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How to use the authentication of the URI (e-mail) of MRA - different domain through the highway-C

Hello I am not able to connect to the MRA using my E-mail address. How to solve it? My account is [email protected] / * / (this is my domain name locally, not resolved on the internet) My email (URI) is [email protected] / * / If I connect to interne

Cisco telepresence camera question - motivates and focus on who speaks. ???

Hi all Wonder about a telepresence from cisco camera that when placed in a conference room can detect, move and focus on the person speaking? Is this feature available on the PrecesionHD 4 x camera or another that I do not read this feature in the da

TMS - update meetings

We recently made a change to all of our video systems managed by TMS, allowing to allowing incoming SIP URI composition. I want to update all meetings on hold so that the direction of call setup becomes a reflection of the change. Is this possible? 2

Creation of CMR - Questions

Hello community, We have a TMS 14.6 and used to create personal CMR for the user. I have a question about the "Create Email Message". What is the purpose of this feature? If I click the Create the e-mail Message , it will again open browser and nothi

Meeting by videoconference on TMS portal user - Questions

Hello community, We have Cisco TMS 14.6 and we use for planning of video-conference sessions. I'm just curious with the other feature when you use the portal user to TMS during the creation of calendar. 1. under additional settings > Meeting Agenda,

Telepresence PMP license doest work without key option TMSPE?

Hello Telepresence PMP license doest work without key option TMSPE? The conductor, we have 250 PMP The STM is enabled and uses the license PMP. On MSDS, we have the solution for -Cisco TMSXE 25- and 50 system No TMSPE. If the use of the PMP license w

Cannot be the main source of switch - SX80

Need to switch the main source for video playback instead of send as content. Have several SX-80 s. Some, I am able to switch the main source to the PC Input or camera 2 without problem, others, nothing. I can even see in the preview window for main

Telephone directory of TMS export

Hello world We have a server TMS configured and running, with several pounds of phone manual list. Now, I am deploying a new TMS and configuring everything from scratch (do not use existing databases), including telephone directories. I have re-creat

Bad display on MX700 with 3 endpoints connected

Bad display on MX700 with 3 endpoints connected | Telepresence | Cisco support community Hello We have 3 MX700 (two screens) with multisite license and tried a conference between the 3 sites, but we had a bad behavior on the third connected site... A

Automatic call disconnect on C40

Hello, I would like to know if anyone knows if there is a way to have a C40 disconnect a call on its own after a period of time. We had this option on former TANDBERG systems, but I can't seem to find a setting for the web interface of C40. Maybe thi

PrecisionHDMC 1080 p camera and C40

I've been through a few web links and thought, that I would come here to see if I can get further assistance I have PrecisionHDMC 1080 p camera that connected to C40 in CUCM 10.5 environment Currently, only not using the motorway Do not use the SIP U

record of MCU on CUCM

Hi everyone, can you help me put the MCU on the CUCM? I need the exact steps to do work and perform videoconferencing I recorded the EX90, MX200 and DX80 on the CUCM Thank you very much MCU 5310 CUCM 10.5

How to manage the assets Conference on Telepresence server controlled by the conductor

Colleagues, Hello. How to add additional participants to the already begun scheduled conference or permanent on Telepresence server controlled by the conductor? Or so... How to make the call to the Conference on the telepresence server controlled by

MSD cannot change the configuration of SNMP

Guys, Im trying to change the SNMP community for a conductor string found TMS, like its incorrect. All my other devices allow me to change the SNMP channel but for the conductor it is grayed out and I can't change it. They system is moaning the SNMP

CUCM Rehost license

Hello all, I searched this topic but have not yet found, if I appreciate all the help. Here's the rundown: I changed the NTP server to my CUCM (he has been "spamming" of the error log). I have not implemented the system and didn't license VMWare was

CCNP recertification

Hello just to be sure, my CCNP R & S will be expired on February, and I would like to know if security CCNP will recertify my CCNP R & S without CCNA security. they always said I can't be recertified with any exan CCNP, but the requirement for CCNP d

In BGP routing problem

Hi guys,. I had a problem on set up a milling to let my 2.0/24 out to the external BGP cloud via a router 116.1. Here, I have attached the existing structure. How could I see in my list of bgp? 1, I have to let my able to

Client VPN cause loss of local network

When you use the CISCO VPN Client to a remote network, we lose connectivity to the LAN.   We RDP on this server and then establish a VPN connection to another location.  Once the VPN connection is established, the RDP connection is lost and you canno

What is the CLI commands

What is the CLI commands to monitor a router interface (800 series) 'live '? Watch the increment of packages.
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