Satellite Pro U200: VGA output works not properly when the AC adapter / CC has been connected


I have a problem with vga output. When I'm working on the battery and connect my laptop to external monitor is ok, but when I connect adapter then start waving also bluetooth and wlan is not working properly. In other cases when I disconnect laptop battery and connect the AC adapter it works correctly.

Thanks in advance



Can you please describe more precisely what is happening here? Does not properly is a rather general statement.

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    When I plugged my inspiron Dell5050 the touchpad is not working properly. After removing the charger, the touchpad works properly. I restore my system, open in safe mode, digonsis the system, but it has not helped me.

    Hi dkydell.

    Go to your profile and change your user name. We are not allowed to use Dell as our username.

    Please repost this in the laptop computer forum for interventions.

  • Satellite Pro L20: battery not charge when the power adapter is connected


    all advice appreciated.

    I had a Satellite Pro L20 for about 18 months. Recently, battery does not charge when the power adapter is connected. The battery light starts yellow (which means more liberated, I think?), then will both green, the machine sat for awhile. However the ACPI often said that AC is "offline."

    There are two recent occurrences that coincide with this problem, I try to eliminate:

    1. my friends rat chewed by the feeder for pets! Power is Mobile OK insofar as he fled sector - the rat seems to have simply chewed by the outer cover (I see some threads, but I think that is just a shield, although I'm not an electrician).

    2. I put the laptop in hibernation for the first time. That seemed to mess up the system a bit, which was what initially drew my attention to the problem. This question is a bit complicated because I'm under Linux (Xubuntu).

    I updated the drivers etc from windows when I bought the laptop. Never had any problems until now and have been running linux for centuries. Also, I have mainly the laptop the power supply turned off, but do not remove the battery (is that really a problem these days?)

    I obviously need to replace the adapter, but is - it is likely (and how I can check) that the battery was borked until?

    see you soon

    First, please check if the other are lit.
    If the AC led and power led are on the adapter sector is ok and it provides the power to the laptop.

    > The battery light starts yellow (which means more liberated, I think?), then will both green, the machine sat for awhile
    If the battery LED is yellow, this means that the battery is not fully charged and if the Green led changes then recharging is caught and the battery has been recharged.

    So I really don t see any problems with the charge process.

    Maybe the battery is old and so you cannot use it for an extended in such a case only the replacement of the battery could help.

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    My creative cloud watch I upgraded to 5 Lightroom, but there only my license for 4.  I'm moving back to 5 CC is CRAWLING.  Cat said it is currently not available and the guys at Adobe has been of no help.  What should I do?

    Please see this link for instructions on installing the previous versions of the applications:

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  • Satellite Pro U200 - FN keys do not work


    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro U200 with Windows Xp Prof

    My problem is that the Fn shortcut keys do not work.
    Help, please.


    The FN keys should work after install Toshiba common Modules.
    Depending on your other threads you have not installed the common Modules on this laptop and I assume that this is the reason why don t FN keys work properly.

    The solution is simply.
    -Go to the page of the European driver Toshiba
    -Choose your laptop computer and downloaded and install the common modules

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro L450D - 12 X is not booting from the windows startup screen

    Hello, my laptop Satellite Pro L450D-12 X has been set up on and after awhile, window repair system popped up.
    After a long time he closed and restarted, but it does not start at the windows logo screen. It just stops after the splash screen and the screen goes black.

    Please can someone help?


    Looks like the system is corrupted
    Try HARD drive recovery

    Turn on the device, press F8 and choose fix my computer.
    Now choose the recovery of HARD drive in the list of available options.
    This should set the camera back to the factory settings

    But this procedure works only if the HARD drive is OK.
    If the HARD disk is not OK, it will not work

  • Satellite Pro A300-15 t does not restart on the current after BIOS update


    There is something wrong with my Satellite Pro A300-15 t. I made an update of the BIOS of toshiba recently with the latest Web site and it installed successfully. But after the installation, I noticed that my laptop does not restart when it is connected to the power adapter. It restarts and works perfectly when its power on the battery.

    After restart or start-up the laptop (on battery), it will be well when the adapter is connected.

    But, when I reboot when the adapter is connected, after his stop, just power light turns on for a second or two and gets off automatically. And not even the laptop starts manually by pressing the power button (LCD is turned off when the power light comes on for 2 seconds) when the adapter remains connected.

    So what I do is to pull the plug on the adapter, then start the computer manually by pressing the power button and reconnect the plug of the adapter to the laptop starts. It works well this way. Rest everything works perfectly.

    And this problem started after the update of the BIOS. Now, I don't know how to remedy the situation I don't know if there was a bug in the last update of the bios.

    Details of the update from:

    Update the BIOS
    This Bios update adds functionality to your system.
    Satellite Pro A300 Toshiba of 3, 60 - WIN

    So please help me to solve the problem.

    Thank you best regards &,.
    Manjit M.


    Try to update the BIOS again
    In addition, access the BIOS settings and set the default parameters. Save it and try again.

    Good bye

  • Equium A110-354: Subwoofer not working not properly on the 2.1 speaker system

    I just bought a set of 2.1 speakers (with 1 single output jack - green lemon) and plugged into the headphone jack. It works normally, ONLY the subwoofer is not. I tried to use the loudspeaker on my mp3 player and the subwoofer low works perfectly.

    Why my subwoofer does not work properly when connected to my laptop? Because of the sound card on laptop? Someone please help. Thank you very much.


    Try this:
    -Go to the control panel and choose sound and audio devices
    -under the Volume tab, choose advanced options in the speaker settings
    -Properties advanced audio should be opened. There you can select the right speaker system.

    PS: The Toshiba virtual sound program must be installed on this laptop. You should really check out this program. Here, you can select the mode and the listening environment.

  • Why is his HRT and card spinning works not properly on the Collection of Microsoft Solitaire?

    Especially on TriPeaks and pyramid sound does not work for higher levels of score and card stop turning in midair.


    Please contact the Microsoft community. We will be happy to help you with your concern.

    According to the description, the sound does not work while playing Microsoft Solitaire.

    1 did you changes to the computer before the show?

    2. the sound works well in the computer apart from the question of sound game?

    3. what operating system you have installed in the computer?

    Please follow the methods to check her solves the problem:

    Method 1: Scan SFC Run in the computer

    Use the System File Checker tool to troubleshoot missing or corrupted on Windows Vista or Windows system files

    Method 2: Turn on your computer in a clean boot state in order to identify the cause

    How to perform a clean boot for a problem in Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8

    Note: When the diagnosis is complete, don't forget to reset your computer to normal startup.

    Let us know if you have other questions about Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you. We at Microsoft, strive for excellence and provide our customers with the best support

  • Keyboard not working not properly when you use the Internet (32-bit vista)

    Whenever you use the Internet, keyboard keeps freezing upwards, types of all other letters or type any. Works totally fine when you type off the Internet. Issue of DEF. No material. Looks like that is that some Web sites (facebook is really bad, for example, the forum of the site as well - still holding type this message upward!). Maybe some code that inteferes? very frustrating.  any comment is appreciated.

    Look here:

    a few things to check, possibly more,

    reduce the sensitivity of your touchpad
    Check frequently for updates on the keyboard driver,
    and type faster, the cursor allows a few seconds before it locks in, then move it out of the way...

  • Mask works not properly on the model of clipping.

    Previously, I've recreated a model; several triangles in black. I used a clipping mask to change its color to gradient. It worked very well and no problems. Although recently recreated this model (double size) and then tried a clipping mask. It is no longer cut out the shape and it would be just the gradient is showing. Any ideas?

    Or maybe an additional period of saving method to change the colors on the behaviors.

    Many thanks in advance,


    I can't tell from your screenshots if your model is black and white or black and transparent, but in testing I've done, the process worked correctly when the boss has a transparent background and didn't when the background is white:

  • Satellite Pro L40 - 15A - Windows XP screen white when the cover is open


    So when I closed the lid on my laptop for a while and then reopen the lid, the screen remains white (black). The only way I found to get back on the screen is to re-boot.
    In power management, I put 'Status quo' for when I close the lid on my computer and power management is ' Always on '.

    I have the latest Bios and updates to the system.

    Satellite Pro L40 - 15A

    Any help appreciated.

    Hi ib1.

    You use the version preinstalled Windows from Toshiba or is it your own installation?

    What to update the display driver? Take a look at the Toshiba page for the new display driver: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Don t forget to look in the * archives * on Toshiba page because this model is a little older, so all of the downloads are moved in archive.

    Check this box!

  • layout does not properly when the phone is in landscape mode

    Hello everyone,

    I created a Web page with 3 different configurations: desktop, Tablet and phone. Each presentation has several breakpoints. For example, the available phone has 2 breakpoints, at 375 px and 667 px.

    I've published on businesscatalyst. When I open the page with my iPhone portrait 6 mode, it works fine, but when I turn my phone horizontally, in landscape mode, everything is misplaced. The layout of phone 667 px does not appear.

    Any ideas why this is and how to fix it?

    Is it necessary to make 3 different models, for each device, or can I just do a desktop with several breakpoints layout, corresponding to the fixed and mobile devices? If I do this, my page will be considered by Google 'sensitive '?

    Thank you all,.


    Hello Mimi_furnicutza,

    What Muse version do you use?

    If you use (pre-release) version beta Muse then I advise you to this post on the forum dedicated to the pre-release version.

    Adobe Muse Private Beta Program

    Kind regards


  • Wake On Lan doesn't work not to when the PC is shut down


    I plug just the HP all-in - One 200-5110 win7 64-bit and I'm pretty happy with it, everything works fine and I finished the installation but I can't do the work of Wake On Lan (wol) when you clean shutdown of the pc.

    The Office uses the same cable, same switch port with my former 6 year old computer that had no problem alarm since the closure.

    The BIOS I see no parameters, the network card has the latest drivers on the HP site, and I think I tried all possible combinations of settings in network properties. The only way that Office wakes up correctly is to Hibernate or sleep state.

    Here are some screenshots of my settings:

    Anyone have an idea on how to solve this problem? Did I miss something or an option?

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards

    For WOL to work when the computer is OFF, this feature must be enabled in the BIOS > Power. If there is no option, this feature does not work when the computer is turned OFF.

  • I have Windows XP, her border is my home page, when I click on a story, Yahoo page appears, 404 not found, sorry, the page you requested has been

    I have Windows XP, the border is my home page, when I click on a story, Yahoo page appears, 404 not found, sorry, the page you requested

    not found.   If I go to Google Chrome, it works perfectly!   I do not use Chrome because their title stories are not up-to-date.

    Border is powered by Yahoo, try the thread above, see if it will solve your problem.

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