Since my last update last Eve, flash player will not do anything.

I followed any information that I could find for Flash troubleshooting. This includes do an uninstall and installation of cold of the latest version of Flash. No video site will not work. Any site that has even a video does not work the video; It includes the Twitter of the vine and links. I'm puzzled. I don't really know a lot and I always stop online FF first support. I have always followed the advice given it there and most of the time I'm a happy camper. Doesn't take much to make me happy. Right now I'm unhappy. Any ideas would be appreciated. AND is there a stable version of FF? Some how I ended up get beta updates, I guess they're a statement every night and there seems to be some issue most of the time. Usually minors, but just enough to make me chronically aware updates. I have restart Win7x64 at least every 24 hours because of my video work and frequently restart FF.

Thank you for your support. Seems that all the problems have been fixed by resetting FF. Then sort through the extensions so eliminate any that I really don't need. I don't really know, but it seems that some of the extensions don't play well with others.

I tried your ants first of all, to the idea that my pink frustration level, the idea of reset has become more attractive. It is good to have it as a fallback difficulty for some of the more confusing issues.

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  • Flash player will not play anything without installation or run errors.

    I did all the things suggested in the help. I download and run the uninstalle

    r, rebooted, installed the flash palyer and checked all the security settings

    s. I am running Windows 7 (64 bit) business, IE8(32 Bit)

    and tring to install Flash version Under Tools, manage add-ons, it shows the flash player installed and gives the following information:

    Name: Shockwave Flash Object
    Publisher: Adobe Systems Incorporated
    Type: ActiveX Control
    File date:
    Last accessed date: today, July 6, 2010, 1 minute ago
    Class ID: {D27CDB6E-AE6D-11CF-96B8-444553540000}
    Use count: 23451
    Block count: 20
    File: Flash10h.ocx
    File: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash

    each test translates into no error and no image. I even had to go to a different computer to view what my ID Adobe would not end.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, my next step would be a full reload of the operating system.

    I am running on a desktop computer HP, P6140A Intel Quad core Q8200 @ 2.33 GHZ and 8 GB memory, 1 TB hard drive.

    Hi Tim, this is the pop-up blocker with the guarantee of CA

    I guess that everything is ok now?

    Thank you


  • Flash player will not install anything just

    I've tried every tip I can find, and I still can't get Flash Player to install on my MacBook Air.  I get the error message "the connection has failed.  Could not complete the installation. "I tried this a dozen times.  Very frustrating!

    Circumvent the Downloader or installer.

    How to do a 'clean' Flash Player installation in Mac OS X

  • Flash player will not install white Installer, full download? tool remove flash?

    Untitled.pngWindows 7 64-bit, Firefox, Explorer, Chrome

    For a long time flash player will not install (updates for upgrades).

    If I go to the home page that I can download the 1 MB file then open it and the installation box opens but never does nothing and is all black except for the top bar. I can not even close. I have to 'end task' it. I has been underway for a year or two.  I usually find a link to the version of the full installer, but don't find it anymore.

    Is there a tool to remove all the remains of Adobe flash player?

    Link to the full installer version of the player?

    I tried to uninstall all versions, but still the same problem

    Thank you

    Wow, I saw a post from m_vargas (personal Adobe): this is a known problem, so obviously there is a problem that nobody knows how to solve. Fix Adobe is use use only Chrome or installer - reinstall your operating system the offline. Great job Adobe.

  • Download Flash player will not accept my valid password

    Download Flash player will not install because it doesn't accept my valid password

    It is NOT a password Adobe® that you need, and is NOT Setup Adobe asking for it. This is your operating system administrator password, and your operating system is in need.

  • Flash player will not install on Windows XP using Opera. Can you help me solve this problem?

    Flash player will not install on Windows XP using Opera. Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.149 has downloaded to my computer. Opera is the browser in use. Can you help me solve this problem?

    I have good news! I managed to install Adobe Flash Player 11 by going to my temporary download folder and remove Adobe Flash Player 11, I then downloaded it once more. This time it installed on my computer.

  • Flash Player will not be updated or uninstall... :(

    I use Firefox 3.6.15 (with Shockwave Flash active) on Windows 7 64 bit with Flash Player 10,0,32,18 depending on the box here:

    Then... My problem is... I downloaded and installed Flash Player 10.2 several times and it says full intall... but once more, he says I 10,0,32,18.  I used the Flash Player uninstaller and follow this guide:

    Re-installed, but still no luck...

    Sigh... I only noticed that he is has not been updated after yesterday when YouTube was the Symphonic live event and when I went to watch it, it says I need the latest version of Flash Player, 10.2 (which I installed manually before this event) and made me install.

    I tried the method of cleanup with CCleaner, I did some tests antivirus, registry cleaning and same registry defrags, but no luck...

    Again, I will say that I try uninstall using Revo uninstaller, add/remove Prgrams Uninstller and Flash Player Uninstaller.exe

    I'm pretty good with computers and I tried to fix myself because I rarely ask for help from others, but this time... I don't know what to do...

    I also went through the troubleshooting and still no luck...

    If I remember, is a pretty old version... Does this mean that my Flash Player is not updated? I update all my software from their output updates...

    I had a problem with Flash Player, where one of the folders in Firefox missing some .dll files and videos YouTube didn't work, but I solved that last...

    And as for any recent changes. I think the biggest impact may be the update of Windows to Windows 7 service pack 1 that came out recently...

    So... any help will be followed carefully and is very appreciated... Thanks ^_^

    It's very curious...

    You can try the following:

    Http:// still shows the old version?

    If so, you can search across the system if you have another version of NPSWF32.dll somewhere?

  • Flash Player will not be updated, gray screen

    So, as mentioned, my flash drive will not be updated and will only display a gray screen (I also try to update FlashPlayer 18)

    I tried uninstall Flash and reinstall, but in vain.

    My Chrome Flash Player works well, but I read somewhere that it uses it's own separate flash.

    I am actually trying to update my IE and Opera would be able to use it, because Opera is my main browser and I need IE do (I think) to properly run Final Fantasy 14.

    Any help will be appreciated, I tried everything I could find but nothing has worked.

    Hi doubleradiation,

    Have you moved the file installation from one machine to the other?  If so, please try the following:

    1. Right-click on the Setup file, and then select Properties
    2. On the general tab, click the unlock button
    3. Click apply
    4. Click OK to close the window
    5. Double-click on the installer to start the installation program



  • Flash Player will NOT work in 8.1 Windows useless

    I'm now regretting upgrading to Windows 8.1 Flash Player will (even after following ALL the recommended fixes on the forums) does NOT work in Windows 8.1 it is now clear that there is no official reason - fix if there is, Microsoft would put an update which should fix the problem. As a result, we end up with a bunch of patched-together patches unofficial "maybe it works" - neither works.

    As for many others with this problem, I have Windows 8.1, 64 bit system with IE 11. Yes, I have the latest version of the flash player installed. Yes, I see the bouncing ball or whatever the hell it is in the gray box... or clouds moving in the other box. Yes, Shockwave active in Manage Add-ons. Yes, the ActiveX filtering is not verified in respect of the security. I went through this list so many times, that my head is spinning. The most annoying part when I 'test' to see if the latest version of Flash is installed (sigh, of course, it is) this is the message: "you are not running IE in Windows 8" good duuhhh.» Of course I'm not. I just upgraded to your platform 8.1 stupid.

    If someone is asleep at the switch from Microsoft? They roll 8.1 and screw everyone who installs it when it does not work with Flash? Shouldn't they tested this first? Why this problem has not been fixed yet? It is obvious that I'm not the only one who is frustrated beyond the point of view of white to this incompetence.

    Anyone know if there is a fix coming out of this outrageous mistake? Or will just sit us and twiddle thumbs as the gang at Microsoft?

    Flash Player is actually integrated in Internet Explorer on Windows 8 and 8.1.  There is nothing for you to download or install it from Adobe.

    After the description of the problem, looks like you're going to a Web site and send a message that Flash Player is not found.

    On most sites, there is JavaScript that determines which version of your browser and Flash are installed, so that it can determine what content to show you.  In Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft has changed the string that identifies Internet Explorer for these scripts, and it is very likely that the Web site you are visiting needs to make adjustments to account for the change.  There will probably be a chaotic transition period, as web properties major pointed out the problem and fix it.

    Meanwhile, Mike's suggestions are good.  Use Compatibility Mode or another browser.  You can also contact the website (especially if they have a small shop) to make them aware of the problem.  You are on the end at the beginning of the adoption curve, and they may need up to a leader.

    Thank you!

  • DVD player will not play anything but is listed in the Device Manager

    DVD problems

    My DVD drive is listed in Device Manager but will not play anything and does not appear on my computer. I tried to install the driver, but an error message says the driver installation failed.  I use Windows 7.  Any ideas?

    Tried this?

    The problem occurred after you update or install something?

  • Adobe flash player will not update

    Adobe Flash Player asks me to update when I do only goes to step 2 of 3, then he dies please help

    Hello bamagator62, please see if you can get the update to be installed when you use the full offline installer which is available at (use the windows exe for plugin-based browsers).

  • Information update of Adobe Flash Player does not


    I'm packaging Adobe flash player who I make sure that it happens for the automatic update. (Enable the background update)

    I was surfing the internet and implemented all of the proposed solutions. Most of the forums proposed for the mms.cfg file that was of any help. I would really appriciate if someone could help me on the issue.


    Would like to have downloaded the file, it could be that contains the resources. Extract the folder and place all the contents of this folder inside the folder.

    If you do not have the cab file, go to Adobe Flash Player Distribution. Adobe and distribution license application. You get the link to the page from where you can take the file.

    Thank you!

  • The current versions of Flash Player will not work on my Windows 7 computer

    When I install a later version of Flash Player, it won't play the videos.  Here is what I get on YouTube .   I then went back to an earlier version.  When running the previous version of Firefox nags me constantly need to be updated.  This has happened for a year or two.   I run Firefox on Windows 7.  The last version that works is

    Of course, the question is how to do a current version of Flash Player work?

    It worked.  Thank you

  • Download Flash player will not check the integrity of

    I'm trying to update my flash player. I used the 'solvent' from adobe, restarted then tried to download version but it will not pass the integrity check. I tried with firefox first (by clicking on reviews of 'allow') and then tried it with internet explore. I disabled my firewall, avast antivirus and my ad-aware before the attempt. Any suggestions? I have currently NO player at all the

    Hi, you might check out this thread I posted instructions for FF and IE about Flash Player.

    I suggest that you read over the instructions and uninstall IE, pay special attention to the last NOTE at end of article.

    If you have any questions before you start, just after return.

    Thank you


  • Flash Player will not work on the Sony Google TV

    Please help me... I got my Sony Google TV for about 2 weeks and I often! difficulties of playing flash videos. It's very painful. I was told that he had built in flash player, but I can't read the ubiquitous flash video. It's practically useless. I just a few days before I can return it.

    Is it a bad unit or has other problems too?

    Where can I call someone who could answer this question with Sony? or Google? Please help me.

    Thanks in advance...
    Bob Lake

    Sorry to see that you have problems with the flash player - if you still have questions after update (ogm_2.1_2010121503ON) support Sony a call and they will be happy to help you: type_id = 36

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