SmartBand does not connect since the android update

Has anyone else had problems connecting to their SmartBand since the update to android 5.0.2? My group is fully charged and I uninstalled then reinstalled smart connect, but I don't always have it connect. Help!


Try the settings then applications then swipe all then find and open Smart connect then press stop Force then wipe data and clear the cache, and then restart and try to connect

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    So I upgraded my Xperia Z5 yesterday and now my Smartband connects.

    I've seen some other posts on this topic and I've tried everything mentioned there, but it still does not work.

    I tried to activate my Bluetooth and NFC and turn it on again and the phone as well.

    I force arrested two apps smartband and erased their data and cache.

    It will not pick up my smartband Bluetooth that is so impossible to connect in this way.

    Smartband is fully charged and I tried to turn that off and on again as well.

    So I don't really know what else to try?

    Have you also tried to reset the tape? It contributes generally to:

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    I'll try a restatement of my first message:

    Two days ago I had problems with my Internet service provider modem.  This problem has been solved, but leads to a second problem still does not connect to the internet.  Then with the help of technical support D-Link, an update of the software has been downloaded to my wireless router and installed and now I can connect to the internet.

    But today, I had to use my printer/scanner for 2 1/2 year, HP Photosmart D110a, it is not connected through the above wireless router.  (The blue light on the printer blinks just).  Tech support says I'm out of warranty, so I hope someone can help me here on this forum.

    Thank you!

    Glad you got it to work, please mark it as Solution accepted so that others can search and find the answer too.

  • Facebook messenger does not connect since the update

    I had problems with OS X Messenger connection to Facebook Jabber service since the last update.  IS this a known problem, or am I an isolated case?  I rebuilt my Mac from a new installation of El Cap recently, and the Messages app worked very well.  He works closely with iMessage OK, but I don't have another FB account check with.  I have reset my password to Jabber on the side FB and made sure that it was right on the Mac as well.

    Any help on troubleshooting would be welcome.

    I ran into the same issue.

  • App Keynote iOS does not work since the last update

    App Keynote has been updated in May 10th but never completed installation. I tried to uninstall it but when I impulses the X button, nothing happens. I restarted my iPhone but Keynote does not open and I can uninstall either. The icon is now hidden


    I guess that you do not have a computer

    Launch iTunes and connect the iPhone to a computer.

    Click on delete > > Sync > > apply.

    Keynote address will be deleted from the iPhone.

    Back to iTunes on the computer and try again to install Keynote.

    Click on install > > Sync > > apply.

  • Satelitte L50-B-1DZ: BT is paired but does not connect to the android device

    I just bought a new toshiba brand laptop with win 8.1
    Satelitte L50-B-1DZ I got bluetooth on
    And have even added and paired 3 devices to this Sucsesfully.
    Tab after assend 300Y android android phone and a samsun Music Center.

    The bluetooth connects very well with the Music Center.
    But not with the phone android or tab
    It will not just connect, I checked the phone and the tab are visible etc.

    I hear a lot of rumors of 8.1 problems
    With drivers who have improved 8 etc.
    I managed to do a check of device driver
    Manager and he said the best up to date
    Are installed.

    But I want to be playing so deep in this
    Bought a brand new laptop with windows 8.1
    Is it worth to take back to pc world a tell / show them
    The pronlem for them to market.
    Because they will be more IT his life than me.
    Does anyone else have this problem?
    Is it something android?
    I am due a new phone soon I could poss
    Get a windows a next if this will connect?

    Thanks nikki


    Check it please my thread on the BT feature. I tested it with my phone android mobile.

    Please test the functionality of BT send some files in both sense, even if the mobile phone is crystallized in Win as not connected.

  • Creative cloud does not start since the last update (

    Since the installation of the version CC would no more launches.

    When I click on the CC icon, I see that the wheel that turns for a few seconds then... nothing.

    If I try to check the lightroom updates: same behavior.

    My pc is running windows Version 10 1511.

    Am I the only one having this problem?


    Thanks for your reply.

    My problem is now solved. It seems that this was due to an incomplete installation of the updated version of the CC. After the update, I had two versions of the CC on my PC, none of them work.

    I don't know why the installation did not finish.

    In any case, I downloaded CC of the Adobe site, as if it were a first installation. This new facility has solved the problem.

    That being said it seems that the update process is very robust.

    Best regards


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    On the Tools menu, select Options to open the options window. "" Select the Privacy tab and make sure the setting at the bottom of this dialog box for the location bar "when you use the address bar, suggest" is set to "history and bookmarks.

    Another possible cause of the location bar no longer works is a problem with the file that contains the history and bookmarks. See for details on setting

  • Google does not work since the last update of Firefox 13.

    Well since Google Update doesn't work for me, but it works in Chrome and Internet Explorer, get this funny page of coils as text. Here is a screenshot. the link text

    Seems like a good old re-boot sorted, spirit of always weird error.

  • Video showed on the options/info/media page in the previous version, but does not appear since the recent update. Why?

    I managed to download the video by going to the options/info/media in version 41 page, but the video no longer appears in the list. This is the case for pages where I could download the video only 2 weeks ago. I tried to update my addons, but that made no difference.
    I have seen that other people have noted this problem.

    If you read this thread, you know you have these options in Firefox 42:

    Once you start the video:

    • To save the video

      • right-click the video > video under
      • Right click the logo of the vine > setting > View Image Info > media tab
    • To copy the address of the video

      • the video right-click > copy the location of the video
      • Right click the logo of the vine > setting > View Image Info > media tab

    What Miss me?

  • "Send link...". "does not work since the latest updates

    Hello world!

    If my option "send link...". "in the upper part of the browser no longer works correctly. I have it attached to my gmail account and used for the service, but he did not like the end.

    Any troubleshooting info would be greatly appreciated, as appropriate.

    Thank you!

    Have you tried to delete the mimeTypes.rdf file in the Firefox profile folder, as I wrote above?

    • Help > troubleshooting information > profile directory: opens showing the file
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    There was an update recently for photoshop cs6. now my lensflare filter blocking program

    You really need to update Photoshop. It is for the permanent license. 13.1.2 if part of the subscription of the CC.

    Adobe - Photoshop: for Windows  Run the updates in order, starting with


  • Smartband SWR10 not connection with phone after update of Lifelog

    After yesterdays updated my smartband does not connect with the phone. No data is transferred and the message inside SmartConnect says "Connect charger" (but I don't know that it is fully charged). Same situation was around a month ago, and it's getting boring. Is it possible to fix it?

    OD, double relocation at all connected with smartband and restart helped smartband. I have node know what was the problem, but it is resolved.

  • I have not done an iTunes sync in almost a year, and since that time have installed Windows 10. iTunes now does not connect with the iPad. Any suggestions?

    I have not performed a synchronization of the iPad to iTunes in almost a year. Since that time PC now works Windows 10, iTunes does not connect with the iPad or the iPhone 6.  Any suggestions?

    Thank you

    To work with iOS 9.2, you must update iTunes to 12.4 v.

  • Does not connect with the e-mail server after update.

    Thunderbird ran an auto update yesterday. Then it just stopped working. It does not connect with the Comcast email server. An error message appears "Unable to connect" and "the connection was refused when attempting to contact I don't want to uninstall and reinstall for fear of losing my emails and address book. How can we get Thunderbird set, there is no tool in the toolbar to enable the debugging and correction of program errors.

    I use Thunderbird version 38.1.0.

    Thank you.

    The problem solved itself, Thunderbird has just started working. I followed the thread suggested by Christ1 and found none of it applied. No malware, no browser, no certificate error security block. I did, however, in Thunderbird, under Tools/Options/General uncheck the button for "When Thunderbird launches, show the Start Page in the message box." I do know that if this helped, Thunderbird still do not access Comcast mail for hours after that, even with several stops and restarts.

    Until the next problem...

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