Simple question: how to divide the string into multiple lines concatenated?

Hi people,

Maybe it's an easy question.

How to split a string that is concatenated into multiple lines by using the SQL query?

select 'AAA,BBB,CC,DDDD' as data from dual
Delimiter = ', '.

Expected results:
I'm looking for something nice to feature "an opposite to «sys_connect_by_path»»

Thank you

with t as (select 'aaaa,,bbbb,cccc,dddd,eeee,ffff' as txt from dual)
-- end of sample data
select REGEXP_SUBSTR (txt, '[^,]+', 1, level)
from t
connect by level <= length(regexp_replace(txt,'[^,]*'))+1


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    svmrajesh wrote:

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    Then just use Index Array on 2D array provided.

  • Divide the string into rows according to the space

    I'm using Oracle  I need a faster way to divide the organization names based on space as possible just using SQL.

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    Thank you very much.

    You can use GROUP BY with LISTAGG or XMLAGG. And ordinalite allows to preserve order:

    with org as)

    Select 1 org_pk, org_nm 'ALL american, INC.' of any double union

    Select 2 org_pk, 'A.G COMPANY' org_nm of all the double union

    Select org_pk 3, org_nm "GROWTH FUND SPONSORS and SONS, Inc." of the double


    Select org_pk,





    "ora: tokenize(.,"").

    by the way ' ' | org_nm


    path of varchar2 (4000) to org_nm '.'.

    o for the ordinalite

    ) x

    where x.org_nm is not null


    ---------- ------------------------------ ----------
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    1 American 3
    1 ,INC                                    5
    2 A.G                                     2
    2 COMPANY 4
    3 GROWTH                                  2
    3 FUND                                    3
    3 4 SPONSORS
    3 and                                     5
    3 SONS,                                   6
    3 INC.                                    7

    11 selected lines.

    SQL >

    However, I would like to use SUBSTR/INSTR plain + CONNECT BY if the volumes are large or performance is important.


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    If you want to split because of the logical separation between the elements, you can create a new region and move some items to that. If you want to keep certain items on a single page and some on the other hand, you can copy the page and remove the items is not necessary two pages (except primary key point). Now, create a button on the first page to open the second page, passing the primary key and do the same on page two.

    MaxApex accommodation

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    I use apex of Oracle 10 g 3.2.

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    I want the data as

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    90 1
    91 1
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    How to do this?

    Thank you

    Published by: user13305573 on August 3, 2010 20:16
       your_data as
       select 90 as col1, '1'  as col2      from dual union all
       select 91, '1:2:3'   from dual union all
       select 92, '3'       from dual
       regexp_substr(y.col2, '[^:]+', 1, t1.column_value) as col2
       your_data y,
     13     table(cast(multiset(select level from dual connect by  level <= length (regexp_replace(y.col2, '[^:]+'))  + 1) as sys.OdciNumberList)) t1
     14  /
                  COL1 COL2
    ------------------ -----
                    90 1
                    91 1
                    91 2
                    91 3
                    92 3
    5 rows selected.
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.05
    ME_XE?select * from v$version;
    Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Release - Product
    PL/SQL Release - Production
    CORE     Production
    TNS for Linux: Version - Production
    NLSRTL Version - Production
    5 rows selected.
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.03
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    But the only way I can find for it seems to imply EXPORT clips. Am I wrong to think that the export of a clip to a new file involves a degradation of the original mpeg4 source file? Or there will be no loss of quality if I simply export to mpeg4 format?

    It seems that there should be an easy way to simply divide the initial capture in small source files for editing later, without putting the images through a new generation of (exporting) treatment, which could result in a loss of quality. Or I'm wrong about this?

    (CS4 Master Suite, i7 3630 k, 16 GB RAM, C: 256 GB SSD, 1 t D:, E: 1 t F3 setpoint setpoint F3)

    HDV film is mpeg2 (which is a number). CS4 is not scene detect you will need to use HDV split for this.

    You can run your files already captured by hdv split and it will cut the file into clips and you leave.

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    Thank you



    SQL > with t as (select '' double txt)
    2 Select regexp_substr (txt,'[^.] +') part_1,.
    3 regexp_substr (txt,'[^.] +', 1, 2) part_2,.
    4 regexp_substr (txt,'[^.] +' 1, 3) part_3
    5 t

    --- ---- --
    INF ethz ch

    SQL >

    Or you can use SUBSTR + Instr.


  • Oracle regular expressions - splits the string into words for


    Nice day!

    My requirement is to split the string into words.

    So I need to identify the new line character and the semicolon (;), comma and space like terminator for string entry.

    Please note that I am currently embedded blank and the comma as separator, as shown below.

    Select regexp_substr('test)
    string in words, "([^, [: blanc:]] +) (', 1, 1) double;"

    How to integrate the semicolons and line break characters in regular expression Oracle?

    Please notify.

    Thanks and greetings


    This has nothing to do with REGEXP. Is SQL * more parser does not not a semicolon at the end of the line:

    SQL > select ' testto, mm\;
    ORA-01756: city not properly finished chain

    SQL >

    Just break the chain:

    SQL > select regexp_substr ('testto, mm\;' |) '
    2 string into words
    3 \w+',1,level ',') of double
    4. connect by level<= regexp_count('testto,mm\;'="" ||="">
    5 string in words
    6      ','\w+')


    SQL >

    Or modify SQL * more the character of endpoints:

    SQL > set sqlterm.
    SQL > select regexp_substr ('testto, mm\;)
    2 string into words
    3 \w+',1,level ',') of double
    4. connect by level<=>
    5 string in words
    6      ','\w+')


    SQL >


  • How to use the String with an external dispatchEvent

    ... I hope that the question of the title makes sense...

    On my stage, I have an external SWF loaded with a button. When you click the button dispatches the main event scene.

    On the main stage a listener can load a SWF it in a magazine called Gallery.

    The charger of the Gallery is also shared by the buttons on the main stage, who use the chain to appeal to sovereign wealth funds with corresponding names.

    I use tweens to fade and, in the content of the Gallery when a key is pressed.


    Loading of the FSV worked until I tried to create a universal function for the dispatchEvent buttons...

    The problem I have is that I don't know how to set the string to indicate to the newSWFRequest where the SWF file when triggered by external buttons.

    (I maybe do this wrong... but thought that the best way to load a SWF on the main stage from an external SWF was using dispatchEvent?)

    My code raises the event and the charger of the Gallery Faints, but then it does not find the new SWF:

    Error #2044: Unmanaged by the IOErrorEvent:. Text = Error #2035: URL not found.

    Please can someone help me understand how to make the point in the chain in the right direction? (I think that the errors only are in bold below)


    var myTweenIn2:Tween;

    var myTweenOut2:Tween;

    var nextLoadS2:String;

    Listening external inclinometer shipped external event

    addEventListener ("contactStage", btnClickExtrnl);

    function btnClickExtrnl(e:Event):void {}

    nextLoadS2 =?

    myTweenOut2 = new Tween(gallery,"alpha",None.easeOut,gallery.alpha,0,0.2,true);

    myTweenOut2.addEventListener (TweenEvent.MOTION_FINISH, tweenOutCompleteF2);


    Function universal BTNS

    function tweenOutCompleteF2(e:TweenEvent) {}

    myTweenOut2.removeEventListener (TweenEvent.MOTION_FINISH, tweenOutCompleteF2);

    myTweenOut2 = null;

    var newSWFRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest ("SWFs /" + nextLoadS2 + ".swf");

    myTweenIn2 = new Tween (Gallery, "alpha", None.easeOut, gallery.alpha, 1, 0.2, true);

    Gallery.Load (newSWFRequest);

    Gallery.x = Xpos;

    Gallery.y = Ypos;


    Thank you.

    If this code is on the timeline of a child of the main timeline of your external swf add parent 3rd in two lines with parent.parent.

  • Simple question - how to make an onchange event occur in a select list

    Simple question - how to make an onchange event occur in a list to start a process of selection?
    Thank you

    (1) with the ApEx selection about to submit list.
    You create a PL/SQL process after Submit. -> Request for conditional Type = Expression1. -> Expression1 is the name of your selection list. Treat the Source - > procedure you like. For example based on your select list value you add rows in different tables.
    (2) Javascript this example will change a system parameter value when changed

  • Simple question-how to call a stored procedure or function of apex?

    Simple question-how to call a stored procedure or function of apex?
    Thanks advance.

    Hi Doug,.
    You can call a procedure or function of apex. It depends on what you want to do with the function or procedure. If you want to retrieve table data in a specific area, you can try something like this-

    The following statement creates the function get_bal on the oe.orders of sample table (PL/SQL is in italics):

    CREATE FUNCTION get_bal (acc_no in NUMBER)
    IS acc_bal NUMBER (11.2);
    SELECT order_total
    IN acc_bal
    WHERE customer_id = acc_no;
    Return (acc_bal);

    The function created in the previous example can be used in a SQL statement. For example:

    SELECT get_bal (165) FROM DUAL;

    GET_BAL (165)

    hope this will help,

    Kind regards

    Pascal M

  • Simple question - how to make a readonly field

    Simple question - how to make a readonly field

    Hi DougBlincoe!

    I think you're looking for this:

    1. create the element. See "creating a Page level item.

    2. navigate to the appropriate page definition:

    Go to the Home Page of the database.

    Click the icon of the Application Builder.

    Select an application.

    Select a page.

    The definition of Page appears.

    3. under items, select the name of the element.

    The attributes for the element page.

    4. to display an item under certain conditions:

    Scroll up to Conditions.

    Make a selection in the list Type of Condition.

    Enter an expression in the fields provided.

    * 5. To make an element read-only: *.

    Scroll to display playback settings.

    Make a selection in the playlist only Type of Condition.

    Enter an expression in the fields provided.

    Click on apply changes.

    Here, you will get more information about this:

    # Create the item. See ["Creating a level of Page element" |].
    # Navigate to the appropriate page definition:
    # Go to the Home Page of the database.
    # Click the icon of the Application Builder.
    # Select an application.
    # Select a page. ------------------Definition of Page appears.
    # Under items, select the name of the element. ------------------Page attributes for the element.
    # To display an item under certain conditions:
    # Conditions scroll.
    # Make a selection in the list Type of Condition.
    # Enter an expression in the fields provided.
    # To make a read-only element:
    # Scroll the display reading settings.
    # Make a selection in the playlist only Type of Condition.
    # Enter an expression in the fields provided.
    # Click on apply changes.

    Here, you can read more information about this:

    I hope this helps!

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