Skype controls

They do not work they did more.

At the time I could type in /setrole (user) MASTER | HELPER | THE USER | LISTENING PORT.

Only master now and work to the user. Also, I heard that to you enter "/ name", there are 2 possible answers for this.

1st is: 19:...

2nd is: #skypename

Only when she answers with #skypename, you can use all orders!

Why is this and what can change on this subject, cause in my case it says 19:...


The difference is in the old conversation in P2P mode and new groups of cloud. In the case of new groups of cloud, you will see 19:, the former will return #groupname.

The old and the new groups have now different set of chat commands.

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  • Install the new version of Skype

    Hi, I'm new to Mac so I really don't know: I want to download the new version of Skype, but have this version on my mba = 6.11 (455). Do I need to uninstall the old before installing the new? In addition, this new version is more stable? Should I be worried? Thanks a lot for any comment.

    On mac, Skype has an auto update the menu bar. Skype; control upgrade.

    Yes please; frequent use of this feature.

  • Volume Control Center does not work during a Skype call

    Volume Control Center does not work during a Skype call.

    That's exactly what I got after upgrade to 9.0.2 and 6.3 of Skype iOS

    I use Control Center to adjust the volume in applications. I can't use the volume button of material - it's broken.

    I thought that I could go back to the previous version of Skype (because I remember the working software volume slider), but the AppStore suggests none of the previous versions. I can't find another Skype.ipa than 6.3 anywhere. I tried to restore my ipad support Skype, but the program hangs for hours saying "Installation."

    Any help, please?

    Well, found a solution for the broken button by activating AssistiveTouch under settings > general > accessibility > AssistiveTouch.

  • The volume control in the mixer Volume for Skype is always set to very low for new calls.

    Hey all!

    It's really annoying to have to adjust the volume in the Volume mixer upside whenever there is a new call. I have no volume of speakers set to automatic in the options, and I have no idea what else controls the adjustment for volume.

    It is not enough that Skype (now a Microsoft product) can't understand the audio, I use as ANY OTHER program (i.e. for other programs to plug my headphones is enough sound to be redirected here but NOT for Skype. For Skype, that I have to go into settings and change the sound output device!). I use Skype for a few years due to its good call quality, but if I can't find a solution for this I have to change to another similar product.

    My system is a 64Pro of Win7.

    All ideas will be more appreciated!



    There is a setting in Windows 7, I don't know about other versions - (tab Communications/sounds/Control Panel that tells Windows to automatically reduce the volume of other sounds when the PC is used to place or receive calls.

    Skype is SO smart that it reduces the volume of itself too when there is an incoming call, and so all incoming calls have a lower volume.

    To solve the problem simply to set the option to "do nothing"...

    .. .and continue looking for alternative software replace Skype. Unfortunately Ms. are actively trying to destroy a good thing...

  • Skype works only with Parental controls?


    We have recently updated our computer and downloaded Skype. It worked fine the first time I tried to run, but now, everytime I try to run it, it gives me a prompt "site Web not authorized by parental control. I tried to add the Web site, but it still does not work. tried to reinstall Skype, but continues to be the same thing. Any suggestions?

    Ah... Skype!

    Truth, is the app and technology around Skype has changed a bit since Microsoft took over, and is not for the better unfortunately.

    To answer your question, normally (at least the last time I did) Skype requests access to 7 different sites and as long as you click on "Always allow this Web site", enter your password, etc. 7 times, it should work normally...

  • Problem with Skype and its control on Windows 7 64 bit

    I am using Windows 7 64 bit on a Dell XPS laptop. When I use a voip or Messenger (Skype, smartvoip or gtalk) application, use the sound control (speaker or mic) makes the application and his PC is not responding. Only the problem resolves after restarting the PC and back again when I try to use the sound controls while using voip. I also tried to uninstall each of the applications and use individually but still have the problem.

    It would be best if you contacted Skype support team regarding this issue.

    They are experts in the field of your request and would be in a better position to answer your concerns. You can contact them through this link:

    You can also join the community of users here:
  • Skype is out of control, freezing constantly!

    So, with this new update to make "easier to use Skype", which is Microsoft speak to say "make incredibly painful." Since the last update, where Skype now has ads in CHAT where I talk to my friends, whenever the announcement is about to change Skype will freeze if I'm in a call to someone else or if I'm on this direct chat. Whenever I have send a message to someone, Skype freezes. Whenever I connect, Skype freezes for about two minutes for no reason. I tried to uninstall and then reinstall, I've done virus scans etc but nothing do not have this problem. I do not understand why now, they have the right to ads on my face as I will click on them like this, but it's incredibly annoying. What should I do?

    Go to the start menu.
    Access settings.
    Click Update & security
    In the Windows Update tab, click options in advance.
    Come on in view the update history.
    Click on uninstall updates.
    And uninstall a security update for Internet Explorer for the Flash Player for the Windows Version 10 1511 for x 64 systems or KB3132372.

  • Skype or last update causes the disconnection, accidents

    Have used Firefox for several years. Today, I was forced to upgrade to Skype 7.1. Immediately after the installation of Skype, Firefox would be is more to connect to internet or load web pages (tab "connection... ("say forever). Other applications and browsers work fine and there is no interruption to the internet connection of the PC. After about 2-3 minutes of this, Firefox will crash if left alone.

    After that, firefox.exe remains as a process and can never be completed. I try 'end process' and 'End process Tree' in the Manager of tasks without success.

    Firefox remains a task in the Manager of tasks forever, even when the browser window is closed. If I try to re - open Firefox from there, I get the error "Firefox is already running but is not responding". When I click on "Close Firefox", I get a new error message that says: "cannot load your Firefox profile. It may be missing or inaccessible. After that I'm 'OK' of this, I can't do anything else that to restart the computer to get rid of firefox.exe Manager tasks... and then the cycle repeats.

    Not sure if Skype is to blame that Firefox updated itself today. I blame Skype because it was the same Weird hanging in the Task Manager without ever closing until I disabled the video processing in Skype (and due to the suspicious timing).

    I tried clean re - installed, running Firefox with disabled modules and re - install Skype as well. Same behavior in all cases.

    Any suggestions? Note that I am submitting this from another machine.

    This may mean that a loaded program is causing the problem.

    What type of blocking programs do you use?

    Check the programs that are on your computer

    Windows: Start > Control Panel > uninstall programs.
    Mac: Open the folder "Applications".
    Linux: See your user manual.

    Go through the list. If you find something that you do not
    know what it is, use a search on the web.

    The problems of Firefox caused by malicious software {web link}

  • How can I remove Skype click to call an extension 6.9 due to incompatibility?

    Skype Click-to-Call is not compatible with Firefox 22. How can I remove it from the list of extensions? I was able to remove the other incompatible extension in my registry, but Skype Click-to-Call was not and can't seem to find it. I've updated to Skype last week. Help, please. Thank you

    Delete via Control Panel > programs > uninstall programs.

  • Skype says that my browser is disabling cookies even if it is not. I deleted all cookies and cache and disabled AVG temporarily - what to do next?

    I can't sign in to Skype with my Microsoft account. I think I tried everything. I don't have any exceptions for all sites to tools > settings > privacy > history. Skype mode using Windows safe does not work either. I think that none of my modules affect this, but you never know, versions of Add-ons are all old. So should I update all the Add-ons? Or just switch to Chrome or something? I would not, Firefox has been great so far...

    Hi people
    I had this problem just as apparently some of you have some. The combination is Microsoft Messenger, Skype and Mozilla Firefox and your MS Skype account. The process was for me stuck at the third-party cookies in my Firefox browser.
    Which is what I asked myself the question of old age... What is Microsoft up to... Well I think that in this case, there is no unwillingness on their part AND is NOT a fix for Firefox... at least for my system.
    The third-party cookie problem has been fixed for me... by opening the windows 7 control panel - Internet Options - Privacy - Options tab advanced and gone first to accept and control Third Party Cookies I checked everything else while I was there just for the just. My Skype works now fine with all my friends from the Microsoft's Messenger contact list. Go figure, who would have thought that simple.
    I hope this helps at least some who encounter the same problem.

  • In FF Extensions's why uninstall shaded for Realplayer and Skype

    When I try to uninstall the Plugin Realplayer browser Record and the Skype Extension for FF, the uninstall is greyed out - can I disable only.
    Why is this? I would rather uninstall them completely.

    If uninstall is dimmed, then it means that the extension is installed in the world and not to hand and under the control of Firefox. You must look in the preferences (options) of the program that installed the extension to see if you can uninstall it.

    You can disable/remove the extension "Plugin RealPlayer browser Record" in the preferences of RealPlayer (RealPlayer: Tools > Preferences > recording and download)

  • ZBook u2 G15: too quiet Microphone with the Skype program

    I've updated to Windows 10 with a clean install, and it's all working very well.  I have the latest Realtek HD Audio drivers installed (driver Audio Realtek High definition (HD) v6.0.1.7564 A 1, 17.8.2015).

    The microphone works well with voice recorder Microphone of a dispute (Windows 10: 8), which I worked through.

    My problem is to do with Skype, but it is also related to the hardware/software/Windows 10.

    Windows 10 comes with Skype video as an application, which requires a Microsoft Account to use it.  I already had a Skype account that seemed impossible to make a link to my Microsoft account/Skype Video application, and neither I wanted (especially because it was linked to another email address).  I don't like this level of integration, and I wanted to use Skype as a stand-alone Windows program.

    I read on the removal of Skype video via Windows Powershell as an administrator user, and I typed the following commands (based on a Google search):

    Skype video & e-mail: Get-AppxPackage * e-mail * | Delete-AppxPackage

    Phone: Get-AppxPackage * CommsPhone * | Delete-AppxPackage

    Get Skype: Get-AppxPackage * skypeapp * | Delete-AppxPackage

    Then, I downloaded the program Skype for Windows (v7.26.0.101).

    However I have set the parameters of the microphone (e.g. on the level auto/manual setting) to the Echo/Sound Test Service the microphone is so low I can hardly hear what I say.  I can hear the person I call very clearly.

    I note that in settings/privacy/mic, Skype does not appear as an application to grant access to (of course the video Skype app does).

    Does anyone else have this problem?  What can I do to solve it?

    I was able to answer my own question.  There is no problem with having removed the Windows 10 Skype Video app.

    "disable the Realtek HD Audio microphone sound effects. This is done by the 'sound'-> tab "Recording" Control Panel-> select "microphone Realtek High Definition Audio" and click on 'Properties'-> on the selection of component of "micro" of "improvements" tab-> click the box 'Disable all sound effects' and then click 'OK' on all the panels back to the sound Panel. »

    You can also get this just by right clicking the sound icon in the system tray and selecting the recording devices.  I also increased the level of amplification to + 10 dB, but I'm not sure it was necessary, as Skype (on automatic volume) adjusts the volume.

    I hope this helps others.

  • can not install Skype on ubantu14.04 64-bit


    sudo apt-fast install Skype

    Work... it may take some time.
    E: error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by packages that took place.

    No files to download.
    Reading package lists... Fact
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information... Fact
    Some packages do not have can be installed. This may mean that you have
    requested an impossible situation or if you use the unstable
    distribution that some required packages have not yet been created
    or been moved out of incoming.
    The following information may help to resolve the situation:

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    Skype: depends: Skype-bin
    the unit control center: depends on: libcheese-gtk23 (> = 3.4.0) but it's not going to be installed
    Depends on: libcheese7 (> = 3.0.1) but it's not going to be installed
    E: error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by packages that took place.

    I tried everything, available on the net... don't you dare tell me to run apt - get update or other common commands... I double dare you

    Label "LinuxAlpha" of the wire.

    I also installed Skype alpha on 16.04 without problems. That should be considered a requirement?

  • SKYPE does not let me turn off Auto Start Windows 10

    I just upgraded to window 10 yesterday and now I can't keep SKYPE to start with Windows. I uncheck start up with Windows and get an error message that the Port is not valid. The default Port settings are checked.

    Click the Start button > Control Panel > programs & features > Skype 7.3 select list > [uninstall]

    When you are prompted "Are you sure you want to uninstall Skype 7.3" > YES!

    Problem solved!

  • Skype audio + speaker problem

    If I play a game that sound ingame will come on my laptop speakers, I fixed but now my problem is that I can't turn down the volume of a call. so I can't do if the volume mixer because I have disabled to solve the other problem. I also tried to go to options, options volume and it decreases my volume but that did not work. other options are welcome to: [email removed for privacy and security]

    Thank you

    Hi, what OS is your race?

    I recently had the sound being too strong issue with Skype on my desktop Windows 10 and the fix was to go to controller in Device Manager / sound, select the controller that was VIA HD Audio in my case and select "update driver". That fixed the problem for me and I can control the volume of Skype calls once more.

    I think that there was a generic Windows driver sound update recently that messed up some controllers sound, but now my VIA HD Audio has the correct drivers Win 10.

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