing what each time and then close and the touch pad works. But only for this session. If I have my laptop nearby, or turn it off, I have to start throughout the whole process.

    What's past and how to fix this?

    Thank you very much.

    > What's past and how to fix this?
    After reading your ad, I still don t know what is your problem.
    > My mouse pad is not working properly
    How to understand this? What does not work properly? What happen exactly when you start your laptop?

  • Satellite Pro M10 - infrared does not work properly


    I have a Satellite Pro M10 and my infrared does not work. I downloaded the zip file with the drivers from this site. Then, I uninstalled and reinstalled, but it always happens in the Device Manager under "unknown - SMC IrCC - Fast Port infrared (IR Module: HP). (with an exclamation point). When I look at the properties it says under device status:

    This device does not work properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)

    Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device.

    However, under Driver Details is said:

    I extracted the zip file in my home directory of c:\downloads\infrared.
    whatever I do, it does not now. It worked when I bought it, but I have too many things on the system for a new installation. Which brings me to another question. Is it possible to re - install windows without losing all your data, etc.? I did it with other systems (95,98) Windows. But it seems that the Toshiba recovery disc means any wiping.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    If your HARD disk contains two partitions and you have saved the data on a second you can reinstall the operating system on the first partition using recovery DVDs.

  • Satellite C850 - internal MIC does not work properly

    my knees thoshiba (C850 - B237) internal microphone does not work properly. I checked my record with webcam... but can hear the noise only... in the settings of the sound card, everything is ok... I also did the uninstall device driver and restarted... But the problem is still... Help, please

    You must mark the internal mic as the default device.
    This can be done in its tab → click right on internal mic to record and choose the default device

  • Satellite L500D - integrated webcam does not work properly

    Hello world

    I have a L500D (I got it for about 2 months now) and yesterday I realized that my webcam did not work properly even if it worked just fine a couple of days.

    Here's the problem: when I turn it on (via Skype or through application of camera web toshiba), the colors are reversed: it's exactly like I had added an effect on the image as 'Posterize' or 'threshold '. Everything is bright, grainy, saturated...

    I tried in low light and high, and the night mode is not on.
    I couldn't solve the problem with the webcam settings, but regardless, I, can not do anywhere near a normal image.

    I spent a lot of time surfing the web but couldn't find a solution (or someone with a similar problem, in fact). I have windows 7 64 bit.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I run my laptop with a lot of care, which makes even more beat when something goes wrong... Thanks in advance!


    Hi mate

    Didn t find such a problem described discussions, it seems that you are the first person who has reported this

    Have you tried to reinstall the webcam software?
    Try this.
    First remove the software of webcam and then after new reboot, install the new downloaded webcam software.

    PS; have you removed the thin sheet secure the lens of the webcam?
    Check it!

  • Satellite L50D-B - TouchPad does not work properly

    My TouchPad is not working properly, it stops working after a few seconds after the start. Can someone help me?

    To be honest, it is not easy help these problems.
    What exactly happens? Touchpad is completely off? I want to say is there any kind of reaction?

    Have you tried to turn again using the F5 button?

  • Satellite 1100 - CD player does not work properly

    Hello, I had problems with my cd player, it will not read anything under windows, but it will read my CD to restore DOS system and restores my whole system. I called someone at the helpdesk and he said to try and restore the system and see what that is and it did not even a difference, please help!


    I think that your staff Helpdesk had run Win XP system restore to restore the operating system! If this does not work, you can try to reinstall the standard CD/DVD driver in the Device Manager!

    If this does not resolve the problem, according to me, that a full recovery of the system must be done! Then it will not work!

    Good bye

  • Satellite M40: USB Audio does not work properly in ACPI mode

    Hi all
    I just bought a laptop Satellite M40 whose purpose is to be used as a portable audio system.
    For this, the USB audio devices are an excellent solution.

    Unfortunately, although it was working properly when recording (sound is perfect with all devices compatible USB Audio, I have tested), there is a problem in reading that I had a lot of clicks and POPs.

    After a lot of research trying and google, I solved the problem by changing the computer ACPI PC Standard mode.
    This is a workaround.

    But this way, I don't remember what my status of battery, and my laptop does not shut down automatically.
    Actually, my laptop is no longer run as a laptop :(

    I suspect a very serious problem in a Toshiba components management. In particular, I wouldn't be surprised to be told that freeze the cords of some regular system of court management, and therefore the 10ms buffers audio USB fall in against the recess.

    This would be so much bother me if I were not part of the technical support team of the company that launches also a few new audio USB products who will not fail to work correctly with laptops.

    My question is:
    Is there a driver / updating bios that gets rid of this problem?
    If a person of Toshiba technical support to address this issue directly with me, I'd be happy to help, as I am personally and professionally concerned.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I put t know what USB audio device you use, but most of the USB audio devices cannot use the USB power. These devices have need of an external power supply of A.C and especially this external power supplies are delivered with the USB audio device.

    Also, I read on some sites that the pop occurs sometimes due to non synchronicity of the modules different buffers or / and of the use of certain applications in parallel.

    The computer ACPI PC Standard mode change is one of the many solutions and proposals
    You can check some patches from Microsoft. Check if all updates from Microsoft are installed.
    Also change the performance options in the options of the system to adjust for best performance.
    Disable Windows messenger.
    Virtual memory should be set to custom size and initial size and maximum size must has the same value (ie. 512/512)
    In the system.ini should the vcache is also the same: MinFileCache = 16384, MaxFileCache = 16384
    Disable the peripherals such as scanner, printer.

    As you can see, these issues could occur on all computers (desktop and laptop) and it s is not a problem of Toshiba. Also, contact the manufacturer for support external audio device and detailed information.

    Good luck

  • Satellite P200D-139 - fan does not work properly

    My laptop is constantly overheating and the fan does not seem to be varying RPM even in a stress test. I cleaned the cooling fins and assured that everything is properly installed with the right amount of compound radiator.

    I thought that perhaps he may have been a defective fan (easy to replace), but before you buy a new one, I thought that I should make sure that it was not simply a glitched and reflashed with the latest BIOS. It was during this reflash that something weird happened. The fan started to turn RPM max (telling me that the fan is ok), but since then, then she came back to type and is not varying or cooling my CPU properly. I'm getting 60 c idle and much more than 85 c under load

    Anyone know what the problem might be that sending my westbound?

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help


    > I cleaned the cooling fins and assured that everything is properly installed with the right amount of compound radiator.
    If you have also renewed the thermal grease and open to the whole of the case to clean the computer. Right?

    Well, it's always good to disassemble the laptop to do some cleanup. So you can have a perfect result and no dust is no longer in the case of radiator and laptop.

    Also the thermal grease must be renewed from time to time, but also the correct thermal grease and the amount must be used. This should be done in an authorized service because they have a layer of fat for coolers for laptop.

    In your case I communicate with the guys and explain the situation. They should check the thermal grease that you applied and the fan test it if you need replacement or if s mainboard failure. So that they can make an accurate diagnosis ;)

  • Satellite Pro 6100 keyboard does not work properly after repairs


    My 6100 Pro Sam just being away from usual mother board and power Board replacement with Toshiba, but now I have a strange keyboard problem.

    When I turn it on, all the keys are working. After a few minutes, '3' is not working, then 'r' fails, then '5', ' 7 ', ' 8',' 9 ', ' 0' to stop working. At this point, I can feel something very hot under the middle of the keyboard. A reboot and no keys work. Another reboot with the internal keyboard and an external keyboard to the PS2 is still defective (some keys work, others do not), but the outer one works properly.

    Now, if the pc has not obtained if hot as the middle of the internal keyboard, then, I would conclude that the keyboard was defective, but for his failure, slowly and sequentially like this and it fails at the same way every day (since Toshiba rebuild it!).

    Perhaps, internal keyboard controller overheating?
    Anyone know what this could be? :-(

    See you soon,.

    Right under the keyboard of your pro 6100 is the VGA graphics controller (the keyboard cable plugs on the same map). It is normal that this part become hot during use.

    It is strange that your problem appears after a while and not immediately.

    It could be just a bad relocation of the keyboard cable (it's a thin layer as a movie negative photo) which easily appears there, but... it may be something more serious, too. (Especially since you had done upgrade where the material had to be changed)

    I consult the service centre once more and ask for instructions how to deal with this. Do not ignore it (using an external keyboard instead of internal dysfunction) because he could end up in something more serious soon...



    P.S. Please keep us updated on your efforts

  • On Satellite A300-1MX webcam does not work properly

    After my windows Vista system crashed 16 December 2011, I had made recovery.
    After that, I have not found any driver for the webcam on the computer laptop everything. On the Toshiba support page, I finally found the 1.7 version, but this does not at all!

    He always appears: driver Webcam open fails, restart the computer or the camera. Since it's built in camera I tried with the restart of the computer, but which did not help at all. So I tried with the option to repair the driver with Install Shield Wizard. The program has done something, but without success.

    So I uninstalled and reinstalled and it did not help at all!

    Someone has an idea?


    Found an article in the knowledge base of Toshiba which describes this error and provides a solution to this problem.
    + Why displays the error message: "Webcam driver open fail. Restart the computer or the camera. » ? +

    But its related to Portege M600 and Satellite U300 only.
    However, you should also try to perform a BIOS update. After that, set the BIOS to default settings and save the changes. Then try to reinstall the software of webcam once more.

    You should also check the Device Manager. Here in Device Manager that the webcam should be recognized as a USB device, if this isn't the case, then it means that the webcam was not recognized by the OS and that means there could be a hardware problem

    As far as I know, the webcam is connected to the USB controller on the motherboard. If the cable connection is lost, then the webcam is not recognized in Device Manager; or as a USB device or an unknown device.

  • Power of the Satellite P100-240 unit does not work properly

    From time to time my power (PA2521E - 2AC3) unit starts beeping and stops the power get to the computer, forcing it to drain the battery.
    Summer happening for several weeks now and sometimes it stops itself, but other times I have to put my diet off for hours and keep checking to see if the beep stopped.
    It does not overheat as I only for about 30 minutes before it starts to beep.
    If I turn off feeding the continuous ringing for a few seconds before disappearing for good.

    What is - this and I should send it back?


    I never heard that the AC adapter would do some sounds or would start beeping
    In my opinion it of not normal and the adapter must be verified.

    You should definitely contact the ASP (authorized service provider) in your country to control and perhaps this part needs to be replaced

    I think the warranty is valid at the moment and the replacement is done for free

    Good luck

  • Satellite Pro C850 keyboard does not work properly and opens several programs

    My satellite pro C850 1HE keyboard intermittently stops working correctly, and begins to open programs, for example, by pressing F will open the file search, C open computer this kind of thing

    is there a permanent solution to this problem?

    This is not something to do with installed programs is not something to do with the browser settings.
    restarting the computer works in a short time, but that is a long time, it's really annoying because I use this for work and study!

    > is there a permanent solution to this problem?

    The question is what causes this problem? Is it related hardware or software related issue?

    Why n t connect a USB keyboard just to check if the same would happen?

    In case the USB keyboard would work fine, I guess that the internal keyboard failures and the solution would be a simple replacement of the defective part.

  • Re: Satellite L40 - 18Z - keyboard does not work properly

    I have Satellite L40 - 1BZ and only vowels will work when you try to open a session?

    I turn the laptop on and I tried to enter the password (using Vista home Premium) and it will just hit me the vowels and Caps lock?

    Help someone mention I could download the BIOS but I put t really know what I m doing.

    I imagine you have this L40 longer and it will be interesting to know since when you noticed this behavior strange keyboard.

  • Graphics card on Satellite M40-197 (PSM40E) does not work properly

    I have a portable Satellite M40-197 (PSM40E) with ATI Radeon X 300 graphics display.

    The problem I have is when the laptop is turned on, until windows XP THAT starts, the screen is black as you would expect.

    But there are also about 12 lines on the screen. Each line consists of (from top to bottom) 4 pixels of different colors. The rest of the screen is as you would expect.

    Once Windows XP is running are several broken lines (color lines, depends on the color of office) through the screen at all levels up and down the screen.

    I updated the BIOS of the laptop and installed the latest ATI drivers.
    This made no difference.

    Anyone know if it is a faulty graphics card (is the adapter on the system board or it own map). Is it possible to update the graphics BIOS? Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you very much.


    This really sounds like a hardware problem, I had the same problem some time ago with my Satellite 5200 903. They said to the servicecenter
    me, that the graphics card was defective and they replace. After replacing everything will work perfectly again.

    Thus, it would be important that your platform to a local servicepartner for a hardwarecheckup.

    Here´s a good place where you can find the nearest the servicepartner in your country:

    Welcome them

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