Sierra takes in dual boot with Boot Camp? Laminated through 25 pages. Did not direct discussions or responses.

Installation of Microsoft Windows need to run Microsoft 'Access', which is not available to OX. Until I try to install OX 10.0.2 does anyone know if it supports the dual boot with BootCamp or similar? Thank you!


Boot Camp creates a Windows partition on the internal disk and allows the computer to be switched between Mac OS X and Windows, but not to have two OS running at the same time. make products such as VirtualBox.


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  • problem with Boot Camp, VMware Fusion 3, ethernet does not (not driver)

    Hello guys,.

    I have Windows 7 Pro 64 bit installed in Boot Camp and I'm running as a virtual machine using VMware Fusion OSX 10.6.6 3.1.2.

    The problem I have is that the ethernet does not work under VMware, even with VMware Tools installed.  Device Manager shows no driver installed.

    I googled and found a lot of suggestions to add ethernet0.virtualDEV = "e1000" to the simultaneous file, but I looked and this line is already there.

    I tried reinstalling VMware, VMware Tools, the Boot Camp drivers, NIC Add/Remove VMware settings, change NAT to the deck and vice versa. Nothing works.

    Any suggestions?

    The CARD is an Intel PRO 1000 MT and uses the E1G6032E.sys driver that is located in the:


    You will need to copy the 3 files to a temporary folder or on the desktop to be able to access it from the device for a manual installation manager.

  • 29.0.1 FF with Adblock Plus 2.6: Web pages do not display properly

    29.0.1 Firefox does not correctly load the pages. It seems that photos, boxes, etc. are not displayed, but their content online (which we would see after clicking and maybe taken to another page) is displayed. The only active add-on is Adblock Plus 2.6. Clear cookies and web cache did not help. (Don't know how to send a picture with this question to explain.)

    This seems to have been caused by the Adblock Plus EasyList Italy + EasyList filter list. I've updated the list and the problem disappeared.

  • Problem with wireless printing: can print test page, but not documents

    PhotoSmart Plus B210a with MacBook Pro running 10.7.4

    I can print a test page, but not a document.  The message from the print queue is "the printer is not connected.

    I started today be able to print from my computer, but not a second computer.

    I followed the advice of HP support including an update of the LION driver download.

    I deleted and added the printer on both computers.

    Now I can't print from my computer.

    Furthermore, why did I have to find in an HP forum on the new drivers.  Should not the printer HP offer update me the information?

    What is the download you have installed? :

    Reset the printing system:

    -Go to System Preferences > print & Scan
    -Right (or control) click in the rectangle listing your printers and select Reset Printing System.
    WARNING - This will remove ALL your printers!
    -Select the sign more to add a printer. Select the default tab on the top of the window. Search for the printer, select it, and wait until the button 'Add' becomes available. Until it clicks.

  • BlackBerry 8800 Smartphone, symbol of the battery with a red line through it. Does not start. Help, please!

    I recently bought a 8800 and when I inserted a battery, I got was a battery symbol with a red line through it, on a dark screen.  I changed the batteries, tried to charge it via the USB port and a wall outlet without result.  I tried cleaning the contacts and tried to download t a new OS, but it does not recognize the phone when it is in reality.    I am at the end of my rope with this phone and can't figure out what else to do.  It is just gone? Please help me


    You will need to use JL_Cmder to wipe the device and then load the operating system on the device. Follow the instructions here:

    If JL_Cmder does not work, follow this instruction:

    It might not work. You should try a connection with JLCmder 20 to 25 times, as well with the battery and the battery.

    See what's happening.

  • I can't Officejet J4580 to work with Vista 32 bit? Download online did not correct problem

    I went to the HP support site and downloaded the driver provided updates me on line after entering my HP Officejet J4580 and Vista OS product information.  When I try to install the printer from the disc, I put at my disposal, I keep getting an error message that Vista OS is not compatible with my printer.  Is there a way to download my printer from an online site, or are there additional fixes that I can download.  At the same time, it seems I got the printer works, but removed because IE would crash.

    Although I don't know that I did not research far enough, I'm in a wheelchair and not to research on all day.  Can someone give me some advice?

    The full feature driver is available from this link.  Unplug the USB cable from the printer to the computer before you run Setup.  Do not reconnect the USB up to be instructed by the installer.

  • CRS 10.1 with short 3.1.1 - category pages do not work


    I installed and configured ATG 10.1 with CRS and short 3.1.1 with the help of the CIM.

    I've done necessary installation sites and agents in CA and has done a lot of deployments to CRS sites (I have Sir: staging.)
    I also made indexing of the manual search (the initial Index) of components/atg/commerce/short/index/ProductCatalogSimpleIndexingAdmin/who completed successfully.

    Two CRS works, with the exception of the category pages. If I click on the link for example of the category or subcategory e.g. pants women, I get page not found Page with this description:
    "Sorry, the resource you are looking for is not found. It may have been moved to a new location. Please use the search bar or the navigation links to locate the resource. "

    Product and other pages to work OK - I can add it to the cart and start the extraction.

    Examples of links to the category of the src, not sure if they are correct or not, I expected to profile different, but not sure:

    8180/src/storeus/browse? N = 10097
    8180/src/storeus/browse? N = 10143

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Published by: 994398 on March 27, 2013 13:50

    Problem error Fri Mar 28 14:51:02 EDT 2013 1364496662152/atg/short/assembler/AssemblerTools A occurred Assembly asked the content. Response of the assembler is {contentUri = / pages/browse, @type is ContentInclude, @error = FileNotFound}

    Then you might want to try to run the promote_content script in your apps/CRS/control directory (where "CRS" is the name of your application Workbench of short) quite sure that the content it's there.

    Also, are you getting any other error search short-ish on the side of the ATG when starting or by clicking around?

  • problems with windows vista 64-bit. I did not drive, the PC is HP brand,

    Windows does not start. a recent hardware or software change might be the cause.

    1 insert the disc
    2. choose the language
    3 click on repair

    If no disk so forth and so

    file: \boot\bcd
    status: 0xc000000f

    I can't access safe mode or recovery mode through the f - keys for some reason, the only things that I can get to are the installation and the bios screen. tried pulling the cord/battery and unplugging everything, even tried using WinRE neosmart but nothing not done, Im at my intelligence stop there...

    any suggestions?


    If you do a cover, here is the information of HP:

    "Recover Windows Vista operating system using HP Recovery"

    See you soon.

  • Something Called "Inspect element Q" is in my drop-down menus. I want to block it and can't figure out how. It seems to be associated with Google Chrome or Firebug, but I did not either of these installed. Help would be appreciated thanks.

    Apparently, this is coding and hacking, or that I do! I want to block it or delete it. Or, if it is, please reassure me. It's only on my laptop, not other computers.

    Hi omelette.

    It's actually a new feature in Firefox for web developers.

    If you want to disable it, just look at the Cor - el post on this topic:

    If you are interested in how it works, take a look at this blog post:

    Hope this helps!

  • Able to add colspan with jQuery to table on one page, but not the other.

    I am able to use jQuery to add an attribute colspan to one of the rows in the table on a regular with products catalog page, but when I try to do a catalog that has instead of product catalogs, I see not the colspan attribute when I inspect the lines of the table.

    The catalog I'm talking about is http://www.thesanfordcenter.NET/suite-menu . The catalogue is secure. I have set up a temporary account and a password if you want to view the pages.

    ID: test

    Password: account 1

    I wonder if this is a problem with my jQuery or maybe what layout, I have jQuery on. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    This page has some errors coming JavaScript on it.  If you press Ctrl-Shift-J or Cmd-Shift-J on a Mac in Google Chrome you will bring up the javascript console.  Anything in red is usually a javascript error or a 404 error for assets that are not found... you should always try to clean them.

    In this case, your "expstickybar.js" file is loaded on this page, and he introduces a "jQuery.noConflict (); statement that basically removes the possibility of using the variable ' $' as a quick trigger jQuery methods.  This is not the case on the pages of your catalogue main is because you only reference this script with a relative url: 'expstickybar.js', so when you are on your catalog at page then it is looking for your javascript to files so it is not find it is coming as a 404 error.

    A fast solution would probably be to try to remove or comment on this first line in expstickybar.js that says "jQuery.noConflict ();".  This might work, but it is also possible that it will break your expstickybar.js script. If this does not work, you should probably go into each of your statements of jQuery in your pages and wrap them up in a function that explicitly said to use the variable "$" for jQuery:

    (function ($) {}


    (}) (jQuery);

    On a side note, also included two libraries jQuery in your site and that is never a good idea... you have jQuery 1.4.2 loading in the HEAD of your page or the page template and then you are also to load jQuery 1.6.2 in the BODY of your page or your page template.  You must use one or the other.  1.4.2 is old enough now, so if I was you, after you try to correct the mistake of jQuery.noConflict () you have got going, you need to move this jQuery 1.6.2 reference in your BODY element and replace it with jQuery 1.4.2 marked in your HEAD.

    Also - you should change your reference in your page templates to make the "expstickybar.js" a URL relative to the root instead of a relative URL of the file.  Change:

  • Problems with FP upgrade - did not work and now does not download

    Information on the current system:

    Windows 7 (64-bit)

    Internet Explorer 9 (using 32 bits to download FP)

    I upgraded to and immediately noticed my laptop cannot display/use of the Flash features (facebook, prospectus online, video games, etc.)

    I uninstalled and installed several times using Control Panel both the program uninstaller provided on the Adobe support page. I restarted my laptop after each installation and after each uninstall. I made sure to use 32-bit IE every time.

    The first programs (and control panel) showed the PS as installed but now it records not installed at all - other than the installer telling me it is installed.

    After the installation, on the Adobe page 'test' instead of spinning F I see a box with an 'x' in the upper left corner (as a picture/graphic that doesn't load).

    I tried the version FP 11 beta but same problem. He showed at least on my list of programs. I uninstalled and am back to 10.3 FP

    I've been on the help page try everything I can find to get it to work, but no luck so far. Any advice for this problem?

    Thank you


    function() {return A.apply (null, [this] .concat ($A (arguments)))}

    jfer045 wrote:

    FP appears in my control panel to uninstall but does not appear in my list of programs. I downloaded Google Chrome and FP seems to work with it (although I'm not a big fan of the browser) then, there seems to be a problem in IE?

    Flash Player does not appear in the program files, because it is not a (standalone) executable file player; just a browser add-on.

    See these two entries in the FAQ about potential problems of IE9:

  • I have an Air iPad with wifi cell, however, suddenly my iPad did not have 4G service. I went to my carrier and they change the SIM of another, it still appears above in the screen no Service and I already tried the chip and work.

    I already tried the sim card in my mini iPad and works perfectly; my career was told to do a restore of my iPad Air, I did it like 3 times, and he always acknowledged carrier in settings, but still says no Service.

    I wanted to know what can I do about it.

    Thanks for the support.

    Settings - general - reset - Reset Network settings - you will have to re integrate WiFi passwords

  • Wizard Boot Camp disk space error

    So I bought a new macbook pro 15 "two days ago, I installed not anything on it so its own.

    My problem is that I am trying to install Windows 8.1 on it using boot camp assistant. But BCA keep jumping with the message that I don't have enough disk space when I have 500 GB of total disk space, and I also tried Windows partition half of the disk space. And its still saying I don't have enough disk space.

    Thanks for the help!

    P.S. I am a new user of MacBook

    Hi there Zenorthodox,

    Looks that you can't install Windows on your computer because boot camp keeps giving you this error message. I would like to first take a look at this info in the following article:

    Boot Camp: The problems of creation of partition

    If you have problems creating a Windows partition, check the following:

    • Before installing Windows, the disk on your Mac must be a single partition to Mac OS extended (journaled) format. If the disc has more than one partition, you need to repartition it.
    • The disc on your Mac must be an internal drive. You may not use the Boot Camp Assistant to install Windows on an external drive.
    • If you have a Mac Pro with more than one internal drive and want to install Boot Camp on a drive that is not in the first hard drive Bay remove readers in the bays of lower numbers. You can reinstall the drives after installing Boot Camp.

    If none of this applies to you or does not help you solve the problem I would then use disk utility to verify and repair the disk:

    Disk utility (El Capitan): a disc repair

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

  • Using Boot Camp Partition

    When I'm in the Virtual Machine library I press the start upward on my Boot Camp partition and this message

    Cannot open disk ' / Users/rickyoder/Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/Virtual Machines/Boot Camp/%2Fdev%2Fdisk0/Boot Camp partition.vmwarevm/Boot Camp partition.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on.     Reason: The partition table on the physical disk has changed since the disk was created. Remove the physical disk of the virtual machine, and then add it again. »

    How can I fix this so that my Bootcamp will work?  I tried to click on rt and remove the boot camp partition, but this option is grayed out and wont allow.

    Thank you

    Note: These steps assume that you have a default Apple installation of Windows and a VMware Fusion Boot Camp Virtual Machine default partition (without a snapshot *) and if you have changed the Boot Camp partition the Virtual Machine to add additional hard disks to be virtual or RAW disk then do not use these instructions unless you backup the Boot Camp partition the Virtual Machine package first.  * Note that Fusion 2.0.0 may accidentally have a snapshot with the partition Boot Camp, Virtual Machine, and it should not have then you should check to ensure that the condition does not exist as well.

    1. If the merger is open, close it.

    2. in a Terminal (/ Applications/Utilities/Terminal) copy and paste command, as the following and then press Enter and it will remove the Boot Camp Virtual Machine meta-data partition. Note: This does not affect the Boot Camp partition to install Windows. Also be sure that you copy the entire command below "rm" line at the beginning of the "(quote) after the p in the Camp of. "

    RM - dfr "/Users/$ the specified item was not found./Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/Virtual Machines / Boot Camp."

    3. start Fusion (/ Applications/VMware and select the Boot Camp partition on the library of the Virtual Machine window, and then click the run button.

    Notes: Then, an authentication dialog box appears. "VMware Fusion requires that you type your password." Enter your name and password, and then click OK. (It is necessary to remove the Boot Camp for the merge partition to access it directly).

    Then, we should see a Boot Camp partition message stating "VMware Fusion prepares your Boot Camp partition to run as a virtual machine. This may take a few minutes. This occurs once. »

    When the virtual partition Boot Camp Machine starts for the first time after this VMware Tools may want or will install/update and restart the virtual partition Boot Camp Machine.

  • Boot Camp 6 worm update fails

    I recently updated my MBP 9.1 to El Capitan. So far so good!

    Now I would like to move my Boot Camp Windows 10 8.1 Windows partition, so in preparation for this, I decided to update Windows in Boot Camp is supported by the software. Here is the page from Apple on the preparation and installation of updates.

    He keeps the default.  After almost a minute of "enumeration" messages and screen glitches in short the first clue that something is wrong is that this 'Windows Installer' error message appears.

    By clicking on "Close the program" seems to do nothing, but then all of a sudden this error message is displayed.

    What is disconcerting, it is that the above path actually exists, and the BootCamp.MSI file is present. I don't know if this is relevant, but when I looked BootCamp.MSIs properties > Details tab the comments field says "Boot Camp 5.1.5621", which does not correspond to "5.0.5033" in the path. (To also note that when I checked the language setting in the registry entry for the Boot Camp a key Services is "DisplayVersion" with a value of 5.1.5621. Hmm)

    Search the interwebs for key words in the above error message gives some pretty old forum discussions. Solutions boil down to ensure that no other video drivers or drivers mirror must exist (often cited examples were GotomyPC, VNC, etc.), or as the language setting of the Boot Camp may be wrong in the registry. It was easy to check and to exclude. The video driver thing, I went by uninstalling all programs on my system that could somehow use a mirror driver. Indeed, I have the Air Display installed, so I thought that its uninstallation and removal of Device Manager solves the problem.

    Nope.  Got the same errors.

    This is therefore the following message that appears after you click Cancel in the message above.

    It seems the background, but I don't know how to react to it. I click on the OK button, the following message appears.

    Closing that generates the screen of Boot Camp update saying that the installation was successful.  Fake!

    Any suggestions?

    Install Windows 7 and previous versions on your Mac with Boot Camp - Apple Support, drivers for your year/model of Mac to a USB Flash drive. .5621 seems the correct version. Go to Windows and run setup.exe and check if your update is complete. If Windows was installed with the correct drivers for BC, it should already be in place.

    If you have already downloaded deja.5621, check Bootcamp.xml for the version of your Mac-specific Bootcamp.msi. I will also check in my BC drivers deposit.

Maybe you are looking for