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I misspelled my email address on the page on my HP 7 of start-up flow and could not get to fix it. It does not seem to affect the use of the Tablet, but how do I fix the error problems later?

Hey @DaveH95 ,

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I understand that you misspelled your email address when you set up your account.

Windows 8 uses a live sign - we (if enabled) and does not allow to use an incorrect email address and the password. It seems that you could use a local account that should not cause any problems, but which may force you to connect when you use the Windows store with a valid account.

If you go to the select bar (slide from the right side) charms, settings. Select settings to change PC downstairs, then accounts from the list on the left side of the page that opens.

Here you can see the details of your account, even if it is a local or a real account. If it asks you to connect to a Microsoft account you use a local account and should not have any problems other than what has been mentioned above. Using a real account, however, you should be able to change the email address to switch to a local account and then reconnect to a real account.

Thank you.

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