Satellite Pro 6100 USB XP SP2 remove USB device after suspend

I have a Pro Satellite XpPro 6100 running.
I have a problem since I installed SP2 of XP in that USB falls when the computer wakes from sleep.

The computer is up there, but I can reproduce this with SP2 only. Fortunately, I did a Norton Ghost and I restored the status of versions prior to SP2 for now.

It does not matter what is connected to the USB port, or which port it's plugged. Out of sleep causes a ToolTip message in the taskbar on an icon that represents the USB port - and the message says 'USB device not recognized '.
I can't find any help on the microsoft site, nor on the discussion group. I am at a loss as elsewhere where I can watch.

Thanks in advance for any comments.



I put t know what USB device you use, but it is known to me that some external devices like DVD-ROM doesn t support the standby or hibernation. Try to remove the unit from the USB port and plug it back. I'm sure it should work again.

Good bye

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  • Satellite Pro 6100 USB problem after stand-by

    Hey all,.

    I have a Satellite Pro 6100 and when that I start my computer, my USB ports work fine. However, as soon as I wake, I get about 6 pop-up messages stating "USB device" unrecognized and my USB ports do not work.

    Device Manager indicates they work fine, so I'm just confused.

    Any help?

    Thank you!

    Hi guys

    I'm not sure but I think the BIOS update can fix this. Have you already checked if there is a new update of the BIOS for your unit?

  • Satellite Pro 6100: USB port does not work after the return of the mode "Eve"

    I have a strange error on my USB ports on Satttelite Pro 6100 with XP SP2.

    Two USB 1.1 ports work fine after cranking up what the laptop goes into mode 'sleep' (automatically or manually).
    The restart afret optical mouse connected to the USB port does not illuminate and the XP system displays the error message on the device not recognized on USB port.

    Plug the mouse on or off doesn't change anything. Only restart helps.

    Any ideas?

    It's very strange, but it will be interesting to see if the same problem persists with other USB devices. Can you test and post again on the results?

  • Satellite Pro L10: USB device not recognized

    Hi all
    need help on this one. Any USB device connected to one of the USB Ports on the laptop comes with a "unrecognized USB device. One of the USB devices to the computer failed error message". Running WXP SP2 and all updates.

    Any ideas how to get around this?



    How devices connect and what devices are connected to the USB ports?
    However, try this:

    Unplug ALL USB device.
    Open the Device Manager.
    View, show hidden devices.
    Uninstall all devices under USB controllers.
    Uninstall all devices in storage Volumes. Say no to all reboot prompts until you are finished. In addition, if a storage Volume doesn't uninstall, ignore her and move on to the next.
    If you have a yellow? with unknown devices, uninstall all of the entries there as well.

    When finished, reboot TWICE.
    Reconnect the USB devices and see if they are properly recognized.

  • Satellite Pro m USB devices connection problems

    Hello visitors and insiders.

    can someone help me, please? - or are the causes of the problems of programmed BIOS is not perfect?

    I put on the USB Ports (I tried all 3 Ports) after correct installation of the most recent drivers for devices and the BIOS and chipset.
    I tried MAGIX encoder by USB and PINNACLE for USB encoder - both signal-request-problems and the two could not shut down the system after connecting with USB and close with her current for USB device.

    I tried this on different WinXP installiations (multiboot) - but on all systems even.

    The same reaction has been, as I have connected a special CUSHION cooler for laptop with additional USB Ports.
    The CUSHION cooled - but the USB Ports do not work for all devices (devices I am familiar with the)
    Ports of origin of the laptop, has failed to TRIM, too). (worked directly devices: mouse, webcam, keyboard, drive hard usb)

    What should do? .. If anyone know Somethin ' help... I will be very happy.

    Thank you very much!!! (Sorry for my English is not perfect)


    Is what model of laptop exactly?

    Have you installed Windows yourself? Or it was preinstalled?

    Looks like it's a software problem, bad drivers USB can at fault.

    You are able to back up your data and run recovery?

  • Satellite Pro 6100 - USB host controller

    USB host controller


    And what do you know about USB host controller? Do you need drivers or you have problems with the USB ports?

    Please explain your problem detailed in a few English phrases that others here can help you.

  • Satellite Pro 6100 and XP SP2-Graphics

    Hi all
    I just installed a Windows XP SP 2 charges on my laptop, lengthen the BIOS and tried to install the new graphics card driver.
    But he know Jack doesn´t SP2 driver?
    And the default driver recognizes only 969 x 768 pixels?

    I tried the default Microsoft settings, all toshiba drivers and officials release-NVidia (which didn t find a graphics card :/))

    Can someone help me with this problem?

    Hi mate,

    Please try, which should be an optimal resource for your needs.

    See the FAQ section of the site mentioned before you download anything...

    Welcome them

  • How to remove the bios password on Satellite Pro 6100

    I got this Satellite Pro 6100, I would like to install windows xp on it, somehow once I opened it, it's just a black screen with the password.
    I removed the hard drive and I was able to access it with my computer, means that the password is not for the hard drive, but rather the bios.
    What is the password of the bios? How can I reset it? I removed the Green battery which I think it is the RTC battery, it would make? How long should I wait for the settings to be reset to zero?
    Y at - it no jumpers to reset the bios... ?
    I don't know what my son used a password, so I need help with this...

    Is it possible to kill the bios settings... ?

    Thank you


    It seems that the machine has a BIOS password. And it seems that there are only 3 options:

    1 Google for the procedure how to remove a BIOS password
    2. ask your son for the password
    3. send your machine to an authorized servicepartner and allow them to remove the password, which means that you pay money for it.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro 6100 - after updating the BIOS, it does not


    I am trying to upgrade my old of Satellite Pro 6100.

    I started to upgrade the Bios via download from Toshiba (using WIN) site - OK downloaded zip files and installed, machine then stops. Problem, it does not restart - it's so now I have a laptop 'death' that is not responding to any key I tried.

    Any suggestions of resuscitation?

    Already I've updated from XP to SP2.

    Thank you



    It sounds like that the BIOS update has failed and your laptop can start t again. But try this workaround:
    Remove the AC adapter and the battery and then wait an hour. After that reconnect the adapter AC/DC and battery. Try to start the laptop.

    If it doesn t work I think that the motherboard needs to be replaced or you go to an authorized service provider. Technicians can reflash the ROM module
    But maybe you can find a motherboard of second hand cheap on eBay

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro 6100 cannot get my GyroTransport new 'air mouse' to work

    Satellite Pro 6100 running XP Professional with SP3 and all updates as of 10/24/08.
    BAUGHT a new mouse made by Gyration GyroTransport air, but it won't work on my laptop.
    Tried in several other computers with the same OS and it works very well. In fact as a teacher, I recommend one of these brilliant sound devices.

    I tried all settings via the control panel and can not work on why it won't work.
    The laptop recognizes the name of it when its plugged in but the States, he has a problem. The dongle USB/receiver with a memory stick with some additional software on this subject, but the laptop does not regognise the memorystick at all. He acknowledges that other memory stick no problem.
    That technician school COMPUTER looked at it and can't get by either.

    It is usually on the spot.
    Any body out there of suggestions?

    This mouse works on some laptops newer with USB 2.0 ports?

    One last thing: If you use some additional hardware to help apply the manufacturer's support. Computer laptop manufacturer doesn't provide support for certain third party materials.
    What Thompson says about this problem?

  • Need to drive caddy HARD and coverage for Satellite Pro 6100 HARD drive

    Does anyone know the part numbers or to get a hard drive caddy and the Satellite Pro 6100 Series hard drive
    Thank you

    What caddy did you? Internal an external 2.5 USB caddy for a HARD drive or the case?
    I think that if you need a domestic framework for laptop you should order it since the maintainer authorized Toshiba in your country.
    I think that guys should be able to order something like this directly from the Toshiba store

  • New on Satellite Pro 6100 WLAN card installed, but can not be activated

    Hi, just replaced the internal Wireless LAN card on my laptop Satellite Pro 6100. Map of yesterday and today have the same problem: I can't turn them on. They are installed properly and supposed to run in what concerns the XP drivers, but does not detect wireless network andy saying it is "disabled".

    I tried upgrading to the latest version of BIOS
    I reinstalled the latest drivers
    Toshiba network device switch sees only the Intel Pro/100 VE wired, network card, but not the card the Intel Pro/Wireless 2200BG.
    Direct activation of the Wireles does not produce a said connection disable, enable, trying to connect, but it fails, as if he did not see the network.

    Past and present, wireless card fail to see any network.


    Hello Martin

    This model of laptop is quite old and at that time 2200 card was not on the market. I can imagine that there is a compatibility issue.

    I think for older models of laptops, the best solution is the use of a faster but external solution in the form of PCMCIA or USB WLAN card. With the help of these cards you will not have compatibility issues.
    What do you think of this?

  • Satellite Pro 6100: cannot get into the BIOS and does not start

    I have a portable Satellite pro 6100, en I was trying to boot from an external USB hard drive. When I activated the second hard drive option in the BIOS it has stopped booting all in all, I can't even get into the BIOS Setup more. All I get is "In touch with tomorrow TOSHIBA" screen with the icons to select the method of priming preferred manually after it's just blank screen with a cursor blinking in the upper left.

    Press ESC or F8 before to turn usually results in fast beeps sounds.
    Press tilde (~) before turn is reflected in the remaining space screen (not even the home toshiba screen appears) and slow Zens sounds.

    Apart from that I can't really do nothing at all.
    I tried to reset the BIOS by disconnecting the battery CMOS/RTC (hoewever, we call it) of the motherboard for a while with no results.

    Turn on/off without the results of HD internal in a white screen with an ERROR 'IDE #0.
    I can always stop by pressing the power button, you don't have to bother on the external hard drive it past I don't even want it works more.



    I agree with Graeme. Your HARD drive is probably faulty. Sorry, but I don't think that you will be able to use the external HARD drive. The option in the BIOS is not for EXTERNAL HARD drive is just, I guess, for disk HARD placed in select Bay.

  • Satellite Pro 6100 - battery acting very strange.

    As mentioned in the title, my laptop battery is very strange.

    The symptoms are:

    When the battery is flat after only 7-10 minutes he turns not, however if the battery is removed and placed in the laptop, the laptop will start as it has never happened.
    Not only that, but the bonus after the first can indefinitely until this that loaded into an OS and immediately after starting start the laptop stops due to an apparent lack of power, when there is power always, enough to do the same thing again. Also, the battery can still start even after being just in a freezer.

    This reacondioned back to normal battery or is this safe to use battery?
    Thanks in advance!


    I guess that your battery is old like machines of this Satellite Pro 6100 and maybe it can't be charged more. In this case, your battery should be replaced.

    But even if the battery is faulty, you should be able to use the device connected to the power adapter.
    So even if the battery is removed, you could power the unit with the mains.

  • Satellite Pro 6100 - code beep at startup

    Hi all

    Just picked up a 6100 Pro of the Satellite with a few problems.

    It lights up, he pointed out the HARD drive and I can hear the disk activity. However, the screen remains blank and a single beep can be learned after 20 sec. White screen, as I understand it, is probably the issue of Council power raging in the SP6xxx series. However, the beep I do not understand.

    I know that 2 beeps or 3 beeps is incompatibility of memory but no one knows which denotes the beep?


    Hey Buddy,

    To be honest it's not easy to say what the cause of the problem because it could be everything and Satellite Pro 6100 is old enough for laptop.

    You have two memory modules RAM? If so remove a module. Always try a module only at the same time and test it in the slot of RAM A and B. A module is may be defective or a slot.

    If this is not the case, there seems to be a problem with the motherboard or the CPU itself. If you can exchange these things, try it yourself as a repair would be too expensive for this good old classic I think.
    Second hand spare parts you can get it on eBay s worth a try! ;)

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