Since the new update yesterday the underscore key trait does not work it works in Internet Explorer

In windows 7, I tried this key in Internet Explorer and it worked so I don't think it's my keyboard.


All other keys are working properly?

Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link} by holding down the < shift >
(Mac options)
key and then from Firefox. Is always the problem?

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  • Line for the Hover draw style does not work in Internet Explorer

    I found a great way to create a substitution effect when you hover over a table row, giving the row a class of "resultsRow" and using the following rules in my stylesheet:

    background-color: #EAEEB1;
    background-color: #D2DE56;

    It works perfectly in Firefox, but doesn't work at all in Internet Explorer, that's what will use the majority of our audience. Does anyone know a fix for this in Internet Explorer?

    The game, July 20, 2006 08:21:43 + 0000 (UTC), "Claire S.

    > .resultsRow {}
    > background-color: #EAEEB1;
    > }
    > .resultsRow:hover {}
    > background-color: #D2DE56;
    > }
    > This works perfectly in Firefox, but doesn't work at all in Internet Explorer.
    > which is what will use the majority of our audience. Does anyone know a fix
    > in Internet Explorer?

    As you have seen, IE is old and does not support. You can do it
    quite easily with JavaScript:

    onMouseOut = "this.className = 'resultsRow'" > ""


  • Silverlight does not work in Internet Explorer 8, when I try to install it, it says the application is already installed.

    What can I do to fix this?

    Silverlight does not work in Internet Explorer 8, when I try to install it it says, the application is already installed, but it does not appear in the Add/Remove Programs dialog box. What can I do to fix this?

    Thank you for your help


    I was able to install it, I downloaded again the installation of Silverlight and it took.

    Thanks for your help


  • definition of Google toolbar does not work with internet explore in the ultimate edition of Windows 7

    Hi my toolbare google translate does not work in internet explorer 8 in windows 7


    ·         What happens when you try to use the toolbar to translate?

    I suggest you to try disabling and activation of the Google toolbar translation and check if it works:

    (a) open internet explore

    (b) click on tools and select internet options

    tab c open programs) and click on Manage Add-ons

    (d) right click on the toolbar and try to disable and enable it.

    For help using the Google toolbar, visit

    Warning: Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

    Hope this helps,

  • on the laptop key board does not work as it should

    try to write will work well


    Not really clear what you're saying, the problem is that if the keyboard does not work
    Not at all.

    You can use an external keyboard?

    Verifier check in SafeMode - repeatedly, press F8 as you start - it works better?

    -Device Manager - try keyboard control panel - right-click - UNINSTALL and then RESTART your computer
    to refresh the driver stack.

    Check Control Panel - keyboard and find the settings that could affect it.

    Have you changed your language (display or input)?

    Try a restore of the system before the problem started if possible.

    How to turn System Restore on or off in Vista

    Check with the manufacturer of system and their forums (if any) for known issues and
    possible solutions.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • 2 magic the fn key keyboard does not work (PC windows 7), so I can't exhaust remove fn, fn, fn low... and so on...

    2 magic keyboard fn key does not work (PC windows 7), so I can't use Up, fn, fn + DEL, fn + down... and so on...

    Assuming that 'Boot Camp', correct?

    Search here > + keyboard + 2 + windows + on + a + mac + boot + camp + site:

  • Pay a new update system for Fifth Third Bank does not work on firefox. Work on E.I. worked on Firefox before upgrading.

    Recently, Fifth Third Bank made updates of their Billpay system on their Web site. Before the change, I was able to pay the Bills on their site using Firefox. Customer service Fifth Third Bank told me that I would need to use Internet Explorer to pay the bills the Bill pay system would not work with Firefox. I have no problem getting on the site, but cannot pay bills using Firefox. Is there a fix or I have to wait for Firefox changes?

    Just talked to a technician in 5/3 rd who suggested that I create a URL exception under Tools. options; private life; Accept Cookies. the exception here is Allow.

     This change allowed me to access the Bill Payments part of 5/3rd bank's Internet Banking from Firefox.
  • new update of flash player 11 does not work with internet explorer 8

    I have Windows 7 and IE 8. It is a home desktop computer.

    When the last update of Flash Player 11.5.502.146 is automatically installed on January 9, IE8 has stopped working. I can browse a site, but then it just hangs. I can't click on a toolbar or other buttons or links - I can't even close IE - I have to use the Task Manager. If I disable Flashplayer, IE works fine, but then of course no content can be displayed. If I go to a site and then activate Flash Player, I can't click on anything again, so it does not work. Help. The most recent update does not work with IE8?

    This looks like a problem that might be addressed in our latest beta version of 11.6.  Could you try this updated version and let me know if this can help? in_ax.exe

  • Windows Update does not work, and internet explore is slow and crashes a lot

    OK, a few months ago, I'm doomed virut32 virus, and he did a number on my system.  I know everyone says just to restore but I have about 500 GB with a value of problem on this computer and want to really do not go through the time and hassle of reinstalling all the.  Is anyway that I can uninstall internet explore and reinstall, as well as difficulty of the update thing without having to do that.  I tried all the things that windows has segested to do so far. To uninstall IE 8 and fixing this cursed thing updated.

    Either way, I am running windows vista 32-bit

    I have some computer skills so if there is anyway to do let me know.

    Either way the virus is _ it took me three days of deteling the _ it was to get rid of it that's why I'm in this problem

    Thank you inadvance

    Hi cmaag,

    Thank you for using answers Forum.

    There is not a way to uninstall Internet Explorer 7 I know.
    Is there an error message that you can post on this forum?

    What happens when you try to update?

    I suggest to use the System File Checker to search for missing and corrupt files that can cause the problem.

    The tool File Checker system to determine if the problem you are experiencing is caused by one or more system files that are used by Windows Vista, run the System File Checker tool. The System File Checker tool analyzes the system files and replaces incorrect versions of system files by using the correct versions.

    To run the System File Checker tool, follow these steps:

    1. Click Start and type cmd in the box start the search .
    2. Right-click cmd in the programs list and then click run as administrator .

      If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type your password or click continue

    3. At prompt command, the following line, and then press ENTER:

    Please let us know if that helps.
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • line of numbers under the function keys keyboard does not work after windows upgrade

    Upgrade from Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit window Ult 64 bit. Line of keyboard under func keys works not just if online using Windows Explorer, Firefox Safari n - numbers don't work - some type; other type letter k; with the SHIFT key, signs and symbols, type anything. I can get the numbers of t using my keypad and numlock. I have tried 3 keyboards.  One was a Microsoft USB 4000 ergonomic keyboard brand new and it had the same problems.  My keyboard USB wireless transmitter had the problem too.  All have the same problem. The keys are correct by using Word, Wordpad, etc.. Quick test repetition key online as well as the keys were all ok then.

    This started happening immediately after I upgraded to windows 7 ultimate.  I use a desktop HP Pavilion a6667c with 8 GB of RAM and the latest updates available for windows ultimate.   The problem occurred before and after the upgrade to service pack 1.   I noticed other people on the web posting on this problem too.    I got no error message when using Vista Home Premium 64-bit version and had installed all the latest updates him as well.

    The only solution I found to this problem is to build me a small table of characters and symbols, I can't do it, and sticking them in when I am online using one of the three browsers I use most often.   I looked at my keyboard settings and changed back and forth between American and British English British without any result.

    I'll post my problem of keyboard on HP forums as well.   Thanks for any help anyone can give me or leads.   Somewhere, I think that it is a simple problem to solve, but I searched and searched and browsed and traveled for several days to find a lot of people who have this type of keyboard problem, but no solution yet.

    I was able to solve the problem on my computer Microsoft Vista but uninstalling constant guard I had downloaded and installed with free Norton from Comcast. I got this tip on another thread and after followinging their advice, I was free to use my line of numbers/symbols of the keys even once! I was able to close my copy of the email and the character or symbol and the last sheet in Word.

  • Satellite M40X-286: energy saving and the E - key utility does not work on Vista

    First of all, sorry for my bad English.

    I managed to install Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit on my Satellite M40X-286. Everything works, except for the energy saving and the E - key utility. I tried the added value of packages of other TOSHIBA models, but they all give an error message during the installation. Is there a solution for this problem?

    Now I can't change the speed of the processor and the brightness of my screen, and I can't even adjust these settings in a power mode. The only way to change the brightness is manually using the FN + F6 and F7 keys.

    Kind regards

    Please don t be crazy about me, but there is no problem at all. The situation is quite clear.

    First: tools and utilities are similar, but in most cases have to be adapted for each laptop model. It may happen that some tools work on the different model of laptop, but this does not mean that he has to work on each model.

    Second important fact is that Toshiba does not Satellite M40X support for Vista operating system and I guess you won't be able to use this tool. In my opinion, it is not so important, because all the energy-saving settings you can find in Vista power options.

    For utility E - key, I don't see a solution. If you use OS not supported, you must live with it.

  • The 10 key pad does not work on my wireless keyboard.

    This just happened.  For some reason any (I don't know if a me or something) when I use the keyboard 10 keys on my wireless (mouse and keyboard microsoft 1000 wireless) keyboard, the keyboard uses only features home, pageup, end, PG. FF.  I do a lot of work in the spreadsheet, and it is very inconveneint for not being able to use the 10-key pad.  Can anyone help me to reset my keyboard so the keyboard-10 is functional?

    Your keyboard has a digital lock key [often just marked NumLock]?  If so based on it does nothing to change the problem?  So that you can address this issue immediately, look at control panel, keyboard to see if there is a way to permanently allow the pad [if that's what suits you] to avoid this problem in the future.

    If it has no NumLock key then this can be achieved by the software & could inadvertently pressing keys that are its hotkey to toggle NumLock key on & off.  You will need to check the manual to see how to set / unset unless what information & control of adjustment are Control Panel keyboard.

  • In Firefox using the top menu, for example in Google images, videos, map, etc., of a web page are not activated with the mouse. This does not happen when you use Internet Explorer, because all links are available.

    A notification can up on some type of script, which then disappeared before I could take a note. After that links up on all web pages would not work by using the mouse cursor.
    It was only the links on a webpage, not on the menu bar or tabs above.

    To see if this happened on another browser, I opened the pages using Internet Explorer and open the links on all the pages that are controlled via the mouse. This sugested, it was a problem with Firefox.

    I uninstalled Firefox and installed a new application of the latest edition of Firefox, but the problem persists.

    No known cure for this problem.

    This problem may be caused by the Yahoo! toolbar as scopes as well down and covers the top of the browser window, allowing links in this part of the screen not clickable.

    You can keep an eye on this thread:

  • The arrow keys sometimes does not work in text boxes

    I have a recurring issue which is really annoying: my left/right arrows (including CTRL + arrow keys) randomly and occasionally do work not when entering text in some text boxes on some Web sites. This never happens in unformatted text boxes 'simple' (Facebook, search fields, this box very I type in...), but unpredictably longer complexes (WYSIWYG editors, new comments youtube...).

    I tried to disable all extensions and run Firefox in safe mode and it * seems * have solved the problem, although I can't be sure and I can't isolate which he might be, given that the problem occurs randomly extension: on the same site, it will happen and then not happen.

    I'm on Firefox 25.0, although I've had this problem for years with countless versions of Firefox.

    The extensions I have installed and enabled:

    Like Adblock
    Bamboo Feed Reader, dimmer, Download Helper, Drag & Drop Zones, Flagfox FlashVideo Downloader, Flashblock, Flashgot, Grab and Drag, MouseZoom, status-4-Evar, Youtube HD

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

    If it works in Mode safe mode and normal mode with all extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) off and then try to find which extension is the cause by allowing an extension at a time until the problem reappears.

    Close and restart Firefox after each change via "Firefox > Exit ' (Windows: Firefox/file > quit;) Mac: Firefox > quit Firefox. Linux: Firefox/file > exit)

    In the Firefox Safe mode, these changes are effective:

    • all extensions are disabled
    • Default theme is used (no persona)
    • userChrome.css and userContent.css are ignored
    • default toolbars is used (localstore - safe.rdf)
    • JIT JavaScript compilers are disabled (javascript.options. * jit)
    • hardware acceleration is disabled
    • plugins are not affected
    • preferences are not affected
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    The slide show feature does not work when I used my Macbook with new Apple TV 4th gen. The slide show stops after that display 7 photos and display to select the options for the slide show is displayed on the screen. The selected interval was 5 seconds. If the interval is spent in 3 seconds the slide show would work for a time and then to display random images. Has worked with Apple on this issue Support Mike and he managed to reproduce the problem. Since I'm in the return period of 14 days for this product, I returned it to the Apple store

    Welcome to the Apple community.

    After returning, I'm not really clear on what your question.

Maybe you are looking for

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