Simultaneous use of PCI-6024E (former) and BNC 6210 (new) possible?

Hi all

I've updated to NOR-DAQ 8.9.5 to get the job of BNC 6210. I also have an old 6024E PCI installed. After the update, MAX shows the PCI-6024E and all tasks configured for this device with a little red cross. The tasks do not work (error-200477 message: no devices configured), and while I can choose the PCI-6024E or-Daq, the button for etc test panel is grayed out in the devices section.

According to the NOR-DAQ 8.9.5 readme, both the 6210 BNC and the PCI6024E are supported for my XP system.

Clues as to how I could get both work?

Thanks for the reply. I solved the problem by uninstalling OR-DAQ 8.9.5 and installation 8.9 (because 8.9.5 wouldn't work with my LabView 7.1). Now, the two devices work fine.

Tags: NI Hardware

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