Satellite Pro L500 - wireless connection is very slow and unstable


I bought a Satellite Pro L500 a couple of weeks (Windows 7 and Realtek 8191SE). I have no problem connecting to public networks, but I can't use it at my place, where I have a broadband cable connection.
The strange thing is that, in the same room, I have no problem with my old A105 Satellite (Windows XP).

It is also very strange the fact that, even if the signal is good, sometimes excellent, the connection is very slow and unstable (it disconnects when I try to browse the Internet).

I have already tried:

-Update the Realtek drivers.
-Disconnect the firewall;
-Modification of the properties of the Realtek card.

Maybe it's a problem with the software or, on the contrary, with the material?

Thank you!


Hi Patrick,

If you can connect to public networks correctly, I think that this problem is related to your router at home. So I would recommend updating the firmware on your router. You can get it on the page of manufactured goods.

Also try to disable WLAN encryption and MAC address filtering.

By the way: you can access the Internet at home via a cable connection?

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    Hey all,.

    I have problems with my toshiba satellite L500 wireless very slow. I restored the computer back to factory settings, reset the router and do not know what to do. The only way that I am able to achieve and increase speed of internet is by connecting the laptop to the router.

    There are 3 other laptops in the House which is the same model, this laptop runs very fast. My router is a Thomson TG782T.

    Thank you


    First, I would try to update the WLAN driver. Download the latest version on the Toshiba site and then delete the old version. Reboot the laptop and use CCleaner to clean the system. Restart again and now you can install the latest WLAN driver.

    I put t know what operating system you have, but on Vista and Windows 7, you must disable the WLAN energy saving function. You can do this in Windows power management if you change power management.

    I had a similar problem and after removing the energy saving function, it worked fast and normal as on other laptops. :)

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    Thank you

    Use google and search for 3.5 "SATA to ESATA External Hard drive Caddy

    You will get many hits

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    I have a Satellite Pro A60 which was connected to our main office using a Linksys Home Wireless - G USB adapt to I can share files and also connect to our connection broadband. The main office is connected directly to a G from Linksys home wireless gateway. It worked fine then for no reason (no settings have been changed or installed software) the laptop does not connect to the desktop or the internet. The software Linksys says that it is connected to the access point, but the internet cannot be found. Even if he says that it is connected I can't get to the desktop.

    I tried to set up a dial-up connection independent for updating drivers etc, but after the normal dial tones, he says that it cannot connect to the remote computer.

    We tried everything that we think would be grateful for any ideas. Please speak slowly and distinctly also even if I know a little technical jargon computers is a language that I'm not still commonly!

    Thank you very much


    It's really not easy to say what can be the problem. In my opinion, you must remove all the settings and adapter WLAN Device Manager. Restart the unit, reinstall the wireless card and make a WLAN configuration again.

    In my opinion, it is very important to know if the WIFI network of the device works correctly, and if you are able to share files between the laptop and our main office. If it works properly again check the settings on our front door.

    One is the problem with Notepad or another device. If someone of your friends has a WIFI at home, you can try to check the laptop WIFI functionality. On this way, you can be sure that if the problem is caused by your Satellite Pro.

    If you find a solution please let me know what the problem is.

    Good luck!

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    We have some Toshiba laptops in the office.

    However, the wireless on our most recent purchase (Satellite Pro L20) installation is very reliable. Periodically he loses sight of the network without apparent reason.

    We have the device permanently connected, and the problem can occur even when the machine is in the middle of copying files to and from the network server.

    The actual wireless access point is within a few feet of distance (in view), so I can't imagine there is a problem of signal strength. Can anyone offer me any guidance?

    I don't know where to start on this one there...



    With a WiFi card has your unit (listed in the Device Manager)?

  • How to install driver on the Satellite Pro L500 wireless?

    I have a Satellite Pro L 500 with Windows Vista but I m unable to connect to wireless internet.

    I know that the problem is that there are no installed wireless driver. I tried to update from the Device Manager, but it does not work.

    What can I do else?

    I put t know what model do you have exactly (L500-xxx) and cannot say what driver do you need exactly but the latest WLAN drivers, you can download from the Toshiba WLAN portal -

    Check it out.

  • Satellite Pro 4340: Wireless connection problem

    I can't connect my sons Satellite pro 4340 using a belkin preN wireless card Belkin router to take are there problems that I need to know or anyone could do that?


    Well, if you want t use WiFi, you must pay attention to the different settings and options.
    First of all, are you sure that you have installed the wireless network card correctly and it appears in Device Manager 100%?
    Please check!

    After the properly installing the LAN on laptop computer card, you must configure the WLan router.
    For most installation instructions delivered with the package and you will need to follow these guidelines!

    For the first time, I would not recommend to set of ciphers.
    You must first test the connection without encryption, and if it works then you can allow it.

  • Satellite Pro L650 - wireless connectivity problems

    I recently started having problems to be able to connect wirelessly.

    laptop is able to find connections to home and my wireless router. but it is impossible to connect. or when it does, the soons connection becomes broken and she begins searching for signals to connect to. I'm literally just 2 metres from the router, signed lstrength or interference is not a problem. I have no problem connecting via a LAN cable.

    This question has recently developed after having had no problem before, and it's really annoying me now!

    I should just be able to switch on my laptop (whether at home or office) and he just needs to connect to internet automatically!

    I hope someone out there can tell me what to do as this beyond embarrassing. I tried to uninstall driver and reboot system below. He still does not!

    laptop - Satellite Pro L650
    Network – Broadcom 802.11n adapter driver version

    If you would like more information, let me know.

    Thank you

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    Hi dazzablack,

    What operating system is installed on your laptop? You use the preinstalled version of Windows 7 in Toshiba or your own installation?

    Maybe the problem has something to do with the WLAN energy saving settings. I check the Windows power management and set the card WLAN for maximum performance. If you can ensure that you will always have the best performance of WLAN. :)

  • Sometimes my wireless connection is very slow. Our people at work said there must be a lot of people in my neighborhood picky backup me & that I need to put a password on the router.

    sometimes working wireless on my laptop is very slow. Our people at work said there must be a lot of people in my neighborhood picky backup me & that I need to put a password on the router. How can I do this?

    original title: addition of router password?

    The manual is expected to be online. If you have pain to find - know everyone here the brand name and model - it is likely that someone here can help more.

    Basically connect to the interface web (usually via or web page with the username "admin") and change the password in the configuration / administrative to something (I suggest 15 + characters including letters - upper and lower case, numbers and symbols) and then find the wireless configuration and change the password for it to something other than the administrative password - but with the same suggestion.  If she uses WEP and you have all the relatively new devices (all purchased in the last 7 years) then I suggest change you in WPA.  If possible, replace WPA2.

    Probably there is also a place where you can see who is connected.

    What type of Internet connection you are paying for?  (Include numbers upstream and downstream, given to you by the service provider and the type...)

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    The laptop with bad speeds is Windows 7 and the functioning of the laptop computer Windows xp

    Can anyone help with this

    Disabled mode N and B... .to now thank you for help

    Use this link for help on how to do

  • Satellite A80 - keyboard is to be very slow and charcters have changed


    I recently reinstalled my windows and other software on my laptop Toshiba A80. However, my keyboard is currently very slow now. the charecters take a few seconds more until they appear on the screen, regardless of how fast I type.
    Furthermore, some charecters keyboard appear to have traded, like I need to use "to get and vice versa."

    Help, please.


    you said, you´ve reinstalled your windows. For slow typing may be a reason may be a faulty driver or missing for a hardware component, such as for example chipset graphics card.
    Can you tell me what drivers and tools that you have installed, and order in which you did.

    With regard to the characters: maybe you have a bad keyboard layout. Go to your control panel for "Regional and Language Options", click the "Languages" tab, click on 'Détails' and find out what keyboard configuration you have. Maybe it s a bad.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite T130 - wireless connection is very slow

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    Please help as I'm about to throw the laptop out the window!


    What connection speed you have if you connect to your WLAN router? 54 Mbps?

    I think that Akuma is right. Just update the WLAN and the BIOS driver. The two update you can find here: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    You have other software tools? Maybe they are causing the slow internet connection or trying to access the Internet.

  • Satellite Pro R850 - 16 h is very slow


    So I have pr r850 - 16 h beautiful computer toshiba satellite laptop but useless at the moment of the beginning is so SLOW. Send for repairs and receipts with the same SLOW problem. So I tried to clean install Win 7 then all fun began. I managed some how to install all the drivers a Fn keys without slowing down the system. I was happy person but after that I have needed to install printer drivers (hp photosmart b109a) fasteners drive computer network and that new putt in slow motion.

    1 any idea of order of installation?
    2. What is the troublemaker in this slowness?

    Sorry for my English


    At first, I must say that on this forum you will find many threads having the same content and also with good reviews how to increase the performance of s for laptop.
    What you need is the optimization of the OS.

    Laptop with factory preinstalled OS with of many Toshiba tols individuals, utility and also different additional software. Many of them start with Windows and run in the background. It is logical that the computer's performance will be slowed down.

    Each notebook with factory settings also allowed installation of windows update. With other words, it is set to automatic. It is logical that after short time of period notebook, will start all of the updates in the background. You will know what is going on, but because of download and update for computer laptop installation reacts very slowly.

    As a general rule it is no problem at all and I don t know why you sent your laptop to the service.
    Anyway check it please
    You will find an interesting thread on slow start. It's the old model of laptop, but the principle remains the same.

    If you have any other questions you are welcome.

  • Satellite L555-10R - wireless connection is very "unstable".

    Hello to you all!

    Something went wrong, and my last point of backup recovery does not resolve the issue.
    I miss the "Service of auto-configuration" in Windows 7 / 32 b for Wireless Card (i.e. SE TL8191 Realtek)

    Simple example: I have Lan connections and working together for example, wireless and wireless is very "unstable".

    Just one request: technically possible to correct or better to buy the original Windows 32/64 on Toshiba media? (which has not been delivered with my laptop purchase).

    Thousand thanks
    Thank you!

    Ooooops... by the way Happy New Year 2011 from Paris!

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    The laptop supports the 802.11bgn of Realtek RTL8191SE minicards.
    I've read here in this forum that the WLan driver from Realtek page should contribute to improve the performance of WLan.

    In addition, you must check this thread:

    User AndreaEoF posted the Nice details how improve the WLan conectivity... you need to disable the economy for WLan in the management of power supply...

  • Satellite Pro L500 - wireless button does not work

    I have problem with my wireless switch. Take a look at this [photo:]. It is said "bryterstatus: pa ' which is translated (badly) to" change status: on»

    Although, when I press Fn + F8, nothing happens. All the other 'random' shortcuts button + FN keyboard works well. In other words, I can not connect to my wireless. I know it works because I can connect with my iPhone. There is also nothing wrong with the connection, I tried Michael / active on and outside. Tried to restart my laptop. I even downloaded the new drivers. Nothing seems to work. How can I activate the switch?

    Best regards
    Miguel Rodrigues

    Hello Miguel

    Your laptop factory settings or you changed something?
    Have you installed the own operating system or laptop has always original operating system preinstalled?
    Wireless network adapter installed and listed correctly in the Device Manager?

    Use of WLAN is so simple, and by default, it should work correctly. The same principle is on all laptops from Toshiba even. When you want to use the WLAN you move WLAN switch in position ONE and use the FN + F8 key combination to activate the wireless network card. All that s.

    What you can try is to reinstall the additional package of value?

Maybe you are looking for

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