Satellite P300D - 21 k - what are hardware specifications


I bought my laptop in the Comet; Satellite P300D 21K.
There is no specification on the toshiba site. Can someone please help?

Thank you


Hi guys

I found some details about the Satellite P300D - 21 k.
It seems that this unit belongs to the series of PSPD0E and it was equipped with:
-AMD TURION64 X 2 TL60 2.0 Ghz CPU
-AMD M690G Chipset
-200 GB (5400 RPM) SATA HDD
-ATI Radeon X 1200 graphics card
-2 GB of RAM (667 Mhz)
-Atheros WLan card

But there is no Bluetooth and no HDMI video output.

However, I hope I could help a little

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    Peace, love n RILLÉ


    The laptop was equipped with an ATI RADEON Xpress 200 M straight up to 128 MB shared memory graphics card.

    See you soon

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    I downloaded the update to the BIOS for Vista 64 on the Toshiba site, but nothing has changed.

    Thanks for votrre help.


    It seems that some drivers are missing on your laptop. ;)

    To solve the problems, you must download and install the drivers on the Toshiba site. You will find all the drivers for your Satellite P300D: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    If you have any other questions, please let us know!

    Welcome them

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    Try under

    Good bye

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    One last thing, when this laptop was manufactured? I called our local service centre and was told that if the laptop is 5 years older, they do not replace parts.

    Hope to hear from you guys soon. Thank you.


    This seems to be a series A100 for Asia market
    You should find the details, drivers and other tools on the Toshiba Asia page:

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    I used OWC computer for my needs memory. Here is their recommendation for your computer.

  • Satellite 2710 XDVD: the graphics controller hardware specification

    Can someone tell me about specific electrical equipment of the graphics controller (manufacturer, type, etc.)?
    And what kind of changes are in the BIOS version 7.60?
    Can I install more than 192 MB of RAM?

    Thank you very much

    Post edited by: philips


    in the specification of this machine, I found that there a Trident Microsystems Cyber 9525 graphics card.
    And he says that the laptop can not use more than 192 MB of RAM.

    Good bye

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    Thanks for any information.


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    If possible you schould use 64-bit OS.

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