SG200 or SG100 switches of the series?


I am helping a company data selection switch and VoIP for a small company of about 40 users who is penetrating new spaces and adding VoIP.

The subnets of voice and data will be routed to the other.  No VLAN or QoS are necessary according to the VoIP provider.

They need ports gigabit PoE 22 for phones and no PoE ports of 40 +.

The part-time computer scientist on the spot has no experience in the management of the switches.  So, they think about the use of six switches of SG100D - 08 p unmanaged for the PoE ports with all what SG100 switch to non PoE ports.  However, it seems that both switches of series SG200 (SG200 - 50 p and SG-200-50 or SG200-26), would be easy to set up for this purpose and require little management.  They have most of the equipment rack mounting.  It seems that SG200 switches would solve what could be a mess of this and son with six SG100D - 08 p of

I understand that little, if any requirements for a non - PoE switch SG200-xx. Is this correct?

Can someone please comment on how the SG200-xxP switches are easy to use and advice or suggestions?

Thank you


Hi Caseranch, please consider that SG200 switches are not POE on each port only 1/2 of the ports. At a switch 48 Port POE 24 ports. I know this should meet your requirement, but for the future expansion of POE, another POE switch.

You're right, in this sense, the SG200 needs very little to zero configuration. The only thing I recommend is if you buy a switch to manage, upgrade to the new firmware, factory reset the device and then install and connect things for her. This should be sufficient based on the way you describe things.

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    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > appearance/themes).

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    Thanks in advance,


    Hi @dslrshooters,

    could you please change your message header to match the content of you post.

    in the A6300, you can change the way in which the camera automatically switches between NET & screen in

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