Satellite Pro L630-12F constantly read hard drive

My laptop 2 months old, satellite pro L630-12F, running windows 7, just started to constantly read the hard drive in windows. The light is still on. When I try to do something, it takes forever-. for example, click on the start menu. Wait a minute, while the cirlce thing appears and the start menu.

If I do too much hard drive starts to make a ticking noise and possibly a BSOD appears and it restarts.

If I try to stop or restart it takes forever to do.

When I go into safe mode, it just does the same thing.

Any suggestions as to what is happening and how I can fix this problem?


At first I thought that the constantly HARD drive activity can be because of preinstalled McAffe and HDD scan but this info on ticking noise and possibly a BSOD is really strange and I'm afraid that there must be another reason m.

Have you noticed this behavior from the first day or later?
It will be interesting to know if the same behavior is with its own OS preinstalled. Can you install new OS by using recovery image and test it with the factory settings?

In the worst case I mean that the HARD disk must be exchanged.

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  • Satellite Pro P70 - Has: 2nd invisible HARD drive - how to initialize the 2nd HARD drive

    I have a P70 - A. Satellite Pro
    'Primary' hard disk failed, and has been replaced by the service centre.

    Now, only the main hard drive is shown and the Service Center said that I had to 'initialize' the second hard drive to make it visible. They assure me that the hard drive is there, just hidden.

    How can I make visible?
    How do I initialize it?

    Usually, you can initialize the disk by DiskManagement.

    In disk management, right-click the disk you want to initialize and then click on initialize disk.
    In the dialog box initialize the disk, select the disk to initialize.
    You can choose to use the master boot record (MBR) or the style of partition GUID partition table (GPT).

    Once a disk is initialized, you can create partitions on it.
    After you create a partition, you can format the partition to create a filesystem (NTFS).

  • Cannot install Win 8 - Satellite Pro C660 does not detect HARD drive


    My HARD drive died, so I decided to upgrade my Satellite Pro C660 - 1 9 to an SSD.
    I made a USB bootable with Win8 and starts very well.

    The problem is that it does not detect my SSD, so I can proceed with the installation.
    SSD appears in BIOS but not in Windows Installer.
    He said that there is a missing driver.

    I downloaded the AHCI drivers (XP, only ones available) and even in this case, after you have selected the only rider that appears, it says no new device found.

    I tried to change the SATA from AHCI mode to compatibility mode and it's the same thing...

    What can I do?

    Thanks for the help.
    Best regards
    Bruno Moreira

    More old Windows XP need a driver AHCI Intel's but I think this isn't a problem with SATA driver missing because as far as I know Windows 8 as well as Win 8.1 already contains the drivers to recognize the SSD or HARD disk drive.
    In addition, the installation of the OS should be possible even if the driver would be added for this procedure, you must use the "compatibility" mode
    As you say, the compatibility mode is not working too, so I think there is another problem.

    However, page driver Toshiba also provides a driver Intel RST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) (Windows 8 - updated) you can try to add during the installation of the OS.

    But I m wondering if you would be able to install this Win 8 on common SATA HDD.
    Have you tried to format the SSD using a different computer, then install Win 8?
    Give it a try.

  • Satellite Pro A210 PSAFHE: need new HARD drive compatible


    Jealous of my relationship with my Tosh laptop - my wife - angry of stupidity, decided to slam closed
    OOPS, it no longer works.

    After cooling down - she did not apologize, BUT said she would pay for the repair.

    After investigation, I feel it may be the hard drive - I have re-installed from master disks and it worked sort of--even allowed to install aol.
    AND he then stopped loading - hearing closely it seems to be looking for the hard drive to complete the load.
    It's a Toshiba Satellite Pro A210 IB1 model PSAFHE - 00800PEN and has a Hitachi hd
    HARD DRIVE: 5K 250-160
    Model: HTS542516K9SA00 5 v DC 700mA 160 GB SATA 5400 RPM

    I can't seem to find one anywhere - tried to contact Toshiba to know what would be appropriate replacements - picking the winning lottery numbers would be easier to get through Toshiba. So I thought I would try the forums.
    In my opinion, it's the hard drive BUT as a mere mortal, I could be wrong - all advice would be appreciated.

    Please tell us what drives fit


    It seems that the laptop supports a HARD drive 2.5 SATA.
    As the controller SATA HDD has no limitation, all SATA 2.5 hard drives should be compatible.

    If you want, so you can choose a 250GB 2.5 SATA HDD THAT and normally it should work as part of your laptop.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro A300-1NT (Satellite Pro A300-guest 1gt)--deuxieme hard drive)

    Hi all

    Is eligible for a Satellite Pro A300-1NT (or Satellite Pro A300-guest 1GT) to add a second hard drive?

    Thank you


    Hmm. as much as I know that you can not use a second HDD in this notebook.
    There could be a second HARD-drive Bay, but that does not mean that the use of the second HARD disk would be possible.

    What you need to know is that the A300 series was equipped with different motherboards and not all mobos provides a second HARD drive controller.
    If you want you could remove the fixed the second HARD drive Bay and could check if the connectors are available.

    If it isn't then impossible to connect and use the second HDD.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A10: Question about upgrade HARD drive

    I want a bigger hard drive, but xp home edition preinstalled. If I change the hard drive I don't think that the recovery disc would work to re install xp. How can I do this without having to buy a new version of windows? Oh, it's a portable satellite pro spa10.

    Sorry, but why you are suggesting that the recovery CD will not recognize the new HARD drive?
    The fact is that if the BIOS will recognize the new HARD drive then you will have no problem for the recovery and the installation of the OS.

    If you want to upgrade the HARD drive, you must use a compatible. Then everything simply initialize-towards the top of the recovery CD and the operating system will install on the new HD disc.

  • Satellite Pro U300: Cannot see the HARD drive during the installation of XP

    Due to the restrictions of the network must downgrade the operating system on a new satellite Pro U300. I am unable to run the XP + sp2 cd as it says there is no hard drive installed on the machine. I guess it's because I need 3 scsi drivers or third-party raid.

    Does anyone have these or know a place where I can get my hands on them? Or am I completely off the mark that you have another solution?


    You need the Intel Matrix Storage Management utility for the management of your local storage, including the RAID support.

    On the European driver Toshiba page I found Robson tea for Vista package which includes the Intel Matrix Storage Management utility.

    The same can be downloaded from the Intel page for the XP operating system.

    I found this on the page of Intel: FullName = Windows * + XP + Professional & lang = eng & strOSs = 44 & submit = Go %21

    Something similar is described here in this thread.

    Good luck buddy

  • How to wear the Vista/Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 software after upgrade HARD drive


    Have ordered a Seagate Momentus 7200.02 200 GB SATA-300 7200 RPM 16 MB 2.5 "for my Satellite Pro A200GE - 26. Toshiba slow disk with this laptop ships is simply not fast enough so it is replaced.

    My question is this: can I use the recovery disc of the DVD came with my laptop to reinstall Vista and all the Toshiba drivers on this new album?

    If this is not the case-how can I do?

    If I can do it - could you give me a checklist of things to do?
    Are several factors I need to get used to exist on the recovery disk?

    I ask this because I know how to do this on a PC with the Original OS disc, but I was horrified when my laptop has been delivered and no original OS disk - I think it's very bad for any help would be accepted with gratitude.

    Thank you in advance,



    You should not worry about the whole procedure, just install the HARD drive, put the recovery CD in your CD/DVD drive, press F12 and start with your CD drive or just press 'C' (which automatically inserted CD, boots).

    The recovery is not limited to a specific HARD disk, it automatically adjusts the size of the partition and install EVERTHING on your disk as a preinstalled OS shipped directly from the factory. Don t you need some additional drivers or software, the only thing you need to do is to copy your personal data on the system drive and customize your windows.

    It is the intention of recovery media: put it in and it does everything by itself.

    That's all. :)

    See you soon

  • Satellite Pro A10 does not start (HARD drive seems to be missing)

    Hello, I hope someone can give me some advice on this problem: I have a 2 years Satellite Pro A10. Recently, it starts not at all and I noticed that if I look at directories on the C: drive using the command prompt, it said "file not found". Cannot start Windows at all, not even in Safe Mode.
    Using the recovery disks is I help spread messages as no such fixed disc and 'Extraction impossible '.
    is - that say I have:
    1 a hard drive damaged
    2. defective connections on the HARD drive? -If Yes, how I fix that?

    the system didn't crash before it happened, she doesn't have to load up when I started it.
    Would appreciate any help.

    Thank you


    Well, it could be a hardware malfunction of HARD drive. Yes, it is possible. But I don t think that there is a bad connection. You used this HARD over the last two years and you n t change the settings of connections on this HARD drive. Is this good?
    If it possible s so I suggest you of to completely format the HARD drive.
    Then try to start the recovery procedure.

    However if the HARD drive has a functioning default (ie. crushing of the head), so the only way is to replace this device.

  • Satellite Pro A10 won't start HARD drive

    I have a Satellite Pro A10 that is not responding. If I have the connected HARD drive I get a ' insert System Disk... "message, I checked the HARD drive with a 2.5" USB connector in another computer and it seems OK.

    The laptop, I cannot change the boot order to select CD-Rom so that I can try the recovery disks. I can't get into the BIOS, but the Boot Priority option is not selectable.

    Any help appreciated.

    Especially this error message appears because the Middle starts not able.
    You insert a boot able CD?

    Try this: connect the computer laptop HARD drive to a USB adapter and try to format the whole HARD drive.
    Then put it in the laptop, insert the bootable CD and try to boot from the drive.
    As mentioned you could press the C button immediately after you start the laptop

  • Satellite Pro M40, failure of the hard drive - the new disk restore disk?


    My Satellite Pro M40 hard drive died and I want to install a new drive. Unfortunately, my old drive is 60Gig and the Web of Toshiba parts site has only 40 GB or 80 gig drives.

    I have problems with the recovery disk if the hard drive is not exactly the same thing?

    Your advice would be appreciated.


    No, he should t be any problem with the Toshiba Recovery CD.

    On the recovery CD, you'll find a Windows OS, Toshiba drivers and utilities and software further.
    These entire applications are packed into image files.

    You should only be sure that the HARD drive is compatible with your laptop and it will be recognized in the BIOS.
    Then simply to boot from the recovery and installation CD must start.

  • Satellite Pro 2100: Question about upgrade HARD drive

    ICH have a Satellite Pro 2100 with a capacity of 40 GB HDD. Now I want wo upgrate with a 100 GB or 120 GB HARD drive. Is it supported? Where is the upper limit of the capacity of support? Is there something I need to look out? Are there special attributes that am I looking for?

    prior to thank you for your support


    It is very unlikely that the 100 or 120 GB HARD drive works.
    I guess that the BIOS will not recognize these hard disks.
    I don't officials documents found on the hard drives supported, but I think that the 60 GB HARD drive is the biggest HARD drive that works on the Satellite Pro 2100.

  • Satellite Pro A60 and a new HARD drive

    I installed a new hard drive on my notebook and I can't launch Win XP pro or Win 98.
    During the sequence of booting with XP, I get the error message:
    Initializing device NDIS:
    I checked my bios settings, there are only two
    [HARD DISK MODE = Enhanced IDE (normal) and (standard), I have tried both to no success.]
    I can run 98 in safe mode, but when I use this mode I can access my DVD - ROM is more.


    Please check this link
    In my opinion, you should try to preinstall the device using recovery DVDs.

    Good bye

  • Recovery on satellite Pro C660 - 2KM with new HARD drive with the restored recovery partition

    Hey people,
    I had a problem with a virus on this sat pro, so I decided to completely erase the hard drive to get rid of this virus. Before I did, I saved everything partiton D including the recovery path and after clearing course, I copied everything returns to a place (second partition).
    Now, try to recover and do not know how to do it. F11, F10 and F8 seems to not work. Do I need the recovery media created with recovery media creator or can I still use the recovery on the new partition D: path?
    Thanks for your help in advance,

    Unfortunately, recovery doesn't work on this path.
    What you need now is the recovery disk.
    In general the recovery image on the second partition is useless and you will not be able to start.

  • Satellite Pro M70 does not see HARD drive sometimes

    Help me!

    My computer does not see my hard drive but see Installer and another computer.
    My hard drive is working and I put the new drive hard but computer does not see.
    And when I install XP on the computer I can see HDD format during the installation.
    And when prawns my computer I do not see the HARD disk again.

    Help me please


    I think that it s a HDD issue naturally it s really strange that the HARD drive is different sometimes and sometimes it s is not visible, but I doubt that it could be software related issue. That's why I think that it s a drive HARD and in my opinion, you should check if other HDD SATA runs correctly.

    Good bye

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