Satellite L750 - Windows 10 - can I roll back to Windows 7?

I upgraded to 10 Windows in Windows 7, but I lost the wireless driver and cannot download it from anywhere (unless you know better). Also, I lost Internet Explorer. When I tried to download the system I have an updated copy even though God knows where he is.

My question is - can I roll back to Windows 7, which I was pretty happy?

As much as I know L750 is not supported for Win10 so I think that the best option for you is to go back to Win7.
After several problems with Win10, I did the same thing and I am happy now using original Win7.

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    Thanks in advance


    If you don t have the Vista Toshiba recovery disc then you have three options;
    -HARD drive recovery option
    -purchase Toshiba Recovery Disk
    -purchase of Microsoft Vista disc

    I don't know if recovery of HARD drive option is still available on your system if Win XP was installed by Mr. but it s worth a try.
    Press F8 after turning on laptop. Usually the menu should appear and you should choose to fix my computer. Then new window should appear where you can choose the option called Toshiba Recovery.
    But if that does not work then you have to buy disks; Toshiba recovery or MS Vista.

    Welcome them

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    Hello SebastianZHD,

    There not a roll-back feature to return to Windows 7 of widows 8. It will be necessary to reinstall Windows 7 from the installation media.

    Thank you

  • Satellite L750-a010 - where can I get a driver?


    Please, I want my driver links

    coz I couldn't do


    Satellite 750 a010

    L series



    It is the European model of Toshiba.
    You can get the European page drivers driver Toshiba:> support download &-> download drivers

    Choose here:
    Laptop Satellite Satellite L Satellite L750 - psk2yv

    This is!

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    If you have important data on the drive, make sure that it is supported first.

    If you have used all the excerpts of release exclusively for a period of time, you're likely to have accumulated data on the disk where the preview is installed. Depending on the version of Windows you're dual-boot, you will have to do a manual backup to keep these data. Tools such as an external hard drive are recommended in this scenario. If you run Windows XP, Vista, I recommend you copy all personal files to an external hard drive. The process is simple:

    In Windows 8, start File Explorer

    Highlight all folders in your personal folder

    Click on copy on the Ribbon (Home tab)

    Make sure that your external hard drive is switched on and plugged in, then go to your external hard drive, then click on paste on the Ribbon (Home tab)

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    Hope that answers your question.

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    Well, a backup is a backup, if you restore a cold backup, which will replace the current database files. If all goes well, the backup also include the file pfile (s), and you kept an Oracle 9i home somewhere on your server.
    I see no problem here.


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